How Does a Pisces Man Test You

How Does a Pisces Man Test You

Pisces men are considered generous, liberal, open-minded and easygoing. Normally, they are not of flirty character, rather let you undergo different situations and test you from hold and cold to decide whether you are girlfriend material or not.

In the article, we have a goal to dilate upon every possible fact leading us to conclude ‘How does a Pisces man test you’.

In order to undertake this research, we will first give a brief account of the things Pisces men want from women; how a woman can get to know that a Pisces guy is serious and interested in him, then we will explain the tested methods to test a woman, usually applied by the Pisces men.

What Pisces Man Wants From You

The man starts reading your body language, appearance, and eye movement and also observes your way of doing things, reading, and how you speak.

Whereas Capricorn man has other zodiac sing and personal attributes and methods to test Pisces women for same positive vibes, which have been explained in the article  How does a Capricorn Man test a Woman

However, following are a few points you must know and consider to align your thoughts before attending these actions so as to give you a better chance to perform and predict.

Meeting in untapped places

The man is composed of a complex nature and wants to listen to you in an undiscovered place where people can’t approach you generally and he would be happy to listen your deep and meaningful conversations, the latter are his two zodiac signs as well.

They select such places for meaningful conversations, they like to do best things no one has done. Their taste is different from all the others, they want to deal their partners in a place no one visits. This trait indicates their nature that how much they are aristae.

Understand a Pisces Man

A Pisces guy, being a perfect boyfriend, will hear you and will understand about it. He is split up in opposite directions to maintain his face of life for others to comment on, it is Pisces man’s sun sign.

He is sensitive, self-protective and integrity-bearing. He would analyze his own interests if woman does not take advantage of being with him. The most Pisces men can be found on dating app, Anna kovach may help you. 

Readiness to Listen him

A male Pisces wants to know that you are the one with whom he can share his imagination, dreams and ideas with the exclusion of others. A Piscean guy has the ability to perform well and fully caught.

understand feelings of pisces

Personal traits of a woman

The Pisces man wants a Virgo woman much more compassionate and empathetic; they want Pisces women who are creative and who could value their thoughts, emotions and sincerity like Aries women.

Hate of Pisces man for materialistic world

He also expects his loved ones to keep him away from this materialistic greedy world. He reads your soul, your body, your mind, and your physical moves. They are always in search of a person like to feel like them and once they found a considerate partner can be forever with her.

Actions of Pisces When They Like You

It is very difficult to understand the personality of Pisces guy because there are two fish swimming in an ocean, full of fanaticism. Therefore, they also like to see you, and meet you in the fantasy world and after liking you, would start following like a fish swimming.

Listen to Your Opinion

Pisces man is highly interested in knowing your personal opinions about different things. This indicates his keen interest in knowing about you and started liking you.



Pisces men could be humorous and inquisitive. When you find that the male Pisces is comfortable and funny in front of you; then such an act on his part shows his eagerness and inclination towards you and he feels ready and comfortable with you.


If you get to know that he is telling all the information about his secret dreams and long term plans for the future, the ideas which he normally does not share with others; such conduct on his part expresses building his trust for you. Trust in partner is Pisces man’s sun sign and distant behavior.

Stare at You

Once, a Pisces man starts taking genuine interest in you; he will start utilizing all his day thinking about you and evaluating your thoughts, your personality, and your likings and dislikes.

Whenever he faces you or set in front of you, he will always look straight your eyes, his stares may feel you discomfort but not much, after all there is purity in that stare.

Showing Interest in You

After knowing about his life partner, he then lets you know about his true love for you.

showing interest in a girl

All his actions to find out your details including your work details, your favourite dislikes, and passion and best days are a zodiac sign of his interest in you for a long-term relationship.

Know the Seriousness of a Pisces Man

If you want to know whether a Pisces man, who seems interested in you has serious feelings for you or is just flirting with you to get closer to you for some enjoyment, that too for a short period only. You can do the following to observe the seriousness of your Pisces male for you: -

He Can’t Hide His Feelings

The Pisces personalities are not good at hiding their emotions from others. A Pisces personality will love spending way too much time with you by dropping many hints and showing you his interest in you.

Pisces man considers his partner a confidant

Whatever you say but his trait is sharing his feelings, emotions and personal stories with his partner, he considers his partners a confidant and never expect unveiling the shared personal stories as most women do.

Demonstrating his Art

As his zodiac sign to show his love interest for you; he will try to demonstrate his artistic side to you. Pisces males could show you their painting or skills about piano which you might consider as a positive sign of welcoming you towards his personal life.

Pisces man are more deeper

Their artistic side is also something very rare to found in all human beings, so they are like deep ocean and in their very depth they do a lot for their partners. Once they start loving someone, their beloved means the world to them.

Listens to You Carefully

Most from Pisces man’s family are effective listeners. If you watch your Pisces male silent treatment and giving special attention to you with patience, then this is an indication that he has special feelings for you.

Pisces man value your opinion

He will realize you that you mean a whole lot to him, either through listening carefully or watching you speaking. He will always value your opinion and never ever will impose his opinions on you.

giving value to opinions

If you find your Pisces man used to give value to your opinions then it is a clear message that he likes you and approves you as his future life partner and a companion of his happy life in this world.

Pisces man looks straight into your eyes

Among zodiac signs, staring straight into your eyes, listening carefully to you and never imposing his opinions on you is the great zodiac sign that he values you. He will have your worth more than himself.

Spiritual Affection

Pisces males always take their romantic relationships seriously by connecting with their partner up to the spiritual level. They like to involve their life partners in every decision of their life. They like to know your thoughts and beliefs.

A Pisces individual is creative and would unveil all of his goals and plans to you. Although, Pisces males are not the ones who easily show themselves to other people but they become open and friendly to those, for whom they have special feelings.

Whenever you find them showing you their thinking and personality, it is a prominent indication that they love you.

Increased Intimate Setting

The Pisces men normally find subtle ways to seek closeness and intimacy. Therefore, they would not prefer to go for a night clubbing, instead, they would prefer to spend many night with you or go to a fine restaurant to spend some quality alone time.

Ways in Which a Pisces Man Test

There are many subtle ways in which a Pisces test a woman for choosing her, as his life partner failed tests, lost interest. Below is given the account of those playing hot tests, which are normally seen: -

He neglects your call and text message

Pisces man tests you, if you keep calling or texting him, he will ignore your communication just to see how you’ll react and bear such conduct on his part. He keeps checking the patience of Gemini woman if she patiently keeps bearing what he uses to test her.

ignores a woman

Showing Cold Shoulders

A Pisces man test will show you a shoulder to see your understanding and perfectly normal response. In hard time opening, it is very difficult to learn exactly Pisces likes to spend time with you or not.

He would play mind games to see how you’ll react to his cold shoulder so you must give him personal space without pushing for anything.

Checks Your Priorities

Pisces man likes to know the way you react to his priorities in uncomfortable situations. He will check it by spending hard time with her. He would also verify whether you are demanding more time to be spent from him.

Pisces men are very flexible

Instead, you must not show any demands to him. Remember, Strong communication is the key to success. Always negotiate them in a humble manner, it is the most sensitive sun sign that they are very flexible and expect flexibility of their partners.

Tests Your Stress and Emotions

The Pisces man tests will analyze your ability to deal with stress and your level of commitment. For this, he will put you in a stressful position by provoking you with his awful mind games that how you react to these conditions.

testing stress

His overly emotional nature will evaluate either the partner is emotionally immature woman or not, whether you could react calmly or react with extreme anger. Remember, he want an emotionally stable person who is willing to deal with emotions.

Therefore, you should avoid confrontation with him to make your relationship move on. Any type of confrontation would end up hurting and creating space between you and him.

Tests your commitment

A Pisces man tests would consider your commitment towards him to know if you like him or not. He responds coldly towards your plans for any get-together. He would rather refuse to go on a date in different situations.

However, in a polite manner, you can signal your interest to him by just texting a line “Are you free this weekend to go on a dinner?” This will put your ball in his court to consider and decide in response.

Tests Your Flexibility

Being very discourteous, whatever plans you will make, he cancels plan forthwith. He’ll test your flexibility through playing hot and cold. A Pisces man is playing test, if you want to excel in your relationship with him then you will need to consider all these factors too.

He rejects your plans

Before building any romantic relationship, you must consider your priorities with a Pisces man. If you want a trustworthy man, it shows commitment is your first priority.

man ignoring her 1

If you would prefer casualness in the relationship then you must be fully aware to have no worries for the cancelling plans. You can say to him rather no worries ‘we can plan it some other time of your choice’ and he’ll stop playing the test.

He Spends the Time Alone

spending time alone

A Pisces man wants a specific time slot from you being special to him. He could be easily shattered emotionally and can be emotionally stable if alone time and personal space are offered to him.

For instance, while playing mind games he would avoid you and insist to have alone time; by doing so the Pisces man tests you to check if you are emotionally immature woman or not.

Pisces man acts Cold and Hot

A change in his temperament feels ready at any time. This split personality and mood swings are drawbacks of Pisces guys. In a minute, he acts affectionately with silent treatment and after last minute he reacts rudely making unnecessary drama.

Such dual behavior and mood swings make Pisces guys difficult to understand. In case, Pisces show you a bad mood that makes not much sense, just ignore them with the view that this time will also pass.

Tests your limits

Pisces man with his most frustrating test will keep testing and rejecting your limits whenever you try to stand up for yourself. As your relationship moves further, you have crafted your own boundaries in the healthy relationship in your way.

He will continue to disregard partner’s boundaries and keep enforcing his own. At that time, you have to just stand up for yourself, take a breathing room and make your clear boundaries to him.

For instance, if your man begins calling you at late night time hours then instead of allowing him to continue just stop him or ignore the call. This will let him realize the importance of your personality in his life.

Tests Your Loyalty

When a Pisces man raises fingers at partner’s loyalty by questioning you to see if you are honest with him or emotionally immature. He could be jealous of you and begin questioning your intent and what you are up to.

Pisces guys start evaluating whether or not they should be emotionally involved with you. Over the years, Pisces will accept your commitment to the relationship. They will know that you are trustworthy or emotionally immature.

How to restore relationship

When you see Pisces guy backing off from the bond of the relationship then try to ponder what you are doing wrong in the relationship and give flying colors to your relationship.

break up

Repeat the events you had in very uncomfortable situations with your Pisces, once you find out the reason, try to fix that to restore the bond. Briefly, you can do the following acts in hot and cold to repossess him.

Analyze Yourself

Do as much effort as possible to find out if you have done anything wrong or have left interacting with him on social media for a couple of days, then also left emailing him; then trouble is coming from your side rather than him. You need to sort out the problems to save the relationship with the all luck.

Consider if He was Busy

You must check it out if you have been misunderstanding with your Pisces man. Consider his daily schedule or is he busy with his academics or job or just ignoring you in one way or the other?

It is quite possible that your man would not have been able to inform you about his hectic life due to the paucity of time, so you need positive thinking, he is not playing games with you all the time.

Remember if You Offended Him

Most family members from Pisces man’s family are emotional rollercoaster, they might have been emotionally devastated after what you have told or said to him. Try to remember the occasions when they could have felt offended and offer support.

woman at error

Seek Apology from him

As discussed in their qualities that they share feelings, emotions and other secrets with their partners and do not expect betrayal. Whenever you offend a Pisces, he’ll leave you forever, so make apologies to them for turning back to you.

Unveil your Spiritual Side

Your soft corner is your strength. Stay calm, try to apply that on Pisces family members to restore your bond. Such humbleness on your part would make him think about the common traits between you and him.

Always be very humble and if you have done any mistake unintentionally or offended him, then be very natural and try to build up a spiritual bond. As they are emotional wreck, they would melt Sonner or latter.

Tips to Pass the Test

  • Don’t Become Emotional during his presence.
  • Demonstrate your dispute resolution traits and skills.
  • Always show a willingness to be with him, especially in the hours of need.
  • Keep your night calming attitude visible in the house and in front of him.
  • When you see shoulder from the Pisces guy then understand that he is looking to find out an empathetic attitude in your personality.
  • If due to your reason, he is upset then just tell him and show him that you will get things right and will mend your behaviour in the times to come.
  • You must call him to show him your interest in his life and his importance to you. You must keep him long term motivated with your words in difficulties.
  • If you suffer from emotional distress due to Pisces man then do not lose hope just keep thinking and accepting it in your heart that this time will not last forever and you will also end your miserable period because this is just the time of your frustrating test.
  • You should consider letting him test you in the early stages of the relationship. This will reduce emotional suffering later on. It will also make you understand the positive and negative sides of his personality.
  • Exhibit hospitality to his friends occasionally so that not only they could influence him to give importance to you but also to show him that you value his relationships and buddies.
  • You need to understand that having a relationship of a Pisces with mixed singals is difficult. You need to solve things and get ready to fall into a variety of positive and negative commitments to keep the relationship going.


It is concluded from the facts that the Pisces people have a very sensitive personality. A Pisces man would prefer to test you in every way he could to deal with his emotional insecurities. He hides his emotions but he loves you.

He always expects you to be loyal even if he tests you with whatever emotional suffering he can give. He knows how to play his cards well. However, you should not be the one hurting him. That's the point that he wants.

He wants love, passion, and acceptance of his feelings. If you are willing to take such a man in your life, then you can move forward but get ready to pass his tests. Otherwise, you could part ways with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why handling Pisces men is difficult?

They are difficult to treat due to their frequent changing behavior. You find them talkative and affectionate while they may be quiet and boring the next morning. It occurs due to zodiac signs of duality in Pisces men.

How do Pisces men act when they like a girl?

In early stages, if he starts liking a girl, he would prefer to listen to her and extend his help to her in times of need by spending money or even by helping her with household affairs i.e. buying groceries, and delivery pickups.

How do Pisces men act when they like you?

If no expressed feelings are shown by him to you. You should have considered implied acts on his part i.e. hugging, petting, or other indicators showing you affectionate conduct from his side.

What do Pisces do when they like someone?

They become compassionate towards their loved ones, remain available for them, listen them stares into them. They share their ideas to improve the conditions of a partner undergoing hard times.

What makes a Pisces man commit?

Personal qualities and higher moral standards are the factors of commitment for a Pisces man. If kindness, compassion, care and humor exist in the partner, the Pisces man would devote himself to her.

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