Can you Sue for Adultery in the UK

Can you Sue for Adultery in the UK

As per laws of the UK, adultery has not been defined as a crime and having such relationship cannot drag a partner for any kind of litigation.

However, the ‘adultery’ has been given as one of the reason for divorce. In cases, where a partner is alleged to have a sexual relationship with another of opposite sex except the partner; the divorce can be claimed.

For the detailed discussion, you can speak to an expert divorce solicitor if you need to know whether your matter is proceedable under the law and also to consider the financial aspects of your divorce or the custody of your children.

Is adultery a crime in the UK?

Presently, adultery is not a crime in the UK. Although the act of adultery is not acceptable and considered a bad act with immorality, yet it is not punishable under the law.

However, it is taken as one of the grounds, if so pleaded, to claim a divorce. To know more about the grounds of divorce and what includes in adultery and what doesn’t; you can read the article What Constitutes adultery in the UK.

Can you sue a person for cheating with your spouse UK?

Yes, it will be in shape of legal proceedings i.e. suit for intentional infliction of emotional distress. It is the remedy under the law of torts whereby legal proceedings are initiated against the person with whom spouse is found cheated.

However, filing of such action at any stage before or even after the divorce is a difficult task and likewise substantiating these claims need cogent and confidence inspiring evidence, which most of the time cannot be procured.

What is the punishment for adultery in the UK?

As mentioned before, the act of adultery has not been defined as one of the penal offences in the laws of United Kingdom. Therefore, no question of imposing punishment arises on the charges of adultery.

Nonetheless, the claim for the divorce can be moved on the basis of alleged adultery.

Significance of suing for adultery in UK

Suing for adultery in the UK holds significance as it can serve as grounds for divorce under English law. While it may not always guarantee immediate results, alleging adultery can influence divorce proceedings, financial settlement negotiations, and child custody arrangements.

It highlights breaches of trust within the marriage, often leading to contentious legal battles and emotional turmoil for both parties involved.

However, with the introduction of new divorce laws, such as no-fault divorce, the significance of suing for adultery may diminish as couples opt for less adversarial dissolution process.

Approach the Court with a Claim of Adultery

Find below the stepwise process to move the court with the claim of adultery by the partner spouse: -

  1. Initiate divorce proceedings by submitting a divorce application to the court.
  2. In the divorce petition, cite adultery as the reason for seeking divorce.
  3. Gather evidence supporting allegations of adultery, such as witness statements or communication records.
  4. Serve the divorce petition to the other spouse, who becomes the respondent in the divorce case.
  5. Allow time for the respondent to respond to the allegations, either admitting or contesting the adultery claim.
  6. If contested, attend court hearings where evidence of adultery may be presented and evaluated.
  7. Await the court's judgment on whether adultery has been proven and if it constitutes grounds for divorce.

Post Adultery Declaration Effects

Post declaring a partner accused of adultery in court, several consequences may arise. These include: -

Financial Settlements: Adultery may influence financial settlement negotiations, potentially impacting asset division and spousal support arrangements.

Child Custody: Allegations of adultery may affect child custody decisions, particularly if the court deems it to be in the child's best interests to limit contact with the adulterous parent.

Emotional Fallout: Both parties may experience emotional distress and strain on their relationship, leading to further conflict and tension.

Divorce Costs: Legal fees and court costs associated with proving adultery can escalate, adding to the financial burden of divorce proceedings.

Social Implications: Public exposure of adultery allegations can carry social stigma and affect the reputations of both parties within their communities.

Overall, declaring a partner accused of adultery in court can have far-reaching consequences, impacting various aspects of the divorce process and the lives of those involved.

Who pays for divorce if adultery proved in UK?

In case of divorce, where the claim has been raised on the basis of adultery by the partner and it has also been established through confidence inspiring evidence against the respondent; then the respondent is the person who is imposed to bear the entire cost of the divorce legal proceedings including the payment of court fee.

In cases, where relief of divorce has been sought on the ground of ‘unreasonable behaviour’ then the entire cost will be equally divided and paid by each of the partners.

Whereas, if the divorce has been allowed on the grounds of separation or desertion, the petitioner, who brought the claim shall bear the entire cost of the legal proceedings heading divorce.

What rights do I have if my wife cheated on me in the UK?

If the partners themselves failed to reach an agreement dividing their mutual assets and finances, then the court needs to decide and come up with some fair settlement considering the precious rights of the parties in mind.

Remember, even if your spouse cheated on you, it will not allow you to get larger sharer in the finances than her, rather the settlement will be on fair basis. You can consult attorneys at Deo Solicitors in Bedford, UK for the legal consultation.

Can text messages be used in court to prove adultery?

It depends how you have gathered such evidence, whether that is admitted on the part of the respondent/ partner or not.

However, the key answer is that if you have some evidence in form of texts and messages showing an affair of your partner with some other person then you can produce the evidence.

To support your claim you will be required to provide data of messages and texts have been obtained in an authorized manner, failing which such evidence cannot be given any weightage to impose any liability on respondent.

Does adultery affect divorce settlement in the UK?

No, it doesn’t have any bearing on the post-divorce financial settlement. Regardless to the opinion of the people and legal experts, the financial settlement are not influenced by the fact of adultery.

However only in rare cases the judges make attempt to blame or even penalize any of the spouses while deciding the financial settlement between the spouses.

There are many other factors which are considered by the judges while deciding the question of finances between the partners.

Can text messages be used in court to prove adultery UK?

Yes, there is a provision to produce such evidence in the court against you ex but if he or she didn’t admit those to be true, then it will be very difficult for you to prove them.

However, you can use other options of producing hotel room reservations, witnesses, and any other material showing the adultery on the part of the partner.

Can phone records be sued to prove adultery UK?

If you have any direct record of communication with you showing the act of adultery on the part of the spouse then the related information including the data of phone records can be produced and used to prove the charges of adultery.

Knowing these facts, if the spouse refuses to share the record or makes try to disbelief such evidence, you have the right to file a petition in the court through your attorney to summon the related record from the carrier so to establish your claim against him/ her.

What can I do legally if my husband is cheating on me?

It all depends what remedy you want from the court of law on account of his cheating. You can go proceed for the divorce by raising any valid ground or can even file a petition for the decree of judicial separation on the ground of adultery by the partner.

Once you have got decree of the court, there will be no reason to cohabit with your spouse any more.

What rights do I have if my wife cheated on me?

It needs some explanation. If you have been cheated by the wife as she has been found involved in adultery then you can claim alimony or spousal support.

However, if she is engaged in infidelity then she will no more be entitled to claim alimony or any other financial support.

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