Countries That Pay You To Move There

Countries That Pay You To Move There

Moving to a foreign country can be an exciting and life-changing experience. Nevertheless, it can also be a costly and daunting process. But hold on, there are few countries that pay you to move there and also offer other incentives.

However, amidst this, several countries extend a surprising invitation' they offer financial incentives to encourage individuals to move.

In this article, we have covered everything about the countries that pay you to move there, the types of incentives they offer and the relaxations they offer for those who are arriving in their regions.

What Incentives are offered to move there?

The motives behind these incentives can vary significantly. Certain nations aim to bolster their population, allure skilled professionals, or breathe life into rural regions.

These places boast breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures, presenting more than just a warm welcome; they provide cash incentives, tax advantages, and additional benefits, all in a bid to attract individuals and families to settle within their borders.

2 countries that pay you to move there

Regardless of the motive, these incentives open doors for those seeking to embark on a new phase of their lives. Whether one yearns for a change in scenery, endeavors for a fresh career path, or simply seeks a clean slate, these countries might hold the exact opportunity desired.

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Why some countries pay you?

There are numerous reasons why a country, town, or city may pay you to come and settle down. The biggest theme is investment; many of these countries want to invest in attracting highly skilled workers to their cities and towns.

If you are fortunately a skilled worker, many of these countries will gladly pay you to move there so long as you bring your trade alongside you.

3 countries that pay you to move there

The benefit of it is that you will not only get a cash bonus to start your new life abroad, but you will also be able to fast-track your way through the lengthy visa application processes.

For unskilled workers, you don’t need to worry. There are also countries that pay you to move there as an entrepreneur. So long as you bring a great business plan to the table, with the promise of creating local jobs.

Many of these countries will pay you to move there seeking any opportunity whether you are interested in technology, tourism or trade, there are all sorts of opportunity out there.

Significance to Move

Several countries actively seek to attract college graduates and entrepreneurs through various incentives such as tax credits, regional revitalization programs, and land and housing packages.

For instance, Japan has implemented a program called the Regional Revitalization Program to combat population decline in rural areas.

This initiative offers financial support and tax incentives to college graduates and entrepreneurs who relocate to these regions.

A Way Forward

Moreover, countries like Canada and Germany provide free healthcare, making them attractive destinations for those seeking to settle in small towns or rural areas.

These regions often offer opportunities for advanced or larger startups to thrive, especially in sectors where declining populations have left gaps in the market.

Local governments, such as city councils, may also offer additional incentives to attract skilled individuals and businesses, further bolstering the appeal of relocating to these areas.

However, these countries recognize the value of attracting young professionals and entrepreneurs to foster economic growth and address demographic challenges.

Countries to Welcome Residents

Every country has its own agenda to attract new residents but some of the most common reasons include: -

4 countries that pay you to move there

States that pay you to move there

Living in the United States is dream everyone has dreamt. But do you know there are a bunch of states that offer incentive to pay you to go there and settle down.

They have opened new schemes of allocating people into particular communities or cities.

5 countries that pay you to move there

1. Oklahoma

The Southern US state of Oklahoma is one of the states that will pay you to move there. The state of Oklahoma, situated in the southern United States, stands among those states that offer incentives for relocation.

Oklahoma presents an enticing opportunity for those eager to experience this firsthand. Tulsa, the state's second-largest city, beckons remote workers by offering a unique proposition offering you to earn up to a grant of $10,000 simply for relocating and working remotely in the city.

As part of the deal, the state provides complimentary desk space, networking events, and notably, a $10,000 grant available either as a lump sum or a monthly stipend, assisting newcomers in their setup process.

2. Minnesota

Minnesota stands as another state on the roster extending incentives through various packages for potential newcomers. Chances are slim, given its modest population of just 14,000 residents.

Introducing the 218 Relocate package, Bemidji city seeks to entice prospective residents by offering up to $2,500 to offset moving expenses, coupled with complimentary access to a co-working space and the Community Concierge Program.

This initiative aims to assist in the setup and expansion of businesses for those considering relocation. Minnesota proudly stands among the states offering incentives for individuals seeking a new place to call home.

3. Alaska

Alaska might just be the ideal destination for you. Beyond its breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders, Alaska extends a compelling cash incentive to entice new residents in 2023.

Known as the Permanent Fund Dividend, this initiative, established in 1976, aims to distribute the state's oil profits among local Alaskans.

Alaska boasts a tax-free status, making this opportunity even more appealing for prospective residents seeking a fresh start in a pristine natural environment.

4. Vermont

It`s the state that introduced the world to Ben & Jerry`s ice cream. In 2023, Vermont is  offering a limited number of places on its very attractive relocation scheme called the Worker Relocation Incentive Program.

This  scheme comes in two parts: the New Relocating Worker program, and the New Remote Worker program.

If you want to become a New Relocating Worker in Vermont, you must:-

  • Be moving to Vermont as a full-time resident
  • Become a full-time employee for a Vermont-based company at one of their Vermont branches
  • Be earning more than the Vermont livable wage rate of US$15.33 per hour and pay Vermont income tax.

Conversely, if you want to become a New Remote Worker you must:-

  • Move to Vermont to become a full-time resident
  • Other requirements are same as discussed above

5. Kansas

The capital city of Kansas, Topeka, is seeking to attract more talented young professionals to the area with a grant of up to US$15,000.

This handsome lump salary is available or on-site employees whose employers are willing to participate in the “Choose Topeka” relocation incentive.

Applying for the incentive is straightforward. It`s all done via an online form, and some of the key requirements are as follows: -

6 countries that pay you to move there

Topeka is a perfect destination for you because it will pay you if you go there. Topeka boasts a family-friendly atmosphere, with a good balance of city life and nature.

6. Iowa

I bet you have heard about Newton in your elementary and secondary schools. But do you know how does the word “Newton” derived. It is derived from “new town”, and that`s exactly what Newton, Iowa is trying to be.

To that end, they are heavily incentivizing people to build their own homes in this fast-growing neighborhood, which is less than 30 miles away from the state capital of Des Moines.

As part of their “Get to know Newton” scheme, you could receive up to US$10,000 to put toward the cost of building your new home. Better still, if the value of your home will be under US$100,000, you will be eligible for tax abatement.

7. Tennessee

Chattanooga is poised to become Tennessee’s next big city. It already calls itself a hub for innovators and entrepreneurs. To accelerate its progress, the city is offering programmers a tasty incentive if they move to Chattanooga in 2023.

There are only 10 of these highly-coveted packages available for computer programmers who are currently based at least 50 miles away from the city, and you can bet there are some pretty substantial hurdles to overcome.

Countries in Europe

There are other lot of countries that actually pays you if you go there. US has plenty of states to goo but there are other countries in Europe and elsewhere that pays you handsome amount to go there.

7 countries that pay you to move there

1. Spain

Spain is a diverse and beautiful country where every region has its own local taste and culture. Unfortunately, some of those regions aren’t doing so well at the moment.

Spain`s rapid transformation from an agricultural to an urban society in the  late 20th century led to many people abandoning their properties in traditional villages in favour of big cities.

Ponga Asturias

It is one of the towns in Spain where families usually receive €3,000 to help them settle in, plus an additional €3,000 for each baby born in the town.

Another city is Rubbia, in the mountains of Galicia. Here the local township will supplement your income with an extra €100-150 per month.

2. Switzerland

If you are dreaming about starting a new life in one of the best destination, Switzerland is the perfect country to go to. You can get paid by the swiss government to go there.

if you are under 45 and don’t mind living in a remote part o the world, you might be tempted by the offer of receiving over £22,000 to move to Albinen, in the canton of Valais.

The basic requirements or eligibility is that you will have to commit staying for a minimum of 100 years, and you will need to live in a home worth at least 200,00 Swiss Francs. However, If you leave before the 10 years are up, you will have to pay back your entire incentive.

Additionally, only Swiss residents get to receive the bonus. That means you must have lived in Switzerland either 12 years in total, or have married a Swiss person, and completed your citizen application before the end of thee 10 years.

3. Italy

Italy is known for its beautiful landscapes, fantastic food and gorgeous weather. What some people don’t know is that Italy struggles in managing its population in certain regions. There are few cities and regions in Italy which actually pays you If you go there.

8 countries that pay you to move there


Set within Italy`s gorgeous Apulia region, the quaint medieval village of Candela earned itself the nickname. “Little Naples” for its stunning beauty and easy-going way of life.

As a resident of candela, you can live in one of the safest towns in Italy and get involved in all the local activities, such as horseback riding through the picturesque local valleys.

Santo Stefano di Sessanio

There are other towns and cities in the Italy that recently started to offer grants up to €44,000 to attract new residents aged 18-40 to live in these villages. This can be a good opportunity if you are seeking to start a new life.

This scheme pays you well if you go there. The scheme is open to the residents of European Union and non-European citizens. The scheme is looking for passionate individuals who will be expected to open a business and stay for at least 5 years.


The recent town that joined the list of states that pay you if you go there is Calabria. In Italy, several villages have seen huge declines in population.

Those who wish to move there must be under 40 to apply for this scheme. The coming resident would be entitled to €1,000-€800 for the initial two to three years.

4. Canada

You can go to Canada as a student on student visa but that also costs a huge sum of money. But there is an opportunity for you to move to the beautiful province of Saskatchewan in Western Canada.

Have you graduated from a post-secondary education course in the last seven years? If yes, then this province in Canada not only offers warm welcome to new comers but also have a highly generous Graduate Retention Program (GRP).

If you have completed at least six months of education at one of the regional government`s approved higher education institutions, you can apply for up to CA$20,000.

Countries offer if you start a business

There are few countries which welcome you by giving you certain types of incentives if you are willing to start some business in the country opening job opportunities for the residents. Few of those states have been mentioned as follows: -

9 countries that pay you to move there


Ireland is one of the beautiful, friendly and peaceful country in the entire European union. This country has schemes in place to incentivize new comers to come and start business there.

This scheme is termed as “Enterprise Ireland”. It is designed as o support the production of jobs and export revenue from Ireland. The requirements are pretty flexible.

You don’t have to be Irish to start business but you do need to have your company registered in Ireland. Ireland should be your first choice to go there due to its low corporate tax and friendly environment.

You will have to convince the Irish authorities that your company is capable of creating at least 10 jobs and €1 million in sales over the first three years.


Chile is one of the diverse countries in the world having breath-taking mountains, beautiful seaside cities and fine wine that attract a large population from around the world.

Chilean government has also an attractive scheme in place for you to go there. if you have a better start-up idea then you can apply for up to US$300,000 CLP funding.

This program is run by the Chilean Economic Development Agency, which is just like a traditional start-up fund scheme. The scheme is also important for women because this scheme promises that 50% of applications will be for female-led organizations.


If you are a secluded person and want to spend the rest of your life in a place that has less population and close to nature. Then Mauritius is the best choice for you.

This beautiful island is offering 20,000 Mauritian Rupees to any startup businesses that move there. it is a beautiful paradise having beautiful marine wildlife and an enviable climate.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the Oceania country that every one wishes to visit. It has beautiful landscapes, scenic environment and a rich country. There is an opportunity waiting for you to go there.

New Zealand`s government offers a scheme called the New Zealand Global Impact Visa, which provides funding and support o entrepreneurs.

If you have a business idea and want to start your business in New Zealand then this is the perfect opportunity to avail. This program offers up to $36,000 in funding as well as a one-year visa.


If you are looking for countries that pay you to go there then you need to check out this program initiated by the Portugal government. This program offers a generous amount of up to $50, 000 in funding.

Portugal`s government offers a program known as the StartUP Visa, which provides funding and support to entrepreneurs who want to start businesses in the country.


There are some rural towns in Germany where the population has declined rapidly due to brain drain and rural-urban migration.

The village is on the brink of collapse. In order to revive the village and reinvigorate the economy, Germany is offering cash incentives to move there.

Places Benefit you if you renovate property

This section includes places that actually pay you to move there. You must be looking for a home abroad. But worry not because we have listed down some beautiful villages all around the world that will literally pay you if you move there to renovate property.

10 countries that pay you to move there

Italy`s 1 € home

Italy is also making headlines for selling off beautiful homes for € 1. While this isn’t exactly the case, in fat they pay you to move to the area and renovate these old properties.

For this they have grants in place. Of course as part of the project the new comers will be given a specific timeframe within which they have to renovate these properties.

Italy has launched this 1 Euro home scheme to drive young population to regions where the people are aged. There are some of the popular locations included in this scheme: Sicily, Sardinia, Abruzzo, Milano.

Antikythera, Greece

This island in the Greece is not quite renowned as it is home to merely 70 people. It is severely lacking in basic infrastructure facilities and its fate seemed extinct.

To attract foreign nationals, the government has incentivized people to move from mainland Greece. The visiting population will receive free housing and a plot of land to build on homes.

The government will also award a monthly allowance of up to 50 Euros for the initial three years.

Legrad, Croatia

In the past Legrad was one of the most populous village in Croatia. This was the hub of activity and the second most populated village in Croatia.

Over the period of last century it has seen a huge decline in its population and is now giving incentives to attract new residents by selling off homes for 1 kuna.

This is a perfect opportunity that is looking to go to other country and get paid. This country not only pays you but also gives you home for refurbishment too. The requirement is that you must be under 40 and willing to stay for 15+ years.


In this article, we have explored numerous countries that pay you well to go there and start a new business or renovate old homes. We have also explored the thirst of moving to a new country isn’t only about the adventure or cultural experience.

From rural landscapes to thriving urban hubs, various countries around the globe are offering cash incentives and bonuses to attract new residents with financial rewards, tax exemption, and other perks.

Some countries like Italy can offer you a business incentive if you bring up your start up idea. Italy also has other schemes in which they offer incentive to foreign nationals to come and renovate old homes in rural villages.

By attracting individuals and families with the hope of a fresh start and tangible advantages, these countries not only expand their population but also create diverse and vibrant communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there countries that will pay you to move there?

Definitely, there are plenty countries that pay you to go there provided you fulfill the eligibility criteria. Countries like Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Croatia and Ireland are offering generous incentives to go there. Some even offers incentives for entrepreneurs if you have a unique start-up idea.

What state is paying $20000 to go there?

Canada offers a generous amount of $20000 to go there. If you have graduated in the last six months from secondary level education in regional higher education institutions then you are the perfect candidate to avail this amount. This is a good opportunity for students who want to get paid and go to Canada.

Are there states that pay you to move there?

Yes, there are several states that offer cash incentives to move there. There are some states in the US that pay you to settle there. These states include Alaska, Minnesota, Iowa, Tennessee, Kansas, and Vermont.

How do I move to Greece and get paid?

There is an island in Greece named as antikhytera that offers incentives to new comers. This island has merely a population of 70 people and the government of Greece is offering incentives to foreign nationals to come and settle down here. In this way the dwindling economy and the community will reinvigorate.

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