How to Get Shovel in Animal Crossing

How to Get Shovel in Animal Crossing

True lovers of nature wish to live alongside nature in a favorite island in animal crossing. Shovel is one of the handy tools that you require in order to craft your favorite island in whatever way you want. The benefits of shovel are multiple; not only it can dig the soil but also uproot trees and fossils.

Getting a shovel is not easy because there are few essential steps to take before acquiring a shovel. In this guide we will show you how to get a shovel in animal crossing, a flimsy shovel, and regular shovel. Keep reading to get insights.

Getting a Shovel in Animal Crossing game

In animal crossing game, you are on a dream island where you can get the necessary tools in order to craft your island. You can build this island by planting trees, digging fossils, and whatever you want to do.

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Why Get a Shovel?

Shovel is one of tools that has multiple functions in animal crossing game. Its common use brings value to it.

2 how to get shovel

With the help of a shovel, you can dig soil, build gardens and dig fossils. With the help of a shovel you will have the opportunity to unlock the island and curate it according to your wishes. In order to get a shovel, you will have to follow some preliminary steps.

First things to have first shovel

Due to the significance of a shovel in animal crossing game, you cannot get it easily. You will have to get everyone’s favorite, Blathers, to your island.

3 getting shovel

You will be requested to go through the tutorial and Tom Nook’s DIY workshop. After successful completion, the last step to get a shovel is that you will have to donate Nook five unique species of either bugs or fish.

Note it down that all you need to do is to bring five unique bugs or species to Nook stop terminal and he will invite Blather to come to your island.

Get DIY Recipe

Once you donate five unique species of bugs or fish he will immediately invite Blather to come to your island and set up shop. Once he arrives, the first thing to do is to introduce yourself to Blathers and he should give you two DIY recipes.

How to buy a Shovel in Animal Crossing

When you first build Nook’s Cranny they will only sell flimsy tools. The upgraded tools are more significant in animal crossing than old tools. In order to unlock these tools you will have to achieve certain milestone.

4 get shovel

Once you fulfill these requirements, Isabelle will mention during her announcement that Nook’s cranny has been remodeled.

There are three versions of shovel. All are the same except for their color and name.

How to get a Regular Shovel

Once you arrive in the island in animal crossing game, you will be directed and guided by Tom’s tutorials. These guides will help you to do anything. You can get flimsy tools that will be required in order to build or curate the island. However, following steps may be taken to get regular shovel: -

get shovel image no. 5

How to get a Flimsy Shovel

Once you are on your dream island in animal crossing, you will need several things including a flimsy shovel. In order to get a flimsy shovel, follow the following steps: -

  1. Complete the Tutorial Objectives

When you first put your foot on the island Tom Nook will walk you essential steps in order to do different tasks.

6 getting shovel

Before Blathers reach, you must do the following things: -

  • You need to choose the player’s tent location and location of other two villages.
  • Complete Tom Nook requirements.
  • Take a nap in the tent before Blathers arrival.
  • After resting, speak to the two villagers for DIY recipes.

2. Capture 5 unique Bugs or Fish

7 how to get shovel

3. Give the Bugs or Fish to Tom Nook
4. Find a Location to place Blather’s tent 
5. Speak to Blather to Receive Recipe for Flimsy Shovel 
6. Crafting Flimsy Shovel

How to get a Golden Shovel in Animal Crossing

In past animal crossing game, the golden tool was considered as rare item that you could only get after the completion of a major task. For instance, to unblock the golden shovel in Animal crossing.

8 how to get shovel

While, in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the golden flimsy tools are somewhat less rare. Follow these steps in order to get a golden shovel recipe.

  1. Help Gulliver the Seagull Find Missing Communicator Parts 30 times.
  2. Wait for the Next Day to Receive a Gift from Gulliver.
  3. Learn the Recipe to get a Golden Shovels.
  4. Craft the Golden Shovel using 1 Regular Shovel and a Gold Nugget or golden nugget.


In the animal crossing game, you enter into an island that you can build with the help of various tools. One of the significant tools is a shovel.

In this game, you will also have the opportunity to upgrade your tools with time. We have already noted in detail on how to get a shovel and different versions of a shovel in animal crossing game.

Shovel is really important in animal crossing game because it can help you in digging soil or fossils, planting trees and uprooting plants. There are various ways to get a shovel in animal crossing game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a Shovel in Animal Crossing without Blather?

If you want to get a shovel without Blather the first thing you need to do is to get the crafting recipe of the shovel from the Nook cranny resident services. Now buy the pretty good tools pack or kits for 3000 Nook Miles and in return you will get DIY recipe for all the upgraded tools.

How do I Get a Flimsy Shovel?

In order to get a flimsy shovel in animal’s crossing, you will have to donate five unique species of bugs or fish to Tom. When Tom receives the donation, he will immediately invite Blather to the mystery islands. When the Blather arrives, he will give you DIY recipe which you can craft into a flimsy shovel.

How long does it take Blather to arrive?

Once you give donation to Tom Nook, he will invite blather to visit island and set up a shop within a period of a day or two.

How do you get a Shovel in Animal Crossing if you are the Second Person?

The first person is supposed to be involved in the game. Once he receives the gift and reach a particular stage in the game, he can make his own shovels and can also share the recipe with the second person.

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