How to Stop a Crack in Windshield From Spreading

How to Stop a Crack in Windshield From Spreading

Have you experienced driving to your destination with a broken or cracked windshield? In most cases, you remain safe despite rock chip hitting your windshield but such a condition may make the crack worse in future.

Certain actions need to be taken by doing something to avoid the windshield from cracking any further.

In this article, we will try to find out the answer to the most asked question ‘how to stop a crack in windshield from spreading’ so to avoid damage to the vehicles.

Why Windshields Crack?

The windshield of a vehicle is vulnerable to structural integrity including weather conditions. The causes leading to damage to the windshield are numerous and cannot be mentioned with certainty; however, the following are the common causes: -

  • Car accidents on highways
  • Throw of stones or falling of a tree
  • Construction vehicles
  • Poor installation
  • Poor material in making windshield
  • Loose fixture of windshield

Avoid Windshield Damage

The vehicle’s windshield is substantial to structural integrity keep you safe from the deadly repercussions of accidents, bugs, striking of flying objects, and further dirt by providing you with a barrier. Given tips are to protect the windshield from damage: -

Careful Drive

Car owners should be caring for the lives of other people as well as their owns by caring about the safety of your car. A proactive approach requires you to drive carefully during the travel. You must refrain from travelling at a high speed and stay protected from foreign objects.

slow drive

You must also have an eye on the weather conditions in your surroundings and act accordingly. Remember to drive at a slow speed in the rain. Keep your vehicle away from the slippery areas near the road. Avoid exposing to such circumstances would reduce stress and the chances of accidents.

Avoid Highways

Driving on busy roads increases the likelihood of an accident. The likelihood of any accident would also increase the probability of damaging your windshield, avoid exposing to such accidents as soon as possible.

Buying a car is easy but maintaining its safety is a thing to consider and follow. Practice this art of maintaining safety while driving and avoid exposing to such accidents that will reduce stress of windshield cracks.

Maintain Distance

When you are driving, always think about your safety and maintain an adequate distance that could prevent any accident from occurring. Drive safely on highways as most accidents are witnessed on the highways.

Keep distance from buses, trucks, cars and also from other vehicles. If you are possessing a car which does not have a roof then there is a probability that outside materials, stones, and other objects could hit your windshield more often than expected in the case of having a rooftop.

A rooftop is always essential to diminish the chances of windshield cracks provided you are in the habit of enjoying it, safety of maintaining distance would reduce stress of windshield cracks.

Don't Drive over Stones

The prominent reasons for windshield damage also include the small elements like flying stones, gravel or metallic elements that could cause damage to the windshield of your vehicle.

If you are driving through a rough area having rock chip like elements, then gravel could propel in the air and hit the windshield of your vehicle.

However, this type of hitting occurs if you are driving at a faster speed. Therefore, it is advised to maintain your speed to keep your auto glass safe from hits, such rock chip like foreign elements may make the crack worse.

Dilemma of Cracked Windshield

If you are a very busy person continuing with a hectic work schedule then windshield repair must be your top priority before other engagements. If there is more waiting time before windshield repairs, then the damage would spread more.

However, the following are the circumstances which require your quick response to the windshield crack or auto glass: -

Dangerous Accidents

The structural integrity of a vehicle largely depends on the windshield if there is a windshield crack that increases the quick probability of fatality or injury. Besides the injuries, one will also be held liable to face penal consequences entailing severe sentencing.

Matters relating to the violation of laws and the subsequent effects have been discussed in the article How to Find Mugshot

Distracting Experience

The auto glass cracks reflect the direct sunlight in the eyes which could blind a person in the front seat including the driver.

difficult drive with cracked glass

Apart from direct sunlight distraction, you could get a ticket from your police for travelling with a windshield which is also prohibited as per traffic rules.

Cracked Windshield; Unattractive

Even if you have a plan to sell the car, a cracked windshield replaced would work because it looks unattractive and the buyers would not be willing to buy a used car, which cannot be shown to others until the expense of the replacement of the windshield is incurred.

Windshield Crack Incidents in the US

It is exactly unknown, on average how many windshields of cars are cracked every year in the US. However, the most recent data shows that at the given time, the annual number of car windshield replaced was about 260 million windshields.

Cracked Windshield Laws in the US

The laws regarding windshield cracks differ in different States of the United States. However, the federal law of the US Transport Department provides the regulations that drivers are not to drive a vehicle with a windshield crack of more than ¾ inch diameter.

It additionally provided that there should not be 2 cracks in a space of 3 inches nor they should be intersecting or in the areas where a driver has to view outside.

Windshield Crack Impacts

If you think that windshield crack only affect your vehicle or the act of driving and not the pedestrians, you are wrong in your assessment.

Cracked auto glass do have an impact on pedestrians near your vehicle and studies also held to reveal the negative impact of windshield cracks on pedestrians.

Car owners who do not adhere to traffic rules resulting in accidents with nearby pedestrians, end up injuring the heads of the pedestrians when after the accident, the windshield cracks and its structure could pose a direct injury to pedestrians' heads.

Injuries on Pedestrians

The patterns in which a windshield cracks also play a crucial role in imposing the specific level of head injury to a pedestrian. For instance, three types of cracks types have been witnessed within a windshield after an accident such as spiderweb cracks, plastic cracks, and circumferential cracks.

In another study, 237 vehicle-pedestrian accidents were noted to evaluate the extent to which windshield cracks could impose head injury on pedestrians. The results demonstrated that 81.02% of pedestrians got their heads injured due to windshield cracks.

This demonstrates the importance of adhering to traffic rules as well as keeping your windshields repaired so that other individuals near your vehicle can remain safe from injury.

Stop Windshield Cracks

The permanent solution is to change the windshield as soon as possible. However, there are some temporary solutions to stop the spreading of auto glass cracks. Following are some ways in which you could stop this spread: -

Use the Windshield Repairing Kit

Using the Windshield Repair Kit you can easily buy a windshield repair kit from the market to fix the windshield crack without incurring any expense of time.

windshield repair kit

After buying a windshield repair kit, bore a small hole inside the windshield on the top to force your repairs into the layer. This drilled small hole with repairs in the windshield would not let the windshield crack to further spread.

However, you must observe continuously the damaged auto glass to ensure that it is not spreading more; if so, you are supposed to learn more techniques and follow failing which you could face the music.

Applying Superglue

Applying Superglue on the windshield Crack one of the cheapest methods to fix your windshield chip is to apply small amount of super glue without the need to drill a small hole in the cracked windshield. You can also cover the windshield crack with clear tape to avoid further damage.

applying superglue on cracked windshield of a car

The small amount of glue would be the Cyanoacrylate glue that is available by the name of super glue. This method is a temporary fixation technique which could prevent the crack in the auto glass from spreading for a duration of up to a week.

Use Nail Polish

Application of Clear Nail Polish Acrylic clear nail polish of small amount also could fix your windshield crack as its adhesion is also enough to make the cracks unable to further spread for a certain period.

applying clear nail polish to stop crack of windscreen

It would help if you use glass cleaner to clean dust out of your glass prior to applying a sufficient amount of acrylic nail polish to prevent cracks from spreading.

Still, your top priority must be to drive your car to the nearest repair shop as nail polish is only a temporary solution just for some days. After applying nail polish on the windshield crack, use a clear tape to stop further damage but the permanent solution is to change it.

Tapping Cracks

Tapping Windshield Cracks dust and moisture on the road highly threaten the windshield’s structure after the cracks. These are the specific issues to which your cracked windshield would be getting exposed.

tapping cracked windshield

Glass cleaner for cracks to cover them from moisture or further dirt entry is recommended to avoid any damage to the windshield.

Temperature Changes

Consider temperature changes the characteristics of a glass are to contract and expand according to the temperature fluctuations. When your windshield becomes chipped, any kind of temperature fluctuations could cause an immediate impact by spreading the crack further.

Therefore, you should keep an eye on the temperature fluctuations as well. It is also advised to park the car in a garage till the problem is fixed.

Cautiously Operate your Vehicle

When your windshield is cracked then avoid speedy drives over the highways. Always cautiously drive your vehicle so that the cracks cannot spread further. Do not slam the doors as this may cause vibrations that would expand the cracks even more.

Auto Glass Repair Specialist

Contact an Auto Glass Repair Specialist After your windshield is cracked, there is an urgency to fix auto glass problem immediately on an urgent basis.

auto glass repair specialist

For this purpose, immediate fixation of the windshield by a repair specialist is mandatory. You must look for a mobile auto glass repair specialist for a thorough examination and fixation of windshield cracks.


It can safely be concluded from the above facts that windshield cracks are common but also pose damage to pedestrians walking near your vehicle in case of an accident damaging the windshield. There are various options to stop windshield cracks from spreading further once they are witnessed.

Different remedies could be used which have been explained in this article whereby you could know sufficiently ‘how to stop a crack in windshield from spreading’. However, it is also mandatory to follow the traffic rules and tips to avoid any windshield damage while driving.

This will not only save your, and your family’s lives but also the lives of other people in your surroundings. The best option is to temporarily use the repairing methods at home as a temporary remedy, and then call a specialist person to repair and fix your windshield cracks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What methods auto owners can apply to stop or slow a crack in a windshield?

Amongst other local methods, the application of superglue, and nail polish over the affected part, and using a windshield repair kit or services of a professional to repair or replace are notable.

Can you stop a windshield crack from spreading more?

Yes, you can stop it by sealing the crack with super glue. You should apply a small amount of glue on the crack spread it equally on the entire crack and leave for some time.

Is it safe to drive with a cracked windshield that is spreading?

No. it is not safe, rather it is dangerous. The crack may spread further and the vision of a driver also gets compromised, which could result in an accident.

How do you stop a windshield crack from spreading DIY?

Yes, you can do it yourself by applying superglue on the crack and letting it fill the crack and spread then it gets sealed. You can spend a few weeks or even months without replacement.

How long does it take for a windshield crack to spread?

It largely depends on the value of force causing cracks on the windshield. Normally, it increases slowly like in 1 or 2 days no significant increase you will note but after 2-3 weeks the increase will be visible.

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