How to Get a Scratch Off a Car

How to Get a Scratch Off a Car

Your car can sustain marks and scratches for a multitude of reasons. Some factors are controllable, while others are not so much. Unfortunately, car scratches can significantly reduce the resale value of your beloved SUV, supercar, or Ferrari. If you are looking for how to get a scratch off a car? You’re at the right place. We’ll show you the best remedies for removing car scratches at home.

It is quite logical to hold that seeing your new luxury car’s flawless finish sustaining paintwork damage is always demoralizing and gut-wrenching. You will discover the secrets of eliminating ugly-looking scratches from your vehicle’s surface. You’ll learn how to restore your car's pristine shine without taking it to a professional painter.

Why the Scratches Affect the Cars

A new car is your pride and happiness. It’s a symbol of prestige and pride in your family. After rejecting so many models and brands, you choose it because your spouse wished for it. You choose the best color and design according to your spouse’s taste.

types of scratches on the car

You saw your car in the garage or driveway with small and big scratches. You notice many small scratches in the front door’s paint. You wonder what could have caused it? Maybe it was a parking accident, vandalism, or road debris. Whatever it was, this blemish will surely catch your neighbor’s attention.

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Is there Any Remedy?

The sad part is that even If you decide to take the car to a body shop or a painter, just fixing and repainting a little area can cost you hundreds of dollars. Even if you have vehicle insurance, chances are, those folks won’t be interested in paying you to fix scratches.

In this sticky situation where you need to be witty instead of panicking. You need to find a cost-effective solution to not only fix the vehicle’s paint scratches but also improve its finish to make it look brand new.

But before we dive deeper into how to get a scratch off a car from home without paying big bucks, let us see some of the common factors behind car scratches.

Weather Conditions

The most common and probable reason for car scratches showing off is bad weather. The weather can offend your car’s painted beauty with no mercy during winter; roads are difficult to control vehicles. In many coastal areas, all the grit and water can leave stains on your sweet car’s body.

weather conditions affecting the body like scratching

Always keep your car covered in the winter. However, contrary to winter, another culprit is hot and sunny weather that again kills your car’s flawless beauty with excessive rays. Ultraviolet rays can deteriorate paintwork. Your car’s surface may look worn out if placed in the scorching heat for hours. Therefore, you should keep your car under shade during the summer.

Dead Insects

Bird droppings and insects are everywhere to affect your car. It’s so damn hard to scrape bird droppings from your car’s surface when you don’t know what to do. Moreover, dead bugs are always hard to remove without putting some scratches on your car.

Dead insect bodies also leave acid on your car’s skin, slowly eating your paintwork away. These birds and insects have been granted the special privilege of flying. Carry a microfiber cloth everywhere you park your car.

Stones and Loose Pebbles

Have you ever heard of road debris? They could be your No.1 car paint killers. They could leave big marks on your car’s surface. Also, pebble chips are not hard to spot. Even if you keep a fair distance from the other cars, over speeding and road conditions can become problematic when they send rolling stones.

stone and loose pebbles affecting body of the car

Rolling pebbles and stones can cause circular dents in your bumper. They can damage your bonnet or side panels as well. It’s surprising how much damage these directionless rolling stones can do to your SUV’s body and paint. We suggest driving carefully, keeping your distance from others and avoiding driving close to landslides.


This is another big risk if you live near hedges and thorny bushes. You must be careful if you commute to the office in the morning by rushing over these bushes and branches. These nasty hedges can grate away at your paintwork.

Your car’s shine will gradually diminish if you don’t change your route to the office. So, instead of cursing these menacing bushes and hedges in your way, you need to follow a wider path to keep your car’s sheen and luster intact.

Abrasive cleaners and dirty clothes

Do you use low-quality household detergents and soaps to clean your car or SUV? If the answer is yes, we suggest you to avoid it all costs. Low-quality household detergents can strip the protective paint sealant of your car.

Experts suggest not washing your vehicle with a dirty cloth or dry sandpaper. Dry clothes will wreak havoc because they’re known to cause friction damage to cars.

Naughty Kids

Yeah! If you’re parenting a few rude or indecent kids, this could be a grand reason for your vehicle blues. Whether you have offensive children in your neighborhood or lewd kids in your home, they will always be ruthless about caring for your car.

naughty kids scratching the new car

Imagine your once pristine Ferrari or Lamborghini is littering with scratches now. This is because you have no control over your teenager’s biking habits. Or your kids never miss a football kick hitting your SUV’s glittering surface. Keep your little ones well-informed that they will pay the price if they make a mess of your new expensive car. Use fear if they ignore your warning; it’s a matter of your car’s future.

Frequent Car washes

Car washes are necessary for maintaining your car’s surface. However, some car washing professionals have a bad reputation for lashing vehicles with dirt. Your car washing professional may use a hard brush instead of a super soft cloth. This can create tiny scratches on the surface and risk the well-being of your car.

Always hire a professional car detailer to restore and retain the showroom look of your car. Some car washers won’t mind mishandling your car and reducing its shine and glory.

Other drivers

People often misunderstand their surroundings when they park cars in unknown places. This is where most accidents happen.

Whether your kids open car doors too quickly or you reverse the car not knowing how close another car is, scraping of car sides is the only outcome you can expect. You cannot park your car in isolation and risk theft. If you unfortunately get struck by another driver in the parking space, don’t let them get away without asking for maintenance costs’ compensation. Ask them gently by showing your car’s condition caused by their wrecking move.

What to Do When Your Car is scratched

Often, your paintwork is damaged or scratched accidentally. There isn’t always a malicious intent of an individual to scrape your limousine and take revenge. Whether your super luxury car has been scratched by another driver or from the hitting of pebbles while driving in unfriendly terrain, there is always something you could do to deal with that.

If you think your car has been a victim of vandalism or some members of street gangs have been deliberately doing this, you may want to elevate this matter to the law enforcement authorities. You must file a police report immediately in case of vandalism or threats from gangsters.

Check your auto insurance company to see if they cover vandalism damages. In any case, you need some of the best strategies for removing car scratches at home.

Three TOP Methods to Remove Deep Scratches from your Car

So now that you know what caused scratches on your car, it’s time to use the best remedies for removing car scratches. Even a minor scratch on the shiny surface of a brand-new BMW can be annoying. However, we can tell you that there is good news because most scuffs are fixable.

pronto car scratch

Pronto car scratch removal is vital for you to remove deep scratches in your car. A delay can expose already damaged paint to the elements. This can wreak more havoc on the car’s surface. Besides, if you plan to sell your car soon, you can forget about getting a fair resale value without a proper scratch removal strategy or repair.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of how to get a scratch off a car using simple and cost-effective household tools.

Is it Possible to Fix Car Scratches at Home with DIY Tricks?

Yes. If you want to fix your car scratches by using “do-it-yourself” home remedies, you can do it. However, that depends on various things, such as your prior skill, the deepness of a scratch, and how well you can handle paintwork. Mostly almost all new vehicles have three layers of paintwork.

  • Clear
  • Coat
  • And base coat

Many homeowners have scratch removal kits in their possession. These kits can be useful tools to remove small surface scratches. You might use these tools and kits to fix a scraped car at home. However, a noble tube or a toothbrush can also help you in this adventure.

In case of deeper scratches, you can better let an expert handle the job rather than using DIY skills to remove deep scratches from your car. Take the car to a local garage. If the garage is cost-effective, you can get quality professionals and the best remedies for removing car scratches.

These folks are trained to smooth out those scratches caused by dozens of things or individuals. If you can find a mobile mechanic, you can have better luck getting the job done on the driveway.

How to Get Scratch Off a Car with a Toothpaste?

Sometimes, kids can turn a minor scratch into a mammoth one by running their fingers over it. And if the fingernails do not catch the surface of your BMW, then the scratch is in the clear coat of paintwork.

removing scratch with the use of toothpaste

Here, you can effectively use none other than your favorite toothpaste to remove deep scratches from your car. Let us show you how:-

  1. Was the affected car area first to avoid rubbing any debris or dirt into the scratch?
  2. Mix some soap in warm water (high-quality soap is recommended).
  3. Rinse it and dry it with a clean, dry cloth. Simple and sweet!
  4. Now comes the fun part. Take a microfiber cloth and a toothpaste. Apply some toothpaste on the cloth.
  5. White toothpaste works incredibly well on your car’s surface, sometimes better than on your teeth!
  6. You can use any toothpaste if you don’t use white toothpaste. It won’t make much difference.
  7. Now, gently rub the toothpaste into the scratch you see on your car’s surface. Apply it using a circular motion.
  8. Continue the circular motion until the toothpaste is applied perfectly and distributed across the entire affected area of the car.
  9. That’ll do it! Your job of rubbing out the scratches is finished. Now, you need to rinse the whole area and not leave a single inch. Use soap and water and remove all the toothpaste you applied.

What if the Scratches Still Remain?

Repeat the whole process up to two to three times if you feel some scratches are still kissing your car’s surface. These stubborn scratches need some pressure to be applied with a microfiber cloth and toothpaste. Make sure that you rinse and dry between applications; that will help you evaluate your progress.

Caution: If you repeat this process three to four times or more, you can damage your paintwork.

Using Scratch Remover to Remove Deep Scratches from Your Car

This is another method our experts suggest if your scratches are deeper than the clear coat. Deep scratches often travel down to the paint’s base coat. This time, using toothpaste can waste this precious little thing. Leave it in the bathroom for your kids’ teeth.

scratch remover kinds forms picture

You need a dedicated remover for scratching off deep scratches instead of toothpaste. Using a scratch removal product is simple and requires the following steps:-

  1. First things first! You need to wash the affected area and properly dry it to avoid any dirt building into that area. Not washing can make scratches worse if you apply pressure on that area.
  2. Don’t forget to thoroughly go through the manufacturer’s guide beforehand when you apply a scratch removal product. This could be a savior for your paintwork.
  3. Usually, you don’t need to apply the product or tool three to four times. Just one to two times is enough to remove deep scratches. However, ensure you evenly use and apply the product around the pad and leave no area blank.
  4. Next, gently rub the removing agent over the affected surface of your car. Use your hand in a circular motion, and do not move in the opposite direction. Keep the direction the same to apply an even covering.
  5. Soon, you’ll be finished applying for the agent. Now, it’s vital not to allow excess product to dry on the car. That is necessary to save the paint.
  6. Make sure you clean the applied agent or removal product thoroughly by using a clean microfiber cloth.
  7.  If the scratches are still there, read the manufacturer’s instructions again. Understand the hazards of over-applying these agents, and don’t repeat the process unwittingly.

What if the Scratches are Deeper than You Think?

Some scratches on your beautiful Sedan can be more mind-boggling than others. You may have some minor scratches on the left front door. However, they could be severe on the right front door.

one paying dollars to professional

Deep scratches can make cleaning work more difficult when you don’t know how to get a scratch off a car like a pro. These dirty scratches can go into your car's primer or metal body panel. The best strategy in these circumstances is to take your car to a well-reputed local mechanic. They will do the job professionally for you and ensure peace of mind. Nothing comes without a price.

How much Cost Can you Expect to Repair a scratch on Your Vehicle?

The scratch can scream out loud if it is severe enough to break your bank. Considering the severity of the scratch and its depth, you need to figure out how you must deal with it. You can use toothpaste to remove a smaller scratch or a minor issue. However, if you use a scratch-removing product, it could cost around a tenner.

This means that the cost of more severe and deeper scratches is fairly high to remove them. But it could be worth it because some money out of your pocket spent the right way can make your car look brand new again.

Can You Get Help from your Insurance Agents for Removing Deep Scratches from your Car?

Insurance companies are not like charity organizations. Each one of them has their own regulations and policies. Even though insurance agents want to help their clients as much as they can in distress, they can’t do much about it if their policy rules deny paying for car repairs.

one visiting insurance office to seek help in removing scratches

And the worst thing you would need is to make a pointless claim. If your insurance company provides separate denting and scratch removal packages, your claims to fix minor scrapes can be meaningful. It all depends on your main policy rules and how insurance can help you with the scratch removal process.


 If you don’t know how to get a scratch off a car, we have tried to explain it to you in simpler words. It’s a simple process rather than rocket science. The best part is that you can use the above-explained methods from the comfort of your home.

All you need is to take a few household commodities and follow our step-by-step process to make the magic happen. We believe your car can look brand and improve its value if you mindfully use these products and tips. Since these best remedies for removing car scratches and DIY projects can be time-consuming, you may need to develop skills and gain expertise. 

You need patience to become an expert who can remove deep scratches from your car. However, leave it to a professional car mechanic if you don’t feel like doing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does toothpaste remove car scratches?

It sounds a bit funny, but toothpaste can help if the scratch is in the clear coat. A white toothpaste will do a better job in a car’s case. However, you can use any one of those brands and rub some toothpaste into the scratch and rinse.

What if scratches remain after cleaning with toothpaste?

If you still see any scratches on your car’s surface after applying and removing toothpaste as per guidelines, you can repeat the process up to two more times. However, repeating more than twice can permanently damage your affected area and paintwork.

Can WD-40 products remove car scratches?

Yes, WD-40 is a useful product, and you can use it to remove car scratches. However, this is not a primary scratch-removing agent. WD-40 can only be as good as improving the top layer of the paint. If you overdo it, it may expose the underlying paint. Hence, it is only recommended for dealing with lighter scratches.

Can I use a paint scratch repair kit to remove deep scratches from my car?

You can get into significant trouble when these pesky paint starches refuse to go off. Yes, you can use a good paint scratch repair kit and deal with this problem when you see naked metal underneath the scratched paint.

How can I remove scratches from my car at home?

Yes. You can apply strategies to fix a car glass scratch at home. However, you will need a few household products and tools. In the first step, clean the affected area using a glass cleaner with a clean cloth. Then, you can use some toothpaste applied to a cotton swab. Make sure you properly rub the toothpaste over the scratch area.

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