How Long Is 14 Inch Hair

How Long Is 14 Inch Hair

The length of hair is measured from the root of the hair based on the skull till the last tip. It is commonly asked ‘How long is 14-inch hair and why do people like to have this size of hair’? Actually, 14-inch hair is treated to be moderate in length and goes down below the shoulder yet upper side of the back, somewhere around the armpit.

However, after tanning the body the length of hair becomes more prominent and good looking. To know about tanning the body and resultant effects read our article How Long After a Spray Tan Can I Shower. This article will shed light on the 14 inches of hair, the modern trends, and what else you need to know about the subject.

Why keeping 14 inches of hair is popular?

The popularity of 14-inch hair stems from the modern trends and uses of such length by celebrities. The hair of this measurement is common on account of its versatility, ease of management, adaptability to various styling shapes, and prevalent trends.

This size of hair could equally conceive the application in the masculine and feminine. Considering the diversity of the styling ideas, this kind of hair becomes the preference of people on personal occasions. While comparing this size of hair with other short and long hairs, it is easy to maintain 14-inch hair in a short span of time and without consuming any further slot of time.

No matter, what type of hair one has, hair of this measurement allows you to have different looks and shapes of the hair. At the same time, such length of hair requires washing, cleaning and keeping the hair healthy and well-conditioned.

Social media platforms are indicative of the fact that people from different walks of life have chosen to keep this size of hair to experience the different styles including but not limited to coated haircuts, blending hairstyling, curly hair or uses of hair wigs. Notable examples of celebrities with 14-inch hair are Jennifer Aniston with the iconic role on the TV show “Friends” and Reese Witherspoon, the actress could be seen in many aired productions.

Nevertheless, a professional hairstylist is one who having considered the type of hair, facial features and look of the individual concerned can guide which type of hair style shape suits him.

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How do 14 inches of hair look?

14 inches shapes

It offers a very balanced, moderate and pleasant outlook on hairdressing. The length of the hair allows the keeper to mould styling in different ways and give a unique look without getting into any troublesome and uncomfortable zone.

Neither this size of the hair is rude to manage nor those require any extra treatment or care to keep them nourishing. As people are different in hair density, texture and quality, the tips and techniques to keep the hair healthy are worthy of being explored and applied to different kinds of hair.

Normally, the length of 14-inch hair ends on the upper back part of the body, the volume may result in the appearance of coated or rough hair tips. However, look for 14-inch hair is fascinating, adaptive and suitable for people carrying different lifestyles.

How much time is needed to grow 14-inch hair?

hair growth timeline

The time duration for the growing of hair varies from man to man. One affected by genetic problems, health issues, old age or other diseases can have a slow growth of hair or even no growth, while others generally have a similar pace of hair growth @ 1.25 inches per month.

Significantly, taking good care of hair, maintaining a balanced diet, regular washing and moisturizing of hair, and the due trimming helps hair to grow quicker than at a normal pace. However, on an average scale; in men, it normally takes 2-3 years to grow the hair length to 14 inches from the short hair unless there are some hormonal issues.

In women, the length of hair gets bit quickly and it can rip up to 14 inches from the shaved head in 2-3 years and there can be some women with even quick growth of hair.

What are the factors that help in choosing 14-inch hair?

There are many reasons for adopting the size of 14-inch hair by celebrities and others. However, in consideration of the detailed research and interviews conducted at the colleges and universities, the following facts seem to have contributed to the prevailing practice of keeping 14-inch hair: -

  • Usefulness: It is easy to manage and shape the hair in different styles. It allows woman to keep hair flowing down on her back yet easier to handle them. Considering the necessity at the occasion, it could either be used as ponytail, braids, curling ways or giving any other shape of the time.
  • Easy to manage: Comparing 14 inch hair with long flooring hair or even with waist long hair, these are easiest to maintain in short span of time. Neither long time is needed to wash or style them nor does the trimming require a long day to conclude. Therefore, the individuals for the paucity of time also opt for this size of hair to keep them unworried from the management of the hair. Meanwhile, students are also not supposed to spend much time on managing their hair styles or shaping them on every occasion thus they are more likely to choose this size of hair to keep their busy slots engaged for the studies.
  • Cheering size: This size of hair is suitable for those who don’t want to compromise orientation of their faces. Length of the hair ending just after the shoulders and much above the waist gives a balanced and good looking appearance of the face. Such cheering aspect of 14 inch hair gives a pleasant outlook of the keeper.
  • Trending: Actors, actresses, and other showbiz stars appear with 14 inch hair styling shapes in different social media platforms and become focus of leading trends. Their appearance leave a long lasting effect on the opinion making of the audience who gradually move to the trend of keeping 14 inch hair.
  • Health of hair: There is no cavil to proposition that short hair are healthy and easy to handle. However, 14 inch hair, if maintained well with regular trimming to avoid splitting of its ends those can grow faster and heathier without causing any damage to the life of hair.

14 inches long hair and neutrality of sex

Although, men used to have shorter hair than women. However, the length of 14 inches of hair is somehow sex neutral. We have seen many celebrities amongst the males and females having 14 inches of hair. This size of hair suits both genders.

hair and neutrality of sex

Certainly, a woman, on account of changes in sex has a faster hair-growing pattern than a man; yet it has been observed that women willing to have short hair choose 14 inches hair as of her choice, while a man with the desire to have long hair, usually grows hairs for 14 inches; thus this size of the hair is sex neutral and no one can care. We have the evidence of Harry Styles and Michelle Stafford with 14 inches of hair from both sexes.

Famous shaping choices for 14 inches hair

There are many choices for shaping and designing the 14-inch long hair. Such a size of hair allows one to mold and modify the hairstyle in the context of the occasions where one is supposed to attend and participate. However, notable shapes of 14-inch hair are enumerated as under:-

Coated haircut:

This is the most demanding hairstyle by those who have chosen to keep 14-inch hair. A coated haircut gives a look of voluminous hair grafts with strength and full of pleasure. An American actress Halle Berry is famous for having 14 14-inch coated haircut.

halle berry

The best part of it is that it allows growing hair in different shapes and keeping it with a unique appearance. One with 14-inch long hair can choose to get a haircut suited to his personality. The cutting can leave the hair with short length, equal to the face size, even longer at times. Such a variety of shapes within the coated hair gives an impression of deepens and trendy worth.

Bob's hairstyle:

This type of hairstyle does not stick to 14-inch long hair rather it can be adopted with different measurements of the hair keeping. The versatility of the uses of this style brings it to the common folk.

It is considered to be a classic haircut in which the hair is cut straight around the head at about the length of the jaw. Likewise, the hairstyle is also known on account of easy maintenance and classical orientation.

It has widely been recognized for a long and people used to keep this type of hair for decades. Some of the customized shapes of the bob hair include classic bob, long bob, line bob coated bob etc.

Although the hairstyle is associated with women, yet tendency of the male is increasing to keep this style of hair. In evidence, we can quote the example of Keanu Reeves who acted in the movie “John Wick” where he performed as John Wick.

Keanu Reeves

Half-up styling:

To give an elevated look to the keeper, the hairstyle is popular. It shows the length, volume and strength of hair with incredible variety within the style. Such a choice of hair seems more casual, and relaxed and gives informal vibes.

In this style; half of the front portion of hair is pulled up and kept pinned (most of the time) while the back part of the hair is left to fall down to maintain a balance between the voluminous hair. The hairstyle is also inclusive of a variety of styles i.e. half-up ponytail, half-up burn, braids, and twist.

Considering the show-off value of this style, many celebrities as well as public figures have chosen this style for personal positioning. Blake Lively while appearing in the TV show “Gossip Girl” appeared with the half-up hairstyle and Ariana Grande is known for the half-up ponytail hair styling.

Pony tailing:

This type of styling is used for formal or informal occasions. Here, the hair is gathered and knotted with a pin, hairband or elastic at the back of the head following the neck. In this style, the face becomes more apparent and the hair gives a very thin look from the front side while those are assembled on the back side giving a look of tail.

Many variations can be adapted to shape the hairstyle which includes a high ponytail, a low ponytail, a side ponytail or a messy ponytail. From the notables, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner have added value to their pony hairstyles with their frequent and various shaping of the pony styles.

Curl cut:

In this hairstyle, one can curl the hair in different directions, and can also use different curl shapes to give a unique look on formal occasions. To keep the hair curly and maintain those, the use of mousse or sprays is also crucial.

Considering the variety of curly shapes of hair, the deva cut, layered cut, and tapered cut have been in use by people from different walks of life. Lorde, Shakira and Julia Roberts are known for showcasing their curly hairstyles to inspire others.

Extension shapes to 14 inches of hair

Annexing the accessories or hair extensions brings a new world of opportunities to reshape their hair style without getting into long-term hair patterns. By adding hair extensions; the length, texture and life of the hair can be regenerated to give a unique look at formal or informal events.

Considering the importance and nature of the occasion; accessories like clips, pins bands etc. can be used to help the hair extensions. If a person gets addicted to using hair extensions to give a different and distinct look at each arriving occasion; he cannot leave the pretty experiences and sense of enjoyment, pleasure and game-changing practice.

Amongst the celebrity, Kylie Jenner and Chissy Teigen are known for their regular use of hair extensions to give a suitable look for each occasion or role as the case may be.

Can  14 inches of hair length can be achieved with hair extensions?

Hair extensions are created in different textures, colours and sizes for males and females. There is no bar to have a 14-inch hair extension or any other to lengthen the existing hair to 14 inches. By using the extension one is not supposed to wait until the growth of the hair to see the fantasy of desired length of 14-inch hair.

He can easily procure the hair extension of desired sizes in clips, tapes, sews or bonded forms as per his requirement. However, in the matter of buying hair extensions, it is crucial to buy them with quality texture and from reputable professional sellers.

Types of wigs to keep 14 inches long hair

Pursuant to the market demands, a variety of hair extensions have been created to meet the needs of individuals interested in keeping or lengthening their hair with the use of hair extensions. There is a need for hair extensions to support the existing hair or to give it a distinct shape; the following types of hair extensions are common in use.

14 inch hair with use of extension

Clipping extension:

It is installed with the help of clips by linking the natural hair with the hair extension. It brings added length and volume of the hair to the existing hair outlook.

Taping extension:

The use of taping to adhesive the hair extension with the existing hair or placing them on the bald head is also common these days in different jurisdictions.

Sewing extension:

Stitches for annexing the hair extension are considered to render long-lasting and secure results with no hassle of unfixing them on occasion. However, this type of extension cannot be removed on a routine basis rather it requires the services of professionals to remove.

Hair linking extension:

This extension is lightweight and linked with natural hair through the use of metal or silicone rings, which can easily be removed whenever needed.

Blending extension:

With the use of the heating method, the hair extension is fixed or attached to the existing hair. It offers a natural appearance and this type of hair extension becomes the choice of those persons who want to keep the hair extension for months without removing it due to paucity of time and labour.

Crown extension:

It is also referred to as wire extension in which a wire is attached to the top of the head to link it with the existing hair and give a look of voluminous and lengthy hair.

Pros and cons of 14 inches long hair

Liking or disliking 14-inch hair or keeping the hair 14 inches with the use of extensions is a kind of personal attire and no pros or cons can be absolutely figured out. However, there is some general perception of the pros and cons of the 14-inch hairs, which are enumerated herein for quick perusal and observation.

Pros of 14-inch hair:

  1. Keeping the hair 14 inches in length or increasing it with the use of hair extension gives a noticeable increase in the length of hair so as to absorb various hairstyles to give a distinct look.
  2. If the hair is 14 inches naturally, the place of the extension will give a thicker and more blended look to the hair with the natural exposure.
  3. Keeping this size of length or adding it through extension opens a wide range of hair shaping options to braid, curl or give them a unique look.

Cons of 14-inch hair:

  1. Keeping long hair like 14 inches gives pleasure and mental satisfaction but at the same time, it becomes sometimes uncomfortable to maintain the hair length.
  2. In case; 14 inch hair length is achieved by using the hair extension, it could add weight to your existing hair, and the type of installation of hair extension can also affect it in any manner.
  3. Sometimes, it becomes costly to maintain the long hair/ hair extensions by regularly using the products, which could be expensive to procure and fall out of the budget.

Modern shapes and trends of 14-inch hair

Although the shaping of 14-inch hair is an import of personal interest, preference and liking, however, the current trends of keeping the 14-inch hair or adding them through hair extensions show the demand for layered bob, textured lob, blunt cut, beach waves and textured layers.

Nevertheless, the professional hairdresser is the one who could guide you to keep a specific type of hairstyle or add extensions after examining the nature of hair, the density of hair, the facial features and the sight and size of the forehead.


For hairstyling; 14 inch hair length is in trending. This size of hair offers a wide variety of hair styling for the men and women hailing from the showbiz or the list of formal professionals. Variation in styling and hair extensions of this size gives immense exposure to individuals to stay unique and distinct in their hair outlook.

It is considered to have taken a middle position between long and short hair, thus driving one to have a formal, casual, and relaxed look. This size of hair is neither difficult to maintain nor demands much care and expensive products to keep with.

Likewise, diversity in uses of this length of hair enables one to experience different trends and show the underlying beauty. Be the hair bob, curls, trendy long, or hair up the best part is adaptability and receptiveness.


How the length of hair can be measured in inches?

In order to measure the length of hair, it is to start from the root of the hair till the tip of the hair. However, while measuring it, the hair is to be kept straight for accuracy.

Can one curl 14-inch hair?

The product can be used to heat the hair styling to make them either curled or straightened so as to keep them 14 inches.

How long is a 14-inch hair?

14-inch hair is of medium length suitable for men and women both. Outlook of 14 inches of hair shows falling them below the shoulders and ending around the armpit.

Can I add hair extensions to 14-inch hair?

Yes, 14-inch hair can benefit from adding length or volume through hair extensions, giving you more styling options and the look of voluminous hair.

Are 14 inches of hair short?

No, hair above the shoulders is termed short hair, while hair exceeding length from 12 inches is considered medium-sized hair.

How frequently 14 inches hair should be trimmed?

There is no hard and fast rule to recommend. It normally depends on the volition of the man concerned. However, regular trimming every 6 to 8 weeks is recommended to maintain the health and shape of your 14-inch hair.

How big is a 14-inch wig?

This size of a wig is not considered a long one. It is 35 centimetres in length, which is likely to end around the shoulders, not beyond that.

Which face shapes suit 14-inch hair?

14-inch hair suits various face shapes, including oval, round, heart, and square. Consult with a hairstylist for personalized recommendations.

Are there specific hair care products for 14-inch hair?

There is no specific product exclusively for 14-inch hair, you can use products suitable for hair types and concerns, such as shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.

How can I protect my 14-inch long hair while sleeping?

Consider using a pillowcase and tying your hair in a loose bun or braid to minimize friction and reduce hair breakage during sleep.

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