Truths About Life

Truths About Life

If one ask about what life is? It`s the recurrence of events in a specific time and place. These events teach us a lot of life lessons that if implemented and executed could lead to a more productive and happy life. It is in everyone`s knowledge that time waits for no one and that life is in a continuous state of change. A productive person would learn from life`s small lessons which ultimately convert into success. Knowing truths about life is challenging but essential to move forward on the right track.

These life truths, often ignored, are the essential material for one`s success. One of the bitter truths about life is that failure is often seen as a negative aspect and people get depressed when gets failed. In the article, we will be shedding light on the life as it appears and the challenging stage one can come across followed by suggestions to overcome fears and stay in the real life.

Acceptance of Failure and Commitment to Struggle Hard

The best lessons one can learn is to acknowledge that failure is a cornerstone of success. Embracing failure in the face of harsh realities of life is the way forward to make a successful and productive life. Life`s truths are often reminder of the fact that life is an ever-evolving journey where change is as constant as the rising of the sun.

2 truths about life

Our aspirations in life often meets with roadblocks but recognizing and embracing these roadblocks as a fundamental stone for eventual success is the key. Embracing the change and then adjusting our lives to adapt to twists and turns to find strength and resilience in life is the key. There are numerous truths about life which cannot be encapsulated in this article alone. In this article, we will explore different truths of life and analyze how we can learn life lessons from each step in life.

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Life is not as easy as it appears

Have you ever thought about the harshness of life? Well, some would argue that life is easy to spend but the biggest truth that we know till now is that life is a journey riddled with challenges and bottlenecks. Think of life this way; it’s an intricate passageway where the path ahead is not always smooth and where hurdles and obstacles will block your way in different forms.

3 truths about life

You would be wondering that on the exterior life appears to be filled with moments of joy and tranquility but in reality beneath the exterior surface lies the truths with trials and tribulations that ultimately shape our character. This nature of life reminds us that appearance can be deceiving. And one needs to face the harsh truths of life and extract wisdom and strengthen resilience. Therefore, it can be concluded that life is not as easy as it appears. Life`s beautiful moments are intertwined with roadblocks, challenges, and setbacks.

Painful truths about life

In this exploration, we will be explaining harsh and painful truths about life. In fact one can count hundreds of thousands of truths about life. Everyone`s life is different and everyone has to face different challenges and gain experience differently. Therefore we will divide this topic into main headings that further include some truths of life. Remember that we don’t often give attention to small things and we don’t realize that these small things come to influence our lives so hard.

Truths about life - Life is Relatively Short

We understand that till now very few among you have thought about the harsh truth of life that it is relative short. But we, often, do not give attention to this fact and ultimately we get lost in the moments of life. But when someone very close to you dies you realize that how unpredictable life could be.

4 truths about life

Realizing the fact that all of our lives is relatively short than we think and accepting that death will occur to each one of us ultimately. This realization will help you recognize the importance of every single moment in life. What it means when we get failed? Life`s relative shortness invites us to embrace life the way it is and convert these small moments into an impactful life. It invites us to embrace the bitter truths of life and adjust yourself so that you productively engage in your life.

Embracing Relative Shortness of Life

Now we are sure that you might get depressed upon hearing the harsh truth of life which says “life is relatively shorter than you think”. It might get you upset about your own life. Thinking that every action that you take has no meaning at all. But have you ever thought about what this shortness of life teaches us? It teaches us the importance of time.

It shows that time is a valuable entity and you can make everything out of it if you used it rationally. You must have heard that “time is money”. It basically means that we don’t waste a single moment of our life. We need to acknowledge that time is precious and it is the key to happiness. The preciousness of time teaches us to prioritize what is important and what truly matters in our life.

Truths about life - One Must Cherish the Present Moment

Amidst the chaotic scenes in our lives, we all forget how important the present moment is. We often live in our past memories by recalling what we cannot and should not change. It is a painful truth that we always dwell in the past which become the reason why we don’t cherish the present moment. By dwelling in the past, we ignore what the present moment has in store for us. The present moment might become the foundation of your successful life if you start realizing the importance of the present moment.

Learning from the past and living in the present is a way forward to a life that is full of happiness and opportunities. Living in the present help us live to our fullest while dwelling in the past extract the beauty of the joyous nature of the present moment. The bitter truth of life is that we do not cherish the present and often dwell in the past. If we are to live a joyous life, we will have to live in the present moment by extracting valuable lessons from the past is a way forward to a bright and beautiful future.

2. There is No Shortcut to Success in Life

If you are in your mid-twenties we understand that you think life has not so many things for you and you try to locate shortcuts in life to get successful. Let me tell you at the outset that “there is no shortcut to success”. Even if there is, that is not for a long time. You know the life`s harsh truth is that success doesn’t to you overnight.

5 truths about life

The path to success is a journey in process and in that process there are bottlenecks, challenges and setbacks. In this path you will face hardships and hurdles. You don’t need to hate failure because it is the stepping stone to success. When you understand and realize that success is nothing without failures would be the start of your journey towards success.

Everyone wants a life full of joys and wealth but very few among us recognize this truth that not everyone will get any of these. It is written for those who understand that there is no shortcut way to success and that failure and success are two facets reinforcing each other on the way ahead.

Acknowledging Failure in Life as truth of life

The biggest truth of life is that we treat failure with contempt because we think it bring contempt to us. But I fear that is not the case. A productive and successful man would never do that. A successful man understands the importance of failure and what it brings with itself. The perspective of these two people varies regarding their life and failures. Acknowledging failure as a stepping stone to success takes a lot of courage, determination and will power.

Realizing that every setback is a lesson and an opportunity for growth and transformation. Gradually this behavior cultivates resilience and strength in our bodies. If you think to spend a meaningful life then you must see failure as a catalyst for growth, a stimulus that guide us towards path unexplored. Each failure becomes a ray of hope illuminating the way forward, instilling in us the resilience to rise stronger.

Extracting Lessons from Failure: A Precursor to Success in Life

We know that the feelings of failure are weird and most of the times we couldn’t cope with those life truths that we experience alone. Do you know the difference between a beginner and a master? It is that the master has failed many times than the beginner has even tried. In other words, life is the name of recurring trials and tribulations and those succeed who extract lessons from every step. 

Life is full of failure and one who recognizes and accepts failures are the one who get successful. The more we afraid from our mistakes the less we try in life. Making mistakes and getting failed is an integral part of the journey. Making mistakes isn’t a problem but not learning from them is a problem. Embracing failures and extracting insights encourage us to drive forward in life. It helps us gain wisdom and insights from each stumbling block.

The process of learning from failures is a process of continuous introspection and learning. Introspection urges us to extract valuable life lessons in the face of harsh truth of life. The biggest truth of life isn’t just failure but in mastering the art of extracting lessons from failures in order to transform them into life lessons.

3. Thinking and Doing are two Different thing

The dichotomy between thoughts and actions encompasses a critical truth of life. Everybody knows the importance of thinking and doing. We often mix this paradox of doing and thinking. But, in essence, these are two different things. This is the harsh truth of life that we often ignore these small things in life. These small things, if attended, could fill the gap between thoughts and action in converting ideas into tangible realities. Keep this in mind that “you are what you do not what you think you will do”. See, all of our lives revolve around the fact that we will do this and that.

A wise man would bridge the gap between thoughts and action to foster harmony between contemplation and execution. It is essential to understand that thoughts are useless without action in life. Make a list and prioritize what’s really important to you. In order to bridge the gap between thinking and doing you will need to gather courage and determination to build yourself resilient in the face of harsh truths of life.

4. The Transformative Power of Action in your Life

It is one of the bitter truths of life that we don’t realize the importance of our actions. Your action has transformative power and you can use it to transform your wretched state of life. During action, you act on something material and shape them accordingly. With the insights from your thoughts and the power of your action that you can do unimaginable with your life. It’s in the transformative nature of action that life find innovation, progress forging a path toward meaningful accomplishments and tangible outcomes.

5. The illusion of comfort zones

It is important to know whether we are in our comfort zone. The comfort zone is a psychological state in which a person feels at ease because they are not being tested. When you are in your comfort zone you shy away from experiencing new things and take on any challenge.

6 truths about life

It’s not a sin to be in a comfort zone but amidst life harsh truths one need to get himself/herself away from comfort zones and start experience new things. It is an unavoidable truth that we make ourselves comfortable in comfort zone while we have nothing. It is really essential to understand that being in a comfort zone limit u to explore further hence stifle our growth.

6. Exploring Limitations within Comfort Zones

The harsh truth is that most around us lie in their comfort zones not understanding that hinders their personal development and growth. We need to tear away the boundaries of comfort zone and discover the untapped potential that lie within us. Once you get out of those boundaries you feel how discomfort comfort zone was.

Exploring the limits of comfort zone helps us to transform our lives and put aside our self-imposed confines. The bitter truth that life gives us is to not confines ourselves within the comfort zone but to venture beyond the boundary in order to self-discover the unfamiliar and uncertain life truths.

7. The significance of Self-Reflection in Life

Self-reflection is a bitter and indispensable life truth which uncovers the different modes of our existence with honesty. It is really easy to say that self-reflection is essential in life. But it might be very discomforting for you because it uncovers your flaws, fears and inadequacies.

7 truths about life

To be very honest, it is a sort of brutal act to examine yourself. Self-reflection urges us to confront our deepest selves, to investigate our choices, and to recognize our vulnerabilities. It is an introspection journey amidst the harsh truths of life. It unravels discomforting truths, challenges our egos thus compelling us to reassess our beliefs, behaviors and approach. However, self-reflection is a valuable too through which you can judge your actions, thoughts and behaviors. Life wants us to scrutinize our inner self and self-reflection is the best way to do it.

8. We create our Life with the Choices we Make

Now it is debatable that whether we possess a choice or not? We will leave that to philosophical discussions. What we do have is that amidst life uncertainties, we do have choice to act differently. Our reaction to an outside reality is what shapes our life. It is a hard truth that our life is a reflection of the choices that we make.

8 truths about life

A wise man says that ‘everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you made. If you want a different result you can make a different choice’. In life`s uncertain path, choice plays a huge role in determining our life. Your life can change if you chose to make another choice. We all have choices to make before embarking on anything new. Those choices decide the nature of our life. We need to stop complaining in the face of life and change our course by making a different choice.

9. Finding Purpose in All What You Do

The worst truth that revolves around our life is that we live a meaningless life all the time. We don’t recognize the preciousness of every moment and hence forget to cherish the present moment. Therefore, we live a life that is not what we intended to live.

9 truths about life

Intention, thus, comes to be the most important thing in this uncertain phase of life. In unintended life, everything happens in unintended way thus hindering your growth and transformation in life. Giving values and meaning to life helps to gain insights from the different phases of life. A life lived for a purpose is worth life. A meaningless life means nothing for a man/woman.

Therefore, it is the bitter truth that we don’t give meanings to our lives. We have no clear purpose or goal of why I am doing this or that? When everything happens in your life for a reason, then you will have the capability to predict what might happen. Finding purpose in life does not just show us direction but also incorporate a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

10. Build and Maintain Quality Relationship

There is a famous saying by Tony Robbins which goes as “the quality of your life is in the quality of your relationship”. We are all surrounded by humans relating to us in different kinds of relationships. Without relationships there is no life. Sometimes you don’t like those who are related to you but still they exist. But you know the significance of relationship when you get ill or something bad happens to you.

10 truths about life

You notice there are relatives in harsh moments of your life. You feel relaxed. The harsh truth of life is that people judge you based on your relationships. ‘A man is known by the company he keeps’. Therefore, it is essential to cultivate quality relationship. Our whole life is surrounded by relationships. A man with powerful relations is considered powerful. A man who has relationship with successful people is considered as successful. Building quality relationship also instills in us mutual respect, trust, and empathy.

11. Life isn’t fair

The fabric of society encompasses all sort of individuals. Individuals of different background rich, middle class, and poor or common man. In reality, all individuals are alike irrespective of their background. But the harsh truth is not all are identical. Life isn’t fair to all of us. It’s a harsh reality that fairness in life isn’t a guaranteed promise. Not everyone realizes this fact that life is not fair to him/her. Recognizing this fact is very significant. Accepting the unevenness isn’t surrender but a recognition that life isn’t perfect for all of us.

Realizing that life is not perfect and we all face some sort of challenges in our life is a big step forward. Mourning over the unevenness of life will not bear fruits for you. People spend lives in recognizing this harsh truth of life that it isn’t a fair deal. However, there lie valuable lessons in this unevenness. It’s in these unevenness where we find the seeds of adaptation, growth, strength and compassion.

12. Your Health is Your Biggest Asset

Dalai Lama famous quote says that, “we sacrifice our health in order to make wealth, then we sacrifice our wealth in order to get back our health”. This is a harsh truth in life that when we are in sound health we don’t understand the significance of our health.

11 truths about life

We often do whatever we want without realizing that it can harm our health and minimize our productivity. In good conditions in life, we take our health for granted. Your health is an asset in this life. And the sooner you get this the better. You can be everything if you want provided you are healthy. On the contrary you wish to do several things but your health is not good to get along with you.

13. It’s Not Other`s Job to Love You, Love Yourself First

We hope that you understand how important this is to be nice to someone. But it is even more important to be nice to yourself. You know why we don’t have belief in our actions even when we are prepared?? It is because we look into ourselves from the perspectives of those who does not value us, love us and appreciate us. It is the most harsh truth that we often underestimate ourselves among our peers. We do not value our self. We look into ourselves from the lense of those who don’t believe in us.

Belief comes from self-value, self-love and self gratitude. We hope you know how much grateful you are for this life. In order to do anything in life you have to self love and self respect yourself. Know your worth. Let someone love you the way you are, as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you might be, and as incomplete as you think you are.


In the mosaic of life's truths, woven with threads of resilience, change, and the unpredictable nature of fairness, one resounding truth echoes—it's the amalgamation of these harsh realities that sculpts the essence of our existence. Life's journey isn't a linear path but a labyrinthine odyssey, where each truth intertwines with the next, shaping our perceptions, fortifying our resilience, and guiding our growth.

Truths about life and embracing these truths isn't merely acknowledging their existence; it's about navigating their complexities with grace, courage, and an unwavering spirit. It's finding beauty in the impermanence, strength in adversity, and purpose in every twist and turn. Life's truths, though at times bitter, pave the way for resilience, growth, and an enriched understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

As we traverse this intricate journey, may these truths illuminate our paths, fortify our spirits, and inspire us to embrace life's complexities with unwavering determination and boundless compassion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some truths of life?

To be fair, there could be as many truths of life as there are humans on this earth. Every human has a different life and faces different set of challenges. However there are basic and ultimate truths of life that is related, in one way or another, to our lives. Some essential truths of life are change is inevitable, life isn’t fair, building quality relationships, the duality of thoughts and actions, embracing impermanence and not everyone will like you.

What are 10 truths everyone should accept in life?

While it may be hard to list down 10 truths of life that everyone should accept in life. In my view, the most important 10 truths are as under:-

  1. Change is inevitable
  2. Failure is a part of growth
  3. Life isn’t always fair
  4. Uncertainty is constant
  5. Impermanence is certain
  6. Not everyone will understand or like you
  7. Action is key
  8. Balance is essential
  9. Self-growth is a journey
  10. Significance of  self-reflection

What is life biggest truth?

One of life's biggest truths is its inherent impermanence. Everything in life—relationships, circumstances, emotions—is transient. Accepting and understanding this impermanence allows for a deeper appreciation of the present moment and a greater resilience in navigating life's changes.

What is the hardest truth of life?

The hardest truth of life is perhaps the inevitability of loss and change. Whether it`s losing loved ones, opportunities, or facing unexpected transformations, dealing with loss and navigating change can be profoundly challenging. Accepting that these experiences are part of life`s journey is often one of the toughest truths to grapple with.

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