How to Wash Hey Dude

How to Wash Hey Dude

Before deliberating on today’s topic ‘How to wash hey dudes’ it is imperative to first mention the evolution of this shoe industry and the attributes attached to it. Looking at the history of Hey Dude's shoes, it appears that it has emerged in a short span of time.

It was in the year 2008 when the brand emerged and in the given period captured the entire market by producing the best kind of product. The main features of the shoes, which made entry possible were the lightweight in the summer, level of comfort, modern styling, and affordability of the customers.

Coming to the target customers for the shoes, the survey has revealed that it has captured the market in the real sense because a man or women ages from 14 years to 55 years are fond of buying and wearing the shoes for the modern styling, comfort and the dashing. The popularity of the dudes is also similar to the common folk coming from any field of life or from any geographical location.

Why Hey Dudes are popular

people outside outlet of hey dudes shoes

Apart from marketing strategy, people have chosen to wear the Hey Dudes so frequently on account of its inbuilt features. It has been reported that in the beginning years of the brand, over 1 million pairs of the shoes were sold and it became difficult for the company to cater for the needs of the public.

The main consideration of the people for choosing the hey dude was the comfort of the shoes, the variety of variants, the quality material used in the making process, lightweight, styling options and also the affordable prices.

However, we can safely determine Hey Dudes are overall the best shoes to enjoy luxury, for everyday use, to be traded on Amazon, best in comfort, soft, flexible, breathable, colours and also for purchases within the budget requirements.

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The lightweight construction, complemented by elastic laces, not only enhances the shoes aesthetic appeal but also offers a hassle-free experience, making it easy to slip on and off.

Crafted from a comfortable, durable, and high-quality chambray material, these shoes are built to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining their chic appearance. The versatility of the Hey Dude Women's Wendy Chambray makes it an ideal choice for travel and on-the-go lifestyles, providing the perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

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How to wash your favourite pair of hey dudes

Do you have a pair of Hey Dudes shoes, if not, very soon you are going to buy them because they are coming in trend these days. Washing hey dudes when they become dirty is something not easy but with certain protocols, it can be done in the shortest possible time.

The article has been written to describe how to wash hey dudes as there are different ways of washing different types of shoes. Similarly, there is a particular method of washing your favourite pair of hey dudes, which has been explained hereinafter, while to know about the process of dry cleaning hey dude shoes, you can read the articleHow Long Does Dry Cleaning Take

In response to the query, it comes to mind whether one can wash them in a washing machine; if yes, what kind of detergent will be the best to keep shining of the shoes intact and also best remove the dirt without causing any damage to the shoes.

Any other means of washing them is existing like through air drying or keeping them in the dryer. If water is to be used, that be hot or cold. We have made an effort to cover all the given questions in the article and also those which could arise in the mind of a person using Hey dudes shoes.

In this article, we have discussed in detail the entire process of washing your Hey dude's shoes. Do keep in mind that the method of washing in this text works for most hey dude shoes. However, this process cannot be used for hey dudes made of leather, suede, or wool.

Hey dudes shoes offer a casual style and provide comfort for every season. They are made of various materials such as knits, suede, leather, etc. Due to their high comfort, they can be your choice for every day.

Before getting into the material to wash Hey Dudes shows and the processes involved it seems quite relevant to first mention the attributes attached to the Hey Dudes shoes, which do not exist in other classes of the shoes.

Methods to wash hey dudes shoes:

To remove dirt from your Hey Dude shoes and to give them a fresh look, you will need to wash/clean them before wearing them any further. The process of cleaning/ washing Hey Dude shoes, most of the time, is undertaken by using the different functions of a washing machine.

However, washing this type of shoes can also be done manually to avoid any damage to the shoes on the failure of the washing machine or that’s malfunctioning. Let’s first shed light on the cleaning of Hey Dude shoes with the use of a washing machine.

Washing hey dudes in a washing machine

washing hey dude shoes in the washing machine

Materials, you are required to keep with you at the time of washing your hey dudes include: - 1. Liquid detergent 2. Coldwater 3. A washing machine 4. A fine scrubbing brush

The step-by-step guide for washing your Hey Dudes shoes is as under:

hey dudes stepwise wash

This step makes it easier for the washing machine to clean your hey dudes. Once you have removed the large specks of dirt, your shoes are ready to be thrown in the washing machine.

Once you have opted to wash your hey dudes in a washing machine; you need to follow some standard suggestions failing which damage may occur to your favorite pair of shoes.

Variety and quantity of Laundry Detergent

Must learn about the detergent and its features. Avoid using local detergent which contains particles that may cause damage to your shoes. It is advised to use a small amount of liquid laundry detergent to wash your dirty hey dudes.

It has frequently been deliberated that using powdered detergent may cause them to wear down quickly since it has a coarse texture. However, it is recommended to take around 15 ml of liquid laundry or one teaspoon of the detergent and then pour that into the washing machine for cleaning purposes.

Conversely, even the less quantity of the detergent can give good results provided you have a new model of the washing machine.

Washing your hey dudes on a delicate cycle

Before putting a pair of Hey Dudes for washing, set the light mode or delicate cycle of the washing machine so the sharpness of the cycles may not cause damage to the fabric of the shoes. It is also advised to use cold water only to wash the shoes as the hot water could result in shrinking the size of the shoes and also changes in the shape of the shoes.

On the other hand, the use of cold water is preferred for the longevity of the shoes giving shine and a fresh look on every wash. Do you remember when you wash your hey dudes, there appears a noise banging around your shoes so to avoid the noise of any damage to the shoes, you may add an article of ‘towel’ in the list to reduce the voice at the time of washing hey dudes.

Air-dry or machine dry

dryer of shoes

If you are not sure whether to air dry your shoes or give them a normal washing in the machine. No worries; simply put them in a machine dryer. Remember; if you use a machine dryer to dry your hey dudes, you won’t be able to wear them again as they will shrink in size.

The best way to dry your hey dudes is to keep them in the open air. For instance, you can put them in a room that doesn’t have access to direct sunlight since the rays of the sun can damage the fabric of your shoes.

If you still notice spots of dirt or stains on the soles of your shoes even after washing them, you can use a fine scrubbing brush to clean the souls of your shoes and make them as good as new.

Secondly, if you have washed the shoelaces, you can hang them on a clothesline with your hey dudes to air-dry. You can insert crumpled paper or a shoe tree in your shoes before drying them to retain their shape. It will take about 2 hours for your hey dudes to completely dry out.

How to wash a colored pair of Hey dudes

No different process is required to give a wash to your coloured hey dudes. You can safely wash a pair of shoes in a washing machine but with delicate or light settings. Also, try to use a very light liquid detergent and wash the shoes with cold water. If you wash them with hot water or warm water, you may not be able to wear your shoes again because they will shrink in size.

It's always safe to double-check the settings of your washing machine. Ensure you keep the machine on spin or no spin to prevent your shoes from wrinkling.

Washing white hey dudes

washing hey dudes shoes

For washing your white hey dudes, follow these steps very carefully: -

  1. Use a mild liquid detergent.
  2. Spray the liquid detergent all over your shoes
  3. Keep the shoes in the corner of your bathroom and wait for an hour.
  4. After an hour, wash out the detergent sprayed on your shoes.
  5. Use a soft cleaning brush to scrub your hey dudes gently.
  6. Fill up half your sink with warm water. Take half a cup of laundry whitener and mix it in warm water.
  7. Immerse your white hey dudes upside down in the water. You can even put something heavy on top of your shoes so that the top fabric is fully submerged in the water.
  8. Please leave them in the water for at least two hours.
  9. After thoroughly soaking them, put them in the washing machine.
  10. Do not put any detergent in the washing machine. Use cold water to wash your white hey dudes.

Washing suede, hey dudes

If you own a pair of suede hey dudes lined with leather? How do you clean them if you cannot wash them in a washing machine? No worries. We have collected some instructions for you to follow while washing these types of hey dudes. Just be extra careful while washing these, and you will end up with a pair of clean suede hey-dude shoes in no time. The things you will need to wash your suede, hey dudes, are as follows: -

  1. Suede brush
  2. Suede Cleaner or distilled white vinegar
  3. A microfiber cloth

The process to wash suede hey dudes

Following is the list of instructions, one is required to follow while washing his suede hey dudes: -

1. Use a natural or brass bristle to brush any dirt particles or debris from your suede hey dudes. Keep brushing in the same direction for some considerable time until your shoe gives a clean look. If you still see any scuff marks, run your brush vigorously to remove those marks.

You will notice rubber on one side of your suede brush. That is used for cleaning the leather. You can use that side of the brush to clean your leather hey dudes shoes. Remember, Suede brushes are readily available at drug stores, shoe stores, departmental stores and also at online stores.

2. Put a tiny dot of suede cleaner or distilled white vinegar on the microfiber cloth. Make sure the microfiber cloth is completely dry.

3. Rub the suede cleaner all over your hey dudes shoes. Make sure your shoes don’t get soaked.

4. Once you have completed the above step, let the shoe dry.

Manual Hand washing of hey dudes

You can easily hand-wash your hey dudes with a few simple steps: -

1. Rub clusters of dirt from your Hey Dude shoes

Use a cloth or an old towel to rub off the big clumps of mud. You can even rinse the shoes to get rid of the dirt and mud stuck on them.

2. Pour detergent into a bucket of water

Please pour a few drops of laundry detergent into a bucket full of lukewarm water. Mix the detergent and water with your hand until you see soap suds. If the soap suds do not form, add a few more drops of detergent to the bucket of lukewarm water. The liquid laundry detergent dissolves much faster in lukewarm water.

3. a piece of cloth or an old towel to clean your shoes

Dip the towel or the cloth in the soapy water and wipe your hey dudes shoes, in order to remove any dirt or grime accumulated on the shoes. Repeat the process several times to clean your shoe. Remember to avoid using a bristle brush to clean away the dirt from your hey dudes shoes. The bristles can cause the sides of the shoes to wear out quickly. However, you can still use a bristle brush to clean the soles of your hey dudes shoes is perfectly fine.

4. Now wipe your hey dudes with a clean wet towel

Take a fresh piece of towel or a cloth. Dip it in plain lukewarm water. Squeeze it a little to remove excess water so that the towel is damp. Now wipe your hey dudes shoes with this damp towel to remove any soap residue on your shoes.

5. Dry clean, hey dudes shoes

Always opt for air-drying once you have cleaned hey dudes shoes. Hang or leave them in a place with proper ventilation so the shoes can dry quickly. Try to put them in a place that doesn't get direct sunlight. If you are keeping your hey dudes shoes indoors to dry out, switch on the fan in the room so the shoes can dry faster.

Bottom Line

We have tried to cover every useful information to washing hey dudes. The things needed for the process and the forms of washing together with the instructions given ‘how to wash hey dudes’ have been described in sufficient detail.

Certainly, frequent washing of the shoes could affect their shine and long life, yet to keep them good-looking and shining; washing your dudes is a sine qua non. It is also learnt that the same methods of washing cannot be applied to every type of shoes rather the fabric involved in making the shoes plays a vital role in moving the appropriate method to give a wash for the cleaning and shining of the shoes.


Can you put hey dudes in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash hey dudes in the washing machine provided shoelaces and the inner soles have been removed before putting shoes in the machine. For the wash cold water and delicate cycle is recommended. However, suede, leather and wool-based shoes better be manually washed.

Can I use Dawn to wash my Hey Dudes?

Spray the shoes with dawn power wash and keep them as such for at least one hour. After that, rinse out the dawn and start scrubbing gently by using a soft cleaning brush.

Is it OK to put Hey Dudes in the dryer?

It is advisable not to put Hey Dudes in the dryer because the inside heat can cause harm to the quality of the shoes and also could shrink the sizes. Conversely, you can proceed to dry your shoes indoors or outdoors without any exposure to sunlight in order to avoid bleaching and disfiguring the shoes.

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