Hertz President Circle Benefits

Hertz President Circle Benefits

Hertz is one of the largest and efficient rental car company which has footprints throughout the world with offices in the US, Europe and elsewhere. You can rent a car from Hertz if you are travelling somewhere.

If you are someone whose travelling involves renting cars then top-tier rental car elite status can be an invaluable tool to assist you while travelling.

In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of the Hertz president circle, its rewards and benefits in order to find ways to extract benefits from them. Read on for everything you need to know about getting and using Hertz President Circle and its benefits.

Benefits, Why?

Like every other rental car company, Hertz’s loyalty program gives its top-tier President’s circle status through which you can get various benefits. It is advised to get a hertz president circle because it can save you both money and time.

This car comes with numerous benefits including valuable perks, bonus point earning and a way to skip the long check-in lines. Some of the benefits are worth more than the perks and privileges.

hertz president circle benefits 2

What is Hertz President’s Circle?

President’s circle is the highest level of status from Hertz. Put simply, Hertz offer highest level of status to their customers which unlock numerous benefit packages for customers as well.

circle benefitsIt is the highest level of status from Hertz because it comes with bonuses and other elite level benefits. Traditionally, you can earn President Hertz circle if you have 15 rentals or spend US $3000 or more in a calendar year. According to Hertz, the president circle status guarantees upgrades, rewards, and the widest selection of cars.

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How to earn Hertz President’s Circle

You must have been to foreign countries through our rental car or by any other means. The best part is that Hertz President circle offers remarkable benefits to its top-tier client. Earning it is not impossible.

If you want to officially earn Hertz President’s circle benefits you must be a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member having 15 or more Hertz vehicles rentals to your name within a calendar year.

circle benefits 3If you are a customer and want to qualify for president’s circle status then you need to spend US $3,000 or more within a calendar year. You can also get Hertz President’s circle rental car in easy way.

A few credit and charge cards like Capital One Venture X Rewards or the Platinum card from American express come with complementary Hertz President’s circle.

There are some tricks that you can use and will be explained later in order to make sure your status is recognized. Traditionally, you can earn it provided you have 15 rentals or spend $3000 in a year.

How to earn Hertz President’s circle status

We all have knowledge that the world is run by different companies that provide services to their loyal customers. Airlines and major hotel chains provides rewards and offer incentives to use their facilities.

Just like any other company, rental car companies offer their own programs to reward their most valuable customers with perks and privileges. Hertz’s Gold Plus Rewards program is free for you to join. They offer three different tiers of elite status: -

circle benefits infographic

How to get it

If you want to get President’s circle status then you must first qualify in order to get it. In order to qualify for Hertz President’s circle you must: -

Spend $3000 or complete 15 Rentals

circle benefits thousands dollarsIf you are someone whose job involves regular traveling by using rental cars then Hertz president’s circle is the best option you got. Hertz President’s status can be earned if you have 15 rentals by your name or you spent $3000 in a single calendar year. With this car comes several benefits and perks which you can enjoy happily.

The Capital One Venture X Card

In order to earn Hertz President’s circle, it is good to carry the Capital One Venture X because it makes good sense for frequent and casual travelers alike.
circle benefits cardsOn spending $4000 in the first three months, the card welcomes bonus of 75,000 Capital One miles. The card also comes with benefits that can be very useful if you are traveling.

Enrolling in complimentary Hertz President’s circle status is quite easy if you have the Venture X card. Once logged into your Capital One account online, you can go to the benefits section and see Hertz President’s circle status.

The Platinum Card from American Express

If you have the Platinum Card from American Express then it is easy to earn President’s circle status.
different cardsThe Amex’s top-dollar Membership Rewards point-earning card comes with an 80,000 point welcome offer for spending $8000 in the initial six months. In fact, the real value of the Platinum Card is due to all the perks and benefits.

If you already have the Amex Platinum card then you can easily enroll in your complimentary President’s circle status by visiting the “Benefits” page for your Platinum Card. The page will appear on the display listing all the benefits you get if you are the cardholder of Amex Platinum.

Delta Platinum and Diamond Medallion Members

It is one of the many ways to earn Hertz President’s Circle status. Travelers who have obtained the top two rungs of Delta Medallion Status have their own way to get Hertz President’s Circle status.

3 different cardsThose people who are members of Delta Platinum and Diamond Medallion can go to the “other loyalty programs” page in their SkyMiles profile and add their Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number in order to get complimentary President’s Circle status.

It is worth noting that Silver and Gold elites get Hertz’s mid-tier Five Star status. It is necessary to mention here that no matter which level of Delta Medallion status you have, you will also be earning SkyMiles for every dollar you spend with Hertz.

How to enroll via the Capital One Venture X

In the above passages we have discussed different ways to earn Hertz President Circle status. There are many way to get it, for instance, you have to spend $3000 or having 15 rental cars on your name in a single calendar year.

You can also get Hertz President Status if you are Capital One Venture X or American express cardholder. In this section we are going to show you how to enroll.

If you possess the Capital One Venture X card then you can easily upgrade your Hertz Gold account to President’s circle status. All you need to do is: -

list of main benefits

In case, you don’t have a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number, just sign up for free and then enter the number in the Capital One form.

Enroll via the Platinum to get Hertz President Circle status

If you have the Platinum card or Business Platinum Card then you can easily enroll in President’s Circle by following these simple steps: -

  • Sign in to your American Express account
  • A list of American Express cards will appear on the screen.
  • Select the Platinum or Business Platinum Card from the list.
  • Now press on “Explore Your Travel Benefits” or click “Rewards and Benefits”
  • Find “Car Rental Privileges” and press “Learn more”
  • Scroll down to Hertz and click “Enroll with Hertz.”

Status match to Hertz Gold Rewards

If you wish to match your status with another car rental company to Hertz for President’s circle status ten you will need to: -
hertz be member alvis

You can match your status with another rental company to Hertz if you fulfill the above conditions. If you fulfill the above criteria then all you need to do is fill out information and provide proof of your elite status at Avis, Enterprise, or National.

Is president’s Circle status worth it?

If you are still looking to find out is it worth it to have Hertz’s top-tier rental car elite status. In fact, if it does not costs you much to get it then certainly it is worth having.

new image no. 7

If you are already using the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card or The Platinum Card from American Express then it is totally worthy to get President’s Circle status. It will come in handy even if you rarely rent a car. If you are facing financial crunch then you don’t need to worry about it.

You can rent any other car company that offers best facilities as well. Most importantly, the two important benefits of having President’s Circle status is that you can “pick and go” any car that you want, and that Hertz offer you free driver.

Benefits of President’s Circle Status

The Hertz President’s Circle status comes with many benefits which is almost impossible to quantify. We have gathered some benefits that you need to know before you get Hertz President’s Circle Status.

Guaranteed Car Upgrades

Although Hertz offers numerous benefits but this benefit seems the most rewarding of all. If you have a Hertz President’s circle status then you are guaranteed to get at least a one-category upgrade from whatever kind off vehicle you originally booked.

getting keys of the new car

This will save you both money and time or at the very least give you a more comfortable ride. However, in practice, the guarantee only extents to specific locations and its subject to whatever vehicles are available. In case, you are renting from a smaller airport location then they might not have any higher category vehicles to upgrade you to.

Hertz ultimate choice vehicle selection

Beside other benefits, you can get benefit from Hertz Ultimate choice Vehicle selection. If you are renting from one of the airport in the country that offers Hertz Ultimate Choice, you need to pick any vehicle on the lot and go.
car choices

What it means is that you can bypass the long check-in line and move straight to the vehicle that you think is comfortable and fit. What you need to do is go to the zone categorized under your name in the directory board and pick the car you want.

When you arrive at the gate of the parking garage, you will need to stop there and give your driving license to the attendant to let them know which vehicle you chose. You can also tell them about any damage that you noted on the vehicle.

Hertz offer to add another driver for free

If you have Hertz President Circle Status then of course you have this perk to add an extra driver.
new image no. 6

If you are using Hertz and you have earned the President’s Circle Status then you are eligible and can keep a driver for free. You can add a spouse or any other domestic partner to your reservation without paying them.

Hertz offer 50% points Bonus

If you are member of the President’s Circle status then you will be happy to know that a member can earn 1.5 points per dollar (50% bonus) on rental rates, excluding all additional taxes and fees. To contextualize it, you would have to spend $500 with Hertz as a President’s Circle member to earn a free car rental days for a standard vehicle.

Additional benefits of President’s Circle Status

In addition to all the benefits explained above, as a President’s Circle status member you will also get other benefits as well. You can earn points and various other rewards. You can get 50% bonus over general Gold Plus Rewards members under rewards membership scheme for every dollar spent on car rentals.

Hertz President's Circle rental experience

Hertz President's Circle is a hertz’s loyalty program offering exclusive benefits to frequent renters. Members enjoy expedited service, upgrades, and access to special vehicles. Personalized service and priority assistance are also perks.

The experience varies based on location and demand, but generally, members receive top-notch service and benefits. However, availability of upgrades and special vehicles can depend on factors like location and timing.

Overall, the President's Circle offers a premium rental experience with added convenience and perks for loyal Hertz customers.

Maximizing Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Maximizing your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points by renting high-end cars can be a great strategy. Renting high-end cars typically costs more points but can offer significant value, especially if you value luxury and comfort.

Additionally, high-end rentals often come with added perks like better customer service, newer vehicles, and access to exclusive locations. This can make your rental experience more enjoyable and rewarding, especially if you're looking for a premium travel experience.

Maximizing Hertz Standard redemptions

Maximizing Hertz Standard redemptions involves using your points for standard car rentals under car class. To get the most value, consider factors like rental duration, hertz location, and vehicle type.

Look for promotions or discounts to stretch your points further. Booking in advance and during off-peak times can also help you get more value from your points.

How to book Standard awards with Hertz

To book Standard awards with Hertz, log in to your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account. Select "Use Points" on the reservation page and choose your desired location, dates, and vehicle type. The available Standard award options will be displayed, and you can select the one that suits your needs.

Complete the booking process, and your reservation will be confirmed. Remember to check for any additional driver fee or charges associated with your award booking.

Hertz Five Star elite status

Hertz Five Star elite status is a loyalty tier in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program. It offers benefits such as upgrades, faster service, and bonus points on rentals.

Members also enjoy expedited vehicle pick up and drop-off, as well as access to exclusive vehicles. Achieving Five Star status requires meeting specific rental requirements within a calendar year.

Free Hertz status for Delta Medallion elites

Delta Medallion elites can receive complimentary Hertz elite status as part of the Delta SkyMiles program. Depending on their Medallion status, members can receive Hertz Five Star or President's Circle status. This complimentary status provides benefits like car upgrades, faster service, and bonus points on rentals.

To enjoy this benefit, Delta Medallion elites can link their Delta and Hertz accounts through the Delta website or hertz website.

Save money on rental car insurance with credit cards

You can save money on rental car insurance by using certain credit cards. Many credit cards offer rental car insurance as a complimentary benefit when you use the card to pay for the rental. This coverage typically includes collision damage waiver (CDW) and sometimes even liability coverage.

By using a credit card with rental car insurance, you can avoid purchasing expensive insurance from the rental company and potentially save money on your rental car costs.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards elite status

It is worth noting that Hertz offers three status tiers. Two of them are elite status tiers. The two elite status tiers are Five Star and President’s Circle. You can also earn it which is based on how often you rent cars with Hertz or how much you spend with Hertz.

two points of benefits

How to redeem Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points?

There is also another side to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points. It gets tricky when you try to redeem Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points. Hertz has two redemption levels: Standard and Anyday.

Standard Awards are those which has low price but are restricted to certain dates. While Anyday rewards can be redeemed without blackout dates but cost double the number of points.

How to earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points?

If you want to earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points then you have to rent cars as many as you can. You will get one Hertz point per dollar spent on rentals. If you are enjoying Hertz elite status then you can earn bonus points based on their status level: -

two points of benefits


 In this article, we have explained in detail how to get Hertz President’s Circle status followed by the benefits of using Hertz. Hertz is like any other car rental companies having offices all over the world including the US, Europe and Asia. Hertz offers President’s Circle status for you and it comes with a bunch of benefits.

If you travel a lot and looking for the best rental cars then Hertz is the perfect choice for you because it comes with numerous benefits that can help you earn bonuses, points and other rewards. You can get Hertz President’s Circle status if you are having the right credit card in your wallet.

If you are using Hertz President’s Circle elite status then you have to spend $3000 per year in order to obtain points. Hertz points have the potential to be valuable during recession because it provides you quality, bonuses and allow you to keep free driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Hertz President’s Circle?

The benefits of having Hertz President’s Circle are; (i) you can skip the long check-in lines and go straight to the car you want, (ii) you can choose from the ultimate vehicle selection lot, (iii) you can get a car of your own choice, (iv) and you can add your spouse or other relative as a free driver.

What is President Circle status Hertz car rental?

If you have One Capital Venture X Card then you can get a President’s Circle status. It is an exclusive level of service. You can earn it if you get 20 rental cars or spend $4000 in a single calendar year. The Hertz President’s Circle is packed with a bunch of benefits.

What is the highest Hertz reward?

If you are the member of President’s Circle status then you are eligible for number of benefits from Hertz. Hertz highest level of elite status grants you the ability to earn 1.5 points for every dollar that you spent along with guaranteed upgrades. You can earn this status after 15 qualifying rentals or spending $3000 with the program.

What does Hertz membership give you?

If you are a member of Hertz car rental companies then you can earn various benefits including bonuses, and other perks. Hertz Gold membership can earn 1 point for every dollar that you spent on car rental. Hertz Five Star and President’s Circle members can even earn more points.

What is the highest level of Hertz membership?

The highest level of Hertz membership is President's Circle, offering top-tier benefits including upgrades, exclusive vehicles, and priority service.

What is Hertz President Circle dollar?

Hertz President's Circle is a loyalty tier offering premium benefits, but there's no specific "dollar" associated with it; it's based on rental activity and qualifying hertz rental criteria within the Hertz program.

Does Amex Platinum give you Hertz President's Circle?

Yes, American Express Platinum cardholders can receive complimentary Hertz President's Circle status, which offers premium benefits and perks for Hertz rentals.

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