How to Make Catnip Tea

How to Make Catnip Tea

Catnip tea is a product obtained from the leaves and flowers of the catnip plant named ‘Nepeta cataria. The term, Catnip is also referred to as “catmint” because of the slightly minty smell of the plant catnip.

The article is all about the question ‘how to make catnip tea’ which answers vary in different situations. It is consumed by humans, babies, dogs and cats, likewise, it is made with the uses of fresh leaves and extracts.

Significance of Catnip Tea

Catnip tea is a delicious treat you can give your cats to make them feel refreshed and joyful. It is learnt that catnip plant simulates happy receptors in the brains.

Considering the multiple uses of this tea for humans, dogs and also for cats, it makes this herb easily available at pet stores and can even it can be found at grocery stores.

Cats to Catnip Plant

The cats are seen rolling, rubbing, or flipping when they detect a plant catnip in the nearby area. The research has revealed that Cats have an extra scent gland, i.e. the Vomeronasal gland, which is located in their mouth.

catnip tea liked by cats

A cat's Vomeronasal gland gets stimulated by the smell of Nepetalactone, then it sends signals to the brain causing behavioral changes in the cat. Nepetalactone is an oil found in the leaves of the catnip plant.

Making Fresh Catnip tea

As the name suggests, fresh tea includes fresh catnip leaves instead of dried catnip. Catnip leaves tend to retain some oils inside them and the potential value survives longer than the dried catnip.

catnip tea in making

Using fresh catnip leaves or dried catnip in your tea makes it stronger since the oils are released in the tea steep. If you are fond of iced tea, then add ice cubes and enjoy.

The ingredients required to make this tea are listed below: -

Fresh Catnip Tea20 Count
Water2 Cups

Process of making fresh catnip tea?

There are no considerable changes in making a this tea with fresh leaves or with the use of dried catnip: however following process be adhered to: -

  • In a pot, take 2 cups of boiling water for tea steep
  • Place the leaves in a cup like that of green tea
  • Remove the pot of boiling water from the stove and let it cool down
  • Add the boiling water into the cup and let it brew
  • Once the tea steep is brewed, please wait for it to cool down and then serve.

Steps for Making Catnip Tea

  1. Add one tablespoon of dried catnip leaves into a filter or a tea ball.
  2. Like that of green tea, let the catnip steep soak in 8 ounces of hot water or boiling water for about four to five minutes.
  3. Discard the catnip and add one tablespoon of milk to your cup of tea having boiling water.
  4. Allow the tea for the steep time for to cool down so it can be taken by the cat.
  5. To make iced tea, add ice cubes and serve your pet stores.

Expiry of Catnip Leaves

If you have leftover tea leaves, you can store them in the fridge. It would last for about the next five days.

expired catnip leaves

On the other hand, dried catnip does not expire so early but that must be kept in a dry, air-tight container. Although catnip doesn’t expire over the passing of some time, it can lose its potency with the passing of time.

Making a Simple Catnip Tea

As per standard, the following items and quantity are crucial for making a simple cup of tea.

Water2 Cups
Dried CatnipThree Teaspoons

However, to know more about the dog suffering from pancreatitis and the relief derived from the use of catnip; find more at How to Comfort a Dog with Pancreatitis.

Undertake following steps to make this tea, especially for your dogs: -

  • Two cups or 470 ml of boiling water
  • Add 3 teaspoons or 15 ml of dried catnip
  • Add boiling water to the cup having dried catnip
  • Keep the tea cup for steep time, if you want iced tea then add ice cubes.

Catnip tea with milk are of the opinion that only humans enjoy some milk in the tea or otherwise. You can get an exact answer to the question by making it with milk and serving and feeding it to your cat.

How to make Catnip Tea with Broth

Making with chicken broth makes it very enticing for cats. The broth adds a magic flavor to the tea. It is to remind use sodium-free chicken broth since salt is toxic for cats.

The table below shows the ingredients needed to make this delicious drink.

Dried Catnip1 Tablespoon
Warm Water1 Cup
Chicken Broth¼ the teaspoon
stepwise process of making catnip tea with broth

Benefits of Catnip Tea for Cats

There are numerous benefits to making and serving it to cats in pet stores. A brief narrative is given below for the quick reference: -

  • Increase liquid intake
  • Help reduce the anxiety level
  • Mitigates post separation anxiety
  • Increase efficacy of the digestive system

Can catnip tea be taken by humans?

Yes, like that of green tea, it is equally good for the humans to drink in small quantities. Do you have any idea of the smell or fragrance attached to the catnip tea? Well, your cat is not the only that can enjoy a cup of this delicious tea.

catnip tea choice of humans

Benefits of Catnip Tea for humans

Following are the key benefits of taking catnip tea by humans.

  1. Taking it helps you to relax and better sleep.
  2. It reduces nervousness and anxiety.
  3. Drinking it soothes the digestive system.
  4. The tea also helps in reducing gas and stomach cramps in humans.
  5. It is also famous for its properties to treat sore throats.
  6. It helps with headaches-related problems.
  7. Catnip tea helps during the menstrual cycle by reducing the pain of period cramps and bloating.
  8. It also helps in managing mood swings and feelings of depression during menstruation. If you are an expecting mother, do not consume it without talking to your gynecologist.

Any Health Risks?

The research has revealed appearing of following risks in individuals after taking it. 

  • Drowsiness
  • Allergic responses
  • Vomiting and stomach issues
  • Illness in pregnant women
  • Health issues in children


You must have got all the information you need to answer ‘how to make catnip tea’ for your kitty or even for yourself or for the guests. Enjoy your next tea time with your favorite cat.

However, always consult your cat’s veterinarian if you notice changes in their health after taking the catnip tea; likewise, consult the physicians before serving the it to your children.

Remember, if you are not feeling comfortable or feel sick after taking the catnip tea, quickly approach the physician for your well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Catnip Tea safe to drink?

Preferably; the Catnip tea should not be offered to small kids as the effects of the catnip tea cannot be pre-fixed. However, with the advice of a physician, it can be done.

Should I learn making catnip tea?

Consuming catnip tea on a regular basis for yourself and for your cat may require learning to make it, if a servant or maid is not available, it can be done by yourself.

Where can I buy catnip tea?

It is available in online shops and also the merchant stores in your area, other food-selling stores and pharmacies.

Can allergies be treated with catnip tea?

It varies; people may get ease from the allergies of wheezing or nasal clogs after taking catnip tea; while on the other hand, some people may also develop unwarranted susceptible responses.

Is it possible to grow catnip at home?

Yes, get plant catnip seeds and grow them in your garden. You will see it flourish soon. However, it is suggested to note the stages of growing catnip to reach full blossom.

Is catnip tea addictive?

No, it is not. Routine consumption of catnip tea does not make addiction. As it does not contain any formation of drug thus is treated to be a safe form of liquid.

What is catnip tea good for?

Catnip tea is a famous herb for making medicines to treat restlessness, nervousness and other disorders like coughs, asthma, diarrhea and gas.

Is catnip tea safe for human consumption?

Catnip tea is good for adults but in small quantities. Taking it in large amount may cause headache, vomiting and other digestive problems. It is revealed that it causes frequent urination and dehydration.

What are the side effects of catnip tea for cats?

There is no proof that catnip is harmful to cats or kittens. However, it has been reported that a large quantity consumption of fresh or dried catnip leaves by cats may cause vomiting or diarrhea.

What did the Native Americans use catnip for?

Catnip leaves support digestive motility. In the past, the tribes used tea to relieve infant colic and believed it to give support and comfort to immune function, muscle spasms cramps etc.

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