How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

Instagram is a great platform not only for entrepreneurs but also for those who just share ordinary stories of themselves or their dogs. Instagram stories are great way to share life events with audience. Entrepreneurs and business persons share their life events on instagram frequently.

It is critical to know about instagram stories and how to change background of instagram stories. Let’s shed some light on the related operations of the Instagram. In this article, we will delve deep into the world of insatgram to know different methods on how to change background on instagram story.

How Instagram Stories Work?

Before we go into the main subject of this article, let’s discuss about instagram stories. We know that social media is changing by bringing revolutions in everyday life of an ordinary person. Social media is always in the state of flux and nothing fluctuates more frequently than your instagram story background.

2 change background instagram

It is necessary to mention here that the concept of temporary content was introduced by snapchat. Instagram also introduced the idea of short and digestible content in 2016 for the first time. Since then, it has revolutionized a whole generation of influencers and businesses.

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Changing instagram stories background can make it both beautiful and terrible. Sharing stories on instagram is a great way to connect with your audience and keep your audience up-to-date. If you are a business person or a model, instagram stories background can play a crucial part in expanding your audience.

You can attract audience by regularly sharing post or upload a story, or even ig story. If you are familiar with instagram then it is pertinent to know that changing background of instagram stories plays a critical role in expanding your reach to new levels.

What to do if you are a Marketer, Influencer, or Entrepreneur

We believe all of us are social media users and you may already know that one of the necessary thing to do on instagram as “an influencer, marketer or entrepreneur” is to post frequently. Therefore, in order to expand your reach on instagram you need to understand how instagram stories work.

It is crucial because changing background on instagram stories background can increase your reach on social media.

How to Post a Story on Instagram?

Before we discuss the ways to change background on instagram story, let’s dive deep into the most beautiful feature of instagram i.e. instagram stories. You can post everything i.e.a picture or video.

3 instagram background story

You can share a photo from your camera roll or take one with the in-app camera. After selecting the media you want to share, you can add “text, music, GIFs, emojis”, or change the color of your background.

If you are new to instagram then worry not because we will show you how to post a photo or video to your story, or ig story as the case may be.

Tutorial Guide to Post an Instagram Story

We believe you are new to instagram therefore we will share some tips and tricks with you so that you now about sharing stories on instagram. We have gathered these information from the official website of instagram so please keep reading and pay attention.

According to instagram, if you want to share a story, here’s what to do:-

4 background story

Note: It is important to mention here that instagram stories background are temporary and can disappear after a period of 24 hours.

Highlight your Instagram Story

If you are a marketer, influencer or entrepreneur then we believe you would like your story to remain on your timeline so that your audience has access to it by using branded Instagram highlight covers. Usually instagram story disappear from your profile within 24 hours.

If your story is a gem and you want your audience to have access to for a longer period than 24 hours, then instagram brought for you the option to add it to your profile under the “Highlights” section.

Change the new Background Color of your Instagram Story

It is important to share posts, whether picture or video, on your instagram feed for your audience. It is to keep the audience up-to-date about your business or daily routines. Therefore, it is essential to make use of creative freedom to form beautiful instagram stories that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Instagram offers tools with the help of which you can always change the background color of your instagram story. It is not difficult to change the background but it is necessary if you want to increase your presence on social media platforms like instagram. Here are simple steps to follow to change new background:-

How to Do it:-

The below infographic will give you the complete idea how you can do this.

5 story background

Try Transparent Background for your Instagram Story Templates

Instagram has many features that you can choose while posting. You can create a transparent color over the photo. If you want the color to be transparent, select the “highlighter tool” instead of the “pen tool”.

This will add a color overlay over your picture. If you want to erase, you can select the “eraser icon” to show bits of the image underneath.

The eraser tool is one of the best feature in instagram. Through eraser tool, you can tease a new photo or reel to engage with maximum audience.

How to Use Photo as a Story Background on Instagram

This is the simplest method where you can use any photo that you like as a story background on instagram. This will add a sort of variety to your contents and it will attract audience as it seems new and appealing. Follow these simple steps to use photo as story background:-

6 instagram background story

Enhance your Instagram Story

You can further enhance your instagram story by making use of effects given in the instagram app. You can enhance your new story by adding effects to your picture or video. The story effects are at the bottom of the screen.

Make a Color Gradient Background on your Instagram Story

If you are using social media like instagram, then you will know about this feature of creating color gradient. However, if you are new here then we are here to show you one of the best feature that instagram has for you.

Stepwise Process:-

Here are simple steps for you to follow:-

  1. Select the “Aa” icon on the left side labeled as “create” and then press the “Aa” icon at the bottom of the screen one more time to bring up options.
  2. To change the colored background, select the circle (O) icon at the top of the screen and filter through until you find what you want.
  3. After this step, you can continue creating insta stories adding any text or images you want on top.

Use Branded default Color in Instagram Story

Due to its diverse features, influencers, and entrepreneurs focus on expanding their audience on instagram by creating posts and stories feature. For many entrepreneurs, developing brand recognition with social media platform or social media world such as instagram is easy now.

7 change background

You can add picture and frame it beautifully. Creating meaningful and appealing insta stories can expand the reach of the brand. You can use branded colors as a background in instagram stories background. Here are simple steps to follow:-

  • Take a screenshot of your branded color and save it to camera roll.
  • Create a new story and use the sticker feature to import the screenshot.
  • Now select the “draw icon” in the top right corner of your entire screen and then choose the dropper tool.
  • Once set, hover the dropper tool over your branded colors sticker to match your background color with your branding.

Build in Instagram Story Background Color by Photo Editor

If you have been a user of social media platforms such as “facebook, instagram, or snapchat” then you must have tried all the features available for sharing a story on instagram. You can make your posts beautiful and artistic with the help of changing instagram story Background color, images or emojis.

You can use features like special effects during story uploading on Instagram post. Brand development takes a lot more efforts. External photo editor can make excellent designs for you to hack the market.

Use Adobe Express to Create Unique Instagram Stories

  • Open adobe express
  • Go to template section
  • Select “instagram story”
  • You will see different beautiful layouts or you can start from scratch as well
  • Choose a design of your desire
  • Now upload the photo to that layout
  • Select the photo
  • Now press the “background remove” option on the right side of the screen
  • After selection, you will have the option to add or remove any part of the picture.

How to Upload it:-

In order to upload the instagram stories you are supposed to following the given steps: -

8 background story

Add Instagram Story background video by using Green Screen

Due to positive feedbacks from instagram user, instagram has now added new features to its app. You can use creative freedom to form video background for your stories now. Currently, making green screen videos is trending on social media and now instagram has allowed access to this feature in the insatgram app.

Now if you want to add video background to your instagram story, here is a simple way to do it with the use of typewriter font in the following way:-

9 how to change background color on instagram story


The world of social media has no boundaries therefore entrepreneurs and influencers use instagram to enhance their reach to the audience. You can enhance your reach by creating instagram stories frequently. You can apply special effects and other multiple features while creating an impactful instagram story and Instagram story background.

Instagram app has in-built features which you can use to change the white background of insatgram story in order to recognize your brand, brand color or advertise your product.

Entrepreneurs change their stories background with the help special effects that look more attractive and appealing. In this article, we have explained different methods to change your story background and create a unique story or blog post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the background of a picture on instagram?

Open instagram story and take a picture, press the brush icon to get started, choose a color, or color tint that you like and tap the screen for few seconds and the background of a picture will change.

How do you make the background black on instagram stories?

Select a photo or video and once loaded press on the “Draw” icon on the right corner of your screen. At the top of the screen, you will see different drawing tool icons. Select the first icon. Now look at the bottom of the display, now find the black color and tap it to find the background black.

Can we change the background of a picture?

Yes, go to the plus sign (+) located at the bottom of the screen. Select a picture from the camera roll and apply effects. You can change the background of the picture now. You can add a video background or change the background of the picture.

How do you make the background transparent on instagram stories?

Select the relevant photo or video. Locate and tap the pen icon on the top right corner, then choose the second marker from the left. Now choose what color tint you want the transparent overlay to be. Tap and hold the screen for few seconds. This will create a transparent background on your instagram stories.

How do you change the background gradient on Instagram?

To change it, find the editing tools and tap on the gradient icon, then select two colors to form gradient color.

How do you get a red background on Instagram?

Find the Tab (stories), snap on your display, resize the picture, click three dot appearing on screen, then tap the button ‘draw’ then finally select the red shade.

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