How to Detangle Matted Hair

How to Detangle Matted Hair

Battling with matted hair can be never-ending if you are unaware of the tips and techniques to resolve the dilemma of matted hair. Knots and tangles bring frustration to your daily life therefore it is crucial to learn how to detangle matted hair for the best outlook.

Matted hair creates clusters that may harden with time and can become painful and risky if you leave them unchecked for a considerable period of time. Using the right methods and tools will help you know how to detangle matted hair pain-free.

How Matted Hair Looks Like

how matted hair looks

Hair wear and tear is a normal process. You might have noticed some hair shedding off your head with the passing of years. However, matted hair is formed when shed hair strands get tangled.

This tangled and tiny hair can wrap around the healthy hair on your scalp, causing painful knots and lumps. It has been learnt that matted hair can easily store dirt particles and sweat, creating tightly matted masses on your head.

With these clumps, women often need help figuring out how to detangle their hair painlessly and without consuming much time. However in cases where the worse appearance occurs, difficult to handle, you may need to consult a specialist to remove the matted area.

Another obvious reason may be your tough schedule, if you are too busy with your official assignments or have been a lazy soul keeping your scalp properly moisturized and avoiding messy tangles is very hard to control.

Impact of Regular Combing Hair

brushing hair regularly

It is important for all individuals to comb their hair properly every day to keep them in healthy condition. Remember! If you ignore shampooing your hair for a couple of weeks, the friction between these strands becomes greater, paving the way for matted hair and tangling.

Since matted hair is disgracefully hard to get rid of, and it’s a battle to encounter them with such strong tangles, we suggest in this article to take extra care of your hair and read our beneficial tips to detangle your matted hair. To refine more your hair you can read another article here How Long Is 14 Inch Hair

Let's proceed further to highlight some of the common reasons behind the growth of matted hair. The key reasons are as under: -

  • Not in the habit of combing or brushing your hair every day
  • Use of long hair extensions for some good period of time
  • Apply different hairstyles without proper combing

Remember! If you have chosen to apply chemical relaxers, they will also play a negative role in drying out your hair and creating brittles resulting in dryness and dullness. Thus, you need to learn the best ways to proactively manage your hair to ensure regular nourishment.

Significance of Detangling of Matted Hair: Opinions from Hair Specialists

image 49

Detangling your matted hair involves action. It pays to be vigilant when it comes to detangling your messy hair. The fact remains that the longer you leave those hair detangled above your head, the more you invite a threat of knotting them together.

As per Jessica Depart, a licensed cosmetologist in the United States ‘extreme matting can result in the breakage of hair. However, by focusing on detangling them at the right time, the right way you can stop further deteriorating and also improve your scalp.

Mahisha Dellinger, who is the Chief executive officer of Curls Beauty Brand explained that properly and regularly detangling hair is an all-inclusive formula to prevent weaknesses of the hair and also the hair shaft.

The experts also claim that if you want to avoid breakage and enjoy tangle-free hair growth and also the longevity of the hair, you need to stop acting inconsistently and focus on the smoothness of your hair.

What are the Side Effects of Matted Hair?

It has been experienced that matted hair can cause several complications like bacterial infections i.e. impetigo. Besides, it has also been reported from different parts of the world that if matted hair could be left unchecked for a good amount of time it could cause blockage to the routine circulation of air into the skin, cutting off the air supply to the skin of a head, leading to damage, bruises and also discoloring of the skin.

The infected area of the head may become a hub of sores, rips and also a breeding ground for fleas and parasites etc. therefore it is recommended to attend to the issue at the right time before the matted hair starts affecting the area of your skin welcoming the infections.

Should One Brush Hair Regularly?

For the matted hair; you can consider him at the point of no return. That’s why combing and properly brushing your hair has become significant now. Therefore, you need to take proactive steps to move forward and retain the health of your hair.

Sarah Lund, an expert hair stylist in the United States also shared her views that tangled hair must be detangled at least once a week to bar them matted. It is no secret that regular detangling will help different hair types become healthier and straighter for a better outlook and also for the nourishment of long hair.

If you are serious enough to know the underlying ideas of how to detangle matted hair, the messy and untidy look on your head could come to an end by following our chosen, well-tested hair-detangling strategies, tips and techniques.

Is it Beneficial to Detangle Hair While it is Wet?

image 47

When your hair is wet, it becomes more vulnerable to damage. The reason behind this is that the outer layer expands further, temporarily weakening the structure. However, the research has revealed that wet time is the best time to detangle your hair.

However, to undertake the process of detangling wet hair, you should apply a conditioner that produces wetness. This creates a slippery within the hair that helps to reduce the threat of breaking hair or the hair shaft during the detangling process.

Another group of researchers held that one should detangle dry hair completely. For this, one can apply oil on dry hair before starting the detangling process so the hair shafts cannot be broken. However, if your hair is already straight, you need not apply oil before detangling dry hair. However, it is believed that applying a good conditioner before starting the detangling process can render the most effective results.

Process to Detangle Matted Hair

Let's move to the core of the issue of how to detangle matted hair, and for that purpose, we have given a step-by-step process as follows: -

Wash & Shampoo Your Hair

You should take a cool shower to feel more relaxed and wet; conversely, you can also choose to take a hot shower to rinse your hair very well. However, a crucial part of showering or even without it is to apply a hydrating shampoo to your hair to make them easy to handle.

It is also possible if you use some soap and water to massage the affected area on your head. But remember, if you opt to proceed this way, there is no need to try hard to get the tangles out. What is warranted from the shower is to properly clean and hydrate your messy hair.

Apply Conditioner to Loose Matted Hair

applying conditioner to your matted hair

After shampooing your hair; now get some market-worth hair conditioner to help in detangling of your messy hair. You can proceed to massage with the help of conditioner or can also apply special oil derived from coconut to hydrate what’s on your head.

You will find that after proper hydration and massage with conditioner, your hair will be loosened. Now you are at liberty to apply the product of your choice to help proper coating. Must remember to avoid extensive wetting of hair, which could cause breakage.

Allow Products to Soak In

Keep the conditioner on your hair for a good amount of time so it will absorb well into your hair and remain enduring. However, if you are already in the habit of using and applying conditioners you should not wait longer.

It has been experienced by now that any oil or detangling spray needs at least 30 minutes to two hours for complete absorption. Therefore it is advised to follow the protocols and ensure you have given due time for these messy knots to accept moisture, which would have a very strong bearing on the ultimate results of detangling.

Comb through Hair to Detangle Matted Hair

image 48

At this stage; you need to be active and start combing your hydrated hair to get the best results of detangling. You are supposed to get a high-quality hair brush to straighten your hair. While doing so it is recommended to run the comb/ brush gently and slowly to work throughout your matted hair. You must start from the end and move toward the scalp.

Next, it is also recommended that you gently move the hairbrush or comb in a downward direction on your hair. It must work in a manner that you do combing down to the top of your hair and covering the full length. Handling too many hair sections at the same time is not a good strategy to follow rather handle one section and move to the next gradually.

It has also been noted that using wide-toothed brushes and combs gives better results. For those whose hair is already severely matted and suffering from breakage, better would be better to start detangling by using your fingers than starting with any brush.

Also, consider changing brushes and combs that have been proven to help you use suitable hair grooming and detangling tools effectively. You can even use fingers with no comb or brush to improve the outcomes. This can help and extend relief from the pain in the affected area.

Rinse and Hydrate

rinse hair with water 1

As a final move, you have to apply rinsing and hydrating. You will see most of your matted and messed-up hair must have been brushed out. Now, you just rinse away the oil or conditioner or whatever you applied in the process. However, it is very effective if you mix some cool water and hair oil and then apply them to keep them safe and secure with longevity.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Matted Hair:

Once you have gotten rid of matted hair by following the step-wise process we have developed for you; you must be conscious to next avoiding matting of hair.

Although the process has worked remarkably and helped to regain your straight hair, even then deploying the process frequently will weaken the hair base; therefore it is advised to follow the next given tips to avoid future matting of hair: -

preventive measures 1


This article must have given an overview of, the necessity, and significance of detangling of matted hair. The question ‘how to detangle matted hair’ has sufficiently been described in the article with specific input from specialists in the field of hair fashioning.

The process of detangling matter hair i.e. spraying, applying conditioner or oil, finger combing followed by hair wash has been provided to give an in-depth understanding of what one is supposed to do. In addition, the preventive measures to keep the hair fine have also been highlighted for future purposes.

By adopting the process, we have explained it is pleased to mention that matted hair can get rid of, that too painlessly and without unnecessary braking of hair.


How do you untangle severely matted hair?

To untie the matted hair, apply conditioner or spray, then do finger combing for half an hour. After that have a shower to detangle matted hair.

Should you detangle matted hair wet or dry?

It is recommended to first wet your hair then apply some oil or conditioner to loose matted hair. If you start detangling dry hair, those could cause breakage of hair and would also cause pain during the process.

What is a home remedy for detangling matted hair?

If you are resolving the matted hair at home, must have the articles i.e. warm water, apple cider vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil. Mix all these articles to form a spray, do spray matted hair to remove knots and tangles.

Can you salvage matted hair?

It's not like this. If you choose the proper method to get rid of matted hair. Apply the given tips and you will get rid of hair as long as you keep following the precautionary measures failing which matted hair will again appear.

What can I do for severely matted hair?

If you have severely matted hair, you can use a good comb or brush and divide them into sections. Apply an ample quantity of detangling conditioner, and that will help to loosen your knots up there.

How do you detangle matted hair without breakage?

If you want to detangle without breakage, start the process with hydrated hair and use water for an easier process. Also, you should use a detangling product generously, like a conditioner that will minimize breakage.

How much-tangled hair I should handle at a moment?

Try to handle only a few sections to detangle them altogether. Use a good comb or a brush to untangle gently. It is vital to avoid tugging if knots are too hard.

Should I comb my way from up and down to the end of the hair?

No, you should start from the end, work your way up and use a good tool such as a comb or finger to burst through the tangles gently.

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