How to Stop Cat Shedding

How to Stop Cat Shedding

Cat shedding is a natural process for cats and dogs to get rid of old or damaged hair. Cat shedding can often leave owners feel like they are in a never-ending struggle against fur-covered furniture and floors. While it`s natural for cats to shed, there are effective techniques in place to minimize and stop this furry situation.

This comprehensive guide goes deep into effective methods that not only keep your living space clean but also promote a healthier, happy life for your feline companion. Let`s discover together how to stop cat shedding, how to reduce cat hair in the house, and also an account of home remedies for excessive cat shedding.

Do We Have Solutions to avoid cat shedding?

Pragmatic solutions to minimize cat shedding isn`t just about sustaining a pristine home it`s more about ensuring your cat`s well being. Regular grooming sessions, a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients, and creating a stress-free environment are key steps in tackling excessive shedding. Understanding the basic factors behind cat`s shedding is crucial in maintaining a healthy cat.

combine of grooming session balanced diet good environment

While cat shedding is a natural process to get rid of old or damaged hair, factors like diet, health issues, and stress can exacerbate it. By delving deep into these factors and implementing pragmatic, vet-approved tips, you can significantly minimize the amount of loose fur in your home and ensure your cat`s coat remains lustrous and healthy. From grooming routines to dietary adjustments, understanding how to stop excessive shedding can lead to a happier, healthier coexistence between you and your beloved cat.

Why do Cats Shed?

Cat shedding is a natural part of their life cycle. Shedding helps them get rid of old or damaged hair and allow new hair to grow. In this way cats regulate their internal body temperature and adapt to changing weather patterns. Shedding is influenced by a variety of factors such as breed, age, health, and environmental changes.

a person asking why do cat shedding a man in tension

Cat-Shedding Season

Specifically, cat shedding seasons can vary depending on a variety of factors like the breed, age, and living conditions of the feline. In general, cats do shed more during the spring and fall season. The reason behind this is that these are transitional periods when cats naturally shed their winter or summer coats. The major reason behind this is to adapt to changing temperatures and daylight hours.

During spring, when the days get longer and temperature enhances, cats shed their thicker winter coats in order to prepare for warmer conditions. Similarly, in the fall season, they shed their lighter summer coats to grow thicker coat for the cold weather ahead.

Cat-Shedding may be due to Health Issues

cat in worst health condition

There is no single factor behind cat shedding. Some cat, especially those kept indoors with regulated temperature may shed consistently throughout the year. In transitional seasons, even indoor cats experience more noticeable shedding. Being a cat owner, you need to be cautious upon noticing shedding because sometimes excessive shedding can be a sign of an underlying medical issue in cats.

Conditions such as skin infections, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, parasites, allergies and even stress can be the contributing factor behind cat shedding. If you ever notice a sudden change in your cat`s shedding patterns such as excessive hair loss, skin irritation, or if your cat seems unwell, it`s important to consult a veterinarian. Upon consultation, they can determine if there is an underlying medical cause for the excessive shedding and recommend appropriate treatment.

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Hormonal Changes also Trigger Cat Shedding

It is important to note down that hormonal transformation play an important role in cat`s shedding patterns. Hormones regulate the growth and shedding of a cat`s fur. Changes in hormones level, especially during certain phases like pregnancy, nursing, or even puberty, can affect the shedding cycle.

For example, certain cats may experience changes in their coat due to hormonal shifts during pregnancy can lead to excessive shedding post-pregnancy. Furthermore, hormonal changes related to thyroid issues can also influence a cat`s shedding cycle thus causing excessive shedding or reduced shedding.

How to stop Cat Shedding – Grooming or Diet

In this section, we will dive deep into various methods through which you can manage cat shedding. Following are the steps that you can follow in order to effectively manage and stop cat shedding.

Stop Cat-Shedding with Grooming

In this step you need to follow simple techniques to stop cat shedding. First of all know that it is a natural phenomenon. You can stop it by adopting simple methods. You can adopt these methods in your home.

i). Brushing Cat on Regular Basis

It is the simplest technique that you can follow while sitting in your home. Brush your cat for 10-20 minutes once in a week. In this way you can manage shedding easily. If your cat has a long hair then you can follow this method after every two or three days.

brushing cat bathing cleaning the cat regularly

You can take a decent soft brush from your nearby store for brushing. A soft-bristle brush can work for short-to-medium term. Keep in mind that groom your cat with a soft brush because some cats are sensitive to hard brushes. Remember not to hurt the cat`s sensitive areas such as stomach with your brush. If the cat is sensitive to brushes then you can also use a comb gloves. These gloves could be better choice for you because they are soft and the cat would love to be relaxed by these gloves.

ii). Accustom your Cat to Regular Brushing

If you notice that your dog is sensitive or reactive to brushing then it is essential to train your cat to regular grooming. You can train effectively your cat to tolerate grooming. If your cat is still overreacting to brushing then take a break and reward your cat. Repeat the brushing after a while and train it to get accustom to regular brushing.

iii). Bathe your Cat to avoid Cat Shedding

If you want to stop cat shedding then do train your cat to take a bath regularly. Now it is necessary to mention that your cat might be very sensitive to water and they really are sensitive to water. But in order to manage and stop shedding, you need to train your dog by bathing every one to four weeks. You need to gradually work on your cat in order to train it.

If you want to help your cat become accustom to bath then here is a simple guide you need to follow. Fill a bathtub with warm water for up to 4 inches. Initially, just put your cat in the bathtub in a way that its legs are wet. You don’t have to frighten your cat by directly dipping in the water. Take each step carefully so that your cat successfully gets accustomed to bathing. Repeat the process for some time and when you see the cat has no issues with water then you can bath your cat.

iv). Use Cat Cleaning Products to Reduce Cat Shedding

It is essential to keep your cat clean and tidy. For this purpose, visit a nearby pet store and buy any product or spray that help clean the cat`s fur without water. Some cats are very sensitive to water and overreact when you immerse them in water. Cleaning spray can replace bathing easily. If your cat is comfortable with water, you can still make a good use of cleaning spray. Use the cleaning spray after bathing to get rid of unnecessary furs.

v). Visit a Professional Groomer

If you are unable to clean the cat then it is essential to visit a professional cat groomer. If the cat is aggressive or reactive and you are unable to manage cat`s fur then visiting a professional groomer is the need of the time.

Stop Cat Shedding through Diet and Health

After discussing the grooming patterns of the cats by the owners, it is equally important to talk about the some food based remedies to control cat shedding, which you can find below: -

a). Opt Food to reduce cat Shedding

As we have discussed in the above section that cat-shedding is influenced by a multitude of factors. It may be due to seasonal changes, hormonal shifts, or dietary issues. In order to manage and stop cat-shedding, you need to offer nutritious and balanced food that contains all essential nutrients to keep your cat healthy. Visit a store and look for wet cat food that has specific meats such as chicken, beef, or fish. It is important because cat need protein that is animal-based.

food meat chicken beef fish

These proteins are vital to a healthy cat`s diet. In contrast to this, dry cat foods contain a lot of grains or carbohydrates such as wheat, corn, and soy. These foods are not as nutritious for cats as meat protein. You have to be cautious with these foods because they can be allergic or even cause cat shedding. You are also supposed to make use of best cat shedding solution available in the market.

b). Help an overweight can lose weight

If you are a cat owner, then it is good to know that an overweight cat has more loose fur as compare to a healthy cat. Similarly, overweight cats have more difficulty grooming themselves. You can tell if your cat is overweight or not. If you cannot feel his ribs without pressing then this may be an alarming sign for you.

At this stage it is important to visit a professional veterinarian. A veterinarian can help you make a perfect diet plan for your cat which you need to follow strictly. You can also take your cat on a walk in park. In this way your cat will have more exercise which results into a healthy life.

c). Increase your cat`s intake of Omega Fatty Acid

If you want to keep your cat`s skin and fur healthy then you have to include Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty acids in your cat`s diet. This can help reduce shedding. Omega fatty acids can be found in wet cat foods that contain Salmon oil or flax oil. You can also buy these fatty acids separately and include it in cat`s food.

However in this stage it is good to consult a veterinarian. A vet will perfectly incorporate omega fatty acids into cat`s diet thereby making cat healthy and manage cat shedding. Likewise, also stop cat shedding supplements to avoid further loss.

d). Make sure your cat does not have fleas or other parasites

When you notice that your cat is shedding or scratching vigorously, it could be the result of fleas or parasite. Look for dark flea feces near the base of the cat`s tail. If you find fleas then visit a vet and ask for flea-control product. Fleas or parasites might prove detrimental for your cat health. It can also increase cat-shedding. Consulting a veterinarian at this stage is important to determine which medications are best for your cat.

e). Minimize your Cat`s stress

Stress and anxiety is never good for anyone even if it is human or animal. If your cat is going through difficult times such as a new transition like moving to a new home, or a new baby in the family, it may be stressful for your beloved cat. Sometimes even good changes become the reason of stress.

say no to stress of cat

Stress is one of the major reason of cat shedding. In order to minimize the amount of stress in your cat`s life you need to give them extra attention in such stressful times. Give them attention such as spending time, or playing and cuddling them can remind the cat that you are always there to support.

f). Improve your cat`s hydration to Avoid Cat Shedding

If you want to maintain your cat`s health then it is important to increase the intake of water along with their diet. Ensuring that your cat is well-hydrated can improve their overall coat quality and health. This appears easy but it is quite difficult because cats do not drink plenty of water. You can change this behavior by introducing your cat to wet foods. 

Taking plenty of water can maintain the water level inside the body. Plenty of water intake also maintain a fresh skin and reduce shedding as well. Drinking plenty of water could help to keep your cat coat healthy.

g). Shaving can minimize cat-shedding

If you are a cat owner then it is in your mind that one of the easiest and effective way to minimize and stop shedding is by shaving your cat. It is easy in a sense that you can do it yourself, or you can hire a professional groomer to do this for you.

shaving the cat to minimize shedding

You also need to keep in mind that shaving will not entirely stop shedding, however it can minimize the shedding process. It does not prevent cats from shedding but it will make the hair shorter thus minimizing shedding. By shaving we does not imply that you completely shave off your cat, it’s more like shortening your cat`s hair. By doing this, you can effectively minimize and often stop cat-shedding.

h). Maintain your home temperature

We believe that your cat is spending times mostly inside your home. If this is so, then you need to give attention to your home temperature. We have discussed it before that one of the major reason behind cat shedding is temperature or seasonal change. If this is a transition phase and the heater is on most of the time. Then it is most likely that you will see cat furs on your sofa or on the furniture. 

Therefore it is essential to give attention to your cat and maintain your indoor temperature. This can enhance cat shedding. You need to switch off temperature regulator or a heater as soon as you notice the seasonal changes. Cats are very susceptible to seasonal changes. Therefore give attention to your cat and maintain indoor temperature.

How to control cat hair in your home


Controlling cat hair in your home involves a combination of preventive measures and regular cleaning routines. Following are some of the preventive measures you need to ensure in order to control cat hair indoor:-

photo of vacuuming cleaner

Vacuuming and sweeping to stop cat shedding

If you have a cat in your home then you have encountered a lot of cat hairs on your sofa or furniture. You have noticed that a cat`s favorite place to sit is either your favorite chair or your bed. Shedding is a natural phenomenon and you will find cat furs everywhere if you have a cat. You can buy a vacuum cleaner which is specifically designed for pet hair. You need to make sweeping a part of your daily routine in order to get rid of cat hair in your home.

Furniture covers to reduce cat shedding

As we mentioned earlier that your cat`s favorite place to sit might be your pristine bed and sofa. Therefore you will often notice cat hairs accumulated on your furniture. In order to minimize this you need to buy new furniture covers. It can easily be removed and washed whenever necessary.


While completely stopping cat-shedding may not be feasible, proactive steps can minimize and manage it. Remember that cat-shedding is a natural phenomenon and part of their life cycle but with the right care and preventive measures it can be managed significantly.

According to veterinarians, cat-shedding is influenced by a variety of factors such as seasonal changes, hormonal shifts, health and dietary issues, and stress. Taking preventive measures such as maintaining a healthy diet, bathing regularly and visiting a groomer regularly can effectively stop and manage cat-shedding.

In this guide, we have listed down strategies that help control shedding and promote a healthier, happier life for your cat. We have made an effort to satisfy the readers asking how to stop cat shedding. Embracing these measures fosters a harmonious coexistence with your cat and can help stop cat-shedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my cat from shedding so much?

While cat shedding is a natural phenomenon to regulate body temperature but taking effective and preventive measures can help minimize and stop shedding. Measures such as maintaining a healthy diet, increasing intake of water, regular visit to veterinarian, and reduction of stress, shaving your cat, and brushing regularly can help stop your cat from shedding.

What is the best treatment for cat shedding?

Cat-shedding in home may be troublesome for cat owner. You have noticed that your cat`s favorite sitting area is your chair or furniture. That is where you will find cat hairs. You can take several measures to control cat hair in your home. Buy a vacuum cleaner that is specially designed to attract cat furs and sweep your home regularly. 

You also need to buy furniture covers. They are easy to clean and wash. Along with these measures, regularly bath and brush your cat in order to get rid of loose and damages hairs. In this way you can control cat hair in your home.

Why does my indoor cat shed so much?

While cat-shedding is a natural process but it is also influenced by a host of factors. If your cat is spending time indoor and still sheds then it could be because of your home temperature or the heater. You need to regulate your indoor temperature by switching off the heater or at least regulating temperature so that the cat does not shed hairs.

What can I feed my cat to stop shedding?

If you want to stop or minimize cat-shedding then consider feeding them a high-quality diet rich in essential nutrients. Look for wet foods that contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty acids. You can also buy these supplements separately and mix it with the food. Most importantly always consult your veterinarian before introducing any of these diet or supplements.

How do I stop my cats’ hair from getting everywhere?

You have multiple options including but not limited to buying a vacuum made for the cats, make use of the dryer, brush the hair regularly, must have rubber gloves to remove cat hair, followed by applying a dusting mop on hard surface.

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