How to Peel a Dragon Fruit

How to Peel a Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit and can be found in a tropical zone such as Mexico and Southeast Asia. If you are wondering how to peel a dragon fruit then you do not need to worry because it is very easy to do it. It might seem difficult from the exterior but in reality it is very much easy.

In this article, we will give you different ways on how to peel a dragon fruit. Along with this we will also enlighten you about the dragon fruit and how healthy it is. For many around us dragon fruit is intimidating due to the look of it. 

In this article we are going to give you step-by-step guide on how to peel off dragon fruit. We will also be discussing the benefits of dragon fruit.

What is a Dragon Fruit?

This fruit is also known as pitaya or strawberry pear. Peeling off a dragon fruit might be intimidating for many but we are here to ensure that it is not something to be fearful of. It is one of the beautiful and healthy fruit and it is very easy to peel off dragon fruit. It seems a bit harsh and rough but if you have felt it by touching then you should know that it is a moderate and mild fruit.

Dragon fruit is a low calorie fruit which is high in fiber and anti-oxidants. It has a particular mild, sweet flavor fruit. The skin of the dragon fruit may be white, pink or yellow. It is filled with tiny black seeds and it is whitish in color on the inside. It may be black from inside. It is seedy on the inside and seems a sort of fluid.

Originally it was grown in Southern Mexico, central and South America. The French bought it and took it into south Asia therefore this fruit can be found today almost everywhere in the world having a warm climate.

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Why to Peel a Dragon Fruit? Is It A Good Source of Vitamins

Dragon fruit is a low-calorie fruit that is rich source of vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and iron. Dragon fruit is also a good source of prebiotics. Prebiotics are fibers which is very beneficial for bacteria in your gut. It acts as food for bacteria in our body.

showing adding dragon fruit to contain vitamins iron and low calories

Dragon fruit is a versatile fruit that can be used in a number of ways and on multiple occasions. You can eat it fresh or make a juice of it. It can also be used in salads, yogurt parfaits, and desserts. In short, medical research shows that dragon fruit has number of health benefits. It helps in boosting the immune system, improving heart health and reducing the risk of cancer.

How Does Dragon Fruit Taste?

The reason why most people get intimidated by looking into dragon fruit is because of the color and shape of the fruit. I bet most people across the world has not seen it due to its rarity and expensive nature. Very little has been known by people about this fruit. Most people have not tried dragon fruit that’s why they get repulsive when look into it.

But those who have tasted it would try it again and again because of its sweet and tender taste. It has a mild, sweet and tender taste. It can best be described as a tender, crisp, juicy and flesh like watermelon. On the inside it is filled with seeds and seems watery. It is sweet and soft. Botanist describes its flavor as a cross between pear and kiwi. Nevertheless, its exotic perfume and unique taste makes it unique among a variety of fruits.

It is important to note down that the flavor differs in different kind of dragon fruits. White-fleshed dragon fruit are mildly sweet and the cultivars with red and pink flesh inside are sweeter than normal.

When to Peel a Dragon Fruit - How to Choose?

A dragon fruit can be found in tropical areas so it can be found in Mexico, South America or in South Asian markets. It grows efficiently in warm climates therefore Asian markets are best places where you can find a variety of dragon fruit.

varieties colors of dragon fruits

You can find pink or white dragon fruit in any fruit market nearby you. You also need to know how a ripe and overripe dragon fruit looks like. A ripe dragon fruit has a brighter and smooth exterior while an overripe dragon fruit has many blotches, a sign indicating over ripeness of the fruit. You might like a fresh dragon fruit that is bright and smooth because it tastes good and sweet.

Types of Dragon Fruit

In reality there are three kinds of dragon fruit and they are listed below:-

image of types of dragon fruits

1. Pink skin with white flesh ( White dragon fruit) 2. Pink skin with red flesh ( Red dragon fruit) 3. Yellow skin with white flesh (yellow dragon fruit)

Peeling a Dragon Fruit but How?

Most people around us are intimidated by the spiky nature of dragon fruit but you do not need to worry because in this article we have brought every possible and easy ways regarding how to peel a dragon fruit. Peeling dragon fruit is not something to be worry about because it is easy to peel it off. You can peel it off by hand, or by knife or by soup spoon.

In the following lines we are giving you different ways of peeling the dragon fruit.

What Articles You Need?

Before diving into the peeling process, first of all you will need some basic stuff that will help you in peeling process. Before moving on, make sure you have the following materials in place:-

  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board
  • A ripe dragon fruit
  • Gloves (in case you have a pink dragon fruit. It might stain your hands)

Make sure you have these things in place before hand. You also need to make sure to buy a ripe dragon fruit by looking into its skin. The skin of a ripe dragon fruit should be bright pink and or red.

Methods to Peel a Dragon Fruit

There are several methods to peel a dragon fruit. It depends how you like to peel it and make use of it. Some people like the method of cutting while others prefer scooping etc.; lets discuss in some detail each of the processes below:-

Method 1. Cutting & Slicing a Dragon Fruit

image cutting and slicing of dragon fruit

This method is considered a regular method, which is normally applied in every house, however it involves following steps:

1. Cutting the dragon fruit

Take a ripe dragon fruit and put it on the stable cutting board. Some people gets worry upon seeing the exterior of the dragon fruit but its pretty fun while cutting it. You can also check your creativity while cutting it because it feels so soft and juicy that requires a skillful cut. Cut the dragon fruit by using a sharp knife.

2. Make Incisions to Peel a Dragon Fruit

In this step you need to sit your dragon fruit on one of the sliced ends for balance and safety. Be careful while making incision through the skin from top to bottom. If your incisions go deep into the dragon fruit pulp you do not need to worry.

3. Peel the Skin of a Fruit

Once you are done with the incision then you do not need knife. Put the knife down and peel the skin carefully with the help of your hand. During this step you should not feel any resistance because this fruit is tender and soft to peel off. It is important to note down that the flesh might be slippery therefore you need to be extra careful while peeling with your hand.

4. Slice off your dragon fruit

You would be ecstatic to know that you have successfully peeled the dragon fruit. Now slice off your fruit the way you like. You can slice it like a cake. We love to slice it off for salad bowl. That way it looks smooth and beautiful.

Method 2. Scooping

This is the easiest and efficient way to peel off the dragon fruit. Follow these steps to efficiently peel off your dragon fruit.

scooping infographic

Method 3. Hand-Peeling of Dragon Fruit

This might be the simplest way for you to peel off the dragon fruit.

  • Take a ripe and fresh dragon fruit
  • Remove the crown of the dragon fruit
  • Use your hand to peel off the skin by pulling it out of the dragon fruit pulp.
hand peeling of dragon fruit

Method 4. How to Peel off a Dragon Fruit by Spoon

If you want to use this method then you do not need sharp knife and other materials for peeling process. You just need a soup spoon to get away with the peeling of dragon fruit.

peeling dragon fruit by spoon
  1. Wash the dragon fruit by running water
  2. Let the dragon fruit dry by itself. You don’t need to use paper towel
  3. Cut off the edges of the dragon fruit using a sharp knife. This is to sit the fruit on either side
  4. Cut the dragon fruit in half lengthwise
  5. Now slice it into four each parts
  6. Use spoon to gently go through the peel and the flesh until it is separated.
  7. Cut the wedges into cubes or smaller pieces.

How to Cut Dragon Fruit Sphere Shape

Till now you have learned different methods on how to peel off the dragon fruit. Now the fun part is that you can make a variety of shapes from it. In this segment we are bringing a new way to make 6 shapes of dragon fruit. Follow these steps and have fun making a sphere shape:-

  1. Take a fresh ripe dragon fruit
  2. Cut in half length wise
  3. Scoop out round melon shapes of marbles

How to Cut like Square Dices

This claim is not baseless that many around us love to make square dices of dragon fruit. This might be tricky therefore follow these steps to make a square dices out of dragon fruit.

  • Take a sharp knife and cut straight down on all sides to make a square block without any peel
  • Now slice the square block into equal slabs
  • Cut slabs into straight French-fry sticks

How to Eat Dragon Fruit

Till now you have learnt a variety of ways to peel the dragon fruit. Now to be very precise and accurate there is no wrong way to eat dragon fruit. If you are a chill out person then you would love to wash the fruit and eat it without peeling. Its skin is not harmful but you need to be careful because it can cause stress in the intestines sometimes. Below is the list on how you can use the sliced dragon fruit in various ways:


After Peeling a Dragon Fruit – Methods to Enjoy

For the moment we assume that you have used dragon fruit. It looks beautiful from the outside and from the inside it is equally enjoyable. Once you eat it, we bet you will be desirous of using it again. In this section we have listed down ways to enjoy dragon fruit:-

  • Diced up as a fruit snack
  • Add to fruit salads or breakfast bowls
  • Blend as a smoothie drink
  • Cut into thick slices and grill
  • Toss into a fruit salsa

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Till now you have learned the basic knowledge about a dragon fruit. Aside from its beautiful look there are enormous health benefits of using dragon fruit. Following are some of the health benefits that we have researched from various authentic sources:

  1. Rich in anti-oxidants
  2. High in fiber and low in calorie which means it can keep you full for a long time
  3. Helps lower blood pressure
  4. Contains prebiotics which is beneficial for our guts
  5. Strengthen immune system
  6. Boosts iron level
  7. Improve oxygen flow

It is important to note down that its benefits are not restricted to the above mentioned points. It is beneficial in a lot of ways.


Dragon fruit is one of the most beautiful fruit but peeling off the skin might be intimidating for many. This is so because very few around us has touched or tasted it. Once you taste it, it will give you pleasure to peel it off. You will also realize that this something not to be intimidated with because peeling the skin out of it is way easier than it looks.

In this article we have write down in detail various methods of how to peel a dragon fruit. Starting from difficult methods to the easiest one where one can peel it by using spoon or simply their hand. This guide is to remind you that instead of intimidation you need to gather your courage and other stuff and start the process of peeling. We bet you will enjoy the peeling process as well as eating it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take the skin off dragon fruit?

There are different ways on how to peel the dragon fruit. Put simply, take a sharp knife and put the fruit into slices lengthwise. Peel the skin by using your hand. You can also use the skin but be careful because sometimes that cause distress in the gut.

Do you take the skin off dragon fruit?

It depends on the user. You can get away with the skin by using knife through it until the pulp appears. But if you want the skin as well then separate the slices after cutting. You can use the skin as well.

What color is ripe dragon fruit?

To distinguish ripe dragon fruit from over ripe dragon fruit you can just recognize it by the color of the skin. The ripe fruit is the one that is bright red and soft.

What is dragon fruit supposed to taste like?

The taste of dragon fruit varies depending on its ripeness and also the place where it is grown. Usually it tastes sweet, tender and juicy.

Is dragon fruit good for health?

Yes, dragon fruit is very beneficial for our health. It can boost our immune system which helps us to fight diseases. It can also improve our iron level which boosts the movement of oxygen in the blood vessels. In short, eating dragon fruit has lots of health benefits therefore we recommend you to use it.

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