How to Move a Mobile Home for Free

How to Move a Mobile Home for Free

Living in a mobile home refers to a living structure built on a steel frame and most of the time fitted with the help of wheels. It is usually installed on a permanent site to dwell. The house confirms the needs of a family on a customized basis and can be prepared under a low budget.

However, the question ‘How to move a mobile home for free’ is asked by those groups of people who remain in search of a new mobile home community and making plans to move to a mobile home for free without making any expenses.

In this article, you will learn moving a mobile home and also a solution to your ever-standing problem. If you want to move your mobile home for free keep reading.

Manufactured Homes

It has been reported by the Manufactured Housing Institute that more than 21 million Americans have been found living in the manufactured homes and the ratio of these mobile homes is on the increasing side with urban development.

If compared to the other housing; every 10 house are the manufactured homes. At the same time, the quality of the manufactured home is also improving in terms of material, efficiency and designs with passing of each year.

Move your mobile home with some of the renowned brands in the field of manufactured homes, which include Skyline Homes, Cavco Homes, Legacy Housing, Chariot Eagle, Clayton Homes, Palm Harbor Homes and Champion Homes.

However, the master is Clayton Homes, which is the largest manufactured home builder in the US. You can move your mobile home with this trustworthy mobile home mover.

Things to Consider in Advance

Moving a mobile home for free is impossible for mobile company, because the entire process includes many tasks but not limited to transporting all your belongings, looking for a new site, and setting up your mobile home in that new location without paying a dollar.

We will also be shedding some light questions i.e. How to move your mobile home? cheapest way of moving a mobile home? where do you go to a local permit office for moving a mobile home? How many mobile home moving cost, how to move my mobile home.

Free Mobile Home Communities

One way to get around free mobile home communities to do thorough research. Many mobile home movers are willing to move your mobile home for free. These mobile home professional movers have a certain approval criterion to meet.

mobile home communities

The mobile home moving companies will direct you to fill out some of your personal information such as name, social security number, size of the mobile home, model, and year of production of your mobile home and many more other things.

Types of Mobile Homes

Mobile home varies in sizes: single wide mobile home, double wide mobile home and triple wide mobile home. You can opt for a single wide mobile home if you have a limited budget and a smaller family.

different types of mobile homes

For a bigger family, mobile homeowners need double wide mobile home, so you have more space to accommodate your entire family.

Benefit of mobile home One of the key benefits of living in a mobile home is that you can move anywhere you want at any time. Thanks to mobile home investors, you can easily shift from one town to another or move to a new county. Having a mobile home makes the move a lot easier and hassle-free.

Necessary Homework Needed

There are reasons which are why most people move to different desired locations. Some might move mobile because they have been offered a new position in some company; some might want a change to their everyday boredom.

Hire a professional home moving company to control the moving a mobile home. Choose the best moving company after thoroughly analyzing and keeping in mind the reviews of the moving company's customers. You can ask for referrals from the moving companies you plan to choose.

Read the local laws of the new location you are moving to. You must also know the laws regarding moving your mobile home to the new city. Having complete knowledge of all the laws will save you extra time and help you quickly obtain legal moving permits needed before making a move.

studying local law of the new place

Follow the Mobile Home Park own rules or community you are relocating to. Every mobile home park and mobile home community has some set of rules and regulations that all of its residents must adhere to.

Some mobile home moving communities only allow double wide mobile homes but not moving oversized loads, whereas others allow single wide mobile home as well as double wide mobile home.

A few also require your mobile home to have a deck and other moving materials but do not allow moving oversized loads. You must also follow all the new park rules and local regulations set forth by the community.

Complete paperwork once you have decided to relocate your mobile home, you should be getting all the required documents that you might need during the move.

Moving a mobile home some counties or states require you to get a setup permit, while others might want you to acquire a plumbing, obtain gas, or electrical connection permits needed before you move.

Connect Utilities; you can ask the right crew of your mobile home movers to reconnect all utilities disconnected after you have relocated. This way, you would not have to immediately look for electricians, plumbers or utility companies to fix the utilities right after conclusion moving to a new desired location.

connecting wiring

Adhere to the laws in the United States, there are several local laws in order to move a mobile home. Every area has a different set of regulations to follow, and you need to be aware of the area's regulations.

Below are some laws regarding moving mobile homes that you should know about: -

Acquire a moving permit to move a mobile home first and foremost thing in the moving process, acquire a moving permit for moving materials. You must ensure you have all the required documents to move a mobile home.

acquire a moving permit

Understand the rules while moving a mobile home you must have clear understanding of the laws of the area. For instance, if your mobile home is over fifteen years old, you must get all the necessary permits and documents and that prove the age limit and structure of your mobile home.

Ask professional movers for help to move your mobile home according to the law, you must hire professional movers company that is licensed and insured for moving your mobile home safely to the new location. You can also ask for some customer referrals to help make your sound decision for a new location and professional mobile home mover.

Standards of the Housing and Urban Department (HUD)

Moving a mobile home must ensure the Housing and Urban Department (HUD), real estate investing community, standards as instructed by them. The HUD code was made in 1976. According to the HUD standards, modern mobile homes are given more consideration.

housing and urban department

Save Money Moving a Mobile Home

Though moving a mobile home for free may not seem possible, there are specific ways in which you can save money. We have compiled a list of ways to save huge bucks in the moving process.


Budgeting hiring a professional mover for moving a mobile home may cost from $1000 to $20,000 in the United States. The mobile home cost depends on professional mobile home movers and their policies. You must also pay some money the new county treasure.

The cost of mobile home move depends on various factors such as hiring professionals with the right crew, labor costs, distance, time of the year, local moving permit and other additional fees, overall condition of your mobile home, your home size, etc.

budgeting calculation

If you want a double-wide mobile home move, the mobile home relocation or cost of moving might charge you a whopping amount, such as $10,000 to $12,000. For instance, if you are moving a single-wide mobile home in good condition to a long distance of 160 km, the cost of moving will probably around $5000 to $7000 in the United States.

You cannot move your mobile home that is triple wide with moving vehicle. Move your mobile home with quite a bit large truck and towing vehicle but they may have chances of towing hitches and vinyl siding. Huge moving truck or Large truck requires zones based police escort.

Do thorough research

Do thorough research on moving home company, desired three zones and professional mover for moving a mobile home. Get quotes from several moving companies, compare and analyze the prices of these moving companies, and then make a deal with the best one of these moving companies.

Pack everything yourself

Hiring professional mobile home movers and letting them pack all your stuff is not a wise decision at all. Packaging all your stuff by yourself is the best to lessen unnecessary moving expenses.

packing luggage by yourself

You can get boxes, bubble wrap and duct tape from any grocery store to pack and secure your belongings.

For heavier items, you will need to buy some high-quality moving cartons. Use bubble wrap and label the boxes with the items they contain. It makes it easier to sort it once you move to your mobile home safely.

Carefully Plan the Move

Mobile home moving companies usually get very busy during summer or warmer months. You might get offered better discounts if you plan your home moving process in their off-season.

Moving a mobile home VS Buying a Manufactured home

Last but not least; wisely compare the cost of moving and buying a new home. Buying a new mobile home can cost up to $ 60,000 USD, so if you can sell your mobile home at affordable price, you only have to pay the differential amount to buy a new one.

nada manufactured housing appraisal guide

US citizens can get professional help from the NADA Manufactured Housing Appraisal Guide, which is considered the blue book of mobile home, to find out the value of their mobile homes.

By opting for this way; you can be free from the hardships you can face while moving to a mobile home.

Common Factors affecting Cost

The total cost of moving a mobile home from one location to another by mobile home moving company depends on several factors. Here we have noted many factors, which are necessary to move your mobile home: -


a loaded truck

Distance the first question is, how many miles are you moving away? This will determine the moving costs you will likely incur during the move. If you are moving to a shorter distance, then it will be less expensive. Likewise, the for the long distance, the higher the will be the charges of mobile home moving companies.

Size of mobile home

Single wide homes will be cheaper to relocate as compared to double wide mobile homes. You might also have to pay for a temporary road closure if your mobile home is too big to maneuver down the road.

Moving Permits

if you are doing proper planning to move to another state or another county, you may need to acquire moving permit for all the territories your mobile home will pass through.

In some states, it is required that older mobile homes need to be inspected. For instance, if you want to move to Florida and you have older homes, they might invigilate building codes, ensuring everything is secure and following their prioritized codes.

If you are interested to know importance of the permission. Read the article How to Park Your Car to Avoid Repo

Weight of your mobile home

According to Free Mobile Home Info, new and modern mobile homes weigh around 45 to 50 pounds per square feet. Traditional houses usually weigh around 35 to 40 pounds per square feet.

checking the weight of the mobile home

A heavier mobile home would need the mobile home movers to use more equipment according to the per square foot area for moving your mobile home from one place to another.

Moving equipment

Transferring a mobile home from one place to another requires a lot of goods, such as specific types of equipment, tires, tow hitches, etc. The moving company will discuss charges per square foot area with you regarding the incurrence of the extra moving expenses during this procedure.

Setup services

  • You might need several micro set up services (if not macro setup services) to relocate your mobile home to a new place. As an option, you can hire full service movers. They will assist you the set up full service in the following ways: -
  1. The full service movers will start with disconnecting utilities from your old mobile home and will reconnect the disconnected utilities in your new location. Sometimes most mobile home’s parks specify that only management can connect your disconnected utilities.
  2. The moving agency will also help remove the external features, such as the porch, and restore to your new location or mobile home parks.
  3. Besides, you will also need professional help in reconnecting your double-wide mobile home set up.

Age & Condition of Mobile Home

The age, interior features and exterior features of your mobile home need to be inspected before the move so as to determine the durability of the structure.

old age house

If your mobile home is pretty old and needs some serious repairs, the transportation fees would increase considerably since the mobile home movers would first have to take care of the minor repairs before exposing them to more damage in free air.

Insurance and Liability

insurance agreement of mobile home

If you have already purchased a mobile home insurance policy, then you need to check ahead with the mobile home moving companies whether they cover the mobile home relocation cost.

If you still need to purchase the insurance policy and liability coverage, then this would be the perfect time to purchase liability coverage, it so the cost of any damage during transit is fully covered and taken care of.

Mobile Homes Banned? Why?

ban on mobile homes

As you know, mobile homes are regulated at the state level in the United States. It shows that the laws and local regulations may vary from state to state. Following are the key reasons why some of the states have imposed bank on mobile home: -

  • Safety issues
  • Zoning restrictions
  • Property value issues
  • Environmental issues


After reading this article, it must be crystal clear that it is impossible to move a mobile home for free. The various factors mentioned enable you to plan strategically moving a mobile home. You can opt for the option of selling the older homes and buying another after paying the differential amount.

You get a good mobile home park with low budget, look for those mobile home parks and mobile home moving community that won’t charge you hefty sums to move into their space.

You can also plan your moving date in the off-season with the mobile home moving companies to avail maximum discounts. It may require some research and preparation, but remember that the most challenging roads and out of reach most mobile home parks often lead to beautiful destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the oldest mobile home that can be moved?

As per HUD rules and regulations, any house built on or before the year 1976 is oldest one, HUD divides and declares it unfit for the safety and that should be moved on immediate basis.

Do you need a permit to move a mobile home in Ohio?

As for as state of Ohio is concerned; installation of manufactured homes is regulated by the Ohio Department of Commerce, which required issuance of permit prior to initiating the installation.

Can I move my own mobile home in Tennessee?

No it’s not like that. It has been required to first get a permit then to have or move a manufactured home, portable modular upon the public highways or as the case may be.

Can mobile homes be moved around?

Yes, they can be moved from one place to another provided the necessary permits have been obtained and necessary area, land or place has been acquired for all practical purposes.

How much does it cost to move a mobile home in Oklahoma?

As per general charges of mobile home professional movers, if the home is a single wides trailer, the cost to move would be between 5, 000 USD to 8, 000 USD, if double wides trailer then the cost of moving would range from 10, 000 USD to 13, 000 USD.

How much does it cost to move a mobile home to Missouri?

If the complete set up services is acquired including dismantling, transport and connect would cost 3, 000 USD to 5, 000 USD for the single-wide mobile home while for the double-wide home, this mobile home cost would somewhere between 5, 000 USD to 10, 000 USD.

Can I put a mobile home on my property in Indiana?

There is no harm in placing the mobile home on your owned and possessed property provided the fact of placement is reported within 30 days to the assessor of the related township or the country assessor as the case may be.

Can we move a mobile home without any expense?

It is impossible to move a mobile home for free, but you can save the moving expenses in one way or the other. If you want to spend not even a penny, then move your stuff that's in your mobile home.

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