How to Season Blackstone Griddle

How to Season Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone is a popular brand based in Utah and provides griddle that is both durable and versatile. If you bought black stone griddle and are ready to light it up then wait a moment. Before using it for cooking purposes it is imperative to season it in order to give a good flavor to whatever you are cooking. Hence, everyone must know how to season blackstone griddle.

Keep reading this article to know how to season blackstone griddle in order to obtain best results. We make sure to give you details about how to season blackstone griddle, what kind of oil to use and when to griddle.

Blackstone Griddle & Seasoning

a person doing process of seasoning

Black stone griddle come in various size ranging from 27-inch to 17-inches. They also have new editions of 36-inches griddle. Now we are sure that getting black stone must have stimulated your hormones for cooking food but before you cook food on griddle it is necessary you take some measures. Before cooking some meat or other food on it is important to season it properly.

Seasoning is done to enhance the food cooking capability and also to add beautiful flavor to your food. It is also done to fill up the pores of the griddle so that the food does not stick in it and does not become scratchy.

What Does it Mean to Season a Blackstone Griddle?

Seasoning a black stone griddle is a process of building up layers of baked-on oil or fat on the surface of griddle. Seasoning is really important because it makes the griddle last the test of the time. Seasoning is like creating a stick-resistant coating on the griddle. It will help the griddle does not scratch and adds flavor to every dish.

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Why to Season Blackstone Griddle?

Seasoning a griddle occurs through a process which is termed as polymerization. Polymerization occurs when the right oil or fat is heated at high temperature in order to form a hard black surface on the griddle. The seasoning of the griddle helps in protecting the surface from rusting. It also helps in making a non sticky coating so that the food does not stick on the griddle. It has two major points to discuss: -


Does a Blackstone Griddle Come Pre-seasoned?

Many people around us buy the griddle and immediately turn on the fire to cook the barbeque thinking that it might be seasoned beforehand. But that is not the case. A factory manufacture black stone griddle by coating chemicals and other substances that might not be safe for food.

Therefore it is important not to cook anything on it before seasoning. Seasoning the griddle is really important because it helps make your food safe and good for use.

What is the Best Oil to Season Blackstone Griddle?

variety avocado oil canola oil

This depends largely on the person and varies from person to person. In this article, we recommend you a list of oils that might be good for seasoning. But you also need to keep it in mind that it depends on you. It’s your shot to call. For seasoning the griddle, high heat oil is important because they do not burn and create a strong seasoning layer on the griddle.

However, our favorite oil is AVOCADO OIL because of its mild flavor, high smoke point and versatility in a variety of cooking method. It is important to note down that avocado oil might be expensive in your area; you can choose any other oil.

You can also take inexpensive oil if you want. You can use solid Crisco shortening because it is inexpensive and it gives great result. It can also add a beautiful flavor to your food. These two are the best oil to use. We are listing down some other kind of oils for you. You can use it as well:-

  • Avocado oil
  • Canola oil
  • Peanut oil

Recommended Blackstone Oils

It is not mandatory to use black stone recommended oils. It is entirely up to you to use any kind of oil. However, since this black stone griddle therefore they recommend oil on their website. They have also recommended some of the tips and tricks for seasoning.

According to the website of black stone, they have performed experiments on using different oils and they have found out that their recommended oils work best.

Below is the list of black stone recommended oils?

  • Blackstone Griddle seasoning and cast iron conditioner
  • Canola oil
  • Flax oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Shortening
  • Olive oil

Tools Required for Seasoning Blackstone Griddle

Before starting the process of seasoning, there are some tools that you will need for seasoning. Besides oil, there are basic materials that you need to buy first in order to season your griddle.

image covering paper towel

I. Paper Towel

At the outset, you need to have a paper towel. Keep in mind that the towel should not leave small pieces on the griddle. If you do not have one in your house then visit a nearby shop and buy a paper towel.

II. Squirt Bottle

If you are using liquid oil then you will need to have a squirt bottle. This bottle is helpful and inexpensive in a sense that it controls the flow of oil. So it will be under control on how much oil to pour on the griddle. Moreover, you must also have another squirt bottle full of water in order to sprinkle on the griddle to make it clean.

III. Sand Paper

If you are seasoning a new griddle then you might need sand paper less. But if your griddle is old and you are going to re-season it then you will need a sand paper as well. Because sand paper has the capability to make the griddle clear and smooth which is really important for cooking.

IV. Other Materials

You will need other stuff as well. In the following lines we are making a list of some important tools that you will need for seasoning. If you already have these materials then you do not need to buy more.

  1. A bucket
  2. Dish soap
  3. Micro-fiber
  4. Heat-resistant gloves
  5. Tongs

When Should you Season your Blackstone Griddle?

image of seasoning your griddle after cooking

It is not mandatory to go through the seasoning process every time you cook. Below is a list of occasions where you will understand when to season your griddle:

1. After cooking acidic or high sugar foods

Cooking acidic foods like citrus or marinara sauce could be very tasty but keep in mind that it does not do well with the seasoning. The acids in these foods will break down the seasoning layer more quickly than ordinary food. It does not mean that you cannot cook acidic foods on the griddle but you have to give a little extra care after cooking by re-seasoning it a little.

Similarly, if you are planning to cook a sugary food like Hawaiian style Beef teriyaki then you will have to give some extra time for re-seasoning after cooking these food.

2. When your food start to stick

When you start noticing that your food sticks to the griddle surface then that is a sign to make a new seasoning.

3. Every 10-15 cooks for regular maintenance

It is necessary to re-season your griddle after every 10-15 cooking sessions. We understand this might be frustrating for you but this is the basic rule of keeping oour bowls and utensils clean. To keep it neat and clean, it is important to re-season the griddle when some food has been cook on the griddle. The re-seasoning of the griddle is not a difficult task and it should be done with care.

How to Season a Brand New Griddle

Before diving into the topic of how to season blackstone griddle; it is important to mention that seasoning a brand new griddle is different than seasoning already used one. The black stone griddle does not come pre-seasoned so you have to be very careful and extra cautious while seasoning.

Therefore, seasoning the already used griddle is much easy and it would not take much of your time. Pour the oil that you used last time on the griddle. Take a towel that will not leave pieces on the griddle. Heat the griddle for some time and let the oil spread into every corner of the griddle.

How to season blackstone griddle- A step-by-step guide

It is important to understand that seasoning a new black stone griddle is different from seasoning an old one. Therefore you have to be extra careful while seasoning because in the following steps you have to apply oils and other things many a times to perfectly season the griddle to give delicious taste to your food.

1. Use Grill Brick or Sandpaper to Season Blackstone Griddle

Do not forget that this step largely applies for brand new black stone griddle. However, if your old griddle is in bad shape and it has some rough surface then you can use sand paper in order to smooth it and ready it for cooking.

using grill brick or sandpaper

Before you fire up the black stone griddle, take a pause and follow these steps for better results. Move your hand across the griddle and if you feel some rough surface then you need to rub that with the sand paper before you turn on fire. It is important because this step will make your griddle smooth and the surface will become like a glass which will add delicious taste too your food.

2. Cleaning and Drying the Griddle

Before applying a new layer of seasoning you must make sure that the surface is flat, clean and dry. Now it is important to keep in mind that if you are seasoning a brand new black stone griddle then you will probably need to use hot soapy water for initial cleaning before you start the actual seasoning.

cleaning and drying the griddle

It is necessary to clean and dry the surface before starting the actual seasoning process. Dissolve a little amount of soap into hot water that will help you clean the surface quickly. Leave the surface for 5-10 minutes until it gets dry. If you see soapy water on the surface of the griddle then sprinkle some water drops from the squirt bottle until it gets clean.

3. Turn your Griddle ON for 10-15 Minutes

This step is pre-heating the griddle. Before applying any oil into the surface, you must pre-heat the griddle with low flame. Interestingly, these black stone griddles become hot quickly even on low heat. You must heat up the griddle for about 15 minutes. You will notice the discoloration of the surface during this step.

4. Apply a Thin Layer of Oil on to the Griddle Surface

This is when the actual seasoning process starts. We have already discussed a variety of oils that you can use. Thus, apply even drops of oil from the squirt bottle on to the griddle surface. You need to make sure that no space is left without oil. You must ensure that the oil is applied equally to the middle, edges and corners.

Use paper towel to spread the oil into every portion of the black stone griddle. The oil at this stage must be hot therefore it is important you make use of heat-resistant gloves. Taking safety measures is important because we do not wish any harm to any human beings. After applying the oil evenly, then make sure to leave the surface for about 15 minutes after using paper towel.

5. Wait for 10-15 Minutes till the Heat Start Smoke

This is the most important step while seasoning and you would wonder that most people never do it just because it takes a little time. But you must follow this step in order to get the best surface for cooking.

turn on griddle for 10-15 minutes

Once you have a thin layer of oil on the surface then allow the heat to build continuously. It is important to build heat because if you do not build heat then the polymerization process does not take place and it is really important for a better seasoning. You can set your heat from low-medium. This step will not take more than 15 minutes. After some time you will start noticing smoke going up from the flat grill surface.

Why Sufficient Time is needed?

This is because the layer of oil is going to make a hard seasoning layer on the surface. The smoke at first will be large and after 5 minutes of heating you will start to notice that the smoke has been reduced it means that your oil is making a hard layer on the surface. You will also start noticing that the color of the flat top grill has been changed slightly.

At this point it will not be smoking as it does before. You don’t need to worry about the corner and edges if they are not discolored by now. At this point if the smoke has been reduced and the surface has become blackened then it is time to apply another seasoning layer.

Repeated Flying Up of Smoke

Sprinkle some oil from the squirt bottle on to the surface of the griddle and repeat the process until you notice the smoke fly up. The smoke will be there for a brief moment and from that point it will start to decrease. You will notice that the surface of the flat top grill has been thickened and blackened. After this step, you will need to repeat the process for the third time again and wait for the smoke to fly up.

How Many Repetitions?

After repeating this process, your flat top grill or black stone griddle has been seasoned smoothly and efficiently. We bet it will give the best taste to your food. The number of times to season the griddle depends on the surface of the griddle. If you have a brand new griddle then it might be enough to season it three times.

But if your griddle is not in good shape and having a rough surface then you might need to season it for 4-5 times to make it smooth and efficient. Some people also suggest seasoning for about 5-6 times. When you are happy with your flat top grill then you can start cooking on it. At this stage the grill surface will not be rough and can give you good results. Finally, apply a thin layer of oil on the warm surface of the griddle. This is to make it steep and smooth.

6. Maintaining the Blackstone Griddle After every use

keeping well maintained cleaned packed after each use of griddle

To be very precise, at this point you have successfully seasoned your brand new black stone griddle by successfully applying oil. Now it is ready for your use. After every cooking you need to maintain the seasoning of the griddle. It will help your griddle from rusting and corroding. Now if you do not take care of your griddle after each use then it will get dirt after every use. Therefore it is important to take care of your griddle.

Some people never maintain their griddle that is the reason why their griddle becomes bad after using. Getting a brand new black stone griddle is costly and you would not want to buy it after every season. You can prevent this by maintaining the griddle. It is necessary to apply oil and make a new layer of seasoning for better results.


Getting a brand new black stone griddle might be fascinating and exciting for you because it is the season of cooking meats and other stuffs in the country side. In this article we have elaborated on how to season blackstone griddle. There are different methods but we have detailed down the easiest and effective ways on how to season and maintain your griddle.

This might be important for you to choose the right brand because there could be as many brands of griddle but the one offered by black stone is famous all over the world. We have also listed down on what kind of oil you can use that is recommended by the black stone on their website.

To conclude it, it is important for you to follow the steps for seasoning the black stone griddle whether that is brand new or it is old. Following the above-mentioned steps will increase the chances of adding more taste into your food and we want your food to be tasty and delicious with this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I season my Blackstone griddle for the first time?

If you have brand new black stone griddle then you need to apply a sprinkle of oil on to the surface of the griddle. Turn the heat from low to medium. It will heat up and you will notice the smoke fly up.

Eventually the smoke will decrease down. Repeat the process three to five times, depending on you, and you will notice the discoloration of the griddle. That is when you know that your griddle has been seasoned and is ready for cooking.

What is the best oil to season a Blackstone griddle?

There is a variety of oils available in the market that you can use for seasoning. However, we will suggest the oils recommended by the black stone on its website. It includes Avocado oil, olive oil, flax oil. It depends on you to use whatever type of oil you want.

How often do you season a Blackstone griddle?

If you want to maintain your griddle then you need to season it after every use. However, if you have no time then you can season it after every 2-5 times usage. It is important to season it frequently because if you don’t it will deteriorate and might become sticky leading to less tasty cooking.

How do you season a Blackstone griddle press?

If you got a new brand black stone griddle then it might take a little time to season it. However if it is already in use then you need to be maintaining it after some time. It gets sticky if you do not maintain seasoning. Seasoning a brand new black stone griddle might take a little time but it is required because it adds taste to your food.

What are the stuffs that you require for seasoning?

In order to season your black stone griddle you will need some basic stuffs. These stuff might vary depending on the individual who is doing seasoning. The basic stuff includes oil, soapy water, a bowl, paper towel and sand paper. These materials could help you during the process of seasoning.

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