How Much to Tip a Dog Groomer

How Much to Tip a Dog Groomer

Dog grooming is a process of cleaning and maintaining a dog`s skin, nails and teeth. Keep in mind that it is an important part of dog care and can help to block a variety of health problems.

How much to tip a dog groomer is widely discussed in society as the patterns of grooming dogs differ from person to person. In this article, we have made an effort to consider and cover every aspect of dog grooming to come up with the answer to tipping a dog groomer.

Prices for professional grooming services come in all sizes and a consequent question is: do I need to tip my groomer? The short and quick answer to that would be yes. But the full answer is more detailed than that.

A Dog Groomer Deserves Tipping. Why

Interestingly, many around us love their profession but an outsider does not think the same way. A doctor might say dog grooming is not even a profession. But let me clear it dog grooming is not an easy job. Treating human beings might be very much easy but dogs are animals and could become violent during the session and harm the groomer.

As the tasks by Dog Groomer require mental and physical exertion; it has become significant to discuss how much to tip a dog groomer. Dog grooming is a physically demanding job and usually, it is done out of love for pets. Not to mention the patience this job requires on a daily basis because animals are unpredictable and do not cooperate in grooming the way we would like.

See. How It Is Not An Easy Task?

Some may argue by drawing on an analogy that since we do not give tips to a hairstylist, they don’t have to tip a dog groomer. To them, we would like to add that a hairstylist is not unpredictable and could be very cooperative in the whole process. Also, a hairstylist does not bite you.

facing difficulty

On the other hand, dog grooming might not be very much difficult but it is not easy too. Dogs are unpredictable and could become violent in the whole session. It can bite the groomer and you all know it costs so much to get medicines and injections to get cure.

Therefore, we would suggest you not to show misery and be a generous client. A tip might not mean something to you but it means a lot to the groomer. A general consensus on tip is that you should pay at least 15-20 percent of your total cost.

What Does a Professional Dog Groomer Do?

Grooming services are available all over the world and it differs all over the world and it depends on the size of your pet, the place where you want to groom your pet, and the breed and coat type. Some common grooming services include bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and haircuts.

Grooming isn’t just about keeping the dog clean, it is part of his overall health plan. It includes everything from cleaning the skin to assessing the overall health of your pup. Being a good pet owner necessarily includes a grooming routine.

what groomer does

Whether your pet is small and fluffy or giant and good-looking, dogs and even cats can benefit from professional grooming services. There are various benefits of why you should take your dog to a professional dog groomer. Here in the following lines I am listing some important points that the dog groomers do for you:

Health Assessment

A professional dog groomer has experience in how to take care of your dog. your groomer will have a look at the condition of your dog`s fur, teeth, skin and gums. He will also note down if there are any pests or itchy spots or any other cautious thing. It is really important to take your dog to a professional groomer because he/she will look into the places that you do not observe usually.

Therefore a groomer will check everything related to dogs and will assess the overall health of the dog. The groomers will also alert you if there is any risks involve or if there is any potential health risks to your dogs.

Giving Regular Bath

This might seem very simple and easy job for you but there is more than just bathing going on with a professional groomer. After bathing, the groomer scrubs and dry many times followed by styling. While there are dogs that require nothing more than a comb-out but then certain breeds require attention and care in the process.

Some dogs require trimming of hair such as between the toes and around the eyes and mouth. There are also demands from the owner side as well which guide the groomer to do a particular hair cut or trim.

Cleaning hard to Reach Spots

Cleaning ears and eyes might be hard for owner but the groomer will take care of it delicately by maintaining a cheerful relation with the dog. It might seem that cleaning dog is just like cleaning any other material or object but we suggest you to take great care while cleaning the dog. There might be infectious itches or spots that you would not like to infect you therefore a professional groomer is important in cleaning and taking care of your dog.

Nail Trimming

Not all owners love to trim their pup nails or furs. As we mentioned that inside the furs and on the skin might be infectious and could infect your entire household and other pup. A professional groomer takes care of the dog from trimming hairs, to cleansing their skin.

Process to Choose a Good Dog Groomer?

Now we are sure that it might be challenging for you to choose a right dog groomer. It is both easy and difficult. Easy in the sense that you can find out many dog groomers in the market these days. And difficult in the sense that yes there are many dog groomers but very few would have experience and experience. Therefore we are showing you the way out if you find yourself in this situation.

Ask Questions from a Dog Groomer

It is really important that before you groom your dog from a professional groomer you need to ask some basic questions beforehand.


1. Do you have certification or experience?

Do ask this question at the beginning if you love your pup. Ask for the professional experience and any certification if the groomer hold. Some dog groomers in united states of America have formed an association while others just work on their own and letting their experience speak of itself.

2. What breeds do you have the most experience with?

In the mean time you should not forget to ask about what kind of breeds you have the most experience with. It is important to ask, firstly, to know if the groomer has any experience in the breed that you own. It is possible that the groomer might not have the experience and expertise that you need.

3. How long does it take?

As mentioned earlier the cost for dog grooming varies depends on the size of the dog and the area you are in. grooming a dog could take a little while but if the size is big then it could take time longer than you imagined. Asking this question will help you not to waste your precious time therefore you can take a walk or go to a nearby store to buy some soft drinks for yourself.

4. How do you manage dogs that fear grooming?

This is perhaps the single-most important question that you should ask your groomer. Some dogs are very cool and calm but others are just the opposite. Professional groomers will know how to manage your dog while trimming or bathing a pup.

5. What do you include in your package?

It is necessary that you calculate your budget before going to a professional dog groomer. It is possible that you are short on your bills and expenses. It is also a possibility that the groomer costs more than you expect. Therefore it is necessary to visit a groomer who is budget-friendly. Some groomers charge less for basic services but if you include other services as well then it might cost you a fortune.

6. What, if any, do I need to provide?

Some professional dog groomers can visit your house and do the grooming job for you with everything that is needed for the process. They have every basic material that is needed during the session. However, some dog groomers might need some basic stuff like a bowl, towel or soap.

7. How much to tip you as a dog groomer?

It must be question from him before the finalization of the salary package for a month. If the tip is kept as a separate medium of incentives for a dog groomer, comparatively low salaries are fixed for the dog groomers.

How Much Does Grooming Cost

You must be thinking about your costs first before taking appointment with a professional groomer. Firstly, it depends on the area where you live. For example, if you are living in New York then it is clear that it could be expensive. However, in most cases the cost of grooming vary depends on the type of breed and the size of it.

For instance, a Newfoundland would cost more than a terrier because it is a large dog with long hairs and furs. It is also important to note down that dog groomers charge extra costs for additional services like cleaning teeth and expressing anal glands. Based on that a professional dog groomer`s cost vary and it may range in between $35 to $150.

Should I Tip my Dog Groomer?

how much tip payment should be paid

Just like any services industry, the dog groomers are also providing their services for you. It is a known fact that a tip is not mandatory but it is always appreciated. A tip might be small amount for you but it can give a sense of recognition and identity to the professional.

Before moving on, you should consider that there are people outside who rely on daily wages and tips. An owner of a company does not pay much; therefore, you must give them a tip if you are grooming your pup. A good tip is generally 15-20 percent of your total cost on grooming.

If Yes, How Much to Tip a Dog Groomer

A single dog grooming session can cost you $80. Do not think that it is a fixed price. It may vary based on the size of the pup and the area you are living in. the cost may also vary depending on whether the groomer is professional or not.

Answering to the question how much to tip a dog groomer, we have already discussed earlier, a standard tip could be 15-20 percent of your total cost will be appropriate. If you are grooming our dog and the cost comes as $80 then you should pay $15 a tip. That is a standard tip rate and anything less than that might be considered as an insult by the groomer.

Is $20 a Good Tip for a Dog Groomer?

Definitely, it is a reasonable amount if your total cost is around $80-$100. But you need to keep in mind that it should vary. If your session is short and the groomer has done his job in a single session then a $20 tip is all right. But if your dog size is large and it requires more than a single session then you must pay more than $20.

However, if you are generous enough then you can give an extra $10 if the groomer is professional and keep things fast as well as neat and clean. This would encourage the groomer to take extra care in grooming dogs. Like the tattoo artists; there is no trend of giving 20% as tip. To know about the tipping methods for a tattoo artists you can read the article How Much To Tip a Tattoo Artist

Should I Give my Groomer a Holiday Tip?

If your groomer is working on a holiday for you then it is fair if you give them a holiday tip. However, if you go to different groomers every time then you do not need to pay a holiday tip.

holiday tip

As the holiday working is increasing the question of deciding how much to tip a dog groomer for the holiday is also getting attraction. But if you have a professional groomer and he takes care of your pup every time you visit then it could be considered as generosity if you give them a holiday tip. But it is not mandatory.

When to Tip Extra?

When you notice that the groom is very professional and took care of everything. You do not pay them for cleaning but he is still taking pride in providing you services for free then you must consider giving an extra tip. This will further motivate and encourage him to take good care of your pup.

The rate of extra tip and the occasion when it is to be paid vary and no absolute timeline can be designed for that. Thus, how much to dip to a dog groomer in the given facts also becomes crucial.

Tipping under Special Circumstances

You might have noticed some special or accidental circumstances, for instance, your pet gets violent and bite the groomer. In the following lines, I am listing some special circumstances during which you should consider tipping your dog groomer.



Around us, there are many dog lovers. It is important for dog lovers to know how much to tip a dog groomer. There has been a lot of confusion lately over how much to pay. It is also important to know that giving tip is not mandatory but it is appreciated. A dog groomer does not always rely on tips. There are many things to consider before you go to a dog groomer.

Ask your groomer questions related to his/her experience in this area. You can look for questions to ask in the aforementioned passages. Lastly, giving tip to a dog groomer would not cost you much. It becomes almost 15-20 percent of your total cost. Therefore, be generous towards dogs and dogs’ groomers as well.


How much do you tip a $70 dog groomer?

There is a general consensus in the society that you must give at least 15% of your total cost. It becomes not more than $13.

Is $20 a good tip for dog groomer?

Based on the above discussion 15% is a reasonable and minimum amount for tip. But if you are generous the groomer will welcome this act. If a dog groomer is well-mannered and takes great care of your dog while grooming then $20 tip is a reasonable tip.

How much do you tip a dog groomer at Pets mart?

It depends on your dog. What kind of breed it is and what is the size of your dog. but the reasonable amount is $20. However, it largely depends on the works involved in the job description.

How much do you tip a dog groomer Reddit?

We have discussed this at length in the above lines. We have also given you guidelines and specific circumstances on how much tip top give to a dog groomer. If your dogs size is reasonable and the amount of time the groomer spent is reasonable then you should give $20-30 tip.

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