Website Flipping

Website Flipping

Online businesses are the world’s emerging businesses and people make thousands of millions of dollars from this business, website flipping is one of them.

It is buying a website or building a new one giving it the potential to get traffic and making it able to earn money and then selling it. Website flipping is one of the most online profitable businesses.

You may have heard of domain flipping, website flipping, and websites for sale. This study addresses questions about website flipping and the related processes of making it able to earn more than 20 or 30 times of profit value.

Understand Website Flipping

Website flipping is buying a website or building starter websites from scratch and selling them for cash flow after giving the potential to gain more traffic and money.

How to flip websites? You can get the services of buying a website from online sources like Flippa etc. and can also help you sell new sites with much profit and cash flow.

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Earning from Websites Flipping

You cannot estimate the limit of profit, through website flipping and domain flipping, you can become a millionaire overnight. You should know SEO strategy, trafficking, and other things that can be helpful for a website you are buying.

The limit of profit may range from 20X to 35X than that of the purchased amount of the website. If you build one from scratch, you should invest some pennies.

2 website flippingIs Flipping A Business Model?

Flipping is not that easy but do not worry, it is not that much challenging as well. It is such a digital business model that can be performed from your home through your device on internet.

This process can be challenging in a sense if you are unaware of the market trends and have no knowledge of SEO, trafficking, and other factors. Can I invest into websites without operating? No, you can’t, you should operate either yourself or through others.

Buy Or Build a Website?

If you enjoy establishing a brand new website, can create such content to gain traffic numbers, and can wait for too long to earn then this choice is good for you.

If you cannot wait for too long to earn and want to buy such a site that is already in the race to make money, then you go with the deal flow.

3 website flippingCreating a website and creating content takes too much time but you can give any direction to it that you want. Buying a website is a little bit of challenging and risky.

What if you buy a website that is under suspicion and makes trouble for you? The success chances in flipping websites for both are equal but the great loss is in buying a website.

Trading in Existing Websites

The details of building a website from scratch and then selling to the right buyer them are the following: -

Building From Scratch

You will have to create content sites, and will need to master all the trafficking tricks like SEO, raising your website to the front page of Google and attracting the organizations to give money and displaying their products on your website.

The challenges in this process of website flipping include; the consumption of time from one year to two or three, finding contents that gain trafficking, purchasing for WordPress, opting strategies that uplift your site from the bottom to the front page.

Buying and Selling Websites

It is a social and psychological practice that people often think of growing a thing that is already grown. Website flipping is not that easy and may need time, money, labor, expertise, knowledge of good and bad, awareness of fake and real, and many more.

4 website flippingBuying a website for sale needs proper research, vigilant eyes, bargaining, a business mind, and expertise of knowing the things that are into the monetary game. Some recommendations should be followed before going to think of buying a website.

Create A Website Buying Checklist

Decide what you want in a website, what kind of website you want, and what kind of sites are for sale. Then the next step is arranging your budget and making a checklist of that websites that are under your budget.

There must be some sites that are beyond your budget but are making enough money, go there and observe all the haves and have-nots that are special.

Domain History

History is inevitable, keep vigilant eyes in researching the website, whether it is involved in any illegal, suspicious act or not.

5 website flippingThere may be cases of penalty, copyrights, pirating contents of others, spamming or reporting etc. If the website is clear of these suspicious activities, then you can consider it for the next steps.

Content Quality

Content quality is the key for attracting traffic to your website, always check well the content of the website that you are planning to buy. There must be a content gap, if there is, try to fill the gap with the best SEO audit and some phenomenal content.

If you cannot change all the contents, at least, work on those that can be proved beneficial for you. Add some catchy content and make a checklist of improvements needed to that website. Remove those pirated contents and copyrights.

Website Traffic

If there is no website traffic on the website for sale, then it will be leaving money. Website traffic is a magnet that attracts money. If you have the confidence of making the website traffic, then do not waste time in buying it with red flags.

Selling and Buying Platform

Website flipping is often done on different platforms like WordPress etc. WordPress is one of the best platforms that is often used for website domain flipping.

Flippa is also a trustworthy and the most effective platform. These platforms are reliable and if you cannot decide what to do then you can hire a broker who will perform the job for you.

6 website flipping


If you see websites for sale, grab your calculator and estimate the revenue of it. The one with much revenue will be best for you, it means that the website is already doing good in making money.

It will benefit you as well and after doing a little of work on the weak zones you can sell it for much profit. If a website is making $800 per month revenue, you can sell online businesses for 20 times more profit than that which is earning only $200 per month.

Determine the Profitable Niche

While flipping a website you should also look for a profitable niche, it will also narrow down your list. Niche is developed by contents and website with those contents will have different niches.

The produce profitable niches are that of; travel, technology, food and cooking, law, how-tos, health and wellness, business, etc. So start or buy a website in a lucrative niche.

Choose A Website With A Proof Of Concept

Website flippers will tell you about the subscribers and the search traffic but the actual income per month is the only thing that should be considered. The monetization will not work, if the traffic and monetization do not work together.

Ensure You Are Purchasing The Entire Site

Some people often make the mistake of not purchasing the entire website and make deals with brokers. In website flipping, buying the entire website means buying domain authority along with the domain name, content, database, images, servers and the mailing lists.

Look For The Website Gap

It is crucial to find the gap in the content and the reason of low search traffic. Content gap or website is the lack of relevant content on the website.

If you find this gap, you will work on its improvement and it will prove beneficial for you. You can then easily attract traffic and make the website reliable and functional.

Put It Up For Sale

Pack up the domain name, and access to any email inbox, give the guarantee for the originality of the content, and give ownership of Google Analytics and of social media profiles, sops for content creation, maintenance, and of link building.

7 website flipping

Key Recommendations

There are some recommendations other than the above for website flipping, domain flipping, and how to get the best website for sale.

Website Marketplace

There are some platforms, some reliable marketplace on which you can buy a website for sale and can also consider your website for sale.

Who's behind the website flip? Flippa, Motion Invest, Trademysite, Freemarket, Investors Club, Afternic, Website Broker, Empire Flippers, Niche Investor and Web Hosting Talk.

Buy Domains With Strong Keyword

Good content without SEO audit and strong keywords are nothing, if the keywords are rightly inserted it is a good choice then for buying. Strong keywords can evaluate the site's growth potential.

How To Improve Traffic On Website

If you buy a website of low search traffic or establish a starter site and want to attract traffic, you are directed to follow the below steps for starter sites.

8 website flipping

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, SEO, is the one that keeps your website on the first page of Google search. It is a common observation that we cannot jump to the 2nd or third page of a Google search.

SEO is the key for traffic, it can bring your website from bottom to top, if you rank high there are high chances of traffic on your website.

Utilize The Power Of Pinterest

If you see the current users of Pinterest, you will be amazed, they are 332 million. If you utilize the power of Pinterest, you will direct your blog to that much of users and the traffic will make you rank high.

Use Mobile Friendly Themes

Mobile phones are owned by every individual and they always search for things on their device. If you have used mobile-friendly themes and the users find websites interesting, you will rank high with good site speed.

Increase a Website’s Income?

9 website flippingApart from all other means there are some other which can boost up your website profitability. Always think of advertisements on your websites, digital products, affiliate marketing, and subscription services.

Website flipping or domain flipping can be made more beneficial by the following means;

Display Advertisement

Advertisements are the golden sparrows of your website, whenever someone clicks on advertisements posted on your blog you will get pennies, the more clicks the more you get.

Always think of advertisers and potential buyers, internal linking, and blog posts, invite them to your website, and make them sources of profits.

Affiliate Marketing

All you have to do is to recommend some products by using their links and whenever someone purchases these products you will earn money in the shape of commissions. Remember to avoid the pure affiliate website.

Digital Products

products are also vital for website flipping, never miss an opportunity to monetize your website or the blogs on your websites with a digital product. You will recommend by mentioning their digital products and you will get the money.

Subscription Services

These are the services you provide to the subscribers and to monetize sites using ad networks, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships, and allow readers to invest.

It is the attraction of readers by strong contents, if your contents are widely read and liked by the masses, then you can advertise some of them through premium subscriptions.

How to Sell Your Website Online?

If you want to sell websites and to be effectively involved among website sellers, and domain flipping and want to consider your website for sale then you must have the following traits.

Description Is Key

For website flipping description is the key, you cannot put your website for sale without the necessary description.

No Fuss or Fluff

There is no need to exhibit the extra things while selling your website, website flipping or domain flipping does not need fuss or fluff.

Be Responsive

Politeness and responsiveness are the key traits for website flipping. Whenever you consider your website for sale, always be responsive with politeness.

Website Flipping Business & Challenges

Website flipping is not always easy and needs much effort, energy, time, and money to get the many times profits. There are fewer success chances or equal chances of losses and profits.

The challenges in starting a websites flipping business are the following;

10 website flipping

Patience Is A Virtue

The SEO efforts need time, so you are in a long-term business. The right words for website flipping or domain flipping are that patience is a virtue in the website flipping business.

Primarily Knowledge-Based

Website flipping is a business of knowledge and research, you cannot succeed without mastering the basic knowledge of SEO, traffic, buying the right website for sale, and making a new website with the right content of strong keywords.

No Guarantee of Success

There are fifty by fifty percent chances of success and failure, it can be understood that there is no guarantee in the success of a website flipping business.

If the market and the people in the market are willing to purchase you a good offer, you are lucky and if the case is not so, you will be at a huge loss.

Significant Time Investment

You will spend time building some content for the website and then wait for the traffic to rank high. After much traffic, you will start earning money, and there is no guarantee of making much money.

Factors Affecting Your Income

Monthly income comes from what the sites are earning. The several factors include SEO, search traffic, right content, strong keywords, and many more responsible for a website’s income.

Hitting Of Website By Google Update

Keeping a website for more than two years may push you into the risk of hitting your website with the Google update. If it happens, you will be left with nothing and all your efforts will be drowned.


Website flipping is buying a website or building a new one and selling it for profit after giving the potential to gain much traffic and money.

Website flipping is a three-step process, you will either buy a website that is already making enough money or will build a new one, and if there is any gap of trafficking, etc. you will work on the content and then sell with much profit.

You can get the services of buying a website from online sources like Flippa etc. and can also sell your website with much profit there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the website flipping?

Website flipping is buying a website or building a new one and selling it for profit after giving the potential to gain much traffic and money.

How do I become a website flipper?

Becoming a website flipper needs money and basic knowledge of the website, if you master SEO, search traffic, strong keywords and good content then you are into the game.

How much can you make from website flipping?

Through website flipping and domain flipping you can become a millionaire overnight. The limit of profit may range from 20X to 35X than that of the purchased amount.

What is flipping online?

Flipping online is buying items online or making new ones and selling them for profit after giving the potential to earn much profit.

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