How to Get Xanax

How to Get Xanax

Have you ever experienced mental disorders like anxiety and have been prescribed the medication named Xanax? Everyone has anxiety at a certain point in their lives, but individuals who have an anxiety disorder confront additional challenges. Such scenarios can lead to trouble at work, in marital relationships, or almost any other area of life.

The good thing is that there are effective medical treatments such as Xanax that have efficacy and are readily available. Though Xanax is an effective treatment for mental disorders, it also makes patients addicted to it if abused. However this article shall give a complete account of Xanax drugs; what is Xanax drug, how to get Xanax drug, functions of the drug, addiction to the drug, implications and side effects. Let’s explore.

How much intake of Xanax Drug

Getting Xanax drug can lead to addiction, which can be hazardous due to its negative properties. For some patients, Xanax seems effective in minimizing tension and anxiety, but some patients when take overdose on this medication show addictive symptoms. This is why many doctors are cautious about providing a prescription for this medicine.

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Before prescribing Xanax, doctors are now checking for a history of substance abuse in their patients. Having knowledge about the effects of this type of drug is one of the strongest barriers against possible Xanax harm. It has been discovered that comprehending the potential consequences of any medicine can assist in preventing an overdose or addiction in some circumstances.

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Understanding More about Xanax

Xanax is an FDA-approved medication that belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, which are nervous system depressants that slow down brain functioning resulting in sleepiness, lack of coordination, impaired judgment, and a decrease in anxiety.

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Remember! Xanax is a tranquillizer that cannot be used without the prescription of your doctor. The reason is that it has the potential to get addicted to this drug. Despite the weak reputation among different recreational drugs, it is still largely prescribed in the US. The impact area of Xanax pill is mostly the area of the brain and the central nervous system after which the patient feels relaxed and calm.

Immediate Effects of Xanax Drug

This results in slurred speech and weak coordination. The effect of Xanax is that it raises the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid which is one of the chemicals due to which brain activities are reduced. It is also responsible for the effectiveness and dysfunction of brain nerve cells.

Xanax pill is available in several doses such as the 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, and 2 mg tablets. If your doctor observes that you need to take this drug then he will prescribe you otherwise will not suggest Xanax drug. The strength of the medicine also decides the tablet's colour. The 2mg tablet is yellow-coloured, white or green.

Similarly, 0.25 mg tablet is allocated white, 1mg the blue color and 0.5mg the orange color. After consuming the drug, its effect starts within 1 to 2 hours of its intake. It could be in a person’s body system for 15 hours.

How Xanax Gives Comfort

The purpose of taking Xanax is to balance out the brain chemicals. A person with Xanax feels calmer, relaxed, and drowsy after taking it since it increases neurotransmitters in the brain. During this process, GABA, a chemical in the brain responsible for slowing down nerve cell activity, is increased resulting in slowing down the movement of unbalanced chemicals of the brain.

As long as it is taken correctly, it is safe and effective. In clinical research studies, Xanax is effective for treating specific psychiatric disorders. According to research, when an individual uses a prescribed dose of the drug under the supervision of a physician, there is little tendency for addiction to occur. It is important to note that chemical dependence is a risk when an individual uses more than the recommended dosage.

This situation occurs after taking Xanax for more than one to two weeks due to the patient’s brain adjustment to the effects of this drug. As Xanax belongs to one of the fifteen benzodiazepines, it works faster to calm the central nervous system and helps in alleviating anxiety symptoms. This drug has the property of leaving the body quickly which is why more people tend to take this medication. Due to Xanax usage, patients can feel drowsiness, so it is recommended to avoid activities that can cause life-threatening accidents like driving and using machines.

Getting frequent Xanax may result in Addiction

Xanax addiction occurs when patients take the Xanax medication of about 20 or 30 pills per day which eventually causes changes in the brain chemicals. Regardless of the adverse consequences of over dosage of Xanax, these chemical changes result in uncontrolled usage of medicine which can later lead to death.

The Xanax-addictive person most frequently takes medication more than prescribed by the doctor, and can even buy Xanax illegally or can use other patient’s medication in case of unavailability. The long-term over dosage can make the patient’s brain dependent on this drug which means that in case of stopping medication, the addicted patient can suffer from withdrawal symptoms. This can make it hard for the addicted patient to avoid using Xanax.

Tests to Find Out Addiction

Several tests are available to detect Xanax drug addiction and its presence in the human body. The tests encompass the blood test, urine, hair and saliva tests. From all these tests, law enforcement agencies could know the level of addiction and consumption of Xanax. Anything above the law will be dealt with legal implications for the offender. This may result in long duration of imprisonment and fines if found guilty of illegal use or possession of Xanax.

Symptoms of Xanax Addiction

There are different symptoms behind the Xanax addiction, which have been enumerated below for the quick reference: -

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Necessity of Getting Xanax Prescription from a Doctor

The case where a man has never consumed Xanax and is looking to use it for the first time requires a proper prescription from the physician before using it. Self-medication only after seeing the symptoms from the internet and considering them on one’s own personality is very devastating.

It could be life-threatening too. Only a professional healthcare consultant could tell if you need to get Xanax (alprazolam) or not. What makes you qualify for getting Xanax drug? Next are given are the primary requirements:-

Anxiety Disorders

The first reason for the prescription of Xanax drug is anxiety and cognitive disorders. If you are continuously depressed about any issue then the doctor may prescribe Xanax for your treatment.

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The patient faces negative results about anything anyone is focused on. This anxiety and focus may end up in distress, discomfort, chest pain, uneasiness, chest pains, shortness of breath and trembling. Distress may be a result of current or past experiences. Anxiety on different occasions is something normal. The problem exists if it is not occasional.

Panic Disorders

Anxiety is different from panic disorders. The patient will undergo different types of physical symptoms as a result of immediate and unexpected vibes of fear. External stress is said to be the main trigger of panic attacks. It is seen that more panic attacks with severity were observed as compared to the expectation.

Panic attacks result in an individual lying in the hospital's emergency room. Even the panic attacks are also the outcome of the present situation’s fears. The notion of a panic attack resembles an alarm in which a patient undergoes a panic attack with violating and damaging symptoms of panic disorders.


Another requirement in which a healthcare professional may prescribe you to get Xanax is a phobia of any kind. Phobia is the main culprit leading to either anxiety or panic attacks. The following are some primary types of phobias:-

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More so, a study conducted by the Archives of General Psychiatry included 481 patients with panic disorders. All patients consumed alprazolam for a period of 21 days to deal with their anxiety, phobic issues and social avoidance problems. Within these patients, about 82% patients demonstrated an improvement but half people reported elimination of panic attacks. As the drug has the capacity to make its consumers addicted, therefore to prescribe Xanax was not good for people suffering from substance abuse.

Those folks who consume alcohol are more likely to have Xanax addiction too. Furthermore, a person with a tendency towards extreme depression or suicidal thoughts is more vulnerable to increased suicidal thoughts after using Xanax pill. Therefore, the healthcare professional will not find it suitable to prescribe Xanax to such people.

Side Effects of Getting Xanax Drug

Following are the detailed side effects of Xanax consumption, which can reflect in the patient in one of the following results:-

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Overdose Symptoms of Getting Xanax Drug

If you want to know whether the Xanax drug has been taken in moderate ratio or the same was suffered from overtaking; thus the following symptoms associated with the overdose of getting Xanax would guide you to reach the findings.

  • Increased level of drowsiness
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Reduced heart rate
  • Balance loss
  • Fainting
  • Confusion
  • Coma

Xanax Drug Overdose Implications

Over dosage of Xanax drug is fatal. There is an increased risk of fatality in people already suffering from substance abuse. Crushing and chewing a pill is also considered an overdose in such patients due to its time-releasing aspect. In case of overdose, there is an option to pump the stomach so that more unabsorbed Xanax could be removed and more negative impact could be reduced.

For antinodes, medications could also be prescribed accordingly. Antinodes may include flumazenil. The person might also need to consume the required fluids as well. It is highly recommended to visit a healthcare professional in case of an overdose of Xanax drug before it is too late.

One should also tell the doctor correctly and completely about what had happened and what led to the overdose incident of that drug. This is required by the doctor to effectively prescribe an effective treatment plan by brainstorming options.

How to Get Xanax through Online Prescription

Yes, Xanax drug can be prescribed online medically but there are some regulations in this regard. The most primary and common symptoms linked with cognitive issues along with well-being are evident in the US. However, it is also a great aspect that still the treatment options are available. Medications like Xanax antidepressants with therapy could facilitate dealing with the symptoms of anxiety.

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On the other hand, with the influx of digital internet-based technology, healthcare professionals have also managed to provide and prescribe treatment online to patients. Patients are also comfortable getting online prescriptions from healthcare professionals to improve mental well-being and eliminate anxiety issues. Online prescriptions are done after getting an online appointment with the doctor.

Steps to Get Xanax through Online Prescriptions

The best option is to always follow your healthcare professional because he will prescribe only those drugs or medicines that are more suitable to you in light of your current health condition or the underlying diseases.

It might not be Xanax or any other alternative medicine but never try self-administration of Xanax without a doctor’s prescription. This could end up very wrong. So keep in mind that you have to take good care of your mental and physical well-being. Physical well-being also depends on mental well-being. Following are the key steps you should follow while getting Xanax prescription online:-

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After the diagnosis, if the healthcare professional finds it appropriate then he or she will prescribe you Xanax for treatment by also considering the underlying diseases if any.

Can you get Xanax without Doctor’s Prescription?

As mentioned earlier, Xanax has many addictive properties too and works as a drug. Therefore, an individual could only get Xanax through a legal prescription from the doctor. This negates any kind of self-intake of the drug without reaching out to the doctor and telling him the entire health situation of the body or any underlying diseases.

Hiding the health facts and self-intake may result in fatal consequences. It will also be illegal to take this drug without a healthcare professional’s approval.

Avoid Getting Scammed through Fake Xanax

There are also some international manufacturers of fake Xanax drug makers. Always avoid them during your online purchase. Now the question here is “How could you avoid getting fake Xanax online?” The answer lies in the following steps and tips to ensure that you are only buying the original Xanax through online platforms:-

Step 1:Ensure that the seller's website requires an appropriate medical prescription from the healthcare professional. Furthermore, the activity of selling it without a proper prescription from any relevant doctor is also illegal.

Step 2:Ensure that you have seen the manufacturer’s phone number and address online so that you can ensure that the Xanax that you are buying is not unregulated. Unregulated drugs pose a great health risk to user’s life. It is the consumer’s responsibility to look after his or her life and avoid fake medicines.

Step 3:In case you notice any counterfeit Xanax drug, immediately contact the FDA to report it. FDA after your report will take necessary action against the culprit companies.

Alternatives of Xanax

The safe alternatives of Xanax drugs include fluoxetine, sertraline, Lorazepam, BuSpar, Zoloft, and Ativan.

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It should specifically be kept in mind that even the alternatives should also be taken with a doctor's prescription after his consultation. There could be some minor differences in the composition of alternatives but the priority should always be to seek only the drugs having entirely similar composition aimed at the same functioning. Therapy could also be an alternative to Xanax online.

People Who Must Not be Prescribed Xanax

As Xanax refers to a drug which has the capability to successfully treat various conditions in different people there are many other folks who should avoid using Xanax as treatment. Following are the people who are banned to get Xanax from a healthcare professional:-

Patients with Allergy cannot Get Xanax

People who have hypersensitivity previously and also the sensitivity or allergic reaction to the use of alprazolam must not consume Xanax.

Respiration Problems

People who are dealing with any respiratory issues should also not be prescribed Xanax and patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sleep apnea, or asthma need thorough monitoring before consuming Xanax.

Kidney/Liver Issues

As the liver metabolism of Xanax is the responsibility of the liver, so folks dealing with any liver disease must concentrate a hundred times before using this drug because this will have an extremely devastating health impact on the liver. Similarly, people with kidney issues will also need changes in Xanax doses by the doctor.

Age Factor

The age factor is also involved and needs consideration while prescribing Xanax to the patients. It has been noticed that in most of the older people, Xanax results in more strong adverse repercussions as compared to the younger adults. It proves too potent for the old-aged people. Inclusion of Other Medicines.

People using other medicines as well for different health issues could also be vulnerable to the side effects of Xanax. The anticonvulsants, sedatives, antifungal, and antibiotic medicines along with the antidepressants could react with Xanax when used. This could pose a great life risk too.

Caught Red-handed with Xanax without Prescription? Then What

The answer is quite simple in terms of law getting caught with Xanax without a healthcare professional’s prescription will pose serious implications concerning legal action. It is a serious crime to possess this drug without a prescription because Xanax falls in the Schedule VI drug classification due to its strongly abused substance status in the US.

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The possessor will get a legal penalty as a result of possessing Xanax illegally without a doctor’s prescription. It is considered a state-level crime to illegally possess Xanax drugs due to their addictive properties and extremely fatal consequences for life.

The felony associated with illegal Xanax drug possession ends up in a 10-year imprisonment with penalties applied. The trafficking of Xanax may also end up in 5 years imprisonment with a million-dollar penalty.


The article has covered the introduction of Xanax drug, it key functions, methods how to get Xanax and effects of over dosage. It is clear from the facts that Xanax is primarily used as an antidepressant but consuming Xanax pill requires a doctor’s prescription. Without prescription, Xanax drug use increases the risk of fatal consequences.

However, using Xanax without a doctor’s approval could result in an overdose of the drug and may result in panic attacks, anxiety or drug addiction. There are several alternative drugs too and there is also a therapy based on the overall requirements of treatment.

Many people are already drug-addicted so they need to stop this addiction. Addiction also leads to various side effects. Risks must also be analyzed which involve life-threatening outcomes if not taken seriously. Legal implications could be very tough if found guilty of having the possession.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Xanax prescribed to you?

The drug can be obtained on the basis of a prescription from a licensed practitioner. He knows well your medical conditions whether the medicine will cure your suffering or not.

Are doctors reluctant to prescribe Xanax?

As per rules of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the Xanax drug can only be prescribed on short term basis maximum up to 8 weeks, as it could entail high potential risks for misuse of the patients, already suffering from medical issues.

Can telehealth prescribe Xanax?

Yes, telehealth can also prescribe Xanax drug provided complete medical history of the patients is made available. Other anti-anxiety medications include alprazolam, diazepam and clonazepam, a drug used for the treatment of seizures and panic attacks.

In what cases do doctors prescribe Xanax?

It has been prescribed to treat the medical problems i.e. anxiety disorders, panic disorder, physical symptoms, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and the chest pain.

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