Dollar Tree Employee Schedule

Dollar Tree Employee Schedule

Dollar tree is a prominent American retail chain that offers a wide variety of products and the majority of products are priced at $1 or less. This company was founded in 1986 and currently it has 16,000 stores across 48 states.

Dollar store has about 211,000 employees working at different stores. Many companies have introduced portals to handle their large workforce. Dollar tree has also launched the Dollar Tree Compass portal and app 'to manage employees’ schedule.

Such portals let the employee get all the essential information about work schedule, pay stubs, or net salary. In this article, we will dive deep into the dollar tree employee schedule for working, and information related to various portals.

What is Dollar Tree?

Dollar-tree is a US-based discount retail chain that provides products to schools, restaurants, churches, businesses, and several other places. 
2 dollar tree employee scheduleDollar tree has a large number of employees working for maintaining and supplying the products. With the help of these portals, employee can log in to their respective accounts to see their net salary, pay stubs, and work schedule.

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Features of Compass Dollar Tree

Since the dollar tree has more than one hundred thousand employees, therefore they have developed these portals in order to manage administration-related work easier and smooth for employee.

Interestingly, this portal provides a variety of features and benefits to its employees. Some of the key features are discussed in the following section: -

3 dollar tree employees scheduleSchedule Management

It helps in managing the current and upcoming dollar tree schedules for employees. The benefit of portal is to make changes in their schedules, request to get an off, or even switch shifts with other employees.


It provides latest and updated news or information. This allows employee to remain up-to-date with information related to their work schedule or new products, promotions, and other company related news.

Pay Stubs

The portal makes sure that the employees have been paid timely. It also allows the employee to check and print their pay stubs online.

It helps the employee connects with other employees. It helps employee communicate with each other in order to regulate the exchange of ideas.

If you are an employee in dollar tree, then it is necessary for you to log in to the portal because it will save a lot of time for you.

You can get your log-in credentials from the HR department of the company. HR department will create your account on the web portal and share the username and password with you.

However, you will need to follow the steps below: -

4 employee schedule dollar treeDownload Mobile App

If you are an employee in dollar-tree then it would be in your best interest to download dollar tree compass mobile app. The app can easily be installed just like you install any other app. A simple process is given here for reference: -5 dollar tree schedule

Using the App

Once you have successfully installed the dollar tree schedule app on your device, you can move to the next process of logging in to your account by following these steps: -

6 dollar employee scheduleYou are now ready to access various features and benefits of the app. In the following section we are going to discuss key features of dollar tree compass app: -

7 dollar tree employees of scheduling

Follow these steps to access dollar tree compass mobile schedule: -

  1. Make sure that you have proper internet connection
  2. Visit the official dollar tree compass mobile schedule login page
  3. Enter your login credentials provided to you by the HR department
  4. After tapping on log in, you will be directed towards dollar tree compass mobile schedule dashboard
  5. You can view your work schedule, shift swaps, and easy access to relevant information.

The Benefits

There are multiple benefits of dollar tree compass scheduling. These days companies manage employees through app. They also take orders and provide services through online portal. However following are the key benefits arising out of the compass scheduling: -

dollar tree benefits


There are more than one hundred thousand employee in dollar tree due to which they have created dollar tree employee schedule.

Employee schedule helps employees to properly schedule their work and maintain life-work balance. Dollar tree employee schedule is a helpful tool which can be used to maintain work-life balance.

With the help of scheduling process, the employee can see when they have to work, take breaks, or request time off. It means the employee doesn’t need to rely on paper work for scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my pay stubs from dollar tree?

You can get your pay stub by visiting ( Follow the steps on the screen and create account. Once created, you will be able to get your pay stub.

How do I complain about a dollar tree employee?

You need to create account on ( Now go to the display and look for “file a complaint” button to get access to complaint form. Summarize the issue and register your complain.

How many write ups before termination at Dollar Tree?

There are 3 write ups for smaller things like being late, no call no show. After the third write ups, the 4th one is an offence and then termination. The employer has to send 3 write ups before he fires you.

Who is the head of HR for dollar tree?

Jenn Hulett has been serving as chief human resources officer since January 2022.

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