How to Charge Vuse Without Charger

How to Charge Vuse Without Charger

Vuse e-cigarettes have recently become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. One of the benefits of vaping with a Vuse is the rechargeable battery that powers the device.

This blog post explores creative ways how to charge Vuse without charger. Vuse is a leading brand of vape pens and e-cigarettes owned by R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company. Their devices use prefilled cartridges (Vuse Alto pods) containing nicotine salt e-liquid.

Charging without Charger

Yes, it is quite possible. However you will have to apply few methods to successfully charge your Vuse battery without the standard wall charger.

These tips can get your vape pen up and useful even without a specific charge. There is no second opinion that use of original specific charger for Vuse or for Vizio TV is crucial for the longevity of the devices.

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Salient Features

The small, lightweight vape pen contains a rechargeable battery that vaporizes the liquid by heating it. Some key features that make Vuse popular include as under: -

  • Silky, discreet design Prefilled pods for easy switching of flavors Smooth vapor production.
  • Automatic shutoff and protection against overcharging.
  • Vuse pens are charged via a USB cable - typically connecting to an AC wall adapter.
  • The time it gets fully charged, the battery lasts 200-300 puffs before recharging.

Charging with charger is preferred

While the charging tips do work, charging your Vuse using the standard wall adapter and cable is still the best practice to keep your device effective and also to get the charging for long term uses.

Remember, charging Vuse through the specified charger can give you avail certain benefits, which in its absence cannot be reached closely, which are inter alia: -

charging vuse with proper charger
  • Faster, more efficient charging.
  • Wall adapters provide higher power than most USB ports. 
  • Proper voltage and amperage to maximize battery health and lifespan. 
  • Safety features to prevent issues like short circuits, power spikes, and overheating. 
  • Automatic shutoff to prevent overcharging when the battery is fully charged.

Regularly charging to 100% using the manufacturer's charger will keep your Vuse performing optimally. But in a pinch, alternative charging methods can get you by temporarily

Problem: In Charger or Battery?

With the passage of time, lithium-ion batteries lose their ability to hold a full charge. If you notice your Vuse battery dying more quickly or not lasting as much time, it used to continue, it could be a sign it's time for a replacement.

Other indicators include power button issues or failure to charge fully, on the basis of these effects, you must consider to replace a battery than keep pressing on the old Vuse battery.

As a general guideline, expect to get 300-400 full charge cycles out of a Vuse battery before the replacement is considered due. Keep extras on hand to easily swap for a fresh battery as needed.

How to charge Vuse without charger

Try to use USB power sources that provide at least 1A (1000mA) for the fastest charging speed. Lower amperage will charge slower. However, you are supposed to consider the following for the optimal results: -

  • Don't exceed 2A (2000mA), which can risk damaging the battery. Stick to 1A or 2A USB ports.
  • Use only USB power sources you trust to provide safe, regulated power.
  • Avoid sketchy or modified USB ports.
  • In a pinch, charging for 5-10 minutes can provide enough extra battery life to keep vaping.
  • Rotate between multiple power sources to give your battery intermittent charges while out if needed.

Substituted Methods

It happens that you would need your vuse to get charged while you are not having the proper charger, though it has been stolen, became faulty or for whatever reasons you will be having the following options to choose and proceed: -

Connect with computer, laptop or ipad charger

One easy way is to use a USB charger for another device, such as your computer, laptop, or iPad. The Vuse battery can be charged by any standard USB charging cable and a USB port that provides 5V power.

connecting vuse with laptop

However to undertake this function; you are supposed to plug the Vuse cable into the USB port as you normally would on your mobile device. An indicator light on the vape pen will show when the charging starts.

Charging from a computer USB port tends to be slower than using a wall adapter. But if you need a quick boost to keep vaping, it can add some extra battery life until you can fully recharge.

Use a portable phone charger

Portable USB power banks can also work for charging smartphones with a Vuse. As mobile battery packs or phone chargers, these devices have a built-in rechargeable battery and USB port that can be used when a wall outlet isn't available around to get that connected and recharged.

portable phone charger

You can also use a portable charger that has a USB output of at least 1A (the higher the amps, the faster it can cur Vuse pen using a U using a USB cableSB cable to the charger's port, and you're all set. It's helpful to keep one of these items, bag, or pocket for anytime your Vuse needs a boost.

Attach an usb charging dock

Many modern homestands have USB charging docks or stand that simultaneously charge multiple devices in short period of time. These often have built-in power adapters suitable to different handsets and sometimes extra battery capacity to charge items faster.

Look for charging stations that mention e-cigarette compatibility or have at least 1 amp (1000mA) output per port suitable for your uses. To proceed with this process, you need to plug your Vuse battery using a USB cable, and charging will start.

Link device with usb car charger

If you are scheduled to spend a lot of time during traveling or in a driving, a USB car charger allows you to charge on the go. These inserts fit into a vehicle's 12V DC power outlet (cigarette lighter port) and convert the power into USB charging to keep your ends result oriented.

You must ensure to insert the car charger into the vehicle power outlet, connect your USB cable from the charger to your vape pen, and it will begin charging while you are at drive.

Use a power bank adapter

These small devices have a USB input to plug into portable chargers, power banks, laptops, etc., and an output that fits a 510-threaded vape battery.

connecting vuse with power bank adapter

To use it, connect any USB power source to the input. Then screw your Vuse battery into the 510-adapter output. This allows direct charging without a charging cable.

Consider, power bank adapters are portable, inexpensive, and provide fast charging power in a compact form factor.

Legal implications

As per laws of the USA, sale and distribution of e-cigarettes, vapor products or liquid nicotine to the persons under age 21 is prohibited.

Such like locations also observe restriction of entry of persons below the age of 21 years. As per laws of NYC it is prohibited to use e-cigarettes in the place where generally smoking has been banned.

These areas include the public places where the public can suffer from the use of these products. For instance, residential colonies, restaurants, sports areas, cinema halls and other workplaces.

The same was also banned by the city mayor in the year 2020, who to advocate the idea, singed a law imposing ban on the sale of flavored vapour products.


It is possible to charge Vuse without charger but at the same time best, long-term based and quick results cannot be expected with the help of any substitute discussed above in the article.

Using the original adaptor to charge vuse gains significant character when long lasting effect of the charging comes into discussion. However, if you are at a place where you cannot find the proper charger to connect it with Vuse then moving to alternative is inevitable for you.

In alternate, you can proceed to use the wall charger using USB power connecting that with computer, power banks, or even with the car charger.

Use at least outputs of 1A to manage fast charging, ensure optimize safety, health of battery and performance; failing which your device can face technical problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge my vape with a phone charger?

Yes, it is possible as most of the vape pens are made with the feature of usb port, which makes the charging possible with usb standard chargers like the ones used for the mobile charging or other product having the same usb port for charging.

How do I charge my vuse with usb c?

It’s very simple to process. Just connect your epod to the computer, which has usb –c charge cable, which connectivity will start charging of your device.

Can I charge my Vuse with a phone charger?

you can use a portable phone charger or power bank to charge your Vuse battery in a pinch. Connect your Vuse pen to the charger's USB port using the charging cable. Make sure the charger provides at least 1 amp output.

What about charging from my computer or laptop?

Yes, the USB ports on most computers and laptops output 5V power that can charge a Vuse battery when connected via the USB cable. It will provide extra battery life while not as fast as a wall charger.

Will car phone chargers work?

Car chargers that plug into the cigarette lighter and have a USB port can successfully charge a Vuse battery while you're driving. Just plug it in, connect your Vuse with a cable, and you'll get juice on the go.

Can I use a USB charging dock or stand?

Yes, as long as the dock provides at least 1 amp of power per USB port, you can charge your Vuse by plugging it in via cable like any mobile device. Look for docks designed specifically for charging vape pens for best performance.

Will any portable power source work?

The key is to use USB power sources that provide 5V and at least 1000mA (1 amp). If those conditions are met, the source should be able to charge a Vuse battery when connected via the charging cable.

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