How to Connect Vizio TV to Wifi Without Remote

How to Connect Vizio TV to Wifi Without Remote

We live in a digital age where most things are done by computers. Computer technology makes large amounts of data, content, and information available to us. In this digital age, televisions have also evolved into advanced multimedia platforms by which we can enter into a world of entertainment and content.

In this article, we will explain in detail the processes that ‘how to connect vizio TV to Wifi without remote’ if you cannot find its remote control handy. These are some simple and easy steps that you can use to connect your TV to Wi-Fi and watch anything you want to on the weekends.

Significance of Smart Tvs & Vizio Tv

vizio tv entertainment

In the TV industry, Vizio is a popular brand which gives its customers the choice out of a range of smart TVs. With the increase in the use of the device; the query ‘Can we connect Vizio TV to wifi without remote’ needs a settlement for the end users.

It gets annoying when a person cannot find the TV’s remote and is not able to connect the TV to Wi-Fi in order to watch their favourite shows, channels, and whatnot. However, there are some ways through which you can connect your Vizio TV with Wi-Fi without a remote. Prominent TV brands offer products with diverse services and features that we could not have imagined a few years ago.

Smart TVs are equipped with internet connectivity which allows the users to browse and watch online content, stream the latest shows, use different applications and enjoy services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and bask in an interactive experience. TVs come with remotes for convenience which makes it easy to navigate TV’s options on a click basis.

There is an option to connect the TV with Wi-Fi. Sometimes remotes are lost in a plethora of other things at home and cannot be found at the time of need.

Methods to Connect Vizio TV to WiFi without Remote

Vizio is an American electronic company for consumers; famous for designing, producing, and selling televisions, sound bars, advertising, and viewer data. It is also used to produce telephones and computers as well. The company was founded in the year 2002, its headquarters is located in Irvine, California.

A majority part of its business is based in America, but Vizio also has business operations in China, Vietnam, and Mexico.

Vizio is a household item in America and many people use its products, especially smart televisions. These TVs are easily available in the market and are controlled and navigable through remote control.

At times, it happens that the remote is lost somewhere in the house and we cannot seem to find the remote and find our stuck so we become helpless.

Losing the remote leads to an unpleasant and discomforting situation for every housekeeper. However, there are many other tips whereby you can explore Vizio Tv without support of remote but you need not to worry about the methods to connect as we have adequately explained them it in another article How to Unlock Sim Card With PUK Code

This is especially true today because smart TVs offer a wide range of options and features which increase the importance of remote to a great extent. At the outset, it may seem like an impossible task to connect your TV to Wi-Fi without the use of a remote.

You need not worry because we have covered the methods of connecting your TV to Wi-Fi. We will describe several ways to easily and quickly set up your Vizio TV to a Wi-Fi connection. Some of the basic methods have been described as follows: -

Using a USB Mouse or Keyboard to connect Vizio TV to wifi

The first method to connect your Vizio TV to a WiFi without remote is to use a USB mouse or keyboard. A majority of smart TVs come equipped with USB ports allowing you to connect peripheral devices like a USB mouse or a USB keyboard.

Generally speaking, Vizio TVs are set up in a way that they automatically configure a USB mouse or keyboard without any manual setup. All you have to do is to connect the exterior device to the correct part.

Depending on the model of your Vizio TV, you can find USB ports on either side of the smart TV. Remember! Every Vizio TV does not necessarily support a USB keyboard or mouse. First, you must establish the compatibility of these devices with your TV, if so you can proceed.

After establishing compatibility, you can follow the steps to connect your TV to a Wi-Fi: -

mouse or keyboard uses

As mentioned, every Vizio TV may not be compatible with a mouse or keyboard. If your TV model does not support them, there are other methods you can use, for which you continue reading the remaining part of this article.

Using a Universal Remote Control for the connectivity

In order to connect your TV to the internet, you have another option to use a universal remote. By using the universal remotes, you can manage and control several electronic devices simultaneously. These days, universal remotes do make more sense because of the crowd of devices in our homes that need remotes.

Universal remotes come with a code list which is why your Vizio TV will also need a code to get connected. This code should be provided with the universal remote and it could be found online if the universal remote company manufacturer has provided the details.

Remember! There are many fake companies creating remote with universal applicability but those hardly fill the gap and prove helpful. Therefore it is strongly suggested to go for the well-known companies only so the product may be used or replaced later on. In order to connect your TV to Wi-Fi, a Universal remote can be used as follows:

Step One: Turn the TV on by using the power button of the remote control.

Step Two: There will be a TV-specific button on the universal remote. Press it and hold it until the power light starts blinking.

Step Three: Enter the specific code you have found on the booklet/ cover of the remote.

Step Four: Do some navigation, find ‘Menu’ settings and click on ‘Network.’

Step Five: A box should display the Wi-Fi network you want your TV to connect to. Your TV will be connected to the internet after you click it and, if so needed, enter the password.

Step Six: Finally, press the ‘Connect’ button and it gets connected.

Using an Infrared Remote App to Interact Vizio Tv to wifi

A Vizio TV may also be connected to Wi-Fi through the use of an infrared remote app. It is an easy method for this issue. You can use this method only if your phone has an IR blaster which is basically an infrared sensor. This feature solely comes in Android phones and is alien to iPhones. Thus, you can use this method if you have an Android with an inbuilt IR blaster.

However, it is essential to briefly describe the process whereby the Infrared remote app helps you connect your TV to Wi-Fi. The process is as follows: -

infrared remote app 1

Connecting an Ethernet Cable to Vizio TV and Router

Another method of connecting your TV to a Wi-Fi connection without a remote is by connecting an ethernet cable to the Vizio TV and Wi-Fi router. Ethernet ports are available on Vizio TVs so that a wired internet connection can be established on the TV when so desired.

connecting an ethernet cable to vizio tv or router 1

You should look at the accessories that came with your router if you do not have an ethernet cable. Typically, an ethernet cable is included with a router. A majority of Vizio TVs have ethernet ports. This port should be located on the back of the sides of your TV.

A similar port can be found on the router as well. Here are some steps that you can follow to connect your Vizio TV to Wi-Fi with the help of an ethernet cable: -

Step One: Take the ethernet cable and connect it to your TV and the router.

Step Two: Find the power button at the bottom of the back of your Vizio TV and press it.

Step Three: Ensure that your TV is supporting the wired ethernet connection.

Step Four: Check whether your TV is connected to the internet (Wi-Fi) or not. If it is connected; the task is done and working perfectly.

Using Vizio Mobile App (Vizio SmartCast)

vizio mobile app vizio smartcast

Using Vizio mobile app, formerly known as the Vizio SmartCast mobile app, is another method you can use to connect your Vizio TV to Wi-Fi without the use of a remote. This is a simple and convenient method you can use to fix the problem by making no effort at all. This app is supported on both iOS (13.0 or higher version) and Android (8.0 or higher version) devices.

However, to connect your TV with a Wi-Fi connection; you need to follow the step-wise process described below: -

Step One: Open the Play Store for Android phones and the App Store if it is an iPhone.

Step Two: If you find ‘Vizio Mobile App’; download and install the same.

Step Three: Open the app, and you will see some on-screen instructions to follow and proceed.

Step Four: Select the option ‘Continue as a Guest’ or you can create a Vizio account.

Step Five: You will see a ‘Get Started’ prompt. Click on it.

Step Six: From the list of available devices on the screen, select your Vizio TV.

Step Seven: Enter a four-digit code of your Vizio TV. You can find it displayed on your TV.

Step Eight: Navigate the app to find the ‘Menu’ settings and then go to ‘Network.’

Step Nine: A box should display your preferred Wi-Fi network to connect your TV. You just click and enter the password if so required and you are connected now.


The landscape of smart entertainment is fast evolving, the presence of a smart television is a reflection of the evolving era. Smart TVs offer you a wide range of options and features that you can use to entertain yourself or watch the content you desire. 

A variety of these features, work online for which a stable internet connection is essential. Internet is considered a lifeblood of smart TVs such as Vizio. It happens that sometimes you may lose the remote, and find yourself stuck and thinking how you can proceed further. 

In the article, we have referred to multiple substitutes which can help you connect Vizio TV to wifi without a remote. Fortunately, you are at liberty to pursue your goal no matter whether the remote is present or not.

It calls for a simple and easy task to connect your TV to a Wi-Fi connection. Needless to mention your entertainment experience need not be delayed or marginalized if the TV’s remote control is absent or lost. By following the methods enshrined in this article, you can easily connect your TV to a Wi-Fi connection in order to ensure that your Vizio TV serves as a content, engagement, and entertainment hub for you and your family members.

Considering that technology is continually evolving, this article would have deliberated on the resourcefulness and adaptability of the users who can transform a potential setback into an eventual triumph.

Thus, whether your remote is absent, lost, or malfunctioning, you have the requisite tools at your disposal to overcome the challenge of connecting your TV to the internet without compromising your time of interest and pleasure. It would also open the avenues of immersive entertainment and fascinating content.


What one Should do if Vizio Tv is not turned on?

If you face a problem in turning on your Vizio TV you can resort to any of the following solutions: -


  • First, check the power cable is well connected to the TV and also the outlet.


  • Second, do the testing of the outlet by using any other device to determine that’s functional.


  • Third, see the power cable is not damaged and the remote battery is also charged.


  • Fourth, Unplug the Vizio TV for 10-15 minutes then plug it in again.


  • Last, if the above steps are failed, then consult Vizio’s Customer Support office or find the services of a repairing expert.


What is the easiest and quickest way to connect Vizio TV to wifi without a remote?

It is the use of a USB mouse or keyboard to quickly connect Vizio TV to a wifi without any support of a remote. You also have other substitutes to connect them with certain procedures. In order to connect, just plug in USB navigate to tv settings and establish a connection to enjoy the series of your choice.

How do I manually connect my Vizio TV to wifi?

How do I connect my phone to my Vizio TV without WIFI?

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