How To Attract Crows

How To Attract Crows

Let us talk about crows. But first, why should we talk about crows? What’s so special about them? Are they important for a sustainable life? Where does this crow fit in the animal kingdom/ and where do we find these crows on this planet? Before going into explaining further, let's trace how to attract crows. The methods to bring them to your beautiful yard? 

However, in order to invite crows to your yard, you are supposed to show them the fascinating means so they could find some attractions. Like you do care for the pets; the identical treatment is expected from you to attract crows. To know something more about the level of care for the pets; you can read the article How to Stop Dogs from Licking Paws.

Nature of Crows

Crows are one of the many blackbirds that belong to the genus Corvus and can be found anywhere in the world except South America, according to the Brittanica dictionary. Crows are generally smaller but of different sizes depending on where their habitat is. If we are to measure the size of the crows, the Brittanica dictionary states that large crows measure about 20 inches long with wingspans that can reach up to 39 cm.

Crows are extremely intelligent having their own customs of attending rituals, singing and burying their dead ones. According to ScienceAlert, these are very social creatures and take part in rituals including burial and they are also the ones who hold grudges against any other crow or fellow human being that they don’t like.

Some Universal Myths about Crows

myth that crows are signs of badluck

Since ancient times, birds or ravens have been considered important as they were used to carry messages from one place on Earth to another place. Yet there are various myths regarding crows. Somewhere in the world people believe that crows are the signs of bad luck and misfortune.

For Crystal Clear Intuition, crows are simply an indication or transformation of change and new beginnings. For ScienceAlert, they can become very friendly with other human beings if provided the opportunity.

What Do Crows Eat?

You will be surprised to hear that crows eat everything unless that is clean or soaked in water or in any other gravy. Chiefly, they feed on the ground. According to National Geographic Education, crows are omnivores and omnivores are those organisms that eat a variety of other organisms including plants, animals or fungi.

They obtain energy and food from animals, plants and fungi, crows digest carbohydrates, protein and fat. Nuts and pulses or seeds are one of the best foods for crows. They enjoy meat and may even raid and kill young and weak animals which makes them unpopular in the eyes of farmers. Berries, insects and the eggs of other birds are also their best food.

Life Style of Crows

Now let me tell you a very interesting fact. The fact is that crows are very social animals and live in close-knit families. They not only hunt but also defend their territories and young ones like any other social animal. I get it that most of you would not like to attract crows to their backyard.

But let me tell you why you need crows in your backyard. Whether there is any other purpose or not but they are natural scavengers eating all the remaining food stuff any other micro-organisms. They are literally cleaning your home mess. I get it if you are not a bird lover but have you ever observed a flock of crows in your backyard or somewhere else?

They absolutely bring life and joy to the place. So whether you like crows or not you need them in your background to clean the mess therefore you will need to know how to attract a flock of crows into your backyard.

These were the preliminary and important information about crows. Now I would like to shed some light on how to bring about crows into your beautiful backyard.

How to Attract Crows to the Yard

In this following section, I am going to discuss some guaranteed tips regarding how to attract crows as well as why you should try to have crows in your backyard. Crows are beautiful small creatures just like any other social animals that can do the work of scavengers for you. Crows will help eat the bugs and unwanted pests in your lawn. A flock of crow birds is called `Murder`.

A small flock of birds can keep your backyard clean and free of unwanted pests and bugs. To attract crows and keep them coming back again regularly is pretty simple and very economical. It can be done very quickly. I am here to show you some environment-friendly methods on how to attract crows.

Provide them with Food to Attract

peanuts eggs corn seeds and chicken

Yeah guys, as James Carville in 1992, popularized the term “It’s the economy, stupid”. We all know that our lives are driven by our histories of living in a specific society in a specific environment. Our experiences in the society shape our histories. Food is something that impacts even the lives of humans up to a large extent.

Similar to humans, birds also strive for their food and travel miles to eat and bring food for their younger ones. If you want to attract a crow to your backyard just put out some food in an open space where the crow feels safe and secure. Once a crow comes and sees the food, it invites other mates to follow suit.

Keep in mind that you have to love the birds and be gentle with them so that they do not fear you and come easily into your yard. You also have to keep in mind the variety of foods used by crows.

Use Peanuts to fascinate crows

It is the most inexpensive product that both humans and animals eat. Birds would love to have peanuts as they provide a sufficient amount of proteins (26%), fats (49%), and carbohydrates (19%). However, make sure to buy roasted or unsalted peanuts.

Get help from Eggs

You might have heard that crows love chicken and duck eggs. They are also popular for the fact that crows steal eggs from the nests of other birds.

Corn and sunflower seeds

Corn is another food that the birds would love to eat. They are healthy and have ample percentages of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Chicken and other meat fat

As mentioned earlier, crows are known as scavengers of earth. So if you have extra chicken meat and you are going to dump it, take your time and put it in a safe place for crows. Crows will find the food and will enjoy the feast.

Provide Roosting Ground

roosting ground

Crows are social animals and you will often observe them travel in a flock. They love to travel and sit in a place to observe the environment around them. That’s why if you want to attract crows to your backyard, you have to manage a place in your backyard or somewhere near your house so that they can come and sit there.

This will provide them the opportunity to come and visit frequently this safe place. Crows typically like horizontal stems to sit and rest properly. If you don’t have trees in your house, now is the perfect time to plant them. As a famous saying goes, the best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago and the second best time to plant a tree is now. So get up and plant a tree which is also environment friendly and would attract lots of birds.

Install Birdbaths to Invite Crows

installing birdbaths

The simplest way of attracting birds, including crows, to your backyard is by installing birdbaths. This will not only provide water for the birds but will also add beauty to your house. It will attract all birds including crows. According to the Rock Pile, birds use birdbaths both to drink clean water and take a shower in it as well.

You can use a traditional birdbath made of any wood. You must keep in mind that birds like their own space so be very careful when making a wooden birdbath. If you find it hard you can also buy a very beautiful and decorated birdbath from your nearby stores.

Put Bird Feeder near Birdbath

bird feeder near birdbath

You always love to eat on your own plate. Eating on someone else`s plate is not only considered unethical but also is considered as disgust. As I said, birds are like any other social animals which like to eat clean food and soak it in the water. You can make bird feeders in your home in traditional ways.

But make sure to make a wide bird feeder, that way the crows will love it. Traditionally, you can make it from wood in your own garage or if you are busy and don’t have time to do that. I am here to give you the good news that you can buy beautiful and wide bird feeders from your nearby supermarket.

Feed Regularly to Call Crows

Have you ever befriended a bird? If not, keep this in your mind and see how you can make friends with birds. Birds can be easily bribed by using food. If you really want birds to visit your backyard, you must develop the habit of feeding them regularly. For example, the best time to make birds come into your backyard is morning and evening times.

Make this your habit and feed the birds at this time regularly and you will see in a few days how you befriend them. I bet you guys would love it how other creatures such as birds can become your friends and bring something special for you in return for food. I bet you have a question in your mind about what to feed them.

They eat on the ground. They love to eat peanuts, corn, and other foods. If you have trimmed chicken then put the remaining chicken fat in your backyard and in a matter of time it will be eaten by the crows making your house neat and clean.

Putting Decoy Birds

decoy birds to attract crows

As I mentioned earlier, birds are social animals, which travel in the flock and set in a horizontal place such as the stem of a tree or any horizontal cylindrical thing. To attract crows, you have to put some fake crows in your backyard. I suggest you get 2-3 immovable crows and 1-2 moveable crows so that the birds do not understand the trick. One crow will come and join the decoy crow which will be followed by flocks of birds.

Crow Calls

Like all other social animals, crows call and communicate with each other. These calls are called crow calls. You can actually lure them by producing the caw call. You can produce it with a special instrument made for the purpose of calling caw caw caw sound to attract the crows. Or you can modify your own voice and make a caw call. A crow is a very intelligent creature and suddenly follows the sound. This sound will act as an instigator for the crows to come and visit your backyard.

Put Shiny Objects

Shiny things whether they are precious or simply a glass always attract every other person. Birds are no different to them. Leaving shiny objects in your yard will attract the flock of the crows which will help build your relationship with the crows.

However, it is important to mention here that there is no empirical evidence to show that birds are attracted to shiny objects but we have observed over the tears that birds come near shiny objects and inspect them. If they like it and are within their range of carrying they will steal it from you.

As pointed out by Wild Bird World, this phenomenon of attracting by using shiny objects is common with magpies but the black-feathered crow is also a best collector of shiny objects.

Create a Bird Garden in your Yard

bird garden

Do you think birds would resist settling in places which is similar to their natural habitat? That’s why attracting crows and making a friendly environment for crows is a sustainable and environment-friendly phenomenon. I am sure you are smart enough to utilize your brain and create a natural habitat in your yard.

You can create a small space for crows where you can plant trees, flowers and other beautiful stuff. This is a healthy phenomenon that is why I am telling you that creating a garden in your yard will not only beautify your home but will also attract different kinds of birds such as crows. Having a birdbath at this place will act as a breeding space for the crows to grow and multiply.

Give them a Sense of Security

Crows are very intelligent and very fast in observing the surrounding environment. You must have observed that crows immediately fly away upon listening to any unwanted noise. So make sure to provide an enabling environment in which the crows feel secure and safe. If you want the crows in your yard, you must first get rid of doorbells and other unwanted objects that might reflect back crows.

Keep Pets Away

dog pet in a cage

It’s nice to have cats and pets in your house. But I fear, upon seeing pets crows would not hesitate to fly away from your yard as they are extremely cautious about any foreign threat. However, it’s not a universal rule that where there are pets, there would not be any crows.

This hypothesis does not hold itself when we observe things on the ground. I have observed that if the pets are civilized and become friends with crows the crows understand that the pets are not a threat to them. Therefore, it’s not necessary that crows won’t come if you have pets. However, you must take care first and put your pets away so that crows can develop their trust.


Crows are part of this expanded planetary system. We might think that there are no benefits to the crows but as I have written on this page. We, humans, along with plants and animals and all other organisms are part of nature. They all play their part in maintaining a stable ecosystem and surroundings.

Our surrounding is habitable due to the presence of creatures like crows which clear our mess and other harmful bugs and insects. I have established the ways ‘how to attract crows to your yard. There could be various methods but I prefer the one I established before you is the best way to attract crows, which includes providing regular food, providing them roosting grounds, installing birdbaths or putty decoys etc.


What attracts crows the most?

There are various ways and methods to attract the crows. Briefly, crows love trash food, open space, chicken fats peanuts and corn along with fresh water. In addition to this, the easiest way to attract crows is to make crow calls such as caw caw caw. You can make that sound by creating traditionally or you can buy a device that can help you make crow calls.

In short, there are hundreds of ways for this but the aforementioned objects such as food, water, peanuts and crow calls are the main ways which can be used to effectively attract crows into their yard.

How do you attract crows in 4 minutes?

If you want to attract crows in four minutes you first have to understand that crows are social animals and travel in flocks. Initially, it feels complicated how crows will get attracted to my yard but once a single crow comes and sits in your yard it will be followed by others as well. The efficient way is to make use of crow calls.

Make a traditional device which can make sounds like caw caw caw. Or you can visit your nearby superstore and buy an electronic device. Stand in a position where the crows do not observe you and make a sound like a caw caw caw. This sound is so intriguing that some crows will come and visit the place to investigate the place.

If they find it secure and safe they will start communicating in their own way. In a matter of time, you will witness a flock of birds coming to your yards.

How do you get a wild crow to come to you?

If you want wild crows to come to you, you will have to do something noticeable to the crows. The most noticeable thing that you can do to attract wild crows is to put unsalted peanuts, and chicken fats, along with fresh water. The wild crows upon inspecting the surroundings will suddenly come to you. The food, fresh water and friendly environment are a sort of enabling things for the crows to come to you.

How do you get crows to move on?

Attracting crows takes a lot of struggle but it's not complicated. Once the crows come to trust your place that it is safe and secure and does not seem threatening, the crow will automatically come to your yard. However, getting crows is one thing but letting them move on is another thing. It takes courage and bold steps. You have to make sure to the crows that this place is not secure and the place does not offer any good meals and water. This will make the crows move on easily.

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