How to Reheat a Burrito

How to Reheat a Burrito

Burritos refer to a very popular dish in Mexico which is popular for its deliciousness and versatility.

After you eat and enjoy the delicious burrito as your meal, a question will come to your mind; How to reheat a burrito; is it possible to reheat it in your oven? or otherwise whether the qualities and nutritious benefit will survive thereafter or not.

This step by step guide will give you an introduction to burritos, the reasons for their popularity, the prices, the variety of burritos and the best ways to reheat a burrito for the optimum enjoyment of the meal.

It will also give an account of the burrito’s flavours, and freshness intact then the best method is to reheat a burrito in the oven.

Worldwide Demand for Burrito

Ranging from classic burrito with the filling of cheese, beans, and salsa to the more loaded versions of the loaded burrito with sour cream and smothered with guacamole, this mouthwatering meal meal is considered the favourite food of individuals of all ages.

supply of burritos in market

The recent market analysis reports in 2022 have demonstrated that the overall market size of burritos on a global scale would increase up to $1.44 billion by the year 2025. The CAGR momentum rate expected is 3.54% and currently, the overall rate is 1.79% globally.

At this rate, 49% of overall burrito sales are from the US. This shows the speed at which the demand for burritos is increasing.

This food could also get leverage in the international food market. It could also act as a pacemaker towards the progress of the financial situation of vendors. There are many players by which the burrito market is fragmented even in the US.

Why Burritos are Popular in the US

The increasing popularity of Latin American food is rapidly growing in the US. This growth is due to the growth of burritos in the international food market.

The Hispanic population has a significant size in the US which increases the likelihood of growth of this business in the US.

Furthermore, apart from the Hispanic and Latin American population, white people in the US also tend to like burritos as a cuisine. This not only creates the existing business growth chances but also the opening of new business opportunities in the food US food market in this area.

The ingredients of the cuisine are already available in the US and as burrito is becoming a successful food globally, therefore more and more restaurants and hotels will prefer to add it to their menu.

Marketing strategies could be used to penetrate even further in the US market to launch new franchises and burrito restaurants in other American states.

Burrito Target Market in the US

The target market of a burrito is either the end-users or the food service organizations that sell cuisines. Taco Bell, and Chipotle Mexican Grill which are offering Mexican cuisines in the food market, plan to establish new stores to expand their global presence. The retail sector also sells burritos.

market trends

Furthermore, the largest population consuming burritos are in North America and Mexico. People in the middle class want to improve their food standards which forecasts the growth prospects of this cuisine in Europe and around the world in less time.

Overall, people of all ages are addicted to some of the most delicious and nutrient-rich burrito types in the world. If you have money then you could also be!

Whether Reheating a Burrito Keeps the Nutrition Intact

Burrito is a very important protein source, fiber source along with the source of other minerals and substantial vitamins.

A burrito provides you with 400 calories per serving with most calories sourced from carbohydrates. It is considered the highest source of cheese, beans, and meat in the recipe.

Burrito serving also provides you with dietary fibres and vitamin B of various types to produce energy. It is also important to note that one must track own habits of eating to ensure that your calories are not over the required amount.

Health aspects need to be considered while enjoying the luxuries of cuisines. However, by following an appropriate burrito reheating method, the nutritional values in the burrito could be kept intact without any loss in the quality and taste of the burrito.

Things to Know prior to Reheating a Burrito

Like any other process; there are certain conditions to be fulfilled before reheating a burrito. In order to simplify and make the reheating process obvious; following step-wise procedure may be looked into: -

before reheating burrito

Reheating the Burrito Bowl

The ample technique is to reheat your burrito bowl in the microwave. To do this, you need to remove all the contents and fill in the burrito.

After that, you must cover your bowl using a damp paper towel. Microwave your burrito bowl for 30 seconds and wait until it is evenly hot.

To examine the best outcomes, please ensure that the rice touches the paper towel. However, in case your rice is extra dry, using some sprinkles of water is also beneficial.

Reheating Burrito Requires Extra Effort

After you take your burrito out of your refrigerator, the first focus should be to put it straightaway in the microwave.

Reheating burritos in the microwave should be the easiest and quickest solution. However, you would not witness any best results.

Then, the conventional oven is a good option to reheat your burrito. It should be hot and crispy which is most likely possible through the oven.

You must begin with 350F preheating your oven followed by losing your burrito wrap in the aluminum foil. Also, use the baking tray to stick it. All the inside material should be scooped out before heating it in the oven.

Key Methods to Reheat a Simple Burrito

There are several methods, which are used by the people to reheat a burrito, which largely depends on the available utensils and the articles needed for the purposes of reheating. Let's discuss some methods alongwith the peculiar process to do reheating: -

1: Reheating burrito through Microwave

infographic reheating burrito in microwave

Reheating burritos in the microwave isn’t the best option if they contain more watery fillings that may leak out and you’ll end up having a mushy burrito.

However, if the fillings are dry and you’ve removed any waterfilled toppings, then it works well.

2: Reheat a burrito with oven

burrito in oven 1
  1. If your burrito contains sour cream or guacamole, scoop them out prior to reheating your burrito. Then, add them in after reheating the burrito so that they are still cold.
  2. Preheat the oven up to 225F. If the burrito is not wrapped in foil, then loosely wrap the burrito in foil by leaving one end open for even heating.
  3. Using the baking sheet and placing the burrito in it. Then place the baking sheet in the oven.
  4. Wait and bake your burrito for 30 minutes in the oven. Unwrap your burrito after 30 minutes duration and check if it is evenly heated.
  5. If you want to slightly crisp the tortilla, unwrap the foil for the last few minutes of reheating.  If you feel your burrito is fully heated, take it out and enjoy your hot and crispy burrito.

Note: Durations of reheating burritos will vary depending on the size of the burrito, the fillings and the type of oven you use.

For example, toaster ovens will be reheating burritos quicker than the traditional ovens.

If you want to speed up the reheating process, pop your burrito in the microwave for 15 seconds before you put it in the oven.

Results: The best thing about the oven is its consistency. It’s a slow method for reheating burritos, which means very little can go bad as long as you don’t totally forget about the burritos.

This method will help you get a lovely and delicious burrito all the way through, the filling and the wrap will still be moist and soft respectively.

3: Reheat a burrito with Stove Top

  1. Add some oil drops in a pan and pre-heat it for some time to a medium temperature.
  2. Put your burrito in the pan and reheat it at a medium heat. Use a spatula to press the burrito down in the skillet.
  3. Heat for 5 minutes after covering your skillet with a lid. The skillet’s lid will let the heat trap in to reheat burrito properly.
  4. Flip your burrito and relock the lid for 5 minutes of cooking. After this time, you and your burrito are good to go.

4: Reheating Burrito in Air Fryer

burrito in air fryer

Following are the steps to reheat your burrito in the air fryer: -

Step 1: The first step is to warm up your air fryer at 350F.

Step 2: Remove any filings or condiments from your burrito, if possible, as you can add these back in prior to serving.

Step 3: Put your burrito into the air fryer basket. Also, start reheating it for up to 3 minutes. There will be a need to warm up thicker burritos for about 2 minutes.

In case you feel your burrito to be somewhat dry, you should use some oil to mist it through EVO mister.

To reheat a burrito in the air fryer, timings will vary depending on how well-stuffed the burrito is.

The air dryer has a pretty harsh heat, and the outside of the burrito can get quite hot to the touch while the inside may still have cold spots. That’s why, don’t rely on touch testing to know when your burrito is fully heated.

Instead, a knife test for this purpose by sticking a knife in the middle of your burrito and feeling how hot it is when you pull it out.

Using the air fryer to reheat a burrito is a good choice if you like a crunchy, crispy tortilla. Reheating small burritos in the air fryer will bear the best results for you because the inside of the reheated burrito heats up faster.

So, once you’re done with previous steps, the reheated burrito should be reheated and start enjoying your meal!

5: Reheating Burrito in Toaster Oven

burrito in toaster oven
  1. Your toaster oven should be preheated to 400F.
  2. Then use the foil to wrap the burrito.
  3. Heat your burrito in the toaster oven at a higher temperature for 8 to 12 minutes.

You will see after heating the food material in the burrito. The foil is to be removed from your burrito for some more minutes.

Giving some more time will improve the crispy texture, and deliciousness even more. For the Mexicans, even in the bad times, people have always found happiness in eating burritos.

How to Reheat a Burrito: Specific Types

When your burrito is reheated, put all wet food material back in to start having your delicious meal. Use the microwave to reheat frozen burritos. To reheat a frozen burrito, the temperature must be increased along with the duration.

To do so in a microwave, foil removal is the first stage after which the burrito is then put in for some minutes to defrost the frozen burrito. After that heat it and you are ready to eat!

In terms of using the oven as the other option, heating and wrapping up the burrito at 350F in the oven will be done.

Best Technique to Reheat Multiple Variations of Burrito

variety of burritos

Taco Bell Burrito

The Taco Bell burritos are small in size and they are lightweight as compared to other types of burritos.

These types of burritos will take less time to reheat as compared to their large varieties. The beans don’t take much time to reheat but other meat varieties do.

Chipotle burritos

The chipotle burritos have a large tortilla, they are hefty, with plentiful filling. They take more time to reheat. The best way to reheat this type of burrito is to opt to use a microwave and oven.

Breakfast Burrito

These are the leftover burritos that are used for breakfast. Breakfast burritos mostly contain egg that can make it tricky to reheat them. Before reheating a leftover burrito, sprinkle some drops of water on it.

You can either use microwave or oven to reheat such kind of leftover burrito. To reheat it in the oven, wrap the leftover burrito lightly in a foil and bake it at 350 f for 15 minutes.

If you go for using a microwave to reheat your leftover burrito, cover it in a damp paper towel and use 50% power. Setting the power a t low will prevent you from ending up with rubbery eggs.

California burrito

This is a large burrito. Its tortilla has a stuffing of guacamole, carne asada French fries, and pico de gallo. However, rice and refried beans are missing. Use the oven to heat the burrito evenly.

Wet Burrito

It is the type of burrito that has a covering of enchilada sauce or salsa. These are the tough ones to avoid mushiness in them due to their external sauce.

A wet leftover burrito is going to be very soggy. So, the best way to reheat such kind of leftover burrito is definitely in the oven.

So, preheat the oven to 350 f and wrap the leftover burrito lightly in a foil and bake it for 15 minutes. Remove the foil for the last 3-5 minutes of reheating to help the burrito get a crispy texture.

Avoid reheating a wet burrito in the microwave as the sauce will get watery and you’ll have a wet mess. 

Steps to Freeze Burrito

Following are the steps to freeze your burrito:

  1. Cool the burrito, and wrap them in plastic wrap or parchment paper as well as aluminum foil.
  2. Use freezer nag to place your burrito while removing the sealing of the airbag.
  3. Dare and label the burrito
  4. Put your burrito in the cold part of your freezer which is mostly the area in the middle back of the freezer to facilitate quick freezing.

Side Effects of Regular Eating of Burrito

As discussed, burritos contain tortillas, cooked proteins derived from chicken and chicken, and also ingredients of lettuce and tomato, all these edibles do usually cause food poisoning.

food poisoning

It has been known by experience that beans and cheese are essentials for baking a good burrito, which creates a storm raising the quick route to gas and bloating.

Thus, we can conclude that the regular intake of burritos could cause stomach problems. However, if such problem arises the benefit of catnip tea explained in the article How to Make Catnip Tea cannot be denied.

Storing your Burrito

If you are willing to save your leftover burrito for the next day with its original taste and freshness? Then use the refrigerator for this purpose.

For the ultimate freshness, let your leftover burritos cool to room temperature, followed by wrapping them in aluminum foil and keep them in a container.

Leftover burritos filled with wet things, such as sour cream and salsa, will last for one or two days before they become too soggy. If you use only dry fillings, then a leftover burrito will last up to 4 days.

Fluctuations in Prices of Raw Material

One of the most important issues is the price fluctuations in the prices of the raw materials of food cuisines.

According to a recent study on food commodity raw material price fluctuations, the average price fluctuations in 2020 associated with food items came down by 3.1% as compared to 6% in the previous year.

This type of fluctuation could either increase your profits or reduce them when you have to buy the raw material at expensive prices and then deliver it to the population at the least profitable and reasonable prices with the same quality.

price fluctuation

There is another expected scenario that with time and observance of global inflation and recession, there are also chances that it may become difficult for the restaurants to get the raw material at cheap prices which will then have a direct impact on the pricing strategies too.

Despite the possibility of rising inflation globally, the global demand for burritos is increasing which means that there might not be a significant fall in demand for burritos despite inflation especially in the upper middle and elite class because the demand to spend a leisurely life in our lifestyles is also increasing with time.

For example, you can take the example of pizza and fast food the global population didn’t even know what pizza but then this thing came not only into the lives of the population of the country.

It successfully landed into the lives of the entire world and you can witness today that despite the 2008 recession, the COVID-19 pandemic and the upsurge in inflation, people today are still fond of eating junk food and pizza.

The same could be the scenario with burritos that its demand is rising with time on a global scale but even during the recession, not much fall in demand is expected due to the leisurely thinking of the population.


Burrito is the Mexican origin delicious, aromatic and fresh cuisine that is the favourite cuisine of not only Latin American and Hispanic people but also popular around the world in other nationalities and ethnicities due to its taste and leisure; however, the taste of burrito declined if that is not fast eaten; thus the burrito reheating methods come to play.

We made utmost effort to state about the demand of burritos in the market, the cost involved and the nutrition found in it to give an overview to the newbies about the significance of the topic.

People want leisure in this era and they also change their lifestyle according to whatever financial sources they have.

Mostly, the middle, upper and elite class prefers eating burritos which are also becoming the rapidly growing food business in the world. You could get it in South America and North America as well.

The more you taste it, the more you love it and the more you cannot prevent yourself from eating it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reheat a cold burrito?

It can be done by applying any of the two reheating methods: - 

  • Simply place a paper towel over the burrito and, then, place the burrito in the microwave for two minutes on the medium level, or
  • Wrap the burrito in foil and bake it there for 30 minutes at 225 F.

How do you reheat burritos in the microwave?

It involves a simple reheating process, which is as follows: - 

  • Place the burrito in the microwave-safe plate
  • Fix the microwave on high for 2 minutes
  • Stop and then cook it for 2 more minutes
  • Give a one-minute rest then serve

How long to reheat a burrito wrapped in foil?

Reheating a burrito wrapped in foil normally involves a baking time of 15-20 minutes with the oven heat at 360 F.

How long to reheat a burrito in the oven at 350?

A refrigerated lying burrito, at a heat level of 350 F requires approximately 15 minutes to get warmed, while a frozen burrito may be reheated at the level of 450 F approximately in same 15 minutes.

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