How to Get an Eyelash Out of Your Eye

How to Get an Eyelash Out of Your Eye

If you have suddenly found your eye hurting and there is no obvious reason for that. You think that an eyelash might have stuck in the eye, but still, you are not sure about the reality.

However, if it is found that the eyelash has stuck and also causing pain in your eye; then you need to know how to get an Eyelash out of your eye.

Eyelash, Stuck in Your Eye?

If an eyelash has fallen and made its way into your eye, in result your eyes will start feeling itchy, and the feeling of discomfort will start to build up and continue. However, to quickly counter this, you will often rub your eyes eagerly to get rid of the pain or irritation you are experiencing in eye.

Medical Issues

It has also been witnessed that you may be mistaken that a trapped eyelash is the leading cause of your itchy eye. But in reality, there was some other medical issue, which was causing irritation and discomfort to you, for which you must need a sitting with the medical physicians.

what medical problems may arise due to eyelash stuck in the eyes 2

An ingrown eyelash is a condition in which your eyelash grows inward the eye than outward. It is referred to as “Trichiasis" in which the eyelashes grow inward the eye instead of outward.

Although, no severe medical complications have been reported due to eyelash problem unlike the histamine intolerance issue, discussed in detail in another article titled How to Clear Histamine from Body, yet the problem should be addressed on fast track basis in order to avoid further complications.

How Trichiasis is Treated?

First, it will be determined whether only a few eyelashes are growing inward direction; if so the best way would be to remove those which are appearing in that direction; whereas if the majority of the eyelashes are growing inward way, you should opt for the surgery to get rid of the problem once for all times to come.

medical reasons why eyelashes break and stuck in the eyes

Besides, you can also proceed for electrolysis or cryosurgery. However, in consideration of overall health and the gravity of the infectious problem, the medical officer could suggest the best solution suitable to you.

Women & Eyelashes

Women who use a lot of makeup are also prone to eyelash trapping. You can try minimizing applying mascaras, or preferring to buy makeup from good brands, providing genuine quality and making your eyelashes protected.

what medical problems may arise due to eyelash stuck in the eyes

However, there is always a remedy to control, avoid and cure the eyelash mishaps. If you touch your eyes less; then it is the key to avoid the breaking of eyelashes. Remember! If you face stuck eyelashes quite often, you might suffer from severe hair loss or other medical issues i.e. inflammation in eyes etc.

Applied Methods?

There are several methods which can be used and applied to bring eyelashes out of your eyes therefore worries should not stay around you. However, you will have two significant methods.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Methods

There are few methods to resolve this problem, which can be adopted by the people concerned, by themselves without consulting any eye specialist, which brief narrative is as follows: -

Rinse with Water

First, you can try removing the eyelash with frequent rinsing. You can rinse your eyes with generous amounts of water after every few intervals. Contrariwise, you can also use the filled basin with cool and boiled water to keep your eyes inside that for some time.

rinsing eyes with water

However, considering the eye a sensitive organ of your body, it is recommended to use bottled water either for rinsing or to fill the basin. Sink your eyes blink in the water and observe the movement of the stuck eyelash.

Use Clean Fingers

It is essential that before using your fingers to remove the stuck eyelash, you must wash your hands thoroughly with a mild anti-bacterial agent. After washing, dry your hands with a clean towel. Make use of your fingers to dislodge that long, prevailing, irritating eyelash.

It has been recommended that you should gently pull the swiped eyelash with the help of two fingers. Try holding the broken eyelash in your fingers as they gently rest around the stuck eyelash. The trapped eyelash will turn out easily with these gentle motions and pull attempts.

Have rest

It has also been observed to be an effective means to resolve eye-related issues. If you get some good sleep, then the irritating sensation may go away with the passing of each day.

During the night, our eyes are capable of releasing emissions that clear out foreign particles. In the morning, you may get rid of the annoying stuck eyelash.

Blink, blink, and blink

In the means of DIY; the most effective strategy is to blink your eyes multiple times. All you have to do is tilt your head backwards, lifting your face and eyes, looking up at the sky. In this way, your eyelashes will get some time to relax as of gravity. Blink, blink, and blink repeatedly until your eyelash finds a way out.

(Non-DIY) Methods

These types of methods are usually applied when the situations are not tackled through the personal efforts at home and there appears a need for consulting some specialist or make use of some tube, spray or medication as prescribed by the specialists.

Use Eye Drops

eye drops to bring out eyelash 1

In case the aforesaid DIY methods fail to remove the trapped eyelash, it's time you make use of an eye drop. Before dropping those eye drops in your eyes, you must check the expiry date of the drops. Grab a dropper and bang on it.

Use Saline Solution

rinsing with the help cotton or saline solution

If the problem persists, try dragging the eyelash to the corner by constantly rubbing your eyes. You can also use clean cotton, either soaked in water or saline solution to remove the eyelash. The use of the saline solution is just like using water to remove the eyelash.

Use of Onions

Cutting or peeling an onion releases the enzyme called syn-propanethial-S-oxide from your eyes. Upon its release, the trigger mechanism of the eye starts producing tears. You will see within a few minutes that the painful and irritable sensation has been no more as the tears also brought the stuck eyelash out.

Seek Medical help

You can always seek medical help if none of the DIY methods help you dislodge the trapped eyelash.

meeting eye specialist to seek help

With more rubbing and practicing self-dislodging attempts, your eye might turn red or may invite tens of bacterial infections, risking your vision. Therefore, after applying some of the simplest methods, it is always preferred to reach out to your nearest eye specialist to avoid any further complications.


In the article, we have explained briefly the reasons why eyelashes break and stuck in the eyes or other which grow inside the eye area. We have also mentioned a few of the medical problems that could arise as a result of such eyelashes in the eyes.

To resolve the problem of ‘how to get an eyelash out of your eye’ we have gathered and summarized a few of the DIY methods and also others involving specific procedures or the medical physicians.

One suffering from eyelash issue, takes deep breath and would need certainly to visit eye doctor, who could help him through a few drops in the upper eyelid, then advising you to use contact lenses so eyelashes falling down by themselves. 

Instead visiting eye doctor or seek medical attention, one can gently pull eyelash trapped by using artificial tears, eye wash several times with clean water to keep eyes hydrated by removing foreign object as well as keep eye safety a consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will an eyelash eventually dissolve in the eye?

It cannot be said with certainty whether the stuck eyelash will go away by itself or not. At times, small objects go out with tearing, frequent blinking or even after a deep sleep but most of the time, it would require some act to get rid of them.

What happens if you can't get an eyelash out of your eye?

If an eyelash has stuck in your eye and you can't find a remedy to take it out, then you must urgently seek medical help. As you continue to fidget with your eye, your eye will become more prone to severe eye infections.

Will the eyelash in the eye go away by itself?

At times, your eye flushes out one thing or the other. Sometimes, it may be an eyelash, whereas other times sand etc. It does this by repeated blinking. If, however, you think an eyelash has stuck in your eye, you must wash your hands first before you start to fidget with your eyes.

Will eyelashes come out of the eye overnight?

The immune reflexes of our body, like tears, are enough to flush out tiny particles or even eyelashes if stuck in your eye. However, eyelashes, mucous lining, or even tiny objects won't come out of your eye despite repeated efforts.

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