How to Clean Gold Chain

How to Clean Gold Chain

Gold is soft and looks stylish on your body. This elegant metal is the choice of millions worldwide to cater to their various needs. It is great jewellery to add an extra flair to your personality.

What If may drop your hands in the mud or wet clay? Or, you can also unintentionally drop it into your food plate; even then No worries because we are going to explain ‘how to clean gold chain’?

Why to Clean Gold Chain?

Not cleaning gold chains can quickly make it lose its shine and worsen. Likewise, cleaning the derma roller has been accentuated in the article How to Clean a Derma Roller

The methods to clean gold chains can be applied at home by doing it yourself or others by engaging the services of some professional. You can wear this metal as lockets and gold chains at birthday parties and weddings. It adds value to your life and acts as a symbol of prestige.

Contrariwise, reasons for dirty gold chains include residues from perfumes, body lotions, and oils. If the color and shine of your gold chain are fading, then you must learn to be serious about cleaning your gold chain the RIGHT way.

Significance of Cleaning it?

You can only achieve this goal by learning and implementing the best gold chain cleaning methods. The methods we will discuss are tested, proven, and harmless. All you need to do is follow the best cleaning methods for gold jewelry. You will learn to revitalize its shine again.

Gold-bonded jewelry is referred to as 'rolled gold' jewelry. The most elegant and stunning-looking gold chains people wear are made from the integration of base metal and a layer of gold. This jewelry has unique attributes that distinguish it from fake gold chains.

Why it Needs Frequent Cleaning?

Experts reveal that cleaning gold chains frequently or daily yields many benefits and ends woes. For example, a stunning locket or chain in your possession can easily look rough after dropping in the dirt, oil, or any other not-gold-friendly substances.

dirty gold chain needs cleaning

As the time passes, your laziness can make it look uninteresting. Though gold chain cleaning seems cumbersome it is crucial to enjoy the prestige of wearing gold chain/ jewelry; otherwise, you have to abandon wearing it.

Now, you must understand that proper and on-time cleaning of gold jewelry can help you remove many impurities. Even if you keep gold chains away from gross things and liquids, they are still exposed to air.

Gold Chain is Pure or Fake?

Gold’s soft properties cannot bear applying things like ceramic to it. The result can be an obvious golden streak visible to everybody. However, it means that your gold chain or jewelry is impure. This is because pure gold is soft, and fake isn’t.

It contains hard metals with dark colors. Another trick to check the pure gold’s presence in your jewelry piece is carefully observing the karat marks. Pure gold is close24 to K karat marks. If you have something significantly lower than 24K karat, then your gold chain can be a combination of mixed metals.

Finally, you can also test gold’s purity using a water test. You can start by putting your gold chain in clean water. If you watch it sink below the surface, it is pure gold. Otherwise, a floating gold piece or chain is a sign of a fake metal.

Benefits of cleaning gold chain properly

Before un-tapping the methods to clean gold chains; it is crucial to shed some light on the benefits of cleaning gold chains by applying appropriate methods; hereinafter are given the key benefits of the cleaning: -

infographic 2

Applied Key methods

There are multiple methods to clean gold chains when they become dirty. If the gold chain is not much dirty and also not very costly; the methods to clean by yourself can be appropriate.

Whereas, the gold chain which is costly, precious and made in sophisticated form, needs an expert hand to clean the dirt from the gold chain without causing any damage to the subjected chain.

DIY Methods

There is nothing to worry about if you accidentally drop a new gold chain in an oily dish at a dinner party. We will show methods you to clean a gold chain properly. You can safely reply to these strategies as they are well-tested methods for cleaning gold chains.

Moreover, these methods are vital for saving them from the effects of oxidation. The benefits do not end rather the cleaning of gold chain fosters the long-term wearing of gold chains. Frequent cleaning is meant to improve the chain’s surface, which will always give you a more charming look and be enjoyable to you and your loved ones.

Use Lukewarm Water

This method is simple but the most effective one. All you have to do is just apply a microfiber cloth gently on your gold chain. While doing so, you can use dishwashing soap easily available in homes.

washing gold chain with lukewarm water

In order to undertake the process of cleaning; first get a bowl and add some baking soda to it. Mix them. Also, get some warm water and soak the chain for about ten minutes.

Next, scrub the gold chain with a toothbrush and a soft clean cloth. When it is done, rinse it using some quantity of warm water. Dry it till you believe it to have been done so. The process is complete and from now onward try to avoid keeping it close to other gold chains.

Use the Toothpaste

Toothpaste is good for your gums. Using toothpaste to clean gold chain safely is not only convenient, but it is hassle-free to buy any product for cleaning gold jewelry. In most homes, toothpaste is found, thus this process of cleaning becomes free.

cleaning with toothpaste brush

For cleaning the chain by using this method; you will be required to take a soft wet toothbrush and pour some toothpaste on it. You don’t need to know how to do it because it is what you are supposed to do twice a day in your daily life.

However, rub the soft toothbrush on gold chains for almost five minutes. Then, rinse using warm water followed by cleaning and drying it with a piece of cloth. The process is complete.

Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner

You may sometimes take days or weeks to clean your gold chain/jewelry. We don’t want to leave you to your own devices. 

washing through the ultrasonic cleaner

Here is another safe method for cleaning gold chain. It requires nothing fancy but an ultrasonic cleaner. An ultrasonic cleaner seems a perfect device where you can insert the gold chain and let the machine do it for you. 

Just choose the correct mode and leave the dirty work for the cleaner. Beware of the fact the method is best for the thick chains while using the method for thick chains may cause it to get affected adversely.

Non-DIY Method

If the gold chain is much dirty and needs an overhauling and all the self planeed methods have not given any positive results; then you are supposed to follow any of the given methods: -

Services of a Professional Jeweler

The services of a professional jeweller are normally sought when it comes to cleaning expensive and costly gold chains with unique identities or in cases where the damage to the gold chain is apprehended after applying self-driven methods.

Engage Expert Jeweler

Your experienced jeweler can save you from investing in ultrasonic machines and making hefty expenses. If one of these methods still needs to be fixed, consult a professional expert. They will guide you and teach you methods to avoid further damage to jewellery pieces.

cleaning by professional jewller

If you are applying DIY gold chain cleaning methods, that are difficult due to time constraints, you can meet your jeweller. They will likely help you get the desired results. A gold jeweller can tell you a similar or another safe method for cleaning gold chains. Their professional knowledge can make things easier, effective and quick for you.

Boiling Water

It is needed to use boiling water to clean gold chains safely. This is because water is a powerful cleaning agent that is effective in gold chains, jewelry and other metals. The process involved is such that to heat your gold chain in hot water.

It would not melt if you do this because the melting point of gold is almost 1,948 degrees. So heat it with your kitchen stove and put boiling water on its surface. All the dirt will disappear.

It is to consider that do not put the gold chain close to the bottom of the pot and likewise don’t use a low-quality cheap pot. Conversely, it is urged to rely on a high-quality pot made of quality materials.

Observe Precautions

Cleaning gold chain/ jewelry is a serious affair; therefore it should be given due care rather than deploying a negligent means of cleaning.

precautions to preserve gold chain

It is mandatory to avoid several mistakes while applying these safe methods for cleaning gold chains. An instance of negligent behaviour can be cleaning the gold chain at the time of watching a movie of your interest.

Don't Clean in a Shower

It is another advice to avoid cleaning your gold chain under a direct shower flow the reason when showers pour out hard water in the flow that could cause significant damage to your precious gold chain, while such like hard flow of water doesn’t confront the chain in other washing patterns.

Learn More about Structure

You can try cleaning gold chains for years, but greener outcomes are difficult to obtain and those can only be obtained if you know gold’s chemical composition well.

The gold chain cleaning methods you apply on cheap gold do not match the requirements for cleaning a pure gold chain. Therefore, one should apply an appropriate method of cleaning considering the chemical composition and worth of the gold jewelry.

No to Bleach & Lemon

Another mistake people make regarding cleaning gold chains is applying lemon or bleach on pure gold. First, lemon has highly acidic properties. Second, bleach would be too harsh to apply on soft gold metal. So it is recommended to avoid using both of these behemoths in order to save the chain from harmful chemicals.

Don't Apply Dish Washing Soap

Similarly, dish soap often contains unspecified components, which could severely impact your gold’s quality. It acts like a nail going into an eye lens. Cheap soaps are made of cheap materials. They won’t be friendly for your gold chains in any way.

Don’t Use a Stiff Cloth

One effective gold chain cleaning method is not to use a soft cloth to clean your loved ones' gold jewelry. This is because soft clothes are not specifically made for cleaning gold jewelry items rather they could further dull their surface.

Don't soak it for Too Long

Needless to say that excess of everything is bad. Therefore it is advisable to soak your gold chain in the water for a limited period. These harsh chemicals can be inimical to your gold and reduce its purity and it can further worsen the shining of the gold chain.


Gold chains you wear are mostly made of alloys (gold-plated pieces) integrated with copper, steel, and brass. These core metals are mixed with gold to ensure their durability. Gold’s color can become dim upon the arrival of heavy dust. It is frequently asked how to clean gold chain with care and caution.

You may accidentally put your gold chains in oils and makeup solutions. Moreover, if you sweat excessively, it can also lower gold’s quality. Hence, the sparkling appearance of gold lockets and chains can still be restored if you follow our safe methods to clean gold chains.

Cleaning Gold chains is an art anyone can master without putting much labour or mental exertion into it. You can increase the lifespan of your gold chain by properly following our DIY and non-DIY methods. As a result; it will remove dirt, oil, and debris and allow you to use that in times of need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is good for cleaning gold chains?

Use any soap & baking soda. In a bowl of warm water, pour a spoonful of baking soda in it and also a few drops of soap. Put your given gold chain in the bowl then marinate for the best results.

How do you clean a gold chain without damaging it?

The following stepwise process can be applied at home to avoid damaging the gold chain: -

  1. Mix a little dish of detergent in mild warm water
  2. Then pour some drops of ammonia
  3. Brush with a new, small, and soft toothbrush
  4. Place in lukewarm water to rinse

What is the best home remedy for cleaning gold jewellery?

Follow the step wise process given below: -

  1. Make a solution of mild warm water with dish soap. Mix them for some time in a cup.
  2. Soak gold jewellery for up to five minutes.
  3. Remove any stuck-on grime with a small and soft toothbrush.
  4. Rinse gold jewellery with running water

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