How to See Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace

How to See Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace

The landscape of the digital world is vast and generous. Digital platforms have altered the way humans go about their daily business patterns. The same is the case with modes of shopping and commerce. Facebook Marketplace is one of those platforms which has transformed the way individuals browse, buy or sell something.

Considering the high stakes of the users Facebook already started hiding some crucial information of market players. Hence, a potential seller or buyer seems searching ‘how to see hidden information on Facebook marketplace’ to keep themselves aware of their credentials.

In this article, we will embark on a quest to know the methods and step-wise processes through which you can see hidden information on Facebook Marketplace. Through these methods, you will get to know easier ways to see this information so that you can easily get what you want.

Let’s first shed some light on the marketplace of Facebook to know how it works and why it has become the choice of the people.

Evolution of Facebook Marketplace

facebook market place 1

The marketplace has emerged as an active hub in the dynamic realm of online commerce where sellers and buyers get their transactions done and converge them to perfect deals. As this digital marketplace is rapidly flourishing, the threats of hacking and scamming are progressing.

It is why Facebook hides some of the information of the sellers to keep their credentials protected from evil eyes. This information often involves personal information including mobile numbers or emails.

Facebook may also hide such information so that potential buyers only contact the sellers through the platform of Facebook Messenger which will yield profits for the company itself.

Nevertheless, this hidden information is irritating for most people and they want to see this information so that they can contact the sellers in a manner convenient and easier to them by saving the time and amount of additional expenses.

What is Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an online e-commerce platform which connects Facebook users having the same or cross-intent, from all corners of the world. You can consider that as an online shopping store where people can buy and sell their products which may be brand new or second-hand/ used.

It was first introduced as an alternative to Craigslist and Gumtree where Facebook users could buy and sell second-hand goods only. It has now become a successful and bustling online market where buyers can find all sorts of things ranging from gourmet food, cars, real estate, and much more. We can hold that everything a person can think of and wants; will likely be available.

How Much is the Population on Facebook

It is noteworthy to mention that Facebook is used by billions of people across borders, and someone will be selling a thing, which a potential could buy. It makes Facebook Marketplace successful where people keep coming for the things they need or desire to spend their livelihood.

Consequently, Facebook has become a Giant because it continues to add new features and services to keep its users addicted so they keep returning and using its services on whatever sphere they need. Regarding the feature of snoozing or unsnoozing on Facebook and its significance you can learn from another article How to Unsnooze Someone on Facebook

Using Facebook Marketplace brings an additional benefit of security as buyers can see a seller’s profile to affirm or discredit their identity and legitimacy and once they are certain about the sellers, their review and the product description could proceed to deal with. Although it is not a fool-proof mechanism, it works well.

Why is Information Hidden on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook hides some information, especially phone numbers, personal identification details or email on the desktop versions. It is a good idea to know why this information is hidden in the first place. Whether getting or knowing such hidden information is crucial Facebook has some vested interests or are there more factors at play to keep the information away from the users of the Facebook marketplace?

It has become known that Facebook recently allowed search engines to access its content like Google results or suggestions which has enabled a person having no Facebook account to view posts and other material on many content of the social network such as Facebook Marketplace.

Which Form of Information is Hided?

In order to prevent spammers, hackers, and people without accounts from collecting information from Facebook’s diverse platforms, some crucial information is hidden by the marketplace. This information is mainly personal such as contact information.

Typically, search-scraping bots extract the contact information from computer-accessible versions of different websites and the received information is sold to marketers who use it for various purposes including the sale and service of their own product.

There is no cavil in holding that the marketplace loses its worth and value to customers if the information appears to have been kept secret from the users of the marketplace.

Restricting information on the platform is the best way for Facebook to tell the difference between an actual buyer with a Facebook account and a fake buyer who is actually there to collect information.

The research has revealed that Over 98% of the users access Facebook through their mobile devices. While Facebook conceals important information on the desktop version of the marketplace because bots only use the web version. Thus, accessing Facebook Marketplace is the best option because no information is hidden on the mobile app.

Methods to find out hidden information on Facebook marketplace

Seeing the hidden information on Facebook Marketplace is essential for potential buyers as well as sellers. As discussed, people who use the desktop version of Facebook Marketplace usually face difficulties in accessing the hidden information on the Marketplace portal by using the desktop version of the marketplace.

The ‘Hidden Information’ appears only when the PC or Mac versions of Facebook Marketplace are being used by the users because users or buyers cannot make calls directly with a ‘one-tap’ option. A buyer using the mobile version of Facebook will have easy access to see the mobile number of the seller without the annoying ‘Hidden Information’ popup.

There may be a group of people, who may not want to use the mobile version of Facebook to browse the marketplace because the details and pictures on smartphones will not be displayed as well as they will be on the desktop version. Then it becomes problematic to deal with the hidden information text.

Having discussed the situations; one can confront in order to access the hidden information on the marketplace; there are ways through which users and potential buyers can see the hidden information on Facebook Marketplace on their desktops.

Using Facebook on Mobile Devices to see hidden information on Facebook marketplace

fb marketplace over mobile

Facebook only hides the information on the desktop version of the app. On the other hand, if you are using the mobile version of the application i.e. Facebook; you are not likely to be restricted in accessing the data of your need.

The disappointing appearance of ‘hidden information’ gives an unpleasant experience to the user who is in need of some crucial information, which is regrettably declined. In order t o download the mobile version of the Facebook application; you can access Google Playstore or iPhone Appstore.

Therefore, we can suggest that desktop users, move on to use the mobile version as a way to see the hidden information on Facebook Marketplace. While using the mobile application, you can access the Facebook marketplace as follows: -

step wise procedure 1

In the mobile version of Facebook Marketplace, no information will be hidden and you will be able to contact the seller directly. However, you may face difficulties in seeing different products simultaneously, reopening particular listings if they are not saved, and viewing items in detail, particularly their pictures, due to the small screen size of the phone.

However, to resolve the issue of small vision, you can operate the mobile version of the application and connect it to the desktop to access the entire information on the desktop.

fb marketplace over desktop

You can use mobile Facebook on the desktop if you want to access entire information on Facebook Marketplace. Normally, logging in to the Facebook account on the desktop involves the link which starts with 

On this version, you will see the hidden information popup. What you can do here is to remove ‘www’ with ‘m’ so that the link would look: like

This is basically the mobile version of Facebook you are now using on your desktop. This method is also known as the Google Developer Tools because this being a technical method is just to get the job done. You will see all the information the seller has provided such as their email or mobile number. You can use them to contact them and buy your desired product.

The steps to open Facebook Marketplace on the desktop version are almost the same as they are for the mobile app. Find the menu icon, click marketplace, and access all that you want.

Are there any rules or restrictions for the operations of the Facebook marketplace?

rules facebook marketplace

There are Meta’s commerce policies and Facebook community standards which are compulsorily complied to list the products on Facebook marketplace. Likewise, the buyers and sellers are also under an obligation to know and follow the standards, laws and regulations.

Generally, there is no restriction to proceed with the business on a marketplace, however, there is a ban on selling a product which is not in physical existence. Also, posts, jokes and news are not allowed; likewise the services of house cleaning etc.


The digital landscape is extensive and imposing. The way people spend their daily lives has changed as a result of digital platforms. One such platform is Facebook Marketplace which has changed how people browse, buy, and sell things. However, the threat of hacking, cheating and scamming is growing along with this digital marketplace's rapid expansion.

To prevent happening of the given corrupt practices; Facebook conceals some of the seller information such as email addresses, mobile numbers and some other personal identification details. Facebook may also conceal this information to force buyers and sellers to communicate exclusively through Facebook Messenger, which would be profitable for the business.

Majority of the people find hidden information to be annoying and want to see it so they can get in touch with the sellers in a way that suits them. We have covered a few of the realistic techniques in this article that you can use to access and see hidden information on Facebook Marketplace.

It has been concluded that information is hidden on the desktop version only and not on the mobile app. By using the above-mentioned techniques, you can learn ways to view this information so that you can get what you want from the available data. The hidden information popup is not to give you trauma or regretful feelings rather you should have a tip to uncover the hidden information leading to your triumph.


Why does Facebook hide information from users?

Facebook hides the contact information of the stakeholders from listings to secure them from online scams. The protection is available to those who work through the platform of Facebook only and not to others. However, to see the hidden information on the mobile app, you need to copy the link to the listing, open it then in Chrome.

How do I uncover hidden information on Facebook marketplace?

You are encouraged to use Chrome developer tools in the following way:-

First, open the Chrome browser.

Second, find and open developer tools

Third, click on the ‘Device toggle toolbar’

Fourth, select your target device (android or iPhone)

Fifth, refresh the browser to get access to hidden information

How do you see hidden information on Facebook?

To access the hidden information on Facebook; you should use the activity log, which you can access in the following manner: -

  1. Find the top right of Facebook, and tap there to find your name.
  2. Tap your name and then tap activity log.
  3. Click over the button ‘filter’ and then on the icon ‘hidden’ to have access.

How to see what someone has posted on the marketplace from their profile?

You can find fresh posting by anyone by accessing the profile of a seller through a simple method, given as under: -

  1. Find 3 dots in the upper right corner and click there.
  2. Navigate to the marketplace and click on the product.
  3. Find the name of the questioned seller and click to see the desired posting.

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