How to Unlock Sim Card Without PUK Code

How to Unlock Sim Card Without PUK Code

The PUK code refers to the “Personal Unlock Key, "sometimes called as PUC code. This code is particularly utilized for resetting the phone’s PIN if its protective software gets to lock the handset or the SIM card. In case, the code is lost and it becomes very difficult to unlock SIM cards.

There are certain guidelines for those who are in search of answers to the question ‘of how to unlock SIM card without PUK code or how to unlock SIM card without PUK number. Let’s shed some light on them.

Significance of PIN and PUK codes

sim card puk code

While using mobile phone, people have to provide the code either after SIM replacement or after restarting their devices. It happens that most people forget their SIM PIN code as they rarely restart their device or change their SIM cards and they don’t remember the code.

Hence, the necessity to know about how to bypass the code or how to unlock SIM card without PUK number have gained significance.

Thus, in these situations, people may lock their SIM cards, especially if they enter the wrong PIN code. You do not have to get a new SIM, for unlocking the existing SIM card, the code generally appears on the screen and helps user to come out of the trouble.

Use of SIM and PUK Codes

If a person buys a SIM card, mobile networks give a plastic wallet having detailed carrier information that also includes the SIM PIN code etc. This SIM PIN code is the “Personal Identification Number” generally required to access the mobile network’s operator.

When the SIM card is inserted into the mobile phone, the user is asked to provide the SIM PIN code. It has been observed that majority of people discard the SIM card wallet after putting their SIM cards in their mobile phones.

Considering the significance of the query and the inability of the users to be friendly to unlock the SIM card; this article has been designed to provide the effective ways and steps for unlocking SIM Cards either on iPhone devices or Android devices even without resorting to the code.

Methods of Unlocking SIM Card without PUK Code

The necessity of the code cannot be denied for any obvious reason. Use of SIM and the help from the code is a routine affair, handled at the customer services centers.

Likewise, knowing the facts about “SIM codes, unlock code free or free PUK codes, code PUK free or SIM card free PUK codes” have become crucial to know and follow.

In case of blocking your SIM, either go to franchise and get a new SIM of that mobile network or recover it through the following mentioned methods: -

Calling Customer Service to unlock the sim card

The first method is unlocking your SIM Card without a PUK Code through calling the customer service center. This is effective method of getting the personal unblocking key.

By contacting the mobile carrier's customer service, one can get the SIM Card PUK unlocked for free and will have all the required information, including the codes.

calling customer services

The customer service representatives of mobile carrier can also help the user solving the issue of how they can unblock their blocked SIM Cards without Codes. They will ask how the SIM card has been locked and then would provide a PUK code to the customer after enquiring the necessary information.

Finally, the received Code may be entered as the new code in the mobile device and you can successfully unlock your SIM card. If one is interested in knowing about how to get code without calling customer service then the next given methods can be enrooted.

Mobile Carrier’s Website

The second method is unlocking a SIM Card without using the PUK Code, through a mobile carrier’s official website. In this case, the PUK is obtained through the mobile carrier’s website if one has an online account.

By now, majority of the mobile carriers have started offering users online accounts. To avail of the service, a user is supposed to merely open an online account on the website of the mobile carrier company and provide the necessary credentials to get their codes. You can change the SIM PIN code as well SIM PUK code.

Process to Avail Services

Mobile carriers generally offer a lot more services through official websites. Almost all mobile carriers do provide SIM Card opening services without the PUK codes on their website provided the specification identification and verification process is neatly undertaken.

The requirement from the user is to just register or log in to their SIM card and their mobile phone device at the carrier's website. Then the user may access his account and check the PUK code.

Using the Phone Unlocking Software

The third effective method of unlocking a SIM card without using the PUK Code is to get help from the phone unlocking software. The user can try to use MobiUnlock EaseUS, an iPhone unlocker for unlocking a SIM card, Apple ID, Activation Lock, and passcode of Screen Time along with many other services.

phone unlocking software

It doesn’t matter whether a person remembers the PUK code or PIN, the iPhone MobiUnlock EaseUS unlocking program is capable of helping him easily remove a SIM card. The iPhone unlocker also helps in cases where someone has forgotten the iPhone passcode and just wants the iPhone to be unlocked.

It can be inferred from the foregoing discussion that the process is same in both the cases whether you want to know how to unlock sim card without puk code android or how to unlock sim card without puk code iphone.

Tools as Helping Hands

They are also very useful in decrypting the backup encryption of iTunes and managing the passcodes on the iPhone or iPad. There are many other unlocking tools and software programs for SIM cards i.e. DoctorSIM or the SIM Unlock software, which work similarly to the MobiUnlock EaseUS.

Vizio smartcast is an example of software app used to trouble shoot the unlocking issues. To have in-depth insight on how to use Vizio smart app to unlock and troubleshoot the unlocking issue you may read article How to Connect Vizio TV to Wifi Without Remote

Checking the Phone’s Packaging to Discover PUK Code

Another method is checking the packaging of the SIM Card to find out the lost PUK Code. If the SIM Card has been locked and the user has lost the PUK Code, it is important to first find out and check the plastic card packaging to determine whether the same was mentioned there or not.

A majority of mobile carriers provide additional instructions regarding how one can open the SIM Card on their packaging.

Using the Old Trick to Unlock the SIM card

There is a trick from the old days that might work with most SIM Cards. If you have an old SIM card and likewise an old phone; the trick can work to change SIM pin as well. In order to go with this method, following a step-wise process is essential.

step wise

This last method of unlocking the SIM Card without the PUK code is also known as using the secret code, as this secret code helps the user unlock the SIM Card by themselves, without installing any third party applications.

By utilizing this method, users can avoid wasting their time on the services provider and money that they have to pay the mobile shopkeepers for unblocking their SIM Cards.

Steps to unlock your SIM Card on iphone device without PUK Code

Following are the key steps to unlock your SIM Card without the PUK Code: -

  1. Connect the iPhone to a computer and run the EaseUS MobiUnlock software.
  2. Select the "Removing SIM Lock" option from the home page.
  3. Check the specific information of a device displayed on the computer's screen after clicking the "Start” button. 
  4. Screen of the Terms of Use will appear; after reading it, click the button "I Agree" and click the “Start”.
  5. The user must confirm the device’s information and click the "Start Unlocking" button to start the process of unlocking. 
  6. The user is required to wait until this process gets completed after due verifications.
  7. Once the user’s SIM card gets unlocked, they can disconnect their iPhone device from the computer and check whether the SIM lock is mainly removed and can be used for all practical purposes.


The given methods and the steps are key to unlocking the SIM card without the PUK code. It is clear that unlocking the SIM card, particularly without the PUK code, is possible by adopting appropriate measures. It can be done by getting the PUK code through the mobile carrier company's website or customer service.

If the user obtains the PUK Code, utilising the iPhone unlocker software known as EaseUS MobiUnlock is optimal for unlocking it. By utilizing the methods mentioned above and following these steps, the user can stop wasting their money and time on the high costs they have to pay the mobile shopkeepers for unblocking their SIM Cards. It has been revealed from the survey that mobile shopkeepers also apply the same methods to execute the job.


Can you unlock sim without the PUK code?

There are various methods to get your sim unlocked without PUK code; however, the first and foremost method is to call the customer services centre, after due verification of your personal information/ credentials; you will be provided with all the information linked to your sim card.

Where can I find my 8 digit SIM PUK code?

An 8-digit PUK code is printed on the sim or the plastic large packaging in which the new mobiles are supplied for the end users. It is advisable to keep the sim packaging in some safe place to be used in future if so needed.

Can a locked SIM card be unlocked?

PIN codes and PUK codes have been created to protect your device from unauthorized use. If the sim card has been blocked either due to supply of wrong identification or otherwise, it can be unblocked by using the parent code i.e. PUK code.

Can I unblock a blocked PUK?

No, it is not possible. If a card is blocked by the puk code, you don’t have any option except to replace it.

How to unblock blocked sim card without puk code?

There is no way direct method to avoid or bypass puk code and navigate to unlock blocked sim card. Remember! If you enter wrong pin codes 3 times, that will block your simcard, which could be opened only after providing the puk code, not otherwise.

How to bypass puk code?

There is no legal way to bypass puk code, which holds the identity credentials. However bypassing a puk code or trying to find out sim card in unauthorized manner is against the policy as well as against the social norms.

How to unlock sim card without puk code Samsung?

Unlocking a SIM card without a PUK code is not possible. Contact your mobile carrier's customer support for assistance. Provide necessary information to verify your identity and obtain the PUK code to unlock your Samsung SIM card or any other you have in use.

How to get puk code by SMS?

No, it is not possible to obtain a PUK code through SMS. Rather it has been recommended to contact your mobile carrier's customer support via phone or online to request the PUK code. Authenticate your identity and follow their instructions to unlock your SIM card for further uses.

Do you know about universal puk code for sim card?

There is no universal PUK code for SIM cards. The PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) code is unique to each SIM card and can only be provided by the respective mobile carrier's customer support. Therefore, the myth about the universal puk code should not be believed.

What is spectrum puk code

The PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) code for Spectrum Mobile SIM cards is specific to each individual SIM and can only be obtained by contacting Spectrum Mobile's customer support and not otherwise.

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