How to Make Beige Color

How to Make Beige Color

These days the beige color is very much trending and people try to get it and paint their walls and dining area. People love the beige colour because it contains a balance between simplicity and sophistication. It is a colour that displays elegant and timeless qualities.

We, personally, love the beige colour because it brightens the wall and it feels soothing and cosy to paint your dining walls. In this article, We are going to share with you various methods of how to make a beige color so much so how to make beige paint.

Meaning of the Word ‘Beige’

The word ‘beige’ has roots in the French language and it is translated as the colour of natural wool. It means the natural color of wool. Not dyed, washed or bleached. You must be thinking about this color but I bet you have seen it many times in your life when you are wandering around in farms and forests.

You must have noticed the wool of the sheep in the farm. That is the combination of varieties of color but mainly they are the color beige. Beige color can take many forms which I will be explaining later in this article. Therefore, do not look away and focus on the article because this is going to be so much fun.

Understanding Beige Color

Beige is one of the most warm, serene and elegant color. It gives a sense of warmness and brightness to your dining room. It is important to note that beige color does not exist on color wheel but its color falls between white and brown color. If you like warmth and, peaceful and elegant touch to your house then it is necessary to know about the color beige because it is going to be valuable for you.

Why is Beige Color Trending Nowadays?

There are different kinds of people who like different shades of color. Elegant, smart and fun-loving people love beige color. It is a whitish-brown color that reflects light and hence gives elegant and smooth color. The reason why this color is trending is that people nowadays like light color and they want brightness and elegance in their homes. Likewise, Magent color is also in limelight as it has also been declared color of the year 2023. To know more about this color; you can read the article How to Make Magenta

That is why people, these days, prefer to paint their walls and décor their home with beige color. The other reason why people prefer beige color is because beige is not actually one color. There are varieties of color that can be categorized as beige color. You will learn about it more in detail in the following lines.

Constituents to Form Beige

beige color yellow brown white

Beige is not really one colour but a combination of various different hues to produce a variety of beige color. The main elements of beige color are yellow, brown and white. By adjusting the ratio of these colors in different ways you can achieve a variety of color.

Yellow: Adding Coziness to Beige

It is the most critical color in creating beige because it brings warmth and brightness to the mixture. If you are choosing yellow paint, try to choose the one closer to a golden or creamy tone rather than bright one. Mixing yellow with other colors will give you different hues of beige. If you want your desired beige color then use yellow in a specific proportion so that you get what you desired.

Brown: Adding Depth to Beige

Brown is another crucial color in the color palette of beige. It gives richness and prevents the shades to be too light or washed out. If you are choosing among brown color, go for earthy tones such as sienna, ochre or raw umber. These different hues will complement white and yellow color and give you a range of beige color. The ratio and quantity of these colors will determine the final appearance of the beige. So try to be careful in mixing these colors.

White: Lightening Beige

It is another crucial color in creating beige paint by lightening the mixture. It will help you achieve the desired warmness and coolness in the final appearance of the hue. You can consider an off-white or soft white shade while selecting the color. 

It is important to mention here that try to avoid pure white color because it can create cooler and less-natural looking beige. Using different ratio of white color might result in varieties of beige color. If you add more white to the mixture will give you lighter beige. While decreasing the ratio of white in the mixture will result in a darker and intense color.

Learning Common Color Knowledge

Before we take a closer look at the color beige and how to make it, lets turn our attention to learning about the basic colors. You must remember your elementary school where you used different shades of color to draw and paint varieties of pictures. To understand the beige color and its making you must first have the knowledge of the color wheel.

Know about Color Wheel

Understanding the colour wheel is important because it will give you a background that will be necessary for making a beige colour. We will know to mix shades of colours to obtain a variety of beige colours. I will also guide you about how we make beige by mixing a variety of combinations of hues. So keep reading.

We are also planning to share some guidelines about beige colour. Then, we will briefly explain the colour beige and how to make beige. This colour has so many qualities that we can add different colours and make different kinds of beige. So, do not skip reading further this article.

RYB Color Model (Red, Yellow, Brown)

RYB color model

There are three primary colors which are red, yellow and brown. Upon mixing with another color you will get another color. These are called primary colors because they are the building blocks of another color. Other colors derive from them upon mixing in specific ratios. If you mix red and yellow, you will get orange color. These obtained or derived colors are called secondary colors because they are made from the mixing of other primary colors.

Now if you mix adjacent colors you will get another set of colors known as tertiary colors. In the color wheel, tertiary colors are red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet and red-violet. Now it is much easier to understand the color wheel. I am sure that by now you have learnt that by mixing different colors you can get a variety of colors. By repeating the process of mixing you can get infinite hues and shades.

Neutral Colors (White, Black, and Grey)

white black grey neutral colors

Earlier we have learnt about primary, secondary and tertiary colors. But there are certain colors which are not on the color wheel. These colors are white, black and grey. These are also known as “earth tones”. You will be surprised to hear that you can get neutral colors by mixing primary and secondary colors.

For example, if you want to obtain white color then mix primary colors blue and red to get one. If you want to get black color then mix all primary colors red, blue and yellow. However, it is important to mention that you have to be very precise and accurate about the mixing ratios of different colors.

How to Form a Beige color

This section of the article is going to be fascinating and interesting. In these lines, I am going to show you different methods on how to get beige color. There are different ideas available in the market but I am going to make it really simple for you. You just have to be focused and take the steps that I am writing here.

We will be discussing many methods to make beige color and also to make beige paint without undergoing any cumbersome process, hard to implement rather the tips and methods given here can be applied by sitting in your home. Let's proceed to the methods: -

No. 1: Blending Yellow and Brown to Get Beige

The basis of beige is brown color because it has undertones of red, yellow and orange. You can create an elegant and soothing beige color by blending yellow and brown color. Here is your step-by-step guide:


For Getting a Lighter Beige Color

As I have mentioned earlier, the combination ratio must be accurate for getting your desired color. So if you want to get a lighter beige color you have to add more quantity of yellow and less quantity of brown color. Upon mixing you will get a lighter beige color.

Deeper or Darker Beige Color

If you want a deeper or darker beige color you need to blend less quantity of yellow and more quantity of brown color. This is the easiest way to get a beige color. Moving on, I am going to discuss more such ideas about beige paint and beige color. So stay with me.

No. 2: How to Make Beige with Colored Pencil

making beige with color pencils

By now, I have established before you one of the easiest ways how to make beige and beige paints. There is a famous saying that time is money. So I am here to make use of your time and not waste your time. You don’t need to search for other articles.

I am here to give you enough information about beige that you will not need to open any other article. So stay with me and note it down with yourself. This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive methods on how to make beige with colored pencils. 

Step: 1. Preparing materials i.e. White paper and Colored pencil.

Step: 2. You need to collect different colors that you need i.e. Red, Blue, Yellow, Violet, Brown, Violet.

Step: 3 Start colouring

  1. First of all, you need to color your paper using a base color 
  2. Layer it with the colour you want to obtain from the following: -
  • White + Brown
  • White + yellow (+ brown)
  • White + black + yellow + red + brown

Now I am pretty sure that coloring by pencil might not be easy for you but it is not impossible. This is an easy task and you can do it in your home.

2. Methods to Make a Beige Paint

like making of beige color, the question how to make beige paint is also frequently asked, which also has some unique methods to make beige paint, the same are briefly explained as follows: -

No. 1: How to Make Beige Paint at Home

The simplest way to make beige paint is to use brown and white color at home. In the following lines, I am going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to make beige paint at home by blending brown and white color.

making beige paint at home

No. 2: Mixing Colors to form Beige Paint

Mixing different colors also give an apparent beige color or beige paint. Different shades are reflected after mixing various colors. However, let us explain which color combinations bring forth the beige color or paint as

mixing various colors to form beige paint

the case may be. Combination of following colors give you in result beige:- 
    White  + Lemon Yellow
    Raw Umber + titanium white
    Black + red/cadmium red + titanium white + Yellow
    Titanium white + chocolate brown + yellow + light pink
    Burnt Umber + titanium white + Pyrrole Red + Ultramarine blue + yellow

These are different combinations that I have collected for you from different authentic sources. Keep in mind that you have to choose the right shade for mixing in a specific ratio to get your desired beige paint.

No. 3: Making Beige with Acrylic Paint

making beige with acrylic paint

As I have mentioned earlier in this article there are many ways that you can use to make beige paint. Using acrylic paint to form a beige colour is one of the effective ways that you can use it. If you do not have acrylic paint in your home you can buy it from any store outside your home. Here is a guide on how you can use acrylic paint to obtain beige paint:  
Step: 1      
Preparing basic materials 
1.    Acrylic paints 
i.    Yellow / Cadmium Yellow 
ii.    Burnt Umber/ Brown 
iii.    Alizarin Crimson 
iv.    Titanium white 
v.    Black 
vi.    Cadmium Red 
Step: 2

Mixing the Palette

The above-mentioned acrylic paint colors can be mixed in different ratios to obtain desired beige color. You can mix different shades by using a wooden brush or knife.

Step: 3
By using Cadmium Red, Titanium white, black, yellow and brown:

- Take a drop of black color and blend it with a significant amount of cadmium red until you get the brown colour. 
- You can use white/titanium white as your base color, add a small portion of your mixture into it so that you get a light shade of beige. 
- Add a small quantity of yellow into light shade beige. Mix a small quantity of brown into your last mixture to get another shade of beige. 
- If you love to create a creamy shade beige then add a tiny amount of yellow color to it.

The above-mentioned combinations of a range of colors do not give exactly your desired color. You have to be careful while choosing a color and you must be accurate about the proportion of one color with another. 

That way you can get your desired color. But these combinations will give you different hues so it is going to be interesting for you if you want to create shades.

No. 4: How to make Creamy Beige with Watercolors

make creamy beige with watercolors

Here is how you can make beige with watercolors: 
Step 1: Wet your brush in the water container.

Step: 2: If you happen to use tube watercolors then you need to prepare white, brown and yellow in your palette by squeezing a little quantity from each color.

Step: 3: Soak your paintbrush into brown watercolour and then dip it in your water container. If in case you are using dry watercolour, then paint your brown over the white paint on your watercolour paper.

Step: 4: If you are using tube watercolour, press your brush over your brown paint and dip it in a water container.

Step: 5: If you want to get creamy beige, then you have to add a small quantity of yellow to your mixture. Layer your painted white and brown with yellow color to get creamy beige.

No. 5: How to Make Beige by Using Dyes or Toners?

making beige by using dying or tones

It is going to be very easy and here is how you can make it:

- Prepare the colors you will need; the colors that you will need are white and yellow
- Add 30cc to 60cc of yellow color for every litre of white
- Use a paint mixer in order to get your beige

No. 6: How to Make Beige with Oil Paints?

making beige with oil paints

Now I am quite sure making a beige color with oil paint might be very challenging for you. But you need not worry because I am going to make it easy for you.
Step No. 1. You can take an equal amount of red, yellow and brown and mix it well. After mixing, blend it into your white oil paint.
Step No. 2. Mix 1 part of brown against 4 parts of white.


In this article, we have learnt about how to make beige color and beige paint. Learning about beige and applying it to your walls can add warmth and elegance to any space. In the above passages, we have discussed at length the meaning of beige and why people prefer beige paint these days. Beige is the color of richness. It can add warmth and give a bright color to your home.

In order to understand how to use beige color and how to prepare beige paint, I have discussed eight different methods in this article. Some of these methods might look very difficult and even expensive but believe me I have thoroughly searched about the beige paint and these are the most simple and easiest methods. Using the above-mentioned methods you can make your own beige paint.

Keep in mind that before making beige paint, you have to understand different colors and how to use and mix them. I have explained in detail the color wheels and also shed light on combining various colors. Put simply, this article is going to be the easiest guide for you if you want to make beige. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article.  If you have any suggestions, kindly put your message in the comment section. We will definitely get back to you.


Is Beige a Secondary Color?

No, Beige is not a secondary color. Secondary colors are those colors that are derived from primary colors. Secondary colors include green, purple, and orange.

How to Make Beige Paint Darker?

I have explained at length if you want to obtain a darker beige paint. You can add brown or dark red to make the darker beige color.

How to Make Beige Paint Lighter Color?

you can add pale yellow or white paint to your mixture to get a lighter beige paint.

Does Beige Pair Well with White Surfaces?

beige pairs extremely well with white surfaces. They complement each other and give a beautiful look.

How to Make Beige Color with Chocolate?

If you want to make beige color with chocolate, then you need to blend white, chocolate brown, yellow and light pink.

How do you make a Beige Rose Color?

If you wish to make ra ose beige color then blend titanium white, chocolate, brown, yellow and light pink.

Which Color is closest to Beige?

There are many colors which have resemblance with Beige color or Beige paint; however Tan is the closest color to Beige.

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