How Much is a Suit

How Much is a Suit

You might have an idea that buying a good quality suit will require a hefty sum of money out of your pocket. But, in reality, how much is the cost of a suit? The answer to the question largely depends on the type of suit and the brand of the suit you are interested in buying.

Some designers do charge an exorbitant amount of money for a suit but you can also get a good quality suit in a reasonable price if you have enough time to do a survey in the market. Suits are available in three different price ranges i.e. basic suits, mid-level suits and high-end suits.

The goal of any customer is to get value for money. Therefore, most people opt for a mid-level price range when buying a suit. This way you can get a customized suit that fits you perfectly. Further, advancements in technology have made online trading and supply of suits easier at a much cheaper rate.

Let’s take a look at the three main price ranges mentioned above.

Price Ranges – How Much is Worth of a Suit

the price

As the variety of fabric, quality of tailoring, urgency of delivery, location of the market and the costs of the sellers vary; thus there appear three types of suit ranges, which have briefly been given for quick reference: -

How Much are the Basic Suits

Basic suits are perfect for people who are buying a suit for the first time or if you want to wear it only once. But what is the cost of this suit? The price of these suits ranges from $100 and $500. Basic suits are usually worn at weddings, job interviews, conferences, seminars etc.

Basic suits are made up of fabrics such as polyester, poly-rayon or some blend of wool. Consider, if your suit’s fabric is some blend of wool you are good to go with the swag.

The lining of a basic suit is usually rayon or polyester. These suits usually come in some common colours which are blue, grey, black, etc. If you opt for a charcoal grey or navy blue suit, then you can wear it on several occasions.

How Much are the Mid-level Suits

The price range of mid-level suits is between $500 1500. These suits are usually custom-made and from natural fabrics. In this price range, you can choose the fabric, lining, and colour of the suit. In order to stitch this type of suit; tailors usually ask for the measurement so as to make a suit perfectly for the one who has passed an order of stitching.

Normally, a tailor will take your measurements and ask you about any details that you want to add to your suit such as design, buttons, etc. After the deal has been done the tailor will proceed to prepare a customized suit for you, which is expected to be of excellent fit.

Variety of Fabrics

There is a plethora of fabrics that you can choose from while spending money on a mid-level suit. You will find suits made up of pure wool or wool which is blended with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, velvet, or bamboo. These blends enhance the look of the suit.

In a normal practice, three types of fabrics are blended together. For instance, silk, wool, and linen are blended to make the fabric of a mid-level suit.

Many of the natural fabrics can be blended together to make a customized suit according to your specific needs. For example, a blend of cotton, linen, wool, and silk results in a long-lasting and flexible suit and can be used on long-term basis. 

This suit is comfortable and breathable during warm weather. For more details about the variety of fabric and the problems associated with the fabric must read the article How to Get Fiberglass Out of Clothes

Mid-level suits usually include half canvas, which improves the quality of a suit by giving it a proper shape and perfection. The canvas needs to be stitched in the suit by hand giving a meticulous outlook.

Comparatively, mid-level suits cost more than $600 and have crown-style pockets. The shape of the pockets is like they extend from both the upper and lower sides forming a triangle. A triangle-shaped pocket offers more space for your handkerchief and pocket square, which is another feature of this level of suit.

High-end Suits Worth & Price

High-end suits usually have a higher price range yet still unaware of how much is the cost of a suit. The suit price is estimated to be $1500 or more. The rise in price occurs due to multiple factors involved in the ultimate making of a suit. These types of suits are made from natural fabrics and are sewn from scratch therefore, they cost more.

You might hesitate at the price range of these suits but rest assured they are definitely worth it and you will feel very comfortable with this type of suit. The durability of the fabric and design of the suit justifies the elevated price of a suit.

After looking at the quality and fabric, you might be willing to pay a sum of money higher than you pay for the suits of normal wearing. Such suits are perfect for people who have to wear suits every day or belong to an elite class.

The suits will be made up of real fabrics such as cotton, silk, cashmere, or wool. A high-end suit usually has a full canvas inside. Canvas makes the suit softer and moulds to your body perfectly. In this category, the canvas is made up of materials such as horsehair, silk, cashmere, and mohair.

A high-end suit is completely customized for a man concerned therefore; a lot of time is taken to make it. Sometimes it takes weeks, even months to get a high-end suit ready.

It also happens in such cases that you are given the option to choose the fabric, its colour and the design from the web and furnish the specimen to a tailor so he can do the stitching and provide you with the ready stuff in consonance with the requirements.

Factors Responsible for Influencing the Cost of a Suit

price of a suit

Determining an appropriate price for your product is crucial in operating a successful business. There are various factors that companies keep in mind while deciding the price of their product. These factors usually include the cost of raw materials, stitching, supply of articles, packaging shipping, etc.

Let’s discuss key factors that have influenced the cost of a suit: -


fabric in making

Some fabrics are of low quality whereas others have a luxurious touch. The quality of the fabric is one of the main factors determining the cost of a suit price.

Remember! If you have purchased a suit from a departmental store; the material is likely to be of poor quality. It will feel flimsy because of the incorporation of synthetic fabric. Synthetic fibers can be easily produced and are much cheaper than natural fibers.

Producing natural fibers includes several complicated steps making it hard and expensive to acquire. Natural fabrics feel much softer and have a longer life than synthetic fabrics. Following are also some of the variables that affect the cost of fabric.

Unit of measurement or UOM

The fabric is usually measured in yards or meters. Measuring units are the smallest units in which quantity is measured.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

The minimum order quantity is the minimum quantity of fabric that the manufacturer can supply.


Tailoring has a significant impact on how much is a suit. Complicated tailoring has a huge impact on the price of the suit. This type of tailoring includes taking accurate measurements for the perfect size, and length of the pants and sleeves, alterations of buttons and other embellishments.

Tailors who are more experienced and have a superior skill set tend to charge more for making a suit. Therefore, it is essential to analyze a few things such as your budget, the expertise and skill set of the tailor and also the quality of the fabric on which you are going to invest a hefty amount.

Quantity of Order

factory manufacturing

Theoretically larger orders would mean that cost per unit will reduce but this is not always the case. The type of fabric plays an important role since some fabrics are more expensive than others.

Moreover, the capacity of the manufacturer and negotiation between the customer and supplier have a major impact on the cost of fabric. However, a large quantity of an order is not always promising to give you a huge discount in procuring the articles.


Every brand sells its suits in different price ranges, as per its reputation, and the quality of raw materials used. The brand has a fixed price for the variety of articles, which can be purchased from any of the outlets of the brand. However, with the passage of time when the brand is successful keeps the price elevated for the selected customers.

Value-added Services:

value added to a suit

Value-added services such as the cost of weaving, dyeing, and knitting have a significant impact on the cost of fabric or suiting. There is no cavil in holding that the one who invests more in the fabric and tailoring gets more value to the suiting.


The lining of a suit is the inside of your garment. It is attached to protect the fabric from directly touching the body thereby, increasing its durability and helping your body move around freely. The lining of a suit should match the quality of the external fabric. However, polyester lining is discouraged as neither the fabric is breathable nor user-friendly. Linings made from natural fibers make your suit extremely comfortable to wear.


Canvas is a thick material made using synthetic fibers or horse hair. It is attached between the outer fabric of the suit and the inner lining and is used to provide a proper shape to your suit. Sometimes when you wear a new suit it might feel a bit stiff but after a while, it starts to feel natural. This is because the canvas in the suit molds to the shape of your body.


A ready-made suit available in department stores is stitched in some general sizes. Mass production of these suits enables manufacturers to sell them at cheap rates, thereby earning greater profit margins by selling each of the articles. Needless to mention a suit, which is custom-made requires time and meticulous care which is why it is expensive to buy.

Buttons, Zippers, and other Embellishments

Apart from the fabric, canvas, and lining, a suit also includes embellishments such as buttons zippers elastic, labels, etc. These emblements have a significant influence on the price a manufacturer sets for his garment. The cost of these embellishments depends on their size and type of material. However, big brands hardly compromise on these items for the sake of costs.


The location where the suit is made has a huge impact on its price. Likewise where the vendor is selling the suit and how much cost he already incurred on logistics. Suits made in countries such as France, Italy or any European countries would be more valuable than suits made in Asian countries such as India, China, and Indonesia etc. however, the prices also differ due to the cheap labor available in Asian countries.


The cost of packaging material such as garment bags is determined by its size, thickness, and the material used in the making. Although, it has no much bearing on the cost/ price of a suit but still there is its some role and contribution in making up the cost/ price of a suit. Price tags are also considered part of the packaging materials. Their cost depends on their raw material, printing, and minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Time and Logistics

The time required to draft a suit also impacts the cost of the suit. Since time is money, therefore, it influences the suit’s price. Likewise, the transportation of raw materials from the warehouse and shipping these to the doorsteps of customers also incur a cost recoverable from the end user in one way or the other.

Profit and other misc. Expenses

Profit is the amount you bring to your pocket after deducting all the mandatory costs. The manufacturer determines a profit margin to set an appropriate price for a suit which ensures that his business stays afloat. Some other miscellaneous expenses such as rent, utilities, salaries of employees, etc also have some bearing on the ultimate cost of a suit.


We have made an attempt to cover every aspect of the query of how much is a suit’ cost and price in this comprehensive article. The type of suit that you would like to clad in; all depends on your fabric, budget and style. With a compromised budget you definitely have to work with a cheaper basic suit however the more money you put in the better and more exclusive suits you can buy.

The cost of a suit is akin to the financial position of the man concerned, the utility of the suit and the worth of the occasion likely to be used. However, high-end suits will indeed make you the star of the show and will fit your body perfectly well.

No matter what type of suit you purchase, just make sure to carry it with confidence and you will surely make a lot of heads turn. It is not out of place to mention that a suit with good fabric if customized for you would give you comfort, relaxation and a sense of confidence, which you could lack in wearing the basic suit.


How much do suits usually cost?

There are ranges of the cost that occurs in preparing basic suits for first-time buyers is up to USD 500, mid-level suiting ranges from USD 600 to 1000 USD, while the cost for high-quality suits is normally above 1500 USD.

Is a $100 suit worth it?

As the minimum price is involved; the cutting, and stitching of the fabric cannot be expected to be fine and worth value. In making, outlook and comfort it would hardly match the expensive suit.

Is a $1,000 suit worth it?

It is likely to have a good fabric and handmade tailoring, the customized suit, with softness and comfort for the user. Although keeping the price of a suit high is not the only yardstick to determine the worth of a suit normally it will be good in many aspects from the suit purchased in USD 100.

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