How to Find Publisher of Website

How to Find Publisher of Website

It can become very crucial to know the person who has been the publisher of a blog post, article or website. If you are also experiencing similar hurdles in finding the publisher of a blog post, website, online magazine or article.

We have made an effort to provide you with multiple ways to find out the publisher of a website. Everyone knows if the dedication level is high you can even find out what others have failed to explore. Here you can find the answer to the query ‘How to find publisher of a website’.

Who is the Publisher of a Website?

A publisher is an individual who crafts, edits and uploads information on webpages of a website. It is also his duty to keep updating the content timely and keeping an eye on any outdated information so as to replace that with new facts and figures. However, he could be the sponsor, author or owner of the website.

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What is Website Publisher Free?

It depends there can be some fee for the publishers while there are hosting website which provide publishing services free of cost.

You are just supposed to create an account like GitHub, then create a code repository, upload your pages including web files, and you can see your website online without spending any penny at all. Likewise, Wix’s is another free to use for hosting a website.

Publication Rights

Publication rights are treated as an offshoot of the copyrights granted to the publishers. All terms and conditions granted for the copyrights become ipso facto applicable to the publication rights.

Although the law requires getting permission prior to publishing someone else’ work failing which you could face the penalties for the violation of copyrights of the authors or the publishers as the case may be.

Writing Styles in Publication

Harvard, APA, MLA, or Chicago writing styles have been in practice for describing the research content. In all formats; a writer is supposed to write about his details including the worth. In most cases, if the content has been developed by a member of any organization then the name of the publisher as well as that of the publisher are also given.

In order to exclude chances of harm to anyone including the reader it must be ensured that information is legitimate with the publisher's name mentioned in it. When you cannot find the publisher or his details with utmost certainty, then you should make plausible efforts to know the name of the publisher and the legitimacy of the information he has shared.

Why Does the Publisher is Searched out?

There can be countless reasons to find a website publisher; however, most people look for them due to inter alia reasons and grounds: -

why to find publisher of website

Ethical Considerations

There are a few ethical considerations, which must be taken care of while searching and obtaining the name or contact details of any publisher of the website, article, or journal depending on the requirement of using it.

someone using data of other on internet

The most important of all is that whether an individual searches and fetches personal information, email addresses, or contact details by using different apps or email finder tools, the fetched data must not be misused and should only be used for the purposes for which it is obtained.

Approaches to Find a Publisher

Different approaches and methods have been applied to find a publisher for a website. However, the key methods have been enumerated and discussed as follows: -

DIY Methods

Following are given the methods to find out the publisher of a website by browsing the internet in one way or the other, without seeking any support from the free or paid tools developed to find out the publishers.

google search to find copyright notice

Subscribe Email Newsletter

A website newsletter is a good option to find out the details and contact information of a website publisher. One example is ProBlogger, whose features are noteworthy for the purposes of efficient blogging across industries to get money amid the efforts of blogging.

Add a String to the Domain

The idea is generally referred to as a hacker technique to find out information about the publisher of a website. The use of the technique helps in obtaining the data related to username, and login information of the administrator or owner of the website.

In this method, a thread is added to the domain name at the end. A list of different codes will appear in which there will also be the details of the owner’s username. However, this method will be ineffective when the publisher is using any subdomain like WordPress etc.

Check Out the Copyright Notice

The prominent and obvious place to observe a website’s publisher is looking at the footer of the website page. Popular websites always attach the publisher's information’s copyright notice to the website so as to demonstrate their existence and availability on the web.

When you feel the need to cite the publisher let's say for academic purposes, then the organization’s name followed by the author's name comes. “LLC” or “Inc”.

You will find that the website names and the publisher names could be the same, for instance, Wiki How, is the name of the publisher and also that of website. Likewise, the website New York Times also has its publisher The New York Times.

The Bio Page of the Author

The bio pages of the author given on the website for the purposes of information can also be validly used to know much about the author in which a person could see their name and other information including the potential credentials of the author/ publisher.

Do Google Search

If you want to know the publisher’s name then you could also find him in Google by inserting the relevant and useful information related to him. Doesn’t matter what you are looking for name of the publisher of a website or the name of some author on the platform.

Find Publishers to Drive Referral Ad Traffic

Follow the steps below to find out the publishers to drive referral ad traffic: -

  • In order to find out a publisher, use the “advertising” module to select “find publishers”.
  • Select “find publishers” by competitor or by industry.
  • You will select the geographic location and month.
  • Use all industries and all network filters in order to screen out the outcomes and witness specific and relevant sites in light of given requirements.

Contact the Publisher

In case you have discovered information about the author’s name on a website, then they could be contacted for further information. This will include the information of their organization, contact information or bio whatever you could find out there.

People involved in academic writing or scholarly journals, essays or articles are required to know the author or publisher's name in that case.

Contact Us Page/Author

Another simple technique to see the author's name is on the page titled Contact Us, Author, and About page. On these pages, you can or cannot find the author’s name.

You can find the names of many authors, while some websites could have not shown, or shared the details of the authors and publishers.

Use Social Media to Find Publisher

Another genuine and best technique is to go for social media searching. It is evident that in most of the cases, publishers are not mentioned on the websites but they are on different groups, social media accounts, or pages.

For example, LinkedIn, Instagram, tweeter. Or Facebook. Although it could demand much of your time to find out the authors or publisher by locating the connectivity, yet it could work.

Review Legal Pages

You can also try to inquire about legal pages for this purpose. If there is some good information on the legal pages preferably for the disclaimer or privacy purposes; even then you can make their use for yourself.

Reverse Engineering

In order to identify the publishers, you could proceed to apply the reverse engineering technique where you would need to look for those specific websites from where overall traffic is coming to the specific website, the site competitors, and within which industry to unveil the type of publisher an author is.

Finding the Publisher with the Help of Tools

There are several online tools, which subscriptions can be joined freely or purchased to find out the details of the publisher of a website or the information about the author of a blog post. Some of the notable tools are mentioned below for the ready reference: -

use of tools to find out publisher

Clearbit Connect


clearbit extension on google


it is a free Chrome extension, which contains useful information about people and companies. If you install the extension then you will get connected to the circle of verified contact information of the users of the extension. If you find a publisher, who used to work for Forbes, then you will be getting every information of the publisher you name.

Use of Hunter

It is the most popular email marketing system in the world, which facilitates a person to craft individual link-building to a new level. It is reported to have been designed with the aim of helping outreach campaigns. However, Hunter has the capacity to extract the information you need about different websites.

Lead Leaper: The Email Finder

Lead Leaper is a famous Chrome extension available to use to search the emails of different people but it can be used through the LinkedIn platform to get contacts and results. It successfully pulls data from LinkedIn and displays it in front of you with the aim of extending help in executing business ventures.

It is also considered a valuable tool for interlinking, link-building and outreach purposes. It is beneficial in a way that it facilitates to let you attract people to collaborate with you and professionally work with individuals. An individual could include his previous article’s links.


It is another email finder tool, very beneficial for finding emails of professionals, businessmen and companies including publishers of a website. This extension enjoys appreciation from a wide range of users in the industry and is also used by several marketing professionals, sales personnel, and recruiters.


This email-finding tool facilitates the purpose in a way that a person has to use the Gmail account to benefit from its services in which an individual uses several combinations of email addresses to get the data of the required individual.

While using this tool, the user will be able to get the data of another person’s professional email address. However, it is also required to stay warned about the bugs in using this app and another issue with the app is that it is not automatically updated.


WHOIS is a renowned and prominent method to know about the publisher of a website. This is a free service-providing website that delivers you the best-updated results. 

whois website

There is an easy process to use the WHOIS facility in order to find out the life and other details of the website. Find below the step-wise process to sue the WHOIS platform: -

  1. Enter the web URL after opening the WHOIS platform.
  2. Search for your URL.
  3. Find the registrar data after scrolling down the website.

Although there is a high certainty of getting the results by using this web tool, there can be some occasions when the WHOIS technique could still fail.

SEO Tools

In the line of tools to acquire details of a publisher; there appears a name of prominent but paid SEO tool names i.e. Ahref. It is relatively easy to find the author name of a publisher. Besides the information about competitors and keywords, it also contains a healthy volume of information related to the publisher of a website.


Finding and obtaining emails and identity information of publishers is an uphill task whether it is the personal identity of any website publisher or the details of any specific author, but for other people, when they start using the right digital tools, then this task is not much difficult as it looks to be.

Conversely, the question ‘how to find publisher of a website’ is akin to privacy issues. A person might also face issues associated with privacy while fetching information from websites.

Ethics must always be followed during the extraction of the personal identity details of any author or publisher. Privacy of sensitive data is the right of everyone, which must be safeguarded.


Is the publisher the same as the website name?

It can be in either case. Publisher may be the name of the website or it can be different. However, the publisher is the one who is making, editing and controlling the website as it appears to you. The name of the publisher can be found next to the information given about the copyright usually at the bottom of the homepage.

Where do I find publication information on my website?

You need to navigate on the pages of a website if you can’t find it on the homepage. It is usually given on the top corner of the homepage or at the bottom of the page describing the day, month and year of the publication.

Is the publisher of a website the author?

If the name of the author is nowhere given on the website, then the publisher will be treated author of the website. In order to extend the responsibility of giving true content; the liability is kept on the one who is the beneficiary of the entire work.

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