How to Clean Polyester Couch

How to Clean Polyester Couch

Think that you want to decorate your home by providing your furniture with a luxurious comfortable feel at affordable prices and then in your mind, suddenly comes up with the option to purchase a polyester couch. You will first think that what is the material of polyester and how will it comfort me at affordable prices as compared to its alternatives in the market?

To explain the answers to these questions, one should first have knowledge about polyester, its pros and cons, how to clean polyester couch at home and its use in the home furniture. Though it requires some care too but overall using polyester in the couches or furniture is an affordable option despite its pros and cons.

What is a Polyester?

Polyesters are increasingly popular among folks and are a fabric used in and outside the home in furniture. It is one of the synthetic fabrics. It could be considered as one of the materials of furniture and is available easily across the country.

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Its main advantage is its ease of managing within a busy home setting. Natural fabric is good to have in the furniture but having a natural fabric costs more in light of a specific type of dimensions and upholstery of furniture. Conversely, you can easily own and manage polyester at home in your furniture at a very affordable cost. It is as nice as other furniture materials could be.

Is Buying Polyester worth it?

When an individual plans buying furniture items such as material for sofas and couches or polyester, its alternative options, then one must first carefully evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of the options being considered by also adhering to the economic options at the same time in order to save funds for the incidental products.

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Though one could spend unlimited money on luxuries and expensive premium quality items, but at the time of inflation not every household has the buying power to purchase an expensive item. Therefore, when you have limited economic freedom, in that case, you have to consider many factors during your purchase.

If you are wealthy and belong to an aristocratic society then premium quality options should be your target, but if you are hardly meeting your household expenses and earning a limited living with limited savings then medium quality should be your option. However, in the article you will find the options for the people coming from any level of the life, they are spending.

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Why to Choose Best Quality or at least Medium Level

It is always preferred to move for the best variant of the product you are looking for. Remember! Bad quality material must be avoided because it will though look as if you are buying a cheap item but when you have a cheap quality, then you will also have to change it frequently which will increase the financial burden on your pocket.

Contrariwise, medium quality can also be the preference despite its few disadvantages, medium quality still provides you at least a medium level and enough advantages that you could spend some years with a medium quality item. Furthermore, the items such as furniture along with couches are not such items that you purchase on a daily or monthly basis regularly.

Therefore, at least medium-quality material should be the priority if you belong to a middle-class family.

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Polyester stands as one of the underrated options in couches and furniture. This option has several disadvantages as well as advantages too but overall, if you can't afford a premium quality item, then polyester still is a reasonable option for economically weak or middle-class households.

However, you can’t only rely on polyester in all your furniture items and you still have to try other alternatives as well along with polyester. A mixture of polyester furniture and alternative material furniture should be a good option for people with limited finances. There should be a mixture of premium quality alternatives and polyester in furniture.

The given mixture in quality is a good material as an outdoor fabric but indoors, you can't rely on them for all your furniture items. If you want a durable experience, then polyester is good and easy to care for but also with the disadvantage of poor resistance to oil extracts and greasy food.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Polyester

Like any other product; there are few advantages and disadvantages of making use of polyester couch to support you or to adjust that over the furniture. Let’s first shed light on the positive and plus points of using the polyester couch.


  1. The polyester material could better resist stains as compared to its alternatives. It will add extra stain resistance which is a primary factor that you must consider buying and using polyester in couches. It may struggle with some materials such as oils and grease but overall, it is better than its alternatives such as cotton.
  2. The blending of polyester with other materials is easy. There are a large number of people who opt to use a mixture of polyester and other material together. Hybrid composition is the best way to use a synthetic and natural blend. A mixture of polyester with cotton softens the couch by providing your couch with a robust weave.
  3. Another advantage is that the polyester material is non-allergic so you may get another reason to use it in your sofa and couches. You get a hypo-allergenic material naturally when you use polyester with cotton in couches and furniture items. Wool and cotton serve as the triggers of allergic reactions but this is not the case with polyester. That is the reason why households should be considering it a good option.
  4. Polyester Resists Damage more than the Alternatives. Cotton and wool have many issues with their management but polyester is easy to manage. This makes polyester a good selection for the couches.
  5. Another advantage is that the polyester couches and sofas are reasonably priced as compared to wool or cotton which makes them a good option. Wayfair, Amazon and different retailers provide you with options to purchase couches ranging between $275 to $300.


Having discussed the above benefits of using the polyester in the day to day life, let us share some demerits of using the polyester before it is late. Find below in brief but significant disadvantages of the polyester:-

5 how to clean polyester

How to Clean Polyester Couch – Methods with Procedures

As the use of polyester couches has been in trend for couple of years in the day to day life. There have been developed several methods to clean polyester couch, which have been discussed one by one below: -

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming is a good way to clean polyester sofa and couches. The process of vacuuming effectively prevents the deep sinking of debris in fabric by causing fibred damage.

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For this purpose, detachable cushions must be removed and vacuumed thoroughly. It is not a time-consuming process and you will also take care of the dry brush during cleaning the upholstery. One must begin the process from the cushion’s top with the vacuum cleaner coming down to its sides, arms, backside and seats by using the brush. You will notice the debris once you start cleaning your polyester couches.

2. Reading the Manufacturer's Instructions

Before launching the process of cleaning; it is incumbent upon you to first read the full washing or cleaning labels or instructions attached by the manufacturer. Then proceed as instructed by the manufacturer.

Reading the manufacturer labels and instructions effectively enables you to select your cleaning options and arrange the required equipment for cleaning. Ignoring the manufacturer’s instructions would result in damaging the sofa's polyester fabric. However following is the standard process to clean polyester at home.

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3. Black Diamond

The use of any specific polyester cleaner depends upon the manufacturer’s instructions to safely clean the polyester furniture. In addition, it is also crucial to make some research about the fabric in use and come up with the idea of best detergent or best product to help you in cleaning the polyester couch.

8 how to clean polyester couch

However, Black Diamond has been strongly recommended in the market to have worked tremendously as an upholstery cleaner. It is a great product to clean spills, stains, and spots on various types of fabrics and upholstery products. The Black Diamond with its cleaning power seems to be a safe product for pets and children too.

Before using the product, begin with removing the dirt by vacuuming the couch and after that just directly spray on the opened surface using a cloth, blot or gently rub the cleaner onto the furniture.

4. Stain Removing before cleaning polyester couch

It is important to know when removing stains from the polyester that these are different types of stains that need a different technique to eradicate them from the furniture. For instance, food stains could be removed easily by using a solution of water and vinegar. On the other hand, baking soda and shampoo could also be used.

On the other hand, stains like blood stains could be eradicated by using a dampened towel with hydrogen peroxide. This will eradicate all blood stains. Furthermore, the stains of grease require a quick removal from the fabric so baking soda is the best option for it. For this purpose, baking soda is first sprinkled on the fabric to let it sit for an hour or two. Later on, baking soda needs to be brushed to eradicate stains.

5. Removal of Urine

It is very unpleasant to remove urine or human faces from the fabric in any case. Urine removal from the polyester seems to be a tough task but there is a simple method too in this regard.

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In case of a urine spill either of your kid or any pet, just make sure that you have begun removing more urine as possible by using a paper towel. Do this before having a baking soda coating on it with a combination of white vinegar as well.

Apply the solution to polyester with a paper towel and never allow urine to stay on it for a long time. When the mixture sits for an hour then use a paper towel or rag to blot the urine and solution away.

If you find the urine strongly sitting on the polyester for a time, then you must use a stronger mixture or solution by using a dish soap, or mild cleaner with hydrogen peroxide. This will be applied and spread to allow it to sit on polyester and urine to let it eradicate with this process to freshen the smell of polyester again by using baking soda too.

6. Using Upholstery Cleaners

You could also use upholstery cleaners to clean your couch. Such cleaners are available in both foam form and liquid form. However, one should read all instructions of use before using it.

10 how to clean polyester couch

There is a possibility that some of them require dilution with water. Also, ensure that you have made it safe to be used on the polyester of the couch. When you are finished applying the polyester couch cleaner, and also when you have finished brushing it gently and softly, then rinse your polyester couch by using water to eradicate residue.

7. Drying the Sofa

Mildew and mold increase in wet weather. Therefore, you can avoid them after a quick drying of the fabric. Also please note that you should keep the cushions dry in the sun. a hair dryer could also be used for this purpose which will escalate the process of drying.


In the article, use of polyester couch has been discussed in detail. Polyester is also more durable than wool or cotton. However, there are some care options too that need to be considered. Overall, polyester is a good option for households but the best option is to use it with a blend of other options too such as by blending polyester with cotton.

We have also given due consideration to the significance, uses, advantages of using polyester for the domestic uses and its disadvantages. How to clean polyester couch and the applicable methods to clean the couches and furniture have been described alongwith the due points of procedure.

The aspect of price inflation and it being a medium option has also been given importance. Thereafter, variety of methods with the variety of facts have also been discussed to give the reader an overview of selecting whether to proceed this way or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to clean a polyester couch?

To clean a couch with a W tag, you need water with few drops of any detergent solution. However, if the couch is smelly too, then add white vinegar to the solution to address the bad smell. However it is recommended to keep the solution in the bottle and use through spray for quick and long term results.

Is 100% polyester couch easy to clean?

Yes, there are no special requirements for cleaning 100% polyester couch. You just need to wipe it down with simple damp cloth and start cleaning dirty marks or stains you see on the fabric of couch.

How do you wash 100% polyester couch cushions?

Turn on washing machine and keep it on delicate and cold setting. Get the best detergent from the makret famous for dyes and pour in the machine. However the result would be better if you have earlier removed stains with the stain remover.

How do you clean a 100 polyester microfiber couch?

To clean a 100 polyester microfiber couch, you will need to dampen down the cloth with water and gently wipe down from top to bottom to remove stains, spots or any mark. Then keep the couch for dry. Once that is done. Do vacuum the sofa entirely.

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