How to Get Higher

How to Get Higher

If you are interested to know when and how to get higher? When a smoker of weed gets higher no matter if he is a seasoned cannabis or a newbie, then this article shall bring a lot of useful information to get into some more deep.

It is known to everyone that with the passing of each moment; the effects of smoking weed decrease and the phase of relaxation declines; however here we are committed to bring forth the reasons which can be conducive to letting the smoker enjoy it deeply for a good amount of time.

In the article, we will enlighten you with the foods and drinks give rise to your enjoyment after consuming strains. We will also shed light on increasing the duration of such enjoyment by using different strains of cannabis.

Foods that take you higher

There are certain foods, drinks and methods to help you get higher though you are planning to experience Netflix a cozy night or assemble with friends to spend some quality time.


If proper food is consumed by the weed smoker; it is the natural method to increase the cannabis effects of cannabis. Remember, the processed food would not be beneficial to get you higher. Detailed discussion on the properties of processed items has been made in the article How to Reheat a Burrito

Below is the explanation of how there is an interaction between the foods (like mangoes, nuts and eggs, sweet potatoes, etc.) and cannabis: -


  • Consumption of mangoes or juice at least 45 minutes before smoking cannabis can deliver amazing results, as mangoes contain myrcene, which is a chemical compound. In cannabis, myrcene interacts with the THC, helping in extending its psychoactive effects.


  • It contains anandamide that binds to CB receptors for increased feelings of joy, pleasure and happiness.
  • It also elevates levels of anandamide and stimulates CB receptors, potentially leading to intense and lasting euphoria.
  • Consuming chocolate also has some other associated benefits i.e. neurogenesis, pain relief, memory enhancement, and anti-anxiety effects.


  • It is a big source of beta-caryophyllene, a terpene that occasionally enhances the effects of marijuana. It is also famous for its pain reduction results and relaxation properties if consumed with THC.

Sweet Potatoes

  • Its particles of vitamin B6 in sweet potatoes help to regulate emotions, overall enhancing the cannabis experience.

Nuts & Eggs

  • Consumption of these foods also accelerates the cannabis effects of cannabis and extends its duration. It might lessen the signs of anxiety and despair.

Drinks cause you to get higher

Besides the uses and consumption of food; the use of drinks and beverages may also have a significant role in increasing cannabis effects of cannabis. Following are the notable drinks: -



  • Catechins (a substance to protect cells from damage) is found in green and black tea, which is a compound famous for its properties giving relaxation and sedation.
  • It has been examined that when you drink tea before using cannabis may render a balanced experience and counteract anxiousness.
  • It is also reported that combined uses of tea and cannabis could lead to increased potency.


  • Without referring to any specific study, it is believed that coffee interacts with the endocannabinoid system and adenosine receptors.
  • Caffeine in coffee and THC potentially improve the consequent effects, affecting cognitive function and heart rate.
  • Metabolites correlated with caffeine intake may modulate the ECS, increasing the impact of cannabis.


  • It is rich in probiotics, enzymes, and B vitamins, and when it is combined with cannabis compounds, offers potential healing benefits.
  • The antioxidants and antibacterial properties in substances create an energetic beverage with positive effects for overall well-being.


  • Uses of alcohol with cannabis should be approached with great caution due to the reasons that alcohol can slow down THC breakdown, which resultantly intensifies the substances.
  • Hops used in beer contain terpenes like myrcene, similar to mangoes, enhance the effects if and when combined with cannabis.
  • It is always guided to stay aware of probable interactions with medications and increased tiredness.

How to increase the duration of getting high

As we have learnt about the foods and drinks which are helping hands to increase the cannabis effects of cannabis now we are supposed to discuss and determine ‘how can we lengthen the duration of the effect’.

In order to answer this question we have conducted some material study wherein we also conducted some anonymous interviews to get some deep insight into it. However, the resultant reasons have been revealed as follows: -

Do deep inhaling to get high

Inhaling smoke deep is the art to learn, experience and enjoy the optimal level of smoking marijuana.

Many of the stakeholders have no knowledge about the fact of deep inhaling or, taking time inhaling, or those suffering from the issues of short breathing cannot experience this self-based strategy.

deep inhaling

However, if one is committed to enjoying and getting pleasure of maximum it could, the mastering of deep breathing is vital.

At the same time, we cannot forget to mention the significance of the tool used for deep inhaling. Bong or vape is used to provide a level way to aggravate the effects of cannabis leaving an impact on the body.

The research has proved that taking slow breaths deliberately enables THC to move within the area of the body to give it a lasting effect encompassing a sense of tranquility, pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment.

Therefore, let’s get some deep into it to elevate the experience of marijuana to an optimal level.

Apply different strains of cannabis


The chief constituent of cannabis containing euphoric effects is tetrahydrocannabinol referred to as (THC).

However, let’s explore the different types of cannabis strains with the gist of the effects and sort out which of the strains is the best to elevate one up.

Sativa Strains - Effects of energizing and psychedelic

Sativa strains are common for nourishing energizing effects and can be used at any time. The resultant effects include a cerebral and uplift high with more concentration on creativity and focus.

Conversely, they are also reported to have caused a rise in the paranoia and psychedelic experience so it is always advisable and recommended to keep its dose in a moderate way to avoid any untoward occasion.

Indica Strains - Effects of relaxing and calming

One suffering from pain, anxiety or any other dilemma might be in need of relaxation and pain relief and may choose to proceed with Indica strains coupled with high THC content.

It has been noted that these strains produce a soothing and more focused sense of calm and tranquility.

Hybrids - A Perfect Blend of Effects to get high

The formula of hybrid strains renders a duo model of sativa and indica qualities, providing balanced effects of the two.

With hybrid usage of the strains, one can experience a more convincing and wide range of effects as each of the strains contains distinct features and their combo effect would marvelously leave not only lasting but also a variety of results.

Strategies keep on changing with the passing day, which brings forth a new formula to cherish, however, an act of exploring hybrid effects would enable to discovery of the root of the formula while giving exciting well-tailored effects.

It is to be noted that each of the strains has specific characteristics and when combined with others would result in a deep but blend effect to enjoy, explore and remember.

For example; if the strains are selected with higher THC, the same could result in a more strong and intense experience.

However, an insight into the worth of strains and their quality with exposure to the side effects is crucial to consume safely and start with smaller doses, instead of high doses.

Keep changing the consumption models

Having experience of the different types of cannabis is not a condition precedent to get higher in it rather the consumption method in use plays a vital role in availing the best results out of it.

gravity bongs bubblers vaporizers pipes edibles

For example, if you have only been smoking joints for a time, it might be the best time to try something like a vaporizer or bong.

It occurs when the optimum level is not achieved despite the use of a variety of strains and that too in large amounts.

Then, it is the time to check and determine whether the means of consumption have become obsolete or ineffective and changes in the consumption method could make a difference or not.

Let’s explore the theory by discussing the alternative means of consumption.

Gravity Bongs

In order to get more focused and highly intensified results, gravity bongs are the best choice, they are formed by using common household articles, yet leave concentrated smoke in the lungs.

However, it is made clear that those who are having the issues like faint–hearted, should not be used to avoid any unfortunate event.

Bubblers & Bongs

The usage of bubblers and bongs for personal consumption is the first choice of those who are inclined to purify and clean smoking experiences.

The embedded filtration and cooling properties of the bubblers and bongs if in large, allow one to a smoother hit and one feels more elevated to enjoy the effects.


A group of smokers more cautious about maintaining their health, most of the time prefer to opt for the use of vaporizers.

The use of vaporizers gives heat to the cannabis up to the matching temperature to avoid burning off the valuable psychoactive compounds lying in the strains.

It also helps in preserving the original flavour and the potency properties of the herb and also provides a controlled inhaling experience.


The most common, friendly, iconic, affordable and easy to carry are the pipes delivering a direct path taking smoke to your lungs.

Those who are worried about the time slots and in need of quick effect though unfiltered usually move this way to get a quick and enjoyable journey with the cannabis.


People with no slot of time for themselves make a habit of using edibles, which have distinct and long-lasting effects on the body than normal time inhaling or other consumption method and ways.

It is recommended to start with a low dosage to make the body addicted and friendly to that instead of consuming large amounts of the edible likely to cause damage to the internal part of the body.

Change up your routine

Another reason behind your hitting a plateau with your high might be your smoking routine’s being pretty mundane. Try smoking with new people, new place, at a different time of the day.

Humans are creatures of habits and their bodies tend to adapt. By opening up yourself to a new experience while smoking cannabis or weeds, it’ll probably help you get higher, and you’ll find your high to be more engaging.

Preserve the weed - storage tips

The freshness of the cannabis cannot be retained forever and likewise the potency, efficiency and effects; however if the same are kept properly for storage purposes, the life, potency, efficiency and effectiveness can stay longer than usual.

preserve the weed storage

If the cannabis is stored in a container formed of plastic or even in the original packing; the potency declines with the passing of days.

Needless to mention the plastic sealed cannot survive longer as it cannot afford to bear and face the environmental ever-changing cycles.

Contrariwise, if the cannabis is planned to be kept and stored in glass-based containers covered with airtight sealing; it could give a lasting utility to the cannabis.

Further, the cannabis should also be stored in a cool, covered and dark place to protect it from degradation etc.

A significant study by the University of London in the 1970s transpired that there is a remarkable impact of light in the breakdown of cannabinoids. Thus, if the cannabis is protected from exposure to light, its life can stay longer for future uses.

Safekeeping of marijuana

Weather temperature and humidity level are also very crucial for the safe keeping of cannabis, a humidity level is 65 % is ideal in this regard.

In case the recommended temperature and humidity are not maintained; it would result in drying the cannabis leading to its burning. Out of the side effects, it would leave an adverse impact on the taste, flavour, potency and other uses.

Conversely, if the level of humidity, instead increases over the average level, it would also damage the cannabis and could pose potential hazards.

Nevertheless, the main thing is to keep the balance in the weather and enjoy the outcomes for longer than expected.

Exceeding the level of humidity also endangers buds to risks of bacteria giving potential health challenges.

We can conclude that keeping a balance of the temperature and humidity is vital to ensure preserving cannabis in its original form leaving you to enjoy and enhance your sense of satisfaction.

Workout, then smoke

Changes in the consumption of cannabis can have a significant role in increasing the duration and intensity of your being high.

It has been discovered that cannabis that is used before or just after the workout has longer effects, because when you exercise or workout, your body releases endorphins to help relax and ease the pain.


It also creates a unique interaction between exercise-induced endorphins and the euphoric properties of cannabis.

To investigate the effects of exercise and to determine the THC blood level in regular cannabis; a study was conducted in the year 2013 in which it was found out the exercise raised the plasma THC levels, which vividly shows that exercise might cause fat storage to release dormant THC.

Thus, if you are getting engaged in the gym or have a cardio session, the strain gets higher for a longer time.

Merging the regular exercise workout plan into your consumption of cannabis will enable you to release natural endorphins.

Resultantly, motivation for physical exercise and consumption of cannabis to get optimum experiences would give you a win-win situation for your well-being/ fitness and the intense high thereafter.

Keep marijuana in grind form

Using a grinder is a fundamental practice that can significantly enhance your cannabis experience. Picture a microwave that uniformly cooks your Hot Pocket, leaving no frozen pockets behind.

Similarly, a grinder ensures that your flower is evenly ground, resulting in neater packing, even burning, and ultimately, a better high.

keep marijuana in grind form 1

By using a grinder, you achieve a consistent grind and unlock a valuable powdery byproduct known as Kief. This powdery residue is packed with super-concentrated THC.

Sprinkling Kief on top of your bowl adds an extra kick to your smoking session, intensifying the effects and elevating the overall experience.

Switching up strains

Evolving cultivation techniques have brought a revolution in the weed market and a variety of strains have been reached to the market.

Whenever you pay a visit to a weed dispensary ask about the Red Congo known to be the strain with high THC.

However, it is recommended to regularly switch up your strains to avoid getting too comfortable with any one particular strain with the exclusion of other strains in the weed market.

Needless to mention if you depend much on any specific strain, the desired effects would diminish with the passage of time though those are carrying the higher THC strains.

Precisely, variety is the key to enjoying the experiences of cannabis. Thence, make out a plan with diversified forms of strains and get a variety of effects/ experiences.

Why should you consider ‘tolerance breaks’

Tolerance break plays an important role in enjoying the smoking experience, as taking a break from smoking gives your body a chance to regather the tolerance.

Although it is not desirable most of the time to exclude yourself from the enjoyable journey of experiences in order to stay longer and get high; it has been proved to be a more effective means when consuming weed.

People may also opt to limit the days of smoking or take periodical breaks to keep engaged with the enjoyment without getting much into it or compromising other affairs of life with friends and families.

Those who are regular cannabis consumers and consume cannabis in larger amounts, the body will not get the enjoyment of the desired level rather a break in the consumption of cannabis gives a chance to regain the sensitivity in consequence of the cannabis.

The question of how long the tolerance breaks should be; is somewhat cannot be answered with absolute certainty rather it depends on the volition and the willpower of the man concerned. The duration of a break may comprise days, weeks or even months.

However, a ONE MONTH tolerance break is considered to be adequate to get remarkable results in the next phase. Yet, the longer you abstain, the stronger and more impactful your next high will be. Embrace the opportunity to reset and elevate your cannabis experience.

Allow yourself the time to recharge and build anticipation for your next session. By taking a break, you'll unlock the full potential of your favourite herb, ensuring that each hit brings you to new heights of euphoria and enjoyment.


In short, to get a higher level of intoxication when you consume cannabis, there come various factors to play. By exploring different strains with higher THC levels, trying any alternative consumption method, and implementing proper storage techniques, you can enhance the potency and duration of getting you higher.

Finding the ideal balance that suits your preferences by experimenting with various strains and techniques enables you to learn about new sensations.

Additionally, taking breaks and resetting your body's tolerance level can lead to more intense highs. By giving yourself time to rejuvenate and reset, you can rediscover the euphoric effects of marijuana and prevent tolerance from diminishing your experience.

Ultimately, the key to getting higher lies in understanding your own body, preferences, and the intricate dynamics of cannabis.

By implementing the tips and techniques discussed, you can best enjoy cannabis and unlock new levels of exploration in your cannabis journey.

Whether seeking a more intense high or simply looking to elevate your overall experience, remember to embrace experimentation, practice moderation, and prioritize your well-being for an enhanced and fulfilling cannabis adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a harder high?

The key to enjoying the optimal results of cannabis lies in slowing down. You can try to inhale slowly for FOUR seconds, have a pause of TWO seconds, and then exhale for FOUR seconds.

Additionally, you can consider experimenting with different strains and controlling your dosage by taking and waiting for the effects to kick in prior to consuming more can also be helpful to make your smoke session better.

What food or drink makes you higher?

Nuts and eggs contain fatty acids (Omega 3) that have the ability to increase the THC edibles. Intake of a given food/drink binds the cannabinoid receptors to help THC pass through the blood-brain barrier.

Does vitamin C make you get higher?

There is no substantial evidence to prove such effects. Study groups are divided on the topic. Some believe taking vitamin C helps to neutralize the effects of cannabis while a rival group disbelieves it.

What is the legal status of Cannabis in the United States of America?

Earlier in the 20th century, cannabis was allowed to be in different ways but was not regulated by any legislation.

However, it has been set by the states that cannabis and its consumption have no medical uses but have the risk of potential abuses; thereafter, it has been classified as a drug under the Controlled Substances Act. It has been prohibited to cultivate, distribute and/ or keep in possession marijuana.

What occurs when you use drugs and how does it react?

It is simplified when cannabis is smoked, the THC molecule interacts with receptors in the brain known as cannabinoid receptors.

This connection activates the endocannabinoid system, resulting in the creation of neurotransmitters such as anandamide and 2-AG.

Then, these neurotransmitters stimulate the pleasure centers in the brain, resulting in the familiar sensation of euphoria that is often associated with getting high from marijuana.

How do get relax after smoking weed?

It can be distressing to feel anxious or afraid, sometimes, after smoking marijuana, but it's important to understand that these emotions pass quickly.

However, it is recommended to enjoy it in breaks and don’t get accustomed to its large consumption. However, engaging in deep breathing & staying hydrated can aid in calming your nerves as quickly as possible.

How long does marijuana last in your body?

THC, the primary euphoric ingredient in marijuana, can remain in your blood vessels for up to three months. Being cautious and responsible it is always recommended to have marijuana in a moderate ratio to avoid any untoward occasion.

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