Is Bitcoin Dead

Is Bitcoin Dead

Bitcoin has attracted the attention of investors and the general public alike in the last two to three years. Being the first decentralized crypto currency, Bitcoin has emerged as a significant competitor to the current global financial system. Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has been grown since then.

However, there have been a lot of concerns about its long-term viability. Is Bitcoin dead or not?

This article is aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Bitcoin along with other market players which affect its growth.

Significance of Bitcoin

It was founded by an anonymous entity Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcon is based upon block chain technology. Since its introduction, bitcoin has faced bottlenecks and witnessed growth and development over the time.
2 bitcoin deadBitcoin is hailed as pioneered crypto currency that operate on peer-to-peer networking which allows public seamless transactions without involving any government or central bank. It was introduced in 2009 after the global financial crisis.

There are multiple factors into play which affect the market and value of the Bitcoin, which need consideration to find out the life of the bitcoin or determining is it dead?

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Recent Surveys

In the recent past, critics proclaim that Bitcoin is dead. However, we have gathered data from a survey conducted by GoBankingRates. It has surveyed more than thousand Americans between the ages of 18-20 to 50-65.

To the surprise of critics, this survey showed that most Americans are not yet ready to accept that crypto is dead. They are interested in investing in the crypto in the near future. Crypto experts are optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and have shown confidence in Bitcoin to regain its lost value.

Factors that Affect Bitcoin Value

After the shocks of 2008 global financial crunch, an unknown entity introduced Bitcoin. It was the first digital currency of its kind. It seem nothing that is physical can affect it value. But the reality is that there are multiple factors in play that influence the value of the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s Price Volatility

Since its introduction in 2008, Bitcoin has faced substantial price fluctuation in the crypto market. Throughout its existence it has faced financial fluctuations due to its price volatility.

3 is bitcoin dead

It is one of the key feature of Bitcoin that its prices are volatile. Volatility is not harmful, by the way, it can present opportunities or traders but, on the other hand it has also raised concerns about the stability of Bitcoin as a currency.

Bitcoin Accepted by Mainstream Institutions

The introduction of Bitcoin has revolutionized the digital currencies as means of payment. Various companies across the world have adopted the introduction of Bitcoin into their payment mechanism.
bit coin dead 4Companies like Tesla and PayPal have accepted the revolutionary nature of Bitcoin and has thus incorporated into their financial transaction mechanisms. Whenever countries accept or adopt Bitcoin on the national level, it shows confidence and this confidence increases the value of the Bitcoin.

Regulatory Challenges

5 bit coin dead

Bitcoin is a decentralized financial system which can be used by every individual across the globe. Its decentralized nature has posed regulatory challenges for governments around the world. Regulations can provide protection and stability, however, overly restrictive measures might hinder the prices of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s Scalability

Scaling has always been a hot topic of discussion among the crypto investors. In the crypto community, people discuss more about the challenge that it can create for the prices of Bitcoin.

Security Concerns

Security is a crucial aspect in any given system. Security is critical aspect of any digital asset, and Bitcoin is no exception.
6 bit coin dead whyBinance expert express their views that Bitcoin’s underlying technology—the block chain technology—is secure but in reality this claim is not entirely true. There have been instances of theft and hacking from exchanges, digital currencies and digital wallets.

The Role of Altcoins

The disruption on the global supply chains, recession in markets and other factors have contributed to the fall of Bitcoin prices from a record high of $US67, 000 to the current $45000. Due to rumors about the restriction on the Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies emerged in the market which is often termed as “alternative coins”.

Institutional Investment

Due to its decentralized nature coupled with financial transparency several institutional investors and corporations increased investment in the stocks of Bitcoin. In recent past, famous companies such as Micro strategy and Square have allocated a large portion of their treasury funds to Bitcoin.

Technological Advancement

7 dead bit coin

Bitcoin’s underlying technology—the block chain—continues to grow and thrive in a very uncertain surroundings. The block chain technology has improved with the passage of time in order to attract potential investors.

Technological advancements, like the implementation of Segregated Witness (SegWit) and the development of the Lightning Network, aimed to increase Bitcoin’s scalibiity, transaction speed, and privacy features.

Will Bitcoin Ever Recover Fully?

We believe you have observed market in your life. Basically, the market responds to the demand—supply gap. This all depends on different factors. Let’s examine the key factors briefly: -
8 dead bit coin

Bull Market of 2017

In 2017, Bitcoin experienced a remarkable bull market. It reached a record high of nearly $20,000. This increase was due to the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, media coverage and an influx of retail investors.

Recovery Price

After the Bull market, Bitcoin entered a prolonged bear market. It follows a typical recovery process comprising of accumulation, markup, distribution, and markdown phases.

Potential for Recovery

The Potential for Recovery: it cannot be said with certainty that Bitcoin will be recovered fully, however, the historical data shows the potential for a full recovery.

Future of Crypto Currency?

As the winter goes on across the globe, the global marketing crypto assets have been experiencing a “crypto winter”. People across the world has been experiencing stress due to volatility and uncertainty of the crypto market. In this section we will be giving you insight about the future of crypto: -

Short-term Outlook (1-5 years)

Based on qualitiative research, Ziad K. Abdelnour, a seasoned investment banker and founder of Blackhawk Partners, Inc., is of the view that cryptocurrency has been experiencing short-term volatility.

9th bit coin dead

He argues that the current crises is likely to persist due to regulatory changes, market sentiment, and technological advancements. Therefore it is essential to note that if you are a short-term investor, then you will have to prioritize caution, portfolio diversification, and staying well-informed.

Long-term outlook: (5+ years)

Crypto market experts believe that the transformative potential of blockchain technology suggests that crypto currency could become more stable and widely accepted in the near future.
10 bit coin dead

The future of crypto currencies seems bright, says Abdelnour. Certain experts are pretty optimistic about Bitcoin. However, it should not mean that you don’t have to be cautious of your investment.

Regulatory frameworks could prove to have a hindering effect on crypto because during regulations, the government regulatory bodies intervene in the market.

Understand the Risk of Crypto

We have researched and gathered interview from a professor of personal finance at Creighton University. Professor Robert R. Johnson believes that just like stock market, crypto is also speculative and the price is determined solely by what someone is willing to pay for it in the future.

11 bit coin deadThe crypto market is run on speculations which are why you need to be extremely cautious of investing in the crypto. The success stories of crypto millionaires who become rich with their involvement in the digital assets also revealed that.

According to Exploding Topics, there are over 10,500 different crypto currencies in existence as of November 2023. However, it is estimated that only 8,848 are still active in the space while the others are withering away periodically.

Should you invest Money into Crypto?

Whether you should put money into crypto depends, up to the large extent, on factors such as financial goals and risk tolerance level. We have seen crypto’s track record of boom and bust cycles, these assets can offer potentially higher rewards but with much higher volatility.

12 bit coin deadCrypto market experts believe that as an investment, crypto does not yield any income and has no intrinsic economic value.

The only way you can profit in a crypto market is to sell crypto to someone else at a higher price. But due to its highly volatile and unstable nature, it is difficult to purchase and sale properly in crypto market.

Some Crypto would probably Die, but the Industry will Survive

Crypto experts are convinced that the crypto industry will reach the other side of this crypto winter and will recover till the summer of 2024. There are other kinds of crypto currencies introduced into the market which will probably die but the market of crypto and Bitcoin will survive.

Various factors affect the value and market of crypto such as market sentiments, government regulations and other related factors—for instance, the Bitcoin ETF filing and upcoming Bitcoin halving.

Bitcoin—Most Popular Crypto will Survive

13 dead bit coinBitcoin will likely remain as the most popular crypto in terms of market share. Crypto experts like Markus Thiele is hopeful about the future of crypto.

He argues that the ongoing bear market or crypto winter poses a genuine threat to BTC but it is like a process and this cycle goes on beyond. Crypto winter or bear cycle is a normal part of the process, not a sign of crypto’s impending death.


The possibility of Bitcoin to bounce back and keep on track is much more than ever. The crashing of Bitcoin in 2023 to a record low of $17,000 indicates that the crypto skeptics and crypto market is pretty volatile and is influenced by various factors rather than noting a crypto dead currency.

Government regulations can stifle the growth and development of Bitcoin. To date, there has been more than 10,000 crypto currencies. Experts suggest that majority of the crypto currencies will wither away with time. They believe in the revival of Bitcoin; thus answer to the question Is bitcoin dead? is in negative.

They are pretty much optimistic about the future of the Bitcoin. This is so because there are countries like El Salvador which have legalized the crypto currency. People across the globe still believe in its revival in the summer of 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Bitcoin ever recover again?

Based on research data, many crypto experts believe that crypto currencies, crypto etfs or bitcoin etfs is extremely vulnerable to government regulations along with its volatile nature. However, expert suggest that very soon Bitcoin will start recover its value.

Is Bitcoin going to go back up?

Pessimists argue that the crashing of Bitcoin shows that the long days of Bitcoin has come to an end and it’s just a matter of time that Bitcoin will disappear. But on the other side, people still have faith Bitcoin is not going away and it is going to recover by the mid-2024.

Is Bitcoin dead yet?

There is no clear answer to this conundrum. The depreciation in the value of Bitcoin does not mean that it is going to die rather it is merely result of various other factors such as volatile nature and government regulations.

Will people lose money with Bitcoin?

The future of Bitcoin is promising if you want to invest in it. However, before you do so, keep in mind that is also risky and you could lose your assets as well.

Is it still good to invest in bitcoin?

As always, it is a risky investment with very high instability. Only strong people can afford taking such risk without any good or bad expectation in future.

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