How to Clear Histamine from Body

How to Clear Histamine from Body

Do you have seasonal allergic reactions? Are you also experiencing stuffy noses, itchy eyes, rashes, headaches, and sneezes and want to get rid of all these health issues?

If so, you must read this article, which would help you to know the methods how to clear histamine from body by using various forms of treatments.

Let's start with a brief introduction to histamine, its forms and the reasons for its occurring in the body.

What is histamine?

Histamine refers to seasonal allergies including rashes, sneezes, stuffy nose and headaches which are a products of our body's immune system. Histamine also acts as the biological reaction’s mediator.

Often some individual’s body produces some chemicals as compared to normal people which could have an impact on the immune system too. It has various other effects as it also serves as a neurotransmitter.

How they Process

Neurotransmitters carry signals to different nerves. The secretion of histamine takes place in the body with the help of mast cells and basophils. The mast cells and basophils are observed near connective tissue.

As a result of the histamine in the body; capillaries become penetrable to the white blood cells due to the release of histamine in the blood flow.

Animals have histamine in their bodies, they also have food intolerances and keep searching for the means to clear out histamine from the body in one way or the other.

What Research Says

A recent study publicizes that about 20% of the entire population of Western countries is experiencing some kind of dietary or food intolerance, that affect histamine levels. while this figure gets exaggerated in the developing parts of the world.

This is a huge number and percentage of people that are affected by histamine problems. The following graphic shows the effects of the presence of histamine in the body: -

image 41

When there is histamine allergic reaction, histamine binds to the receptors in the blood flow to inhibit ‘vasodilation, smooth muscle cells, mucus secretion, and blood pressure changes’ as well apart from increasing the permeability.

Fatality & Seriousness

The severe histamine reactions are likely to become fatal and serious by the multiplication of histamine in the body, which needs to be cleared as quickly as possible. A body high in histamine makes “the breakdown process complex and difficult which could be life-threatening to the individual concerned”.

The majority of the people having weak immune response affected by histamine issues are individuals who already face histamine intolerance problems. Hence, antihistamine medications have been introduced in the market to address the rising ratio of histamine in the body.

Symptoms associated with histamine intolerance

Healthcare provider finds it difficult to diagnose the issue of histamine intolerance as the symptoms associated with it are manifold and overlapping.

Similarly, if the histamine intolerance symptoms are not appearing even then the medical tests could bring reality to the surface. Such aspect of discovery has been explained in the article How to Dispose of Acetone

The overall histamine intolerance symptoms might have a negative impact on the brain, skull, and lungs and result in the gastrointestinal symptoms as well. However, bloating and gas issues are common.

Other histamine intolerance symptoms are mentioned below: -


Research on Histamine Intolerance

A great number of health providers have been experiencing histamine issues around the world. In response, the amount of research publications is also on the trending side.

According to a study, the research publications on the issue of histamine faced rise and fall as the core research on the incidental topics remained higher till the year 2000 and then faced a quick decline during the next five years.

It again rose to educate society, to introduce antihistamine medication and resources to cope up with the issue of histamine intolerance. As a consequence, the global population has also been shifting towards bad dietary habits such as junk foods and leaving natural herbs.

When the Histamine Intolerance occurs in a body?

The prominent cause associated with histamine intolerance is a deficiency of enzyme mechanism or reduction in the activity state of the body. The diamine oxidase (DAO) enzyme processes histamine in our body and works to keep it in a beneficial range.

when histamine occurs in body

Without controlling diamine oxidase (DAO), there is no sufficient breakdown of histamine which accelerates several other health issues.

These health issues encompass raising the symptom level which increases the chance of accelerating the extent of severe allergic reactions.

For instance, after the diamine oxidase (DAO) inhibition, histamine’s oral administration would result in fatal consequences like anaphylactic shock.

The research of the American Society for Nutrition propagates its research that histamine intolerance is evident in 1% population and within this percentage, middle-aged individuals with 80% population experience histamine intolerance.

High and Low Histamine

Deficiency of diamine oxidase (DAO) with issues in breaking it down may cause high histamine levels. Different factors could cause the histamine levels to increase. These factors include “genetics, medications, diet, gastrointestinal issues/gi symptoms, and overgrowth of bacteria”.

Conversely, low histamine is considered histamine intolerance, which again needs proper care to continue with the balanced amount and get rid of histamine intolerance in the body.

Histamine in Body: Are They Bad?

The body has natural histamine controls that work well and are healthy for your protection from different triggers of the immune response and various allergens. However, the level of histamine should be regulated either through dietary interventions or by taking specific drugs.

As it is said; “excess of everything is not good for health”. The same is the case with histamine and if that becomes in excess, it must be cleared from the body to reduce allergy symptoms in the body.

Significantly on the cost of repetition, it has been determined that high levels of histamine are bad because they are likely to cause itching, hives, vomiting shock etc.

It has also been seen that high levels of histamine in a body resulting in the high blood pressure further expands blood vessel walls and cause swelling and itching of the body around.

Raising of Histamine: Are We Responsible?

There are many cases and research also spread that the histamine levels in the body could be lowered or increased because of the type of fermented foods that we eat daily.

This means that we can control histamine intolerance issues but we don’t due to the reasons that we are accustomed to different tastes all the time and we opt to go for the food luxuries instead of taking good care of our health.

When we go for luxuries everywhere in our lifestyles; different health issues arise as most of the food luxuries include fermented foods, which increase histamine in our immune system. Hence, it is safely inferred that we are equally responsible for the rise of histamine in the body.

Symptoms of histamine intolerance

In any of the following conditions; there is a great possibility that you could be suffering from histamine intolerance and allergic reactions like allergic asthma.

  • You may face a stronger histamine reaction than your capacity to handle.
  • After the consumption of fermented foods that affect histamine levels you will have watery eyes, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, breathing difficulty like allergic asthma and high blood pressure, headache, stress, or skin irritation.
  • You may experience unbearable food intolerances and digestive issues just after the histamine release. However, there could be a similarity between histamine and allergy symptoms but the hopeful aspect is that even during your experience of food intolerances you could still control histamine allergic reactions after understanding the right need of treatment.

Is Histamine Intolerance Treatable?

Yes, there is nothing cureless. Although the issue of treating ‘histamine intolerance’ largely calls for changes in the diet plans, replace your diet with low histamine diet or histamine free diet.

There still is a probability that DAO supplements or clinical nutrition might also help to resolve the issue of histamine in the body but still, the effects of supplements are unconfirmed and need more research and practical experiences to come up with a solution that can be applied at large scale.

Medical Testing

The doctor first treats all other allergic reactions and inflammatory disorders before treating out histamine intolerance issues because histamine and allergic symptoms are similar. Once the apparent allergic responses go away then the turn of treating histamine comes into question.

medical tests

High in histamine food, dietary changes, and antihistamine medications are suggested by the doctors for 14 to 30 days. The dietary plan suggested by the doctor is to remove high histamine foods from your menu. A blood sample may be taken to evaluate any DAO deficiency.

Furthermore, a prick test is another way to evaluate allergic reactions and allergy symptoms for duration of 20 minutes. However, the waiting time normally is about 50 minutes for this test.

Antihistamine solutions

The treatment options include either artificial or natural antihistamines that throw out histamine by triggering the histamine release during various allergic reactions and inflammatory disorders.

There are basically three forms of treatment options available to treat histamine intolerance along with histamine reactions.

  • Dietary Treatment to kick out histamine from the body.
  • Medical treatment with the use of Antihistamine medications in the shape of Liquids and Pills.
  • Natural remedies to end or clear out histamine from the body.

Dietary treatment

In order to address the issue of increased histamine you are supposed to follow the following dietary instructions: -

Histamine-rich foods to avoid

The majority of the population tolerates food intolerances resulting in high histamine. However, there is a minority section, which is affected by histamine intolerance. For those having such histamine intolerance, breaking down histamine is not easy.

histamine rich foods

Weakness in breaking down histamine would cause the immune system to show signs of breathing issues, anaphylactic shock, diarrhea, and skin irritation, headache, high stomach acid, imbalance of white blood cell, high body temperature, increase blood flow, watery eyes, inflammatory disorders, digestive issue and other symptoms.

Role of Physician

In case of any fear, the physician is supposed to evaluate the relevant case and recommend some dietary changes.

In these changes, healthcare provider would recommend you to eat certain foods to control allergy symptoms, white blood cell count, body temperature, nasal congestion, stomach acid, inflammatory disorders, food tolerance, stomach acid, anaphylactic shock.

The high histamine foods are mentioned below: -

Fermented Foods The foods that have been fermented have high levels of histamine but this is also dependent upon the technique of certain food preparation and aging length.

A higher level of histamine is reported in Sauerkraut but the other common eateries have low histamine levels. People sensitive to histamine face a risk of weak immune response to allergy symptoms after consuming sauerkraut.

Alcohol Alcohol intolerance is caused by histamine intolerance. Histamine reactions to alcohol-producing grain and sulfites are also included. Within the primary symptoms falls the symptoms of migraines which is also due to histamine problem.

Aged Cheeses A study propagates that the temperature of cheese storage and aged cheeses contribute to the changes in histamine levels. The histamine level was higher in the cheese kept at a 22-degree temperature compared to the cheese kept at a 4-degree temperature.

Packaged Meat Always focus on buying fresh meat instead of the meat available in packing or in preserved or smoked meat. Research propagates that the cooking method for meat could be changed and histamine is reduced after boiling the meat which increases by the way of grilling the meat.

Legume Chickpeas, kidney beans, legumes, along peanuts tend to be the prominent triggers of allergy especially in asthma-effected individuals.

Citrus Fruits Different types of citrus fruits including limes, lemon and orange are the prominent sources to trigger histamine but do not have a higher level of histamine. The doctors often recommend lowering the intake of citrus juices and fruits to help maintain low-histamine food eating habits.

Alternate Food Items

While taking low-histamine diet, it is significant to consume different fresh nutrients and food. A variety of low histamine diets consists of “limited citrus but fresh fruit, meat, reduced tomato consumption, fresh vegetables, coconut milk, rice, pasta, whole grain food, bread, and herbal tea”.

alternate foods

Fruits and vegetables that are rich in histamine include bananas, avocados, and eggplant. Pickles, miso, kefir, bacon, sausages, and vinegar are some forms of fermented foods which must be excluded from the dietary plan.

Similarly, milk and cheese are also known for triggering histamine reactions in the body, and consumption is to be reduced to clear histamine from the body.

Nut products from trees, chocolate, milk substitutes like almond milk and coconut milk and cinnamon tend to increase allergens.

There is one exception if you are a lover of dairy products, then just consume goat milk instead of cow milk because cow milk raises histamine but goat milk regulates histamine.

Milk substitutes may also trigger histamine release, though these are not directly involved in the production of histamine. Among them, Almond milk, coconut milk etc. are believed to have lower histamine level.

On the other hand, preserved diet also raises the level of histamine in the body. You should only eat a non-packaged diet including fish, poultry and frozen foods too. Cooking the meal yourself would help a lot in reducing the chances of consuming preservative food that could trigger histamine.

Medical treatment - Antihistamine liquids and pills

The medical treatment would vary from case to case. The healthcare professional becomes likely to evaluate the symptoms and decide whether it is an allergy or not.

If he finds out that it is not an allergy then he will proceed with histamine treatment to clear histamine from the body; otherwise, he would first opt to resolve the allergy issue and then would evaluate the impact of histamine.

treatment pills to reduce histamine

The doctor could not accurately suggest a good and effective lab test but he would suggest consuming “antihistamine pills, cetirizine, and diphenhydramine”.

Antihistamine pills must only be consumed with a doctor’s prescription and without the prescription of a doctor, consumption of antihistamine pills would be harmful.

Classification of Antihistamine Drugs

There are two major classes of antihistamine drugs. These include the H-1 receptor drugs and the H-2 receptor drugs based on the symptoms and focus of action.

The H-1 receptor drugs deal with allergies whereas the H-2 receptor drugs target gastrointestinal issues or gi symptoms. The H-1 class drugs are then subdivided into the 1st Generation and 2nd Generation antihistamines.

It is a lot easier for the H-1 class agents to clear all blood barriers and pass through the bloodstream while the H-2 class drugs need some time to impose their effect.

Medicines to Histamine Levels?

Histamine intolerance could result in vascular permeability leaving the liquid to move towards tissues from capillaries. This increases the chances of swelling in vessels. 

The medicinal antihistamines act as antagonists and reduce this issue at H-1 receptors or histamine receptors. The overall clinical advantage is in the form of a reduction of allergic responses.

The first generation of histamines has the capacity to pass through all blood barriers to antagonize H-1 receptors or histamine receptors in the nervous system by imposing a therapeutic impact as compared to the second-generation medicines aimed at the peripheral histamine receptors.

The time taken for the pharmacological effect of medicines taking place ranges between 4 to 6 hours. On the other hand, second-generation medicines take 12 to 24 hours to impose their effect on histamine intolerance levels.

Similarly, the inhibition of pills related to the H-2 receptor also diminishes acidity in the stomach.

Drug Administration

Medical physicians usually administer antihistamine tablets by specifying their daily dosage. Intramuscular and intravenous drug administration may also be suggested to clear the histamine from the body.

Adverse Health Impact

There are different health implications that may be experienced after the administration of antihistamine medicines on a daily basis. It depends on what type of drugs and which category of drugs you are inhibiting.

The H-1 receptor-focused drugs would result in dose-oriented noticeable side effects and are very common too. On the other hand, the adverse effects of H-2 receptor-focused medicines are rarely witnessed except for the effect in the form of cimetidine.

Natural Remedies

Following are the crucial tips to lower, reduce or end the level of histamine through a natural process: -

Intake of Low-Histamine Food

The most substantial way to control the increase of histamine is through balancing the diet. Consumption of low-histamine food is necessary to refrain from high-histamine food would help prevent histamine intolerance issues.

You will also experience a reduction in the chances of severe allergic reactions. Reducing your body’s sugar level would also manage histamine levels in your body. Also, reduce coffee intake.

Air Purifier Usage

One of the effective and best ways to reduce allergen exposure is an air purifier. Air purifier filters the air and removes toxins along with pollens which ensures a reduction in the chances of histamine trigger.

Reduce Pollen Exposure and Face Washing

If one is interested in staying safe from the harmful health effects of pollen exposure; then stay indoors, use the weather app to inquire about pollen in the area, and must adopt to wash your face before you go to sleep.

Drinking water in access amount would also help you. If you omit to wash your face or hair before going to bed, the pollen from your hair will be transferred to your pillow.

Eat Vitamin C Rich Diet

Vitamin C is a great source to use against histamine because it is known as natural antihistamine. You don’t need to only consume citrus fruits and foods to get Vitamin C.

Instead, your focus should be towards eating lots of non-citrus but rich in Vitamin C foods such as Cauliflower, broccoli, blackberries, bok choy, blueberries, brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, watercress, mango, and sweet potato.

Please note that these are low-histamine foods. Taking care of all these foods would support the primary cause to protect you from histamine’s higher level negative experiences and allergies.

Probiotic Intake

It is very important to keep your gut always healthy. The gut microbiome and gut lining are substantial for the well-being and health of an individual.

If you will keep experiencing various forms of allergic issues then your intestinal lining would be damaged due to elevated histamine levels.

Ample quality probiotic and its consumption is vital for the health of your gut. Your additional histamine would be managed by a healthy gut.

No to High-Histamine Diet

Some specific foods contain higher amounts of natural histamine. Just avoid consuming such foods, especially in large sizes. You should avoid histamine-rich food for 30 days at least to evaluate the overall progress of histamine in the body in this regard.

Consume Natural Antihistamine Foods

A person could move on to naturally-occurring antihistamine foods when he sees that there is no improvement being witnessed in your body. An individual shall then first find and consume herbal supplements that possess the natural histamine eliminators including Vitamin D, quercetin or Vitamin C.

However, after complete failure in every possible way, and as a last resort to restore your previous position; DAO supplements could be taken to balance the histamine levels in the body.

Trying Neti Pot

One of the great ways is to use a neti pot for the body to support against allergy. Dust, pollen, and additional mucus along with the debris are cleared from your nasal passages by using a neti pot.

Most of the time, when we clear our nasal passage through the neti pot this action allows us to breathe while also diminishing the swelling.

How much Time - To Lower Histamine Levels?

This aspect purely depends on our aggressiveness to eliminate histamine from our body. In terms of a histamine free diet, preventing environmental allergies, and providing support to the DAO levels, histamine levels must be reduced in less time within 24 hours.

On the other hand, if an individual keep on having a high histamine food intake then the duration would prolong further. Mast cell stabilizers are available to stabilize mast cells and throw away histamine issues.

Hormonal Link with Histamine Levels

This depends on the hormone level of a person which would have an impact on lowering and raising histamine levels in the body. Mast cells not only contribute to the production of histamines but also consist of estrogen receptors.

Besides mast cells, Estrogen has the ability to release and produce histamine in your immune system. They reduce DAO levels to end up causing high histamine levels.


The existence of excessive histamine causes various types of health issues resulting in witnessing different symptoms of histamine intolerance including headache, watery eyes, nasal congestion, bloating, gas issues, blood pressure and heart issues, inflammatory disorders, and even this could become fatal causing anaphylactic shock.

There are not many treatments available to clear histamine from the body except with the use of dietary interventions or some medical liquid and pill inhibition.

Though you could not eliminate histamine with dietary changes entirely at least, this will help you control your DAO and histamine levels to reduce the level and symptoms you are experiencing.

Likewise, medications and supplements prescribed by healthcare provider and medical officer, drinking water in access amount, and also natural ways of consuming low-histamine foods may also contribute to clearing histamine from the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you flush out histamines from your body?

You can flush out the problem of histamines from the body by bringing change to the dietary patterns e.g. intake of low histamine foods, taking of medical supplements and/or through the use of natural means.

How can I lower my histamine levels naturally?

By taking low-histamine foods i.e. fresh meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, coconut milk, and herbal tea; the raised level of histamine in the body can be reduced or lessened.

What are the symptoms of too much histamine?

In cases of histamine intolerance; you can face headaches, migraines, nasal congestions, hives, digestive issues, irregular periods fatigue etc. However, once the histamine issue is diagnosed and treated, the symptoms will go away.

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