How to Clean a Derma Roller

How to Clean a Derma Roller

With the hustle and bustle of our lives, it becomes very difficult to get some time out of a tough routine to pay a visit to a dermatologist for personal matters. These circumstances provide ample space for the trading and use of tools such as derma rollers.

On account of time constraints, if you buy them to use at home without leaving the warm room, it becomes relevant to know and understand ‘how to clean a derma roller’.

If you do not know how to clean your derma rollers, reading this article is a must for you. Keep reading this article to learn some cleaning methods for your derma roller.

What are derma rollers used for?

Uses of derma roller

Micro-needling through derma rollers is a new technique used to treat acne scars, and wrinkles on the body. The needles in the roller are used to prick the skin which promotes the production of collagen in the affected areas.

Previously, you could only get micro-needling done through a licensed dermatologist only, that too after attending his clinic and making the due payments.

However, now you have over-the-counter derma rollers which you can easily buy and use at home by practicing various methods we are about to discuss in this article. A related study relating to cleaning of the gold has been explained in the article How to Clean Gold Chain

Material to clean a derma roller

You can use the following materials to clean your derma roller.

  • rubbing alcohol
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • purifying tablets
  • soap
  • disinfectant

Using a wet sponge

A wet sponge can be used to clean your derma roller. Take a look at the following steps to learn more about the uses of sponges in the process of cleaning.

  • Take a wet sponge and place it on a clean flat surface.
  • Sweep your roller back and forth across the sponge for approximately 20 to 45 seconds.

This helps remove any dirt particles that are stuck on your roller after usage so the same cannot affect your skin. Being inducted into such habit, your derma rollers can have a long life even with frequent uses.

Clean derma roller with warm water

clean derma roller with warm water

Use warm water to clean your roller. It helps to get rid of any dirt, blood or skin particles on the roller without affecting any damage to the body of the roller, likewise to affect any other part of the body. After due washing, place it upside down on tissue paper. It takes around 10 to 20 minutes for the roller to dry completely.

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Why Cleaning Derma Roller is important?

There are numerous reasons for cleaning your derma roller. The reasons are religious, medical, and social. As you know, the derma roller comes in contact with your skin. Dirty derma rollers may become a breeding ground for a lot of germs, ultimately, your skin will invite germs causing a lot of skin problems.

In a recent study, the process of the micro-needling process in a group of people has been reviewed. It revealed that if a patient in the group developed a bacterial infection. The bacteria on your derma roller can give rise to problems such as rosacea, eczema, and melisma.

Melisma is a skin condition triggered by the bacteria on your contaminated derma roller, causing it to initiate a hormonal imbalance in your body, resulting in a patchy appearance of the face.

Eczema can be even caused by using a dirty and contaminated derma roller. Symptoms of eczema include itchy and dry, or red and bumpy skin.

derma roller skin effects

How often a Derma Roller be cleaned?

Generally, you should clean it every time you use the roller. If it is still uncertain how often you should use the Derma Roller? However, any absolute timelines cannot be given for using the derma roller and cleaning it thereafter because the routine varies from man to man. It largely depends on the size of the needles of your derma roller and the level of sensitivity of your skin.

If the length of the needles is longer then you can use it less frequently than you would use a roller with shorter needles. Longer needles will be able to penetrate deeper into your skin causing deeper punctures which will take longer to heal.

Conversely, rollers with long needles would bring an effect deeper than the result from short needles. However, if you use a short needle roller, your skin will heal quickly enabling you to use your derma roller more frequently.

Cleaning Methods for Derma Roller

This article highlights numerous methods of cleaning your derma rollers. In all cases, it is essential to keep your derma roller clean to prevent contamination or infection of your skin therefore, clean your derma roller pre and post-usage. Following are the key methods to clean your derma roller: -

Sterilize your derma roller

You can use any effective liquid to sterilize your derma roller by following the steps given below.

sterilize derma roller

Using purification tablets: -

Purification tablets can be used to cleanse your derma roller:-

Step 1. Use specialty tablets to sanitize your derma roller

A lot of derma roller companies do sell purifying tablets to assist you in cleaning derma rollers. If you got a purifying tablet along with the derma roller, then be sure to read the instructions mentioned on the package and clean the same way.

If you did not get any tablet with your derma roller, then you can purchase a denture tablet from the market. These tablets help in killing the bacteria that is attached on your derma rollers.

Step 2. Take a warm water container

It all depends on the purifying tablet that you are using since different tablets require different levels of water for the cleaning purposes. Most of these tablets instruct to use 1 cubic centimeters (cc) or 240 ml of water.  

It is advised to use a measuring cup to measure the amount of water to fill in the container provided the measurement has not been given on the tablets.

Step 3. Take one tablet and add it in your container

Put your derma roller inside the water container. The sanitizing solution is created by adding your tablet in water, followed by immediately place your derma roller in the container. Do ensure that your roller is completely immersed in the solution.

Step 4. Read the instructions carefully

Follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging. Some purifying tablets require you to soak the roller for 5 to 10 minutes in the solution. Whereas, some tablets might mention soaking the roller for a longer period of time. For instance, if you are using danger tablets then you have to soak the derma roller in the solution overnight.

Step 5. Lightly wash your derma roller

After your derma roller has been soaked thoroughly, use warm water to rinse off the solution. Once that is done the process of cleaning is done.

Step 6. Let your derma roller dry out

Use a clean piece of tissue paper and place your derma roller on it for about 10 to 20 minutes until it dries completely. Do not pat your roller to dry it quickly as this might cause the needles to bend. Bent needles can damage skin or scratch face.

Using soap to clean your Derma Roller

You can also use soap to clean your derma roller. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Make a solution of soapy water
  • Take a container and fill it with soapy water.
  • Leave your Derma Roller in the container for 20 minutes.
  • Take a separate container and fill it halfway with warm water.
  • Add three to five drops of dishwashing liquid in the container. Use a spoon to stir so the dishwashing liquid is completely mixed in the water.
  • Place your derma roller upside down in this container.
  • Leave the roller for about 10 to 20 minutes in the solution.

By using this process, you can remove any blood or skin cells that are present on your roller.

Cleaning your Derma Roller with a toothbrush

As you know Derma Rollers have tiny needles that can prick or poke your skin. Particles of dirt, blood or skin can get stuck between the needles. Therefore, attention is needed to ensure to use a clean toothbrush to remove any dirt or residue left on your derma roller.

clean derma roller with tooth brush

Use a new toothbrush with soft bristles if want to deep clean your roller. However, the following short process may be applied to complete the process.

  • Turn on the faucet and hold your roller under the stream of warm water.
  • Use your toothbrush to gently use your roller for 60 seconds.

What are the side effects?

It has been experienced that using the derma roller may cause inflammation in the skin due to its micro-needling. In some cases, swelling over the skin may also occur. It may also cause acne over the affected region of the skin.

Although the use of the derma roller for the regrowth of hair is in trend for those who are suffering from hair loss it can extend no benefit to those who have lost hair due to medications or have undergone serious medical complications.

Discomfort, the appearance of redness on the skin, and continuous irritation are common problems which are reportedly faced by persons using the derma roller for one reason or the other. Patients with skin diseases or having problems with blood clots are also advised not to use the derma rollers to avoid any untoward situation.


Using dirty and infected derma rollers can affect your skin and health in many ways. Using the derma roller causes holes in your skin, which is something you should take lightly. To ensure a smooth micro-needling process, you must have the best and the most hygienic tools in your hand.

Derma rolling machines can be washed by means of soft toothbrush, or with the help of sterilized derma roller, denture tablets, or same can be undergone through the process of air dry, alcohol solution, boiling water, like any other effective hair treatments but subject to regularly cleaning.

Cleaning your derma rollers might seem a bit challenging but it is definitely worth the effort. Therefore, we have compiled a list of precautions, challenges and methods for you to clean your derma rollers in the best possible manner. A clean derma roller will ensure that your skin remains healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I clean my derma roller after every use?

Yes, it is strongly recommended to clean your derma roller before and after every use. It is because the needles enter the skin, puncture it and some of its particles usually get stuck, which must need cleaning to avoid the spreading of any infection.

Can I clean my derma roller without alcohol?

Yes, we have discussed a few methods to clean your derma roller, also without using alcohol. Boiling hot water may be used to clear the stuck fungal from the derma roller.

Does rubbing alcohol disinfect the derma roller?

Yes, it does. It is the most preferred method to disinfect the derma roller by using isopropyl alcohol. Cleaning the roller with this method makes it helpful and effective for later uses.

How do you clean a derma roller naturally?

Generally, warm water is used to clean a derma roller at home. The process doesn’t need much time to clear the skin particles stuck on the head of the roller. After it is soaked in the water, then rinsed with running water, just keep it outside to dry.

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