How to Increase Appetite

How to Increase Appetite

Have you experienced a feeling of not being hungry even without eating any meal the whole day? In case of weakness in the body, no matter if you opt to increase weight, have a big meal, or do something to align your body to increase your hunger.

However, it is not a troublesome question to answer ‘how to increase appetite’ because increasing the appetite is possible by using some tips and techniques.

Significance of Raising Food Intake

Having a decreased appetite can be concerning, especially if it leads to weight loss or nutritional deficiencies. Increasing appetite is important for maintaining a healthy weight and ensuring your body receives the necessary nutrients.

One way to stimulate appetite is by eating meals that are rich in energy-dense foods, such as nuts, seeds, and avocados. These foods provide a high number of calories in a small volume, making them ideal for those looking to gain weight.

Why Loss of Appetite is Bad?

If you have a reduced eating desire then the loss of your appetite is to be thrashed out and overcome. It could also be due to poor hygiene and physical and mental weakness.

side effects of loss of appetite

It is frustrating to be underweight and still not have a tendency towards appetite. The problem with a reduced appetite is that it causes malnutrition, weight loss, and more diseases that could attack the body due to the weak immune system of a man concerned.

The loss of appetite must not last more than a day or only a few days for the reason that such a state of health would lead you to weak body strength and chances of deadly diseases would also increase. Then you must pay a visit to healthcare professionals.

Basic Steps to Follow

Appetite stimulants, both natural and pharmaceutical, can also be helpful. Natural appetite stimulants include ginger, garlic, and ginseng, which can be incorporated into your meals. Additionally, scheduling regular mealtimes and eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day can help stimulate your appetite and prevent you from feeling too full to eat.

It's also important to focus on eating nutritious foods that are high in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Foods like nut butters, avocados, and whole milk can provide a good source of healthy fats and calories.

However, if you continue to struggle with poor appetite despite trying these tips, it may be helpful to consult with a healthcare professional. They can help determine if there are any underlying medical conditions or mental health concerns contributing to your decreased appetite and provide appropriate treatment options.

Why Have Balanced Diet

It has been recommended by the nutrition that every individual should have a variety of snacks FIVE times a day, which should include fruits and vegetables.

The meals should also have a portion of higher-fibre starchy foods like potatoes, bread, rice or pasta. Likewise, some dairy eats some beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other protein are also added to the daily plan of meals.

Keeping a well-balanced diet would help you to stay active the entire day and it would also help you grow faster, stay stronger and prevent diseases from reaching you. A balanced diet is supposed to include carbs, protein, fat, fibre, vitamins, minerals and water.

Change the Menu

In the given mental state, a person is not happy with his life and psychologically he just keeps on thinking about his problems which then reduces his attraction towards doing everything including his eating habits when he finds his life so troublesome.

It is always to consult a physician or psychologist but at the same time, the following steps may be helpful to counter the issue and offer you a road map to restitute your desire to eat and restore the eating habits: -

Eating Small Meals

small meals ready to eat

You will find it hard to eat three full meals in large quantities. Instead, you should go for eating five small meals a day. With the improvement of appetite, the portions of meals could be increased with the passing of each day.

This way more calories could be added to the habit plan and give more energy to keep you with a pleasant attitude. For example, if you are eating veggies with cheese, you should add some tuna to it as well. After this addition, there should be some more frequent additions to your meal when feeling.

Eat Nutrient Food

Nutrient-rich food is a good option for people having little appetite. However, to the menu; chips, candy, baked food, and ice cream can be added to the routine. This food contains a higher level of calories that seems more appetizing to increase weight.

Conversely, the issue with this type of meal is that this type of food combination has a reduced amount of vitamins, proteins and minerals in it. There are options for other types of foods too that are high in nutrients, vitamins, fats and calories.

Add more calories

There is another method, is to increase the intake of more calories in meals. Nut butter, whole milk, and olive oil could fulfil this purpose. Some of the useful small-bearing calories are as follows: -

  • 14 grams of butter to the cooked eggs contains 104 calories.
  • 237 ml whole milk to oatmeal has 149 calories
  • Drizzling 14-gram olive oil into the salad carries 125 calories.
  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter to the snack of apple slices add 200 calories.

Reduce Fiber Intake

If one is taking increased fibre in diets; it would result in increased fullness but reduced calorie intake. No doubt, increased fibre intake is recommended to balance the diet plans but at the same time, such a high intake would let you feel full for an extended time by reducing digestion leaving you with the issue of skipping meals.

Therefore, a moderate level of food intake is beneficial to increase appetite. Reduced fibre intake prevents fullness and supports eating more throughout the day in the usual patterns giving the stomach to work naturally. Side effects of low intake of fiber are also noteworthy thus a balanced pattern of meals is suggested.

Drink more calories

As per research, liquids could be more beneficial and less satisfying in case of reduced appetite. An individual should drink those drinks that offer high-calorie intakes such as smoothies, juices and milkshakes. One must strive to make use of vegetables and fruits.

Other sources of protein include yoghurt, whole milk and protein powder may be added to the daily routine. Regarding the positive effects of calories intake; the article How to Reheat a Burrito has been published by informees.

Eating Healthy Snacks

Instead of taking big meals; go for small snacks that are also easy to eat and better to increase your appetite. Although snacks are not a regular alternative to big meals, lunch or dinner; however they could be taken to complement dinner or lunch. Following are examples of some healthy snacks:

  • Granola bar or protein bar
  • Cottage cheese or Greek yoghurt
  • Crackers and nut butter
  • Popcorn and salty snacks

Improve hunger & Reduce Drinks

Intake of harmful beverages such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola or any other carbonated drink should be reduced to the lowest level. It has been revealed in recent research that if an individual drinks a beverage or water before or during his meal, this reduces the appetite and increases weight loss.

Thus, the strategy is good but only for those who are inclined to lose weight not for the ones who need to gain weight and are already suffering from low appetite issues. An individual must set the water intake up to 30 minutes before having the meal, which is reported to have helped many in increasing their appetite.

Intake of supplements

There are some food supplements whose deficiency also reduces the appetite thus efforts must be taken to improve such deficiency to increase the appetite. For instance: -

  • Take more Zinc
  • Need more Thiamine
  • Use of Fish Oil

Eating the Spicy food

Spices also activate an individual’s gastric juices therefore it is advised to take them in moderate size as the excess of everything is bad and the spices could affect the stomach or the order of the digestive cycle.

eating spicy food

Although spices generate increased saliva leading to an increased feeling of hunger we are not supposed to suffer from any other ailment while working to restore our eating habits or increase appetite.

Chewing the Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is another way to increase the appetite level. It supports the production of gastric juices in the stomach. It also provides good taste and smell which is pleasing for the individual. As a result, the appetite to eat more occurs.


Caffeine also increases the level and thirst of appetite especially if it is taken before eating meals then it will increase the appetite and would also require large consumption of food to satisfy.

Water Drinking

As water has zero calories drinking too much water makes you feel that the stomach is not full and you still require more to eat and get satisfied. It also helps to flush out toxins from the body. Thus, the intake of more water is also a good source of increasing appetite.

Eating Fruits

Different fruits have different vitamins and are beneficial in activating gastric juices in different ways. More consumption of different fruits will activate the production of saliva; as a result, the level of appetite would certainly increase and likewise need to eat whatever is served.

Consuming raisins

There are several carbohydrates in various types of raisins. They could also be eaten in different ways. However, overeating the raisins may increase the taste of sweetness that may or may not be liked by everyone. Yet intake of raisins also increases appetite.

Eating Eggs

Eggs are an important part of the human diet, which has a meaningful effect on the overall health of a man. It has been revealed that adding more eggs, bearing protein to your daily eating meals also increases appetite.


In essence; sandwiches are considered snacks that help in activating gastric juices to increase appetite. Although they are not the best alternative to big meals they are of the type, which could keep you well balanced requiring more to eat.

Consuming Brawn Bread

There is no second opinion that chewing brawn bread is not more convincing than intake of white bread. However, it could also work to increase your appetite if you become accustomed to taking small sizes of bread during the mid/ odd hours.

Changes in the lifestyle

We are mentioning below few changes in the lifestyle patterns, which will have strong bearing to keep you craving for eating more.

Scheduling the Meal Times

Taking some help from the nutritionists and scheduling meal times is a great option through which a person could fill the gap in the appetite. When an individual schedules his meal then he follows the schedule, he sets the reminder of his schedule and this positively affects his appetite too.

4-5 times meal small size

Never Skip Breakfast

It is very unfortunate to see that people are in the habit of skipping breakfast and usually take a large meal in the middle of the day. Remember! Daily consumption of breakfast is necessary to keep the momentum of the eating plans and to resolve the issue of appetite.

Recent research publicizes that if an individual skips breakfast, then he also eats less throughout the day. Another study shows that diet quality is reduced when people skip meals. This negatively impacts the appetite to eat and one is likely to face stomach issues.

Eat your Favorite Food

What you like the most to eat; go for that as much as you can. The food of your choice will not make you bored and will help increase your appetite. It will also motivate you to eat more food.

The research also suggested that when a person gets the freedom to select his favourite food to eat, the more he will enjoy eating.

Enjoy taking every meal

Eating a healthy meal should be a way to social happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment. This could also increase appetite and the person could start experiencing the need to have more and more frequent food.

It has been learnt that the people who eat alone are likely to have poor appetite and those who eat with the gathering have good appetite. It has been revealed in recent research that it is always more pleasant to eat at a gathering with friends and family than alone.


exercising 1

Exercising and physical activity increase the vibes of hunger. They consume your energy but at the same time, they also make you feel hungry. However, excessive exercise in low metabolism and immune system is not advised.

Undertake household tasks

Performing household tasks is also beneficial to give you due exertion and increase the appetite to eat food. For instance, if you climb the stairs to perform some of your daily work at home like cleaning, dusting, washing clothes, or cooking, then this all increases the desire to eat the food of your choice.

Have proper sleep

Proper sleep is also needed for every individual to keep them moving forward in life and to feel the need to eat food. If an individual gets a good nap and sleeps at night, then the hormones in his body also react positively towards safeguarding the health of the person. Therefore, sleep is not only necessary for having a good appetite but also it is necessary for physical and mental well-being.

What else can boost appetite: -

Following methods have also been proved effective in raising the appetite leading people to gain more healthy pattern of their health.

Avoid popcorns

The consumption of popcorn makes you feel full. Popcorn has been found with fibre content that helps to produce vibes of fulfilment for a long time; It will not be out of place to mention that it is a snack and children also love to have it when watching cartoons, movies or playing.

Watching cooking channels

You should consider watching the global channels and videos of food lovers or about cooking where you could see many delicious recipes and foods of different cultures to make you feel hungry and activate your appetite.

Fear of becoming fatty

Most people think that a person becomes overweight if he eats more but this is not always the case. Loss of appetite leaves negative effects on the body’s immune system then it also increases the obesity level of the individual.


It is clear from the facts that a low appetite could affect the health of a person in many ways. It could result in a shortage of nutrients in the body, loss of weight of the body and adverse effects on the stomach, digestive system and immunity of a person.

To answer the query ‘how to increase appetite’ different tips and techniques have been discussed through which you can increase your appetite. However, family support is crucial and there must be someone to keep you engaged in eating more eatables in one way or the other.

It has been found that one suffering from the loss of appetite should start taking small meal sizes 5 times a day so the habit may be restored. Adding more supplements, calories, spicy food, eatables of choice and fruits to the meal table would also help increase the appetite.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stimulate my appetite?

You can try the food of your choice, which may be multi-colored and also delicious. Intake of high-calorie snacks like nuts and dried fruit are also reported to help in increasing appetite. Before the time of meals; doing some exercise is also beneficial to arouse your appetite.

What foods increase appetite?

It has been learnt that intake of nuts, dairy items, and fatty meats with spices helps you increase appetite. In spices, you can choose black pepper, ginger cayenne pepper etc.

What is the best appetite stimulant?

Approved tonics by the FDA to increase appetite are Megestrol, dronabinol and oxandrolone, which have been found effective in promoting weight gain and intake of nutrition.

What should I eat if I have no appetite?

You should eat those food items which help you to feel empty without being full. However, it has been suggested that you to choose small meals or snacks like soups or yogurts with or without fruits etc.

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